If your hair puts the 'tress' in 'stress' then look no further. We've answered your most common hair care queries so that YOU can show your problematic locks who's boss!

Q. I have greasy roots and very brittle end. I don't know how to tackle one without exacerbating the other?

A. Remember that your scalp is a continuation of your face so treat it gently. Steer clear of harsh sulphates (SLSs) when cleansing, then 'feed' lengths with a rich, conditioning treatment.

We rate: Leonor Greyl's {Bain TS - Balancing Shampoo for Oily Scalp and Dry Ends} or Josh Rosebrooke's ultra-mild {Balance Shampoo} to restore equilibrium, followed by rahua's super-natural {Conditioner} through the lengths to fortify and grant a healthy 'swish'.

Q: I need frizz control in my life!!

A: The result of 'ruffled' cuticles, Living Proof's amazing, multi-tasking {T.B.D. Multi Tasking Styler} 'seals' each strand ahead of styling, before T3's must-have {Dryer} scatters water to smooth strands and fend off flyaways. 

A: Choose products laced with salt or rice flour to add texture and 'oomph' from roots to tips - the extra grit creates more body for a fuller, tousled look - then style using a barrel brush to lift and increase volume.

We rate: Sachajuan's Ocean Mist {Shampoo} and {Conditioner}, as well as Sam Mcnight's amazing {Cool Girl} spray for instant 'tszuj', while RAINCRY's brilliant {Magnesium Volumizing Brush} is great for speeding drying time and creating some 'height' at the crown.

Q: My hair is very, very dry and I can't seem to get it to be moisturised and silky?

A: Minimise heat styling to give brittle mane's a break then add a treatment to your weekly hair care ritual. Philip Kingsley's cult {Elasticizer} works to strengthen fragile strands and increase 'stretch', while Briogeo's {Don't Despair, Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask} infuses lengths with precious moisture and protects from daily stressors.

Q: My hair is ultra flat and fine - I need something to make it thicker?

Q: My hair doesn't grow like it used to - I'm worried it's starting to fall out! What can I do to help halt this hair loss?

A: Hair health is intrinsically linked to wellbeing - stress, illness or a stint of eating poorly will affect the strength and lustre of your locks. A supplement (such as OUAI Haircare's {Thinning Hair}) can fortify and stimulate new growth, while frequent treatment masks help to 'undo' the daily damage. We love Cuvée Beauty's incredible (champagne-infused) {Première Treatment} to instantly bolster resilience.

Q: I'm plagued by split ends and flyaways!

A: Chemical processing, straightening irons and weather extremes (hello winter!) cause even healthy hair to break. Use a leave-in treatment to shield strands from aggressors, then rake oil through the ends to add some 'weight' and lessen static.

We rate: Philip B's {Weightless Conditioning Water}, Philip Kingsley's {Daily Damage Defence Spray} and Pureology's {Strength Cure Split End Salve} to repair and protect fractured fibres, then The Ordinary's {100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil} to keep things sleek and looking wonderfully glossy.

Q: I have really thick, curly frizzy hair which goes mental when I step outside. I just can't get it smooth and silky. Help!

A: Tease tangles with a wide-toothed comb to prevent stretching strands irreparably, then use a moisturising mist to define curls while damp - use your fingers to coax ringlets into shape then leave to air-dry for smooth, shiny separation.

We rate: Sachajuan's latest {Curl Treatment} (a 15-minute MIRACLE mask for corkscrews), combed gently through your mane using the Wet Brush {TxturePro Wave Comb} to combat tats without snapping your strands. Follow with OUAI Haircare's {Curl Jelly} for sexy separation, or try REVERIE's {OI All In One Milk} to hydrate and enhance definition.