DenimRose Palette

Denim has become the 'neutral' of the last 60 years, so it is no surprise that the queen of the neutral-natural look has created a collection around the ubiquitous fabric. Bobbi's palettes are always spot-on, the addition of warm, rose tones for the cheeks and lips sets off the cool, richness of the blue.

What is really annoying about palettes in general, is that after a month you finish one colour and have at least 2 untouched. The colours should be so perfect together that the whole thing runs out at the same time. Beauty companies have traditionally seen these 'multi-buy savers' as an excuse to use inferior, cheap, talc-rich formulas, the gifting option from a great aunt, dug out from her ''bottom drawer'.

The Denim and Rose Collection palette is well thought Picture 1out, with a work-to-play friendly mix of soft, crumbly matte and luminous textures that layer well. The quality is obvious at first smudge and it comes all packaged up in a cute, zip-up denim case.

The Denim & Rose Collection includes the palette pictured (£45) a denim ink version of the cult Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (£15), sparkle eyeshadow (£14.50) and her Extreme Party Mascara in Denim (£17.50) stores nationwide from the 1st August. alexia inge