MV Organic Skincare have just sent us a video (demonstrated by a rather dour lady - I find it hard not to smile when using my MV, it smells so bloody good!) and narrated by the founder herself Sharon with her wonderful Geordie/Aussi accent.

The Jojoba Oil is a spot-on make up remover for sensitive eyes and those who want to avoid all chemicals. The Gentle Cream Cleanser is a godsend to any kind of reactive skin, bringing balance again not matter how bad it was. I've always seen toners and mists as something to leave-out-if-one's-trying-to-budget, but that action of moistening your skin with the Rose Hydrating Mist not only allows you to use less moisturiser for the same level of moisturisation, it smells brilliant. Then there's the Rose Moisturiser, which just leaves your skin so happy it glows.