Ask the beauty experts I have a very clear complexion which is prone to the occasional outbreak of eczema. However I keep getting spots under the skin which are really visible and I want to get rid of them! I get blackheads on my chin accompanied by small lumps which do not have a head but when squeezed produce a tiny amount of pus. I also get those small white lumps which I have been told the best way to remove is with a needle as they are a build up of skin. I use Liz Earle products to wash my face, but what others do you recommend to get rid of these annoying spots!

Top New York facialist Ling Chan says:

From your description it does seem that you need to increase your exfoliation, as many of the things you pointed out have to do with dead skin cell build-up, along with your natural oil production.  To help regulate the oil production, I would recommend using a moisturising toner like my Replenishing Hydrator to help hydrate and balance the skin. In terms of the clogged pores, breakouts under the skin etc. you need to increase your exfoliation of the skin cells with either a physical or chemical exfoliator.  For a really deep exfoliation, you would benefit from using the Spotlight Papaya ReSurface Peel every other night to exfoliate the skin and help remove excess dead skin cell build-up. You should look for products that contain ingredients such as Glycolic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid - anything that helps to exfoliate and remove the dead skin build-up. Good luck! Ling xx New York facialist Ling Chan is the go-to person in Manhattan for Madonna, Uma, Naomi, Cameron Diaz and Gisele, who all use her products.

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