Embryolisse Eclat De RegardWe all love Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre - the make up artist's secret no more. The exciting news is that LC now has a little sister for the eyes that works just as brilliantly beneath make up. For me it was a 'Coup de Foudre', one of those products that slots into one's life like the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle, or a Mulberry handbag (hint, hint Mr. No-flowers-on-Valentine's)

The French word 'Eclat' translates literally as radiance, lustre or brilliance, and Eclat de Regard produces this in spades. It's an eye balm stick with a twist lid (very handbag-Lex loving embryolissefriendly), which feels gorgeously cool when it touches your skin. It sinks in instantly to de-puff my eye area and works as a wonderful panacea for tired eyes, especially ones that have been staring at a computer screen too long.

I cannot recommend this product enough no matter what your age or skin type, it has become a firm favourite in my 'Busy Girl's Arsenal' to not looking a complete mess! Here are some more more suggestions for the time-poor >>