Unsure which one of The BrowGal's {Skinny Eyebrow Pencils} is juuuuuust right? This guide will steer you straight towards your perfect match...

Each on of The BrowGal's six adaptive shades was carefully custom-blended by creator, Tonya Crooks. 

First of all, decide which blanket colour 'category' you sit in? Are you blonde, medium brown or very dark brown/black?

If you colour your hair, look to your roots to work out which shade's going to suit you best. Your brows ought to be as close to your natural hair colour as possible.

The tricky bit is working out whether your hair has warm or ashy tones. If it's warm, you should see flecks of chestnut, red or copper when you scrutinise your strands in sunlight. On the other hand, "ash hair tones are devoid of other colours", says Tanya. "Think: after the fire."

You can now choose from between the two (out of the six) shades in your 'category':

BLONDE TONES: #6 Golden Blonde (warm), #5 Taupe (ash)

MEDIUM TONES: #3 Chocolate (warm), #4 Medium Brown (ash)

VERY DARK TONES: #2 Espresso (warm), #1 Black (ash)

And there you have it - simples! Just remember that it's best for brunettes to match their brow pencil as closely to their hair's roots as possible, while blondes can (in this case) have more fun by going a fraction darker (or lighter) depending on their preference.