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Get more from your Beautyblender with these expert tips

The much-lauded {Beautyblender} is the trusty make up tool that is beloved by A-Listers and MUAs – but are you making the most out of yours? Go backstage at any show or film set are you’ll probably spot this plump little egg-shaped sponge peeking out of beauty bags – not just for its superior blending and buffing prowess, but also for its versatility. Famous devotees include Beyoncé, Rooney Mara, Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence and it has won a slew of beauty awards since make up artist founder Rea Ann invented it 15 years ago. Here are five ways to wield yours like a pro…

Wet it first

This is super important to avoid cakey foundation or tinted moisturiser – the {Beautyblender} performs best when wet, delivering a streak-free finish and a dewy radiance like no other. It also ensures that maximal product goes on your skin and doesn’t end up getting soaked up by the sponge. Saturate the {Beautyblender} in water – or spritz it with your favourite fixing mist – and squeeze out any excess. Once it’s damp but not soaking, gently dip it in your product – using the smallest amount to begin with – and you’re good to go.

Bounce, don’t drag

Once you’ve loaded up your {Beautyblender} with pigment, the trick is to gently bob it along the skin (otherwise known as ‘stippling’) as opposed to dragging or rubbing like you normally would if using your fingers. This technique allows the product to be easily dispensed on the skin and gently buffed in, for a natural airbrushed finish.

Use it for perfectly applied skin care

It’s not just for make up – you can also use the {Beautyblender} to evenly apply moisturiser, primer and sunscreen – and the narrow tip ensures you reach every last nook and cranny. It’s perfect for applying cream to the delicate skin around the eye area, being light enough not to pull or drag the skin (as opposed to poking at it with fingers!).

Create a pretty flush for cheeks (and lips!)

If you’re worried about your blusher looking clownish – there’s no niftier tool than (you guessed it!) the {Beautyblender} to help you deliver a delicate just-pinched hue. Use the pointy end of the sponge to apply colour to the apples of the cheeks, then use the fatter end to blend it out, seamlessly. The same works for your lips, to create a delicate ‘stain’ as opposed to a more statement look – just dab a little in the centre of the lips and around the Cupid’s bow and diffuse out for delicate allure that doesn’t look smudged.

Boss your contour

If you’re a contouring newbie, the Beautyblender‘s super soft texture will prevent it from looking too heavy or stripy – delicately bestowing shadow where needed, while the special shape fits the hollows of your face for a natural, fool-proof finish.

Now you’ve got the know-how, discover the wonderful world of {Beautyblender} (and it’s many incarnations – including the special {Beautyblender Bubble} anniversary edition) below…


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Verity Douglas

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