WARNING: your gaze is all set for a MAJOR upgrade! Beloved by all your favourite faces (we’re talking Chrissy-T, J-Lo and Kylie Jenner) we’re totally ecstatic to announce that {Lilly Lashes} - the Holy Grail of faux cils - has just joined our 'Hall of Fame'. The key to a fabulous, mesmeric flutter, prepare to fall HARD for these show-stopping fringes...

With super-soft, synthetic fibres that mimic the softness of natural hair, the 'faux mink' collection has graced the lashlines of the world's most-iconic A-Listers. The brand's impressive catalogue of fans reads like 'Who's who' of Hollywood, so join the ranks of VIPs who're smitten with these breeze-inducing eye-enhancers.

Whether you opt for bestselling {Miami} (as loved by Kim Kardashian!) or the wispy wonders of {Mykonos} (as rocked by Rihanna *all hail*), these revolutionary ‘3D Lashes’ are the secret to a formidable flutter.

And it isn't just lashes. With scissors, applicator and cute, magpie-worthy rose gold curlers (*swoon*) so that you can customise your eyelash look, join the hordes of devotees (including Jamie Genevieve!) who're undisputed, {Lilly Lash} evangelists.