I’m exactly a week away from commencing my second quarter of life (yes, I will live to be exactly one hundred) and in a bid to stave off any semblance of maturity, have hit the bottle.

I’ll admit, it seemed pretty late in the day to be getting a dip-dye. The trend’s been around for so long that every man and his dog (within a three mile radius of Dalston) have two, three or even thirty tone hair. However, like most things, it’s taken a year’s worth of subliminal brainwashing to convince me that it’s a greeeeeat idea and so, (finally) here I am.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dalston, it’s probably not the first place that would spring to mind if you were in line for revamp. Unless you wanted a new tattoo - in which case, get yourself to Haggerston pronto! Bleach has been garnering a reputation amongst those-in-the-know as the place to be if you’ve a lust for reinvention.

In the same spot as good old WAH Nails (of which we at CB are HUGE fans), Bleach on Kingsland Road is unquestionably cool. The white space has walls lined with cuttings from only the trendiest mags, together with Polaroids of previous victims clients (Pixie Geldof’s a fan) to make a glorified mood board and provide hours of amusement when you’ve finished your book and are still getting yo’ hay-er did.

I was greeted by Matthew – elbow deep in violet toner but no less charming because of it – who sat me down and left me just enough time to slurp a coffee and  think about bolting make myself comfortable. I was armed with a picture of Abbey Lee Kershaw, the courage of my convictions and, um, not a lot else.

Fast forward almost FOUR HOURS and I look like a shiny new ‘My Little Pony’ with the swishiest pink mane in town. Matthew concentrated the bleach on my lower layers, to create flashes of brighter colour that peek through the more muted top layer. He was also very careful to create a shade that wouldn’t jar with my natural strawberry (*ahem* ginger) tones and left tiny sections au naturel, to highlight the pink tint and give a sun-kissed holiday vibe.

All in all, I feel much better about my imminent birthday (and slightly like a superhero). The only downside is that it need to be very protective of my colour and have stocked up on masses of the brilliant Sachajuan Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner.

For inspiration and prices visit http://bleachlondon.co.uk/ - there are Bleach salons in Dalston and Topshop, Oxford Circus and if the SS’12 catwalks are anything to go by, I would make an appointment asap as this is one trend that refuses to dye a death… verity douglas