Another one of the Hollywood greats, Tony Curtis, has died. Everyone has their favourite Curtis role, whether it's the ambiguous Antoninus chatting about oysters and snails with Sir Laurence Olivier in Spartacus, or the gender-bending Joe/Josephine driving Marilyn wild in Some Like it Hot. But my personal favourite is the infuriatingly suave 'The Great Leslie' in The Great Race. I must have watched this film hundreds of times since I was a kid, I know most of the lines by heart and I absolutely loved the three-way chemistry between Tony Curtis his partner in crime Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood. I think it's the mix of pretty boy looks and that Bronx accent which made him so irresistible - a man's man and a ladies man. In interviews he came across as self-deprecating and grateful for his good fortune. Really we're the ones who should be grateful for the way he unfailingly lit up the screen in so many great movies. phoebe frangoul