I came across an interesting and heartfelt post from Beautiful with Brains this morning written in the form of an open Dear John letter to MAC Cosmetics. Although I still feel that MAC has a lot to give, there was one point she made that really resonated with the team at Cult Beauty.

30 Collections a year is too much, using the 'Boy crying wolf' theory, the more you shout about something the more ubiquitous the brand becomes the less attention you will get - apart from those bloggers who just regurgitate press releases and post endless strings to collection images with no distinguishable voice or comment (there is a reason you find the word EDIT in the term editorial!!).

The big corporations like Estee Lauder (who own MAC) P&G and L'Oréal are falling over each other to launch more and more products each season, where the innovative focus is more on the marketing than the product itself. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot, amongst all this noise it is near impossible to see the moments of brilliance.