It’s official, smelling salts are back - and they've shrugged off their cobweb-laced corsets.

It’s been a while - a century in fact - but there’s something so perfectly old/new zeitgeist about the latest addition to the {Therapie} range.

Michelle Roques-O’Neil is always a couple of leaps ahead of the pack; she created {Therapie} as a self-help solution for the stresses and strains of modern life - including products aimed at improving mental health, absorbing electromagnetic radiation and helping to solve sleeping issues - years before the, 'It’s ok, to not be OK' realisation dawned.

{Crystal Clear Smelling Salts} have had an upgrade from their ammonia/burning feathers-based great grandmas. No longer solely for reviving swooning ladies, the '2.0' version are designed to restore clarity and mental focus (something increasingly scarce in this digital age). They're essential when over-extension, fatigue and the lure of an Instagram black-hole threaten to take hold...

The oil blend of may chang (for mental optimism), clementine (anti-anxiety), rosemary (mental clarity and alertness), peppermint (clarity and energy), bois de rose (for courage when fearful), frankincense (for sense of self and boundaries) and lavender (to centre and balance) is the aromatherapy version of a hug from your mum, followed by a leap into a glacial mountain stream… reassuring and recalibrating with each inhalation.

And, you can channel your dormant Victorian. Which can only ever be an excellent thing...