Hair 2

My hair is mad, bad and in all seriousness, pretty dangerous to know... let alone be attached to. It whips strangers in the face (awkward) and is constantly getting stuck in car windows/tube doors/jacket zips and handbag straps. I'm practically Medusa, I just haven't turned anyone to stone quite yet...

Therefore, I decided enough was enough, and that some attempt must be made to quell my hair's Gorgon-esque passions. Cue: Leonor Greyl's Huile de Palme Pre-shampoo treatment - a golden elixir I've cleverly re-named 'Huilde de Calm' - witty, no?

After applying this (pre-bed) I could almost hear my hair exhale: "FINALLY!" it sighed, whilst greedily sucking up this ultra-nourishing cocktail of Coconut, Palm, Sesame, Sunflower and Hazel Seed oils like it hadn't seen moisture in weeks (anyone would think I'd neglected it). 

Leonor Greyl_Huile de PalmeAs my locks had been looking especially lack-lustre, I left this overnight, and when I washed my mane the next morning it literally slipped through my fingers. Not a knot or tangle to grapple with - the comb was bored from its lack of  endeavour - and my long hair practically purred with contentment.

It's been minding its manners ever since (see above) and has so far refrained from further attempts to blind innocent by-standers... proving all it needed was a little TLC (poor mop) and a bit of mane-taming from this genie-us in a bottle.