...'cause no-one likes their skin to look like this.

The sun is shining, which means the time to hesitate is through... chuck out your tights and liberate your limbs from layers! But prior to brazenly baring your lizard-like legs to the masses, we recommend conducting some trans-seasonal upkeep. Exfoliation is quick and close to effortless, but makes a massive difference to your skin tone, texture (and can even help the dreaded dimples)...

Buy a body brush. I know, I know - we witter on about the benefits of body brushing, but believe us. It's one of the best things you can do when it comes to sloughing dead skin, kick-starting sluggish lymph nodes and stimulating circulation to encourage cell regeneration and repair.

Firstly, pick your weapon: We swear by Elemis's {Skin Brush} - made with naturally firm yet non-abrasive cactus bristles, to help coax skin out of hibernation.

Little and often is the best tactic. We know someone (ahem) who's gone at body brushing like they're sanding floors - be firm but gentle, and remember that one cannot buff one's bottom into nothingness... however hard you try. Do it dry (!?) before showering - it opens up your pores and gets skin glowing.

Encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage by brushing towards the 'central' lymph nodes − in the groin, armpits and the base of your neck. Use sweeping circular motions to work your way up the legs, bottom, midriff - then from wrists to shoulders and across your chest but (we'll tell you again), be gentle − you're stimulating skin, not shredding it. The increased blood flow delivers extra oxygen to cells - and because the lymph system doesn't have a central 'pump' − the act of brushing helps accelerate elimination of the metabolic waste that can accumulate in tissue.

Spend more time on the sweet spots such as inner thighs and underarms - as well as saddle bags and those pesky fatty bits that look a little like a mini, second bottom (you know?). Brush in smaller, firmer circles to flush away toxins (which contribute to cellulite) and assist the breakdown of the 'orange peel' effect.

Follow with a cold shower - or at least an icy blast − to shock your circulatory and digestive systems into working even harder.

Then switch to hot and lather up with something zingy (in the morning) or relaxing (before bed). Zelens's {Aka Shiso Reviving Mineral Cleanser} is great for helping you embrace the day (or wash away your worries) - invigorating senses and hydrating skin with five essentials minerals and replenishing omega 3. Or opt for Therapie's awakening {Boost Hair & Body Wash} - an aromatherapeutic 'jump start', brimming with uplifting essences of spearmint, rosemary, geranium and grapefruit.

Follow with a firming, smoothing body lotion. Ameliorate's {Skin Smoothing Body Lotion} includes Lactic Acid - a gentle (milk-derived) chemical exfoliant - which continues the skin-smoothing and softening process as you go about your day. Or, if your skin has lost its 'stretch', try {Marula Firming Botanical Body Oil} - a strengthening, elasticising blend of pure plant oils which works to lessen signs of scarring (including stretch marks) and restore your skin's youthful 'bounce' and firmness.

Or, slather your newly-smooth skin with Sol de Janeiro's best-smelling {Brazilian Bum Bum Cream}. Not only will it make your bathroom feel like Rio, but its high caffeine content will help to tone and tighten any wobblier-than-you'd-like bits.