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How to achieve perfect brows with Anastasia Soare

Verity Douglas
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Bold eyebrows ain't goin' nowhere - so, good news for those naturally blessed with full bushes (er...), and all those less blessed, who've rescued their brows from the brink of obscurity.

Anastasia Beverly Hills' founder Anastasia Soare - eyebrow guru to the AAA-List, knows everything there is to know about arch-sculpting. A trained architect who grew weary of buildings, she turned her talents to shaping the arches of Hollywood's elite, relying on the 'golden ration' to grant her celebrity clients the ultimate, face-flattering frames (more on that here...).

Even her-of-the-perilously-perfect-eyebrows Kim Kardashian, flew Anastasia to her low key wedding (cough), to make sure her eyebrows stayed fixed, flawless and fabulous. And if something's good enough for Queen K...

It's no longer enough just to tweeze strays every now and then - eyebrows are finally demanding the attention they deserve. They need plucked, shaped, trimmed, combed, conditioned and coloured...

Begin by 'brushing up' your brows with your tool of choice and use Anastasia's {Brow Scissors} to gradually trim (mm by mm) any hairs that look obviously longer. Then, taking the brow stencil (from the ABH {5 Piece Eyebrow Stencil Kit}) that best fits your natural shape, prime the brows with {Brow Fix} and lightly sketch the desired outline using {Brow Wiz}. Remove the stencil, and use {Precision Tweezers} to pluck any strands that fall outside the frame, then get ready for the fun to start...

{DipBrow Pomade} is a waterproof, smudgeproof, foolproof gel-mousse - available in eight shades to complement all hair colours (use this {chart} to find your perfect match) - and is best applied with Anastasia's {#12 Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush}.

Using a tiny amount of pomade, carefully re-trace the outline to define the brow shape, then fill in gradually, using short, hair-like strokes and blending carefully as you go. Once you're satisfied, fix everything (even more) firmly, with a quick sweep of {Clear Brow Gel} - this separates the hairs and helps to keep things looking nice and natural (without any stickiness or stiffness).

To finish, apply {Brow Duality} highlighter underneath each arch, as near as possible to the brows themselves. This will further enhance their shape, and add a hint of light-reflective shimmer to 'lift' the brow bone - you can also apply to the inner corner of each eye, to instantly widen and brighten. Et voila! You'll be Kim K's arch nemesis in no time (geddit?).


Verity Douglas
Writer and expert
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