Undisputed queen of the beauty scene, Huda Beauty's Huda Kattan cannot put a Louboutin-clad foot wrong. Each and every product launch is desperately awaited and the new addition to her carefully considered collection of make up HAVE-TO-HAVES is no exception to the rule... form an orderly queue Huda-holics, the {Lip Contour Sets} are about to take off!

Uniting two complementary shades of the bestselling {Liquid Matte Minis}, with a corresponding {Lip Contour} pencil, these covetable kits make it easy to achieve a perfect pout - whether you stick to one colour or opt for a lip-plumping 'ombré' effect, Huda's made it easy to create that gorgeous, bee-stung look.

To maximise the pillow-lipped aesthetic, begin by lining lips with the Lip Contour - tracing the outer edge of the natural perimeter for subtle augmentation. Then draw a vertical line (slightly 'hourglass' in shape) from the cupid's bow to the bottom edge of the lower lip, and bring the colour in from the corners slightly, so you're left with four, nearly-round 'chambers'.

Follow with a thin layer of the corresponding shade of Liquid Matte, then apply the lighter shade to the centre of both lips, fading towards the edges for an optically 'inflated' vibe. 

Available in three stunning colourways - 'Trendsetter & Bombshell', 'Vixen & Famous' and 'Trophy Wife & Muse' - the only downside is deciding which set you need first. We'll race you to the checkout...