Take the guesswork out of choosing perfect perfumes with our edit of cult favourites to please every stylish woman and discerning gentleman you need to buy for…

{For a man about town}

Cheap smells are not for this dapper dandy, whose suit is tailored and whose brogues are bespoke. No, it's all about the details for this man who moisturises and his scent must be as subtle as his Hermes socks are snazzy. Step forward Escentric Molecules' {Molecule 01}, which comprises just one fragrance molecule - Iso E Super - which magically melds with his own pheremones to enhance his powers of attraction. Think: 'the lynx effect' for more sophisticated gentlefolk. It's also unisex so you're at liberty to 'borrow' his bottle...

{For free-spirited girlfriends}

If your wavy-haired friend is consistently planning her next trip to somewhere laid-back and beachy, bring the summer to her with Kai's heavenly scented {Eau de Parfum}, which conjures the sweet breeze of Hawaii's sun-soaked paradisiacal isles. Headily floral, this feminine blend of white flowers - a bouquet of jasmine, gardenia, lily and tuberose - is the essence of Maui distilled into stylish glass bottles.  

{For a hopeless romantic}

Perfect for les ingénues, Laura Mercier's {Eau de Lune Eau de Parfum} has a clean, uplifting freshness that is dreamy and ethereal - ideal for those whose noses you'll find buried in the latest romance novel - just think of pink satin distilled into scent and you'll have an idea of this feminine blend of white flowers, fresh mandarin, ylang-ylang and powder violet. Conjuring the hopefulness of Frank Sinatra crooning Berkeley Square *sigh*, it's sure to delight eternal optimists whose hearts melt over mushy happy endings.

{For a tireless adventurer}

Inspired by the Texan desert city after which it takes its name, Memo's {Marfa} is a thing of beauty and a joy to wear. Capturing the breathtaking 'big' skies, the sun-warmed earth and heady, sweetly scented winds that carry notes of ylang ylang and cedarwood, this is the most perfect parfum for wide-eyed wanderers. A Georgia O'Keefe landscape made in fragrance, this daring, gender-neutral scent is made for those who love to step outside their comfort zone and walk on the wild side. Sexy and empowering, the complex blend inspires and emboldens... and, it looks exquisite on a well-dressed bathroom shelf.

{For a bookish bestie}

If your friend's highly strung, Bella Freud's {Psychoanalysis} - an aromatic homage to her late great grandfather Sigmund - is the nearest thing to therapy for those who're prone to stressing. Inspired by his study, this sultry, woody blend is infinitely reassuring with an unexpected edge - an androgynous medley of amber, tobacco and musk that evokes the oak-panelling, leather and plumes of cigar smoke integral to Mr. Freud's life as an analyst. Both soulful and intelligent, this is the thing for 'thinking women' - those who like their style with a generous dose of substance.

{For a seventies siren}

If your friend feels at home in a floor-sweeping jumpsuit and towering platforms, Charlotte Tilbury's {Scent of a Dream} is ideal for all disco divas. Unapologetically sexy, this hedonistic blend is spellbinding - boasting a bold 'fleurotic' heart and 'psychoactive' base of hedione, Iso E Super and ambroxan, this ensures she'll be belle of the ball. Studio 54-esque, Charlotte cites supermodel Kate Moss as her muse, so tell your friend to mist this liberally, lace her lids with glitter and prepare to dominate the nearest dancefloor...