About to hit the gym but feeling as enthused as if you're heading for a root canal (*shudder*)? Help is on hand. Our collection of caffeine-free, energy-boosting wonders will help counteract fatigue and swiftly retrieve misplaced 'joie de vivre', so you bound out of bed with a spring in your step and feel ready to carpe the diem. So whether you've sworn to quit caffeine for good, or just cut the number of espressos it takes to help you feel human, these virtuous alternatives will help to grant the 'buzz' without the all-too-common crash.

Few things make an early-morning wake up semi bearable, but Therapie's amazing {Energy Duo} will lure you from your duvet cave and help dispel those post-sleep cobwebs. Uniting the bestselling Boost Body Wash with the brilliant Energy Lift Rollerball (complete with amazing 25% saving), these perfect partners fight fatigue and help facilitate those optimistic, pre-work workout sessions. 

Packed with protein to preserve your muscles, The Nue Co.'s {Milk Protein + Gut Food} is a blend of organic, bioavailable, food-based protein and pre/probiotics to support repair and regeneration on a cellular level, so you feel fighting fit (not sluggish). The 'good bacteria' enhances your digestive health, so skin glows and blood sugar stays on a more even keel (this is great for preventing those mid-morning slumps).

If you're on a mission to tone up and shed one or two excess pounds, Sonya Dakar's {Beauty Bootcamp Ultima Power Shake} is perfect pre pilates class or gruelling psycle session. The fast-track solution to a healthy body, clear skin and glossy locks, this great-tasting shake boosts your metabolic function so your body burns fat without damaging muscle tissue. Brimming with essential vitamins and minerals, this is perfect if you're on the quest to streamline your silhouette.

Essential for all those who love to put their body through its paces, {Power Dust} by Moon Juice is a powdered blend of energising plant extracts which help you test your limits. Great for lacing smoothies or for sprinkling on avocado toast, this barely-flavoured dust - a blend of vitalizing ginseng, organic eleuthero, schisandra (a proven ‘superberry’), rhodiola and organic stevia - is proven to boost stamina and stop your engine stalling. Or, if your reservations are a lot more psychological, the {Brain Dust} helps your focus and inspires a more 'carpe diem' attitude. A real-life re-boot, it's the human incarnation of 'just turn it off and on again'.

If you need an instant 'tszuj', Pixi's vitalising (aptly titled) {Vitamin Wakeup Mist} is laced with citrus extracts to enliven with a spritz. A great way to envelop your headspace with energising (and invigorating) fragrance, this is the perfect antidote to early-start fatigue - like sunshine through your blinds, it's liquid get-up-and-get-going!

And for a quick pick-me-up when you're starting to flag, look no further than Nurse Jamie's {B12 Energy Shot} - a coffee kick without the 'crash', this caffeine-free alternative enhances mood and metabolic function. A drop directly underneath your tongue will work to quickly boost your 'oomph' without the unwelcome espresso side-effects.