Cult Beauty Problem Solvers

We like to consider ourselves pretty clued-up when it comes to solving the myriad beauty 'problems' we face (that show up on our face) every day. We're always looking for the latest zit-zapper or wrinkle-filler, and leave no spot stick un-twisted on our quest to un-cover the latest quick-fix on the road to complexion perfection.


Whether due to too much sun-worship or haywire hormones, you needn't be stuck with unwelcome brown patches. With glycolic acid and cutaneous vitamin B3, Alpha-H's {Intensive Night Repair Serum} helps reduce the appearance of age spots and inflammation. Tata Harper's all-natural {Concentrated Brightening Serum} gets to work almost instantly, inhibiting melanin synthesis, un-doing signs of damage and restoring uniformity to sun-speckled skin, while Verso's {Dark Spot Fix} is a targeted treatment, to gradually lighten hyper-pigmented patches with the brand's signature Retinol 8 Complex.

{Enlarged Pores}

It's notoriously impossible to 'shrink' pores, but that doesn't mean you can't pull the wool over 'em. Pores usually look bigger than they are because they're blocked up with oxidised make up and grime (blackheads), so you need to suck it all out. Glamglow's {YouthMud} makes light work of hoovering up the muck, while Bliss' {Pore-Fector Gadget} works by 'jiggling' skin, to loosen the debris that makes pores look prominent. Jouer Cosmetics' {Anti-Blemish Matte Primer} then blurs everything beautifully - controlling shine whilst creating a nutritive layer between skin and the elements.

{Excess Oil}

Although nobody wants an oil slick, sebum - gross as it sounds - is your very best friend in the war against ageing. Don't over-strip it - your grease-glands will only work harder to compensate. Mizon's {Shower Sheet Essence} for oily skin is more potent and refreshing than a serum, with witch hazel to help keep shine under control. Hydrate with a lightweight moisturiser (such as Alpha-H's Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant, which nourishes skin with a barely-there veil) and mattify as needed with Jouer's {Essential Matte Touch} - a translucent balm that soaks up excess oil without chalkiness.


Are an epic bother, but don't let them defeat you. When you first feel one coming - before it rears its ugly head - slather it with Payot's {Pâte Gris} (the go-to for three generations of French women). It might smell and look like cement, but it speeds up a zit's life-cycle, so its gone before you really know its there (hallelujah). If the spot's in situ, apply Aesop's {Control} under make up in daylight, or Payot's {Speciale 5} overnight - and if it's a case of too little too late, apply one of Anne Semonin's {Express Radiance Ice Cubes} to the offending area, then follow up with {Sensual Skin Enhancer} by Kevyn Aucoin - the lightweight yet heavy-duty formula will quickly mask a multitude of s(k)ins.