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Staff Picks: Pixi Glow Tonic

Verity Douglas
Writer and expert9 years ago
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Cursed with disobedient, blemish-prone skin, I've long been an advocate of acid - Alpha-H's {Liquid Gold} works wonders - but for everyday skin brightening, I'm massively impressed by {Pixi}'s gorgeous {Glow Tonic}.

A gentle exfoliating {toner}, this aloe-infused potion melts the 'glue' that binds dulling dead cells to skin's surface - creating a more even, light reflective layer so you look luminous, without any 'tightness' or discomfort. Renowned for its soothing properties, aloe relieves any redness or signs of reactivity, while the inclusion of oxygenating ginseng enhances cell efficacy - so skin is immediately 'plumped' and revitalised.

My face is conditioned to {glycolic acid}, so this mild daily formula doesn't provoke any tingling (but tread cautiously if you're new to the AHA craze) - instead, this is wonderfully refreshing and skin-soothing - infusing skin with moisture so it feels (and looks) dewy.

I use this after cleansing each morning and evening, and have noticed an improvement in the texture (and behaviour) of my temperamental complexion. Some residual, post-blemish redness is fading, and feint acne scars seem less visible.

My face is especially oily - which this seems to normalise (it is classed as astringent but definitely doesn't over-strip) - and my cheeks (which are dry), aren't at all dehydrated. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone bothered by dullness, congestion or signs of sun damage - it certainly does what it says on the tin!


Verity Douglas
Writer and expert
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