As we move further away from the Human Being 1.0 model of killing berries and foraging for bears...or something of the sort, we're all becoming rather sedentary. This is proving to affect not only our mental but also our physical health, with syndromes such as Carpal Tunnel, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosthesis, and Generalized Disk Disease, as well as the highly distressing Nofitinzejeans syndrome!

In answer to this chair-bound lifestyle comes the GymyGym ($599), an ergonomically designed chair that reduces negative effects of having to sit on a chair all day long. The aesthetics will improve with time I'm sure, but the flat bungee seating system supports your body in the correct position, which not only promotes proper alignment of the spine, it improves circulation, relieves unwanted pressure it allows you to work out with 16 core exercises aimed at strengthening all of the major muscle groups all while sitting down. The hand grips are attached to the body of the chair by magnets for safe storage when not in use. They, and the leg straps, are secured to a system of natural silicone resistance bands threaded through the underneath of – and up behind – the seat, to four exercise stations. What do you think, would you use this in the office? alexia inge