They say that you should never meet your idols but when we pitched CB's burning questions to the QUEEN of the beauty scene, our {Huda Kattan} #girlcrush was intensified. Charm personified, there's nothing not to love about Huda - funny, friendly and our BFF-in-waiting, she is the ultimate #girlboss (and the creator of the make up we collectively go gaga over).

So, you think you know a thing or two about the Insta-icon? Play the video to find out which AAA-List power couple she and Chris would choose a double date with, which Disney princess Huda wants to be when she 'grows up' and whether she's a burger or a salad kinda gal...

How many did you manage to get right? Can you congratulate yourself on being a true Huda-holic? Or do you need to do some swotting-up in order to cement your fangirl status? Whatever the outcome, we bet you're even more obsessed with beauty's online super-guru (we know we are)!