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The best moisturisers to ward against winter

Last Updated: 07/12/2021

With winter rapidly whizzing by, you need to find the perfect skin care ‘winter coat’ for your complexion — something rich to prevent dehydration and deflect the harmful effects of the plummeting temperatures (not to mention moisture-leaching central heating). We’ve rounded up an edit of the best winter-weight {skin care} {moisturisers}, {oils} and {overnight masks}, which help to cocoon your complexion from these elemental extremes…

An open tub of Votary's Intense Overnight Mask

For the compromised

If your skin is bumpy, feeling sore or looking red, simply slather on the rich and creamy {Intense Overnight Mask} before you slumber, then hit the sack and let your skin do its thing. Prepare to awaken with glowing, soothed skin that feels much more comfortable, hydrated and calm, with thanks to {Votary’s} nourishing blend of natural plant oils that work to ease signs of fatigue and stress while softening skin and smoothing fine lines — boosting the skin’s nocturnal renewal cycle. To put it simply, this spa-in-a-jar mask (yes, it smells that good, with a delicate scent that encourages deep sleep — even without any artificial fragrances) is pure magic, bottled.

For the oily

Even if skin’s on the oily side, you still need to amp up the moisture as winter steals closer. Control shine and create an invisible, antioxidant-rich barrier between complexion and free radicals with {Glow Recipe’s} {Plum Plump Hyaluronic Moisturizer} — a lightweight, hydrating gel blend that hydrates skin, balances oils and supports the microbiome.

For the sensitive

{Pai Skincare’s} {The Anthemis, Chamomile & Rosehip Soothing Moisturizer} keeps complexions cool, calm and collected. Suitable for rosacea-prone skin, this light, silky cream is free from ingredients that can irritate reactive skin (including drying alcohols, synthetic fragrances, witch hazel, menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint) and rich in soothing extracts, which swiftly reduce redness and ease irritation. Instantly soothing, it’s perfect for those suffering from extreme dryness or skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis.

{Omorovicza’s} {Gold Rescue Cream} is gloriously rich and nourishing — optimising moisture levels without suffocating your complexion. Ideal for more mature and sensitive skin, this harnesses the anti-inflammatory properties of gold to reduce signs of redness and irritation, whilst stimulating synthesis of collagen and elastin.

For the dry

A TikTok sensation that gives big results on a budget, {Weleda’s} versatile {Skin Food} delivers immediate, long-lasting hydration to complexions in crisis. A powerhouse of nutrient-rich plant butters and oils, this rushes to the rescue of chapped, winter skin by creating a silky cocoon between it and the drying effects of the elements — even working to cherish elbows, knees, feet and wherever else needs a little TLC.

Packed with antioxidants and other smoothie-ready ingredients good enough to eat, the {Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil} by {Youth To The People} will banish that awful ‘tight’ feeling —swapping it for pillowy, plump skin that feels velvety soft, dewy and luminous. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this elixir won’t have you feeling greasy or gross — simply juicily hydrated. And, though an oil it may be, this formula won’t congest skin on its quest to quench your complexion’s thirst. Instead, it’ll plump the look of fine lines, counter dullness and protect against free radicals.


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