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Charlotte Tilbury’s dry sheet mask is your ticket to supermodel skin

Sheet masks have become so ubiquitous we’re wondering how we hitherto coped without them. But the beauty legend that is {Charlotte Tilbury} (she of the famous {Magic Cream}) has gone one better with her {Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask}.

A dry sheet mask you say? Yes it sounds counterintuitive – especially as skin care normally involves some sort of liquid, in the form of creams, serums, oils or spritzes etc. That’s what we thought, but we’ve done our homework and the technology behind this new dry mask is chin-strokingly impressive. Better still? You can use it up to three times and it will keep for up to three months – plus being dry, it’s a far less messy affair.

Although you might have to spend 15 minutes looking like you’re starring in your own Pedro Almodóvar horror film, your skin will thank you for it afterwards.

So how does it work? You apply it to clean, dry skin as you would a traditional wet sheet mask, but it also has loops you hook behind your ears so it won’t slip off. Once it’s on, you then massage with your fingertips over the top of the mask, which – together with your natural body heat – activates its many plumping and lifting ingredients.

These include floral extracts, oils, peptides and vitamins, all of which penetrate the skin via a special delivery system that mimics its own biochemical processes. While a wet mask’s main ingredient is water, these new dry masks contain a far greater proportion of actives that are ‘dry-printed’ onto the special paper, which then transfers them onto (and into!) your skin. Clever stuff.

After trying this and leaving it on for a further 15 minutes we removed the mask and our skin looked nothing short of spectacular – which looked as though a cream had just been applied. It does everything you’d hope a hydrating mask would do – it lifts, tightens and creates a glowing complexion – plumping out wrinkles and bestowing a revitalised, post-facial effect.

This is a lifesaver for hangover days, or if you need to get your skin in good nick for a special event – or even if your dull, tired complexion just needs some va-va-voom. It makes a great treat-to-self, or if you’re feeling generous it’s also the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your own dear mama, or any sleep-deprived new mummies you may know.

So what’s next for the future of skin care? Being able to print out a facial to order perhaps? Charlotte, we’ll leave that one to you …


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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