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How To Achieve Formidable Lash Length with Lash Star

Developed by ‘The Lash Queen’ Tracy Murphy – a pro make up artist-turned-innovator – {Lash Star} is the answer to your eyelash prayers. Boasting a phenomenal dual-ended suits-all mascara, alongside specialist curlers and long-wearing pencils to create root ‘ooomph’ and enhance your arches, these are key to achieving formidable flutter.

We spoke to Lash Star’s Co-Founder – Orla Maguire Moore – and VP of Creative Development, Christian Tay, who told us all about the brand’s beginnings and the secrets to achieving stand-out lashes…

{Cult Beauty} Could you begin with a little bit of the brand back-story? How {Lash Star} came to be, and what differentiates it?

{Christian Tay & Orla Maguire Moore} Lash Star was born out of necessity! Our goal was to demystify the way to get your best lashes ever – to make your lashes centre stage! Our eyelashes are one of our main beauty assets and yet most women struggle to give them the emphasis and elongation they deserve.

We created this tightly curated line of products to beautify the eyes and in particular, the lashes! We felt that most lines on the market produced products for the face in its entirety, with one or two mascaras as an afterthought. At {Lash Star} we strive to help everyone reach their full eyelash potential.

{CB} What do you find are the most common eyelash complaints (and what can be done about them)?

{CT & OMM} We consider eyelashes almost as an extension of your hair, so we all have various problems – they’re too straight, too sparse, too curly, too thick, too long, too short… At {Lash Star}, we took on the task of addressing these common complaints by creating a superior line of products and tools to help you achieve your best eyelashes, ever.

{CB} Is there a way to encourage lash growth? How can we help our eyelashes realise their full potential?

{CT & OMM} In our secret lab we are working on formulas with growth-enhancing ingredients, but the best way to keep your lashes in healthy condition is to give them plenty of loving attention. Remove your mascara at bedtime ladies (delicate cleansing is key!), and use our silicone {Lash Styler Wand} to remove any product build-up. 

{CB} Many people are afraid of eyelash curling – either because of breakage, that ‘crimped’ look or a traumatic past experience… Why do we need eyelash curlers, and what’s the best way to achieve a smooth, long-lasting ‘lift’?

{CT & OMM} There are a lot of curlers out there, but not all curlers are created equal! Curling the lashes is one of the most important steps in in achieving the ultimate lash look and the best way to achieve a smooth, long-lasting ‘lift’ is to hold the lash curler on the lashes for 5-10 seconds, gently ‘squeezing’ for maximum impact.

Our {Individual Lash Curler} is tooled with precision, using medical-grade stainless steel and silicone inserts to ensure that there’s no risk of pinches. This precise curler lets you add more definition to the outer corners of your eyes or in the centre of the lash to create a beautiful ‘Bambi-eyed’ effect.

Our {Heated Lash Styler with USB Charger} is the magic wand everyone needs in their make up bag! The mini titanium rod warms up to give you enough heat to style the lashes in place – if you want to add more lift at the outer corner – it works like a dream. This also comes in handy to tame brows.

{CB} You only have one ‘suits all’ mascara. How did you develop {Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara} and what makes it ‘the one’?

{CT & OMM} After spending months and months formulating our {Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara}, we felt that we’d created the ‘daddy’ of mascaras! We test drove hundreds of formulas and are thrilled with the final result.

{Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara} is a breakthrough mascara duo featuring two formulas and two unique brushes to deliver the control needed to sculpt your lashes to perfection. A custom engineered tightline brush is the root-booster – designed to define, separate and lengthen every lash from the base of each eyelash – before the patented, curved silicone moulded brush creates buildable volume and ‘lift’ without clumps for pretty, perfectly sculpted lashes.

With 3 coats it is possible to achieve a 4,000% increase in both length and volume!

{CB} What would you say is the ‘hero product’? The one that’s guaranteed to kick-start a {Lash Star} addiction?

{CT & OMM} Our {Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara} is without doubt our ‘hero’ product – our ‘little black dress’ as we like to call it. The combination of both steps and both formulas will give you an insatiable appetite to keep achieving your best lashes ever. Plus, the fact that is buildable means you can reapply it later in the day if you are going out.

{CB} Do you have an eyelash muse? Is there an icon you associate with AMAZING eyelashes?

{CT & OMM} We don’t have an eyelash muse per se, Our inspiration comes from the real girl on the street who does her own lashes to perfection every morning! These are the people we worship and are inspired by.

{CB} And on the subject of icons, are there any celebrity fans of {Lash Star}? Which A-lister’s lashes have you ‘dressed’?

{CT & OMM} We have a bunch of wonderful celebrity ambassadors who love our product. Kate Upton, Brooklyn Decker, Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Clauson, Zoe Kravitz to name a few – they’re all fans!

{CB} And finally, what’s next for {Lash Star}. Do you have any exciting new products in development?

{CT & OMM} We have a whole bunch of super exciting products in the pipeline. Next to launch will be our line of 10 unique styles of false eyelash strips.

We are super excited for their debut as there are 10 flattering styles for all the various eye shapes! Not to mention they can be reused 20-30 times and they are made from the highest grade silk PBT, which makes them so weightless and natural looking. They are the perfect compliment to our beautiful {Lash Applicator Tool}

Thank you so much Christian and Orla! You can shop the Lash Star range right {here}.


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