Laura Geller Eye Calligraphy Trio

Finding the perfect eyeliner is no mean feat - it's virtually impossible to find a nib that caters to your every make up whim, which is why Laura Geller has created three. Her {Eye Calligraphy Trio} is a brilliant line-up of liners, which make it easy to indulge your current mood - whether you're feeling a little bit coy a la Audrey, sexily coquettish a la Brigitte or smoulderingly rock-chick like Ms. Moss - there's a felt tip that helps you to channel your icon.

Laura Geller Eye Calligraphy TrioEyeliner aficionado Jen (our gorgeous Marketing Communications Manager) road-tested all three liners in succession - transitioning from kittenish flicks to full-on big cat 'wings' - to demonstrate just some of the effects you can achieve with ease.

Starting with the the 'Fine Tip', Jen enhanced her lashline to create some subtle lash-enhancement (a skinny black line at the base of your lashes helps to disguise gaps and make fringes look thicker).

She then used the 'Classic Tip' to thicken things up a little and create a classic, feline flick, before stepping up the 'wow' factor with Laura's 'Slanted Tip' - an angled liner that facilitates a full-on, sultry sixties look that lasts.

Smudge, flake and water-resistant, these eyeliners will stay put come hell or eye water - and the possibilities are endless. Want a sweet, 'Twiggy' look to work with your bright A-line mini? Easy-peasy. Or fancy some serious, after-hours smoulder? Choose 'Slanted' and amp up the sex factor.

When equipped with these felt tips, the only thing limiting the looks you can achieve is your imagination - so go forth and get drawing.