It isn't very often that a new new skin care product comes along but on the rare occasions that one does, well, you can bet your bottom dollar that it's straight from South Korea. The latest fruits of our relentless Seoul searching, {Caolion} is tipped to change the way you wash your face, forever. It's probable you feel a *bit weird* about cleansing sticks - the pritt stick-esque confections which Korean women use to take the day off - but believe us when we say that these are tipped for major things. 

Great for lazy laydeez (we're not judging), these convenient twist-up sticks of balmy cleanser simply melt your make up, dirt and every trace of daily grime and you will barely have to lift a finger. Ideal for those who favour the low-maintenance approach, you simply twist the product up, apply directly to your face then use your dampened fingertips to take the day off. Gently foaming, the solid oil emulsifies with water to create the lightest lather (it's completely non-drying), which leaves a peachy-soft (and pristine clean) complexion in its wake.

Not recommended as a substitute for thorough, double-cleansing, these leak-proof sticks are perfect for gym-goers and jet setters - as well as for those evenings when you really need to hit the pillow, stat. Brilliantly hand luggage compatible (they're solid so you needn't faff around decanting liquid into countless tiny jars), these grant a much more thorough cleanse than wipes so you can feel doubly smug while you're in transit/camping/hen-doing or anywhere that skin care becomes tricky.

Caolion's {Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick} comes in two great incarnations - one infused with green tea and the other one with charcoal to address your common skin concerns. Both are brilliantly decongesting - delivering unbeatably deep cleansing, removing make up residue and penetrating pores to battle blackheads and help minimise the likelihood of future imperfections. The green tea 'flavoured' stick boasts powerful, antioxidant properties - great for those concerned about the early signs of ageing or whose skin is prone to redness or too-easily offended. 

The {charcoal} iteration then addresses excess oil - minimising shine to help establish equilibrium and keep breakouts at bay. Ideal for those susceptible to shine, it helps detoxify and equalise to help reclaim a sense a of 'normalcy'. 

Will you embrace the craze for cleansing sticks? Let us know in the comments below...