If, and only if, they’d passed the last 12 months in Pyongyang could a beauty addict worth their cleanser be excused for having failed to get *this* skin care memo. The brand that conjures images of Dumbos weaving woozily post one-too-many whiskies, {Drunk Elephant} has staked its claim to every ‘Hall of Fame’ you’d care to mention, and now we’re heralding its loooong-awaited UK launch *hic*

Boasting super-cute names (“Coo-ee Peekee Bar!”) and bold, colourful packaging, this brand puts paid to the (misguided) notion that elephants can’t fly – it’s leaving its rivals for dust on a mission to be the world’s most-wanted range.

The brainchild of Texan-born Tiffany Masterson – a peer-to-peer saleswoman (think: Avon but for skin care) – she learned about ingredients and started recognising common product formulations before packing her trunk and deciding to trundle away to create all the products she dreamt of. The result was {Drunk Elephant} – a ‘clean clinical’ line-up of products designed to be fun BUT effective (superficially ‘fluffy’, there’s serious science behind this phenomenal, in-demand brand).

Incredibly ‘bio-available’ – which means the formulas are ‘recognised’ by cells and therefore welcomed by the body – this super-charged edit boasts brilliant spot fighters, youth-boosting wonders and face oil so silky you won’t know you’re wearing it.

Brimming with marula oil – the reason for the name (the legend has it that the elephants binge-drink this sweet elixir and then stagger from their gatherings with four left feet and trunks around each other wailing Wonderwall en route to the oasis) – the range is proven to support and strengthen skin’s own acid mantle.

Nourishing, protective and reparative, this all-star band has swept The States like Colonel Hathi on a route march, and now we’re loudly trumpeting its imminent arrival. Watch this space and make sure that you’ve made sufficient space within your bulging bathroom cabinet…