Distinguish yourself from the party masses (and secure next year's invite) by choosing a gift from our hostess-appropriate edit. So much more imaginative than a bottle of plonk, a gift from this list is sure to delight (and showcase your impeccable taste).

The ultimate post-party indulgence, a hot bath with Therapie's {Himalayan Detox Salts} will help them let go of those nagging anxieties ("THERE'S A RED WINE STAIN ON THE CARPET *?@*!") and drift off to sleep feeling calm and collected. The glossy black glass jar looks gorgeous, and the potency of the pretty pink contents will garner you no end of gratitude.

If your host is more Holly Golightly than Margot Leadbetter, an {Eye Mask} from Slip makes a tongue-in-chic present for hedonists - blocking out daylight to help ease recovery. And if you really adore him-or-her (and their fun-loving ways), add a White Lotus {A Grade Jade Face Roller} - jade is an excellent stone for assisting detoxification, boosting kidney function and quelling negativity. What hangover?!

Bella Freud's signature candles will cement your 'great taste' status. A sophisticated gift for any fashion-is or -ista, the {Art Candle} smells floral without being sweet and is ideal for earning a 'nod' from your scary, Miranda-esque boss, or your best friend who only wears Yoji (c.1993).

If your great aunt is hosting her pre-Christmas eggnog-fest, then suck-up in style with Noble Isle's {Whisky & Water Hand Wash} (everybody wants 'best child' points). Heavenly-scented and made with the purest, skin-friendly ingredients, this line-up of luxury potions will make Auntie Pat feel important, and help ease the guilt of declining a third piece of semi-singed shortbread.

You've been invited for dinner (vol au vents) at your colleague's house, and want to leave a lasting (good) impression, ahead of stumbling drunk and half-starved from the premises. skyn ICELAND's {Skin Hangover Kit 2.0} is sufficiently small so as not to look try-hard, but will more than make up for the gin ring you left on the sideboard.

And if a bottle (or two) of champagne prosecco is obligatory, supplement your offering with something little - but covetable. Laura Mercier's miniature {Lip Lights} are teeny tiny but ADORABLE (ideal for Christmas clutch bags) and perfect for make up mavens, book-clubbers or stylish dinner-givers.