Whether you're an Omo-addict, or yet to be converted, the Omorovicza Facial is the stuff of skin care legend. With no end of prestigious accolades from the likes of Elle and Harper's Bazaar, here's how to recreate the 'Omo-glow' at home...

{Step 1} Starting with your cheeks, work {Thermal Cleansing Balm} into skin using circular motions to break down the balm. Once it becomes oily, massage over stubborn make up (even waterproof mascara), then wipe away the excess with a warm, damp muslin cloth.

{Step 2} Next, mix a single pump of {Illuminating Moisturiser} with {Cleansing Foam} using your fingertips, and massage into damp skin to eradicate any residue, thoroughly purge pores and leave skin comfortably clean and hydrated with a youthful lustre. Rinse.

{Step 3} Tone with a quick spritz of {Queen of Hungary Mist} - based on a 14th Century recipe, this mineral-rich tonic nourishes, moisturises and restores skin's optimal pH balance.

{Step 4} Pat skin dry (don't wipe of rinse) and smooth a thin layer of {Deep Cleansing Mask} over face and neck. Leave for 15 - 20 minutes, or until completely set - the clay works to draw out impurities, so use two or three days ahead of a special event to ensure your skin's clear, bright and radiant.

{Step 5} Having rinsed your skin (and toned again with {Queen of Hungary}), massage a pea-sized amount of {Gold Rescue Cream} into face and neck - using fingertips to stimulate circulation and maximise the 'plumping' and firming effect.

Et voila! You'll be giving the ol' Q-of-H a run for her 'world's most beautiful' crown before you can say 'Omorovicza' (No? We can't pronounce it either...).


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