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    VersedDay Dissolve Cleansing Balm 19g<p>Boasting a spellbinding spa-in-a-jar aroma (that's eucalyptus and clove leaf oil - not artificial fragrance), this hard-working balm-to-milk cleanser melts away make up and impurities without stripping moisture from your skin - thank you, vitamin E.</p><p>Perfect for a deep-cleansing first cleanse, Versed's Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm is a gentle yet hard-working cleansing balm that effortlessly melts away make up and impurities on contact. As you massage it into your skin with wet fingertips, the oil-based formula softens to create a light, gentle milk that rinses clean with no oily residue. Don&#8217;t forget to wash into your hairline and along your jawline!</p>VRS010_TRAVEL206888100021150045 stars, based on75 reviews 7.50Cult BeautyNew
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    Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm

    Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm
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    • Why it's Cult

      A brand that is built around game-changing skin saviours, Versed boasts a host of results-driven hero ingredients as well as championing a loyal and well-informed beauty regime. A fan favourite, this skin care line is vegan, cruelty-free and clean while advocating for each Holy Grail product to be as safe as they are effective. Shelfie-worthy, no-fuss, low-waste packaging and now exclusively available at Cult Beauty –  Versed is ready to help you seriously step up your 2020 skin care regime.

    • Description

      Boasting a spellbinding spa-in-a-jar aroma (that's eucalyptus and clove leaf oil - not artificial fragrance), this hard-working balm-to-milk cleanser melts away make up and impurities without stripping moisture from your skin - thank you, vitamin E.

      Perfect for a deep-cleansing first cleanse, Versed's Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm is a gentle yet hard-working cleansing balm that effortlessly melts away make up and impurities on contact. As you massage it into your skin with wet fingertips, the oil-based formula softens to create a light, gentle milk that rinses clean with no oily residue. Don’t forget to wash into your hairline and along your jawline!

    • How to use

      Massage a dime-size amount into dry skin, wet fingertips and continue to massage, then rinse and gently pat dry.

      Once open, use it up within 12 months for max efficacy. Unopened, it’ll sit pretty on your vanity for up to two years (though we know you won’t want to wait that long to dive in).

      RECYCLE IT: Remove the cap, rinse out any residue, replace the cap, and toss in your recycling bin. Throw away the jar’s inner liner in the trash.

    • Full ingredients list

      Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Palmitate, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, Polyethylene, Tocopheryl Acetate, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Leaf Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Caprylyl Glycol, Eugenol, Limonene.

    • Cult Conscious

      Transparency lies at the heart of our philosophy which is why we have partnered with tech-platform – Provenance – to cut through the industry ‘noise’ and equip you with key facts that matter. A 'proof point' with a green tick means a third party has verified the accuracy of the statement whereas no green tick means that there isn't independent confirmation (yet!), but that the brand has still supplied substantiating evidence (which you can view yourself). Discover the proof points for this product below.

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    Versed - Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm

    Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm Reviews

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong?
    I just don't understand how this stuff works. I've used emulsifying oils before and this just doesn't seem to do the job. It doesn't emulsify properly after following the instructions so the oil is just left on your skin and I feel as though I need to cleanse again to remove the oil from my pores. Really unimpressed. Luckily it was cheap so I don't feel too burned.
    Absolutely love it!
    Absolutely love this cleanser. I've recently added this to my evening routine as recommended by a Cult Beauty advisor over insta chat. My skin just looks so much fresher day and night. I'm sure it has even made my eyelashes grow?! Could this be possible?! I do not know!
    What dreams are made of...
    I have ordered this twice now which I very rarely do as I’m always up from trying new products but, I can’t imagine anything else taking my makeup off as effortlessly as this does. It’s just a smooth consistency and feels so soft on my skin. I always double cleanse and this is the first cleaner I go to and I never have any left over residue come off after using this!x
    Great cleanser
    I love this cleanser as it is gentle, non drying and removes all make up. It doesn't leave my skin with a light feeling just amazingly clean. I use it with a flannel to add a bit of exfoliation. Recommended particularly for mature skin like mine.
    So so
    This balm didn't really dissolve and remove the eye make up so I still had to use micellar water for that area. I finished the package using it for the rest of my face where it did a fine job. It's not that easy to rinse it off. I think it's more suitable for dry skin.
    It has a strange scent for a cleanser and not very pleasant to be honest. Unlike other balms this feels quite greasy and it doesn't wash off as easily as others.
    My first balm
    This was my first balm and my first Versed product! And for the price and what it delivers I'm happy! You need to rinse thoroughly and might have to work a little bit on the eyes if you have heavy makeup. But I didn't experience any sensitivity or clogged pores. I also really enjoy the texture, it's smooth and not too thick. And smell just like eucalyptus, a scent I don't mind but it doesn't bother either.
    Essential Oils!
    Recently started using this as a double cleanser to remove SPF and makeup. Noticed my skin had started flaring up so I double checked the ingredients and it has eugenol and limonene. Essential oils may sensitise your skin and every aesthetician I know of says to avoid them. Will be returning to my DHC cleansing oil until I find a nice balm that won't ruin my skin.
    Not good
    This is barely a balm - it melts to a very thin textured oil almost immediately and feels almost watery rather than balmy. Ok at removing make-up but does not give the deep clean you’d expect from a balm. It’s reasonably affordable but once you try it you see why, it feels thin and cheap. Also has no scent at all, wouldn’t recommend.
    Just ok
    I found I had to use more than the recommended ‘Dime sized’ amount to remove make up, and def had to use 2 or three times to remove completely. It’s a nice consistency but left my eyes a bit stingy after use. I think there are better out there, I’m afraid.
    Works well but the ingredients...
    I can't fault this product on efficiency. But just as I was thinking 'this is fantastic value' I looked closely at the ingredients and realized that it's basically vaseline and eucalyptus. Then the idea of rubbing a petroleum-based product on my face every day caught up with me.
    Great first step
    Feels good, smells good, looks good, works good! Melts into this gorgeous oil in your hands. Use this just to take makeup off - it may leave a little product on your face but it is designed to be the first step in a double cleanse.
    love it
    I have clogged pores and it helps me clean them from the first use, the only problem that it is hard to clean so use another cleanser after it.
    Not a big fan
    After using the Green Clean balm from Farmacy I guess I got used to certain standards which this balm cannot live up to. As others say, it leaves a greasy film that is not emulsified when coming into contact with water and is very hard to wash off with the second cleanse. What's more, it causes clogged pores looking like a tiny bump on my skin which never happens with any other products since my skin is not acne-prone or problematic at all. I can't recommend this product.
    Quickly becoming a staple
    I now use this everyday in the evenings for my first cleanse. Removes sunscreen / sweat / makeup without stripping my skin. Since I started double cleansing with this my skin is now spot free!
    A little goes a long way!
    Got me this as an introduction to balm and it’s pretty good, although you definitely have to double cleanse with a cleanser.
    H'est of HG's
    Hands down the best balm cleanser I've ever used. Takes off every little bit of, even stubborn mascara and eyeliner. It's very gentle and the slight herbal scent makes it feel like a spa experience every night! Best part? Zero breakouts! As someone very acne prone, this is huge for me.
    caused whiteheads
    After around 5 times of using this instead of Bioderma, I have combination/acne-prone skin and this definitely was the cause of new breakouts that came in the way of my stable skincare routine, it mainly made me break out in my t- zone.
    Pleasantly Surprised
    I have combination skin which is prone to breakouts, I was honestly surprised by this little gem. I panicked at first since it feels a bit like coconut oil which I thought would make me breakout. That being said it hasn’t, it washes off my make up, including mascara and sunscreen well and has helped hydrate my skin with so far no breakouts. It’s also a great price when you compare to other cleansing balms. I follow this up with a cleansing gel as part of my nighttime routine.
    It's ok
    It works as a good first cleanse to remove makeup, it doesn't really emulsify like other cleansing balms. It doesn't dry out or make my skin feel tight, however it does feel like it leaves something on my skin. It could cause irritation to more sensitive skin types, I have major issues with this around my eyes. As soon as it got close they stung.
    Brilliant first cleanse
    I love this cleanser, takes all make up including eye make up off with very little effort. No panda eyes left behind and removes SPF residue. Leaves skin ready for second cleanse. Will buy this over and over again
    It's ok...
    I like the smell of this, it melts into my skin nicely. It's a good price. I really wanted to re-purchase but it makes my eyes so watery, really blurry for good while after and I feel a residue remains on my skin.
    Not my favourite
    This does a good job of breaking down makeup and sunscreen....BUT it sort of seizes up when trying to emulsify with water which makes it hard to rinse off, and leaves a film on my skin even after my second cleanse. Also, the eucalyptus has a similar effect to menthol which is irritating to my skin. I echo what others have said here that I worry about what effect the plastic in this balm has on the ocean when rinsed down the drain.
    Pleasantly surprised!
    It cleanses, removes SPF & make up very easily. The consistency is lovely like and sorbet oil. I am really impressed especially for the price! The smell of this is really pleasant, sort of like a gently minty Mentholatum which gets me into bedtime mood.
    Amazing Product!
    This product is AMAZING. Takes under a minute to get the toughest of make up products off and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Won't be using any other product thats for sure. Unsure on how long it will last due to me not wearing make up everyday due to the WFH COVID situation. But I'm sure it'll be worth the purchase how ever often I need to buy. WOULD RECOMMEND!
    Why plastic?
    I bought this product 2 months ago and really like it. However, I have recently become more conscious of plastic use. This brand comes across as very ethical (no parabens, vegan, packaging can be recycled, etc) so I am so disappointed that the ingredients list polyethylene (Plastic). For that reason, although I enjoy the product I could not buy again.
    Buy if you want to try something new
    Smells like a chai latte and useful as the first step in a double cleanse. The product is on the smaller side at only 67g for the larger tub, but I think for the price this is decent especially if you want to try something different.
    Amazing stuff!
    I use this balm to remove make up and as the first step to double cleansing in the evening. It’s soothing and does the job AND it’s so decently priced!
    Staple in my skincare routine
    After using this product for more than a few weeks I will definitely will be repurchasing. My skin can be quite dry but this cleanser takes make up off no problem and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards without drying out my skin.
    I bought the smaller size to try it out. I use it pretty much everyday, does a great job and I still have more than half of the product left after six weeks.
    Such a nice surprise.
    I don't give 5 stars because I'm not a fan of the smell. However, it's a super gentle and effective cleansing balm! First time I use a cleansing balm and I'm not disappointed. Super gentle on the eye and remove everything! I'll purchase again for sure once it's finish.
    Really really great! I’ve always been worried about liquidy balm cleansers as I’m a bit funny about having things in my eyes and I find they always leave my eyes really irritated and sore however this is amazing. It cleans the skin and leaves it feeling soothed and smells amazing but best of all for me no sting, no uncomfortable eye burn! It’s amazing. Worth the money.
    Nice Cleansing Balm
    It is very nice cleansing balm. It feels very lightweight, melts into oil very quickly and works well in removing the long lasting makeup and waterproof mascara. The smell is not overly pleasant, but I don't mind. The only minus is the fact that it does not emulsify as easily into milky form as other balms and after rinsing it off I still feel like it leaves the film on my face, which is very difficult to wash off without using second, water based cleanser.
    Initially I was a bit disappointed as it seems like very little product for the price. However, I'm so in love with the smell. It's very natural and subtle but so lovely. It is a gentle cleanser and does not dry out my skin. I will definitely repurchase.
    Definitely repurchase
    Lovely product, even for my sensitive skin.
    Versed balm
    This is great - perfect first cleanse and is lasting ages. Will definitely be purchasing again!
    I’ve always used Clinique and Body Shop cleansing balms and thought I would give this a go. I love it! It smells great and a little goes a long way. It removes all makeup quickly and easily and doesn’t leave an oily residue (although I still use a cleanser afterwards anyway). It also doesn’t sting the eyes so is perfect for getting off waterproof mascara. Will definitely repurchase.
    I'm Impressed
    Melt away any waterproof mascara and stained lipsticks. My skin is so soft after use. It is just like a cheaper ( so much cheaper) version of Eve Lom to me.
    So glad I invested in this product. I used to spend tons of money on other cleansers but ever since I found this cleanser I never looked back! :)
    Unkind to eyes
    I thought the smell of this balm was lovely but worried that the strong fragrance was a sign that it might disagree with sensitive skin. Everything seemed fine when I used it over my face and did seem to remove my makeup fairly well, until I tried to take my eye make up off and my vision went slightly blurry! It took several minutes of rinsing with cool water to bring my vision back to normal, and the skin around my eyes was enflamed for hours. I’ve never had this sort of reaction before and was so disappointed after reading the great reviews. At least I’d only bought the small size to test - it went straight in the bin!
    Really good
    Never used a balm before this is a great item and got my make up off great including eyeliner and mascara and everything. Made my skin feel clean :)
    Really enjoyed using this, my skin felt as though it had a new lease of life after, it felt hydrating and kind and a really good price, It's my go to for when my skin needs that extra bit of love.
    A waste of money
    i am so disappointed in everything I brought. I expected products which are effective and this is not what I received. I am left feeling angry about the money I spent
    Must have
    This is an amazing product. It removes makeup easily and fast and it smells very nice. It doesn't leave your skin dry or greasy afterwards as if you have an extra layer on your face. The price is so affordable and the product really works. I will purchase it again.
    not great
    This is ok, but I'm kind of put off by the scent. It's very strong. But to be honest it's not all that good at removing makeup, especially mascara, seems to just rub it into my skin and I have to use a cloth to get it off, or it stays. I won't repurchase. This also seems to begin melting as soon as your fingers touch it in the pot to scoop out.
    Amazing for Makeup!
    Bought this as my usual was out of stock, and was not disappointed! My makeup melts right off (I use it before a water-based cleanser and have found it incredible). Also smells wonderful! Will be buying again.
    OK but wouldnt repurchase
    Tried a bunch of these balms - from Clinique to Farmacy to this one. Cant say its the best, leaves makeup residue and it hurt my eyes; also didn't like the smell. Personally, I'm going back to Farmacy for sure.
    Perfect 1st step for cleansing
    I love this product and have bought it time and time again. This balm is ideal for the 1st step of a 2 step cleanse. It doesn't block my pores and it can leave a slight film on the skin but comes off with the 2nd step.
    Repurchasing again
    Honestly, a perfect balm cleanser. I have tried most of the top balms on the market and this one is by far my favourite. I like the texture, it emulsifies beautifully and removes 100% of my make up!
    Really good cleanser
    Really good first cleanser, gets all my dirt and sundcreen of my face
    Night time essential
    I love this product for the first step in a double cleanse. A Tic-Tac sized amount is enough to take off my eyeliner, mascara, brows and foundation without having to tug at the delicate eye area. I previously used Clinique Take The Day Off which often left an oily residue in my sink. This one doesn't - plus it has the added benefit of smelling great. Will definitely repurchase.
    Love this.
    I started with the small size and I upgraded to the large jar right away. I love this balm. It smells really good. Goes on velvet, feels great on my skin, and rinses right off. My skin feels nice and smooth afterward.
    Awful experience
    I don't know whether I got a bad batch but the cleanser is so bad that it leaves a greasy film and doesn't wash off at all.
    Removes everything
    Only cleansing balm I've ever tried and wanted to go for a somewhat affordable one. This is great at removing all makeup, even waterproof mascara and heavy eye makeup - I rinse and remove with a face halo. This hasn't caused any breakouts or irritation but I have noticed when I get it all up around my eyes to remove mascara if you don't thoroughly rinse your eyes and that entire area properly I wake up with my eyes almost glued together - I think because of the oils getting into my eyes and they try to clean themselves out overnight?? But I do really enjoy this apart from when that happens! I imagine the pot will last a really long time, too, as you don't need much.
    Excellent, soothing balmy cleanser but wouldn't say it the best to use around the eyes. It definitely has a spa in a jar kinda feel to it, smells gorgeous! I would buy it again but I'd be sure to add something else specifically for eye makeup removal. - It definitely works on eye makeup but for sensitive eyes, it's not the best!
    A good budget option
    As a regular EH Moringa Balm purchaser, I wanted to try something different as both a more purse-friendly alternative and to keep as a travel-friendly option. This worked really well, and while it won’t replace my long time favourite, I do keep reaching for it as my first cleanse. The balm turns into a really lovely, softening milk but you do need to work it into really wet skin to achieve the right consistency. I found it left my skin lovely and soft without leaving a ‘film’ after I’d wiped it off. I would repurchase.
    Easy and quick to use and takes off all my makeup. I use it as a first cleanse then do my nighttime routine. The best thing about this product though you don’t need a lot so a little goes a long way
    Very good quality for this price. I have oily/normal skin and this balm clean my skin without bad feeling, oil is away and my skin looks fit.
    Works brilliantly
    This stuff works so quickly to get even stubborn waterproof makeup off and my skin feels super smooth after washing off. I use it as a first cleanse after a day of wearing makeup and it's lovely to use. A little goes a really long way too.
    Lovely cleanser which removes make up easily and leaves your skin soft and clean. I double cleanse with this as it's so gentle and a little goes a long way. It does make my eyes water slightly for a few mins after but it doesn't sting so I have just bought this cleanser again. Great price too.
    Clean skin but watery eyes
    First of all this stuff smells amazing, when I first received it I'd open the pot every so often just to give it a sniff. On the skin it melts into a lightweight oil that emulsifies easily and is easy to clean off with a muslin cloth, in terms of texture it reminds me of Green Clean by Farmacy. It removes makeup with ease and leaves my skin feeling beautifully clean and ready for the rest of my skincare. The downside is that it makes my eyes water like crazy for about an hour after I've used it. I don't get this with any other balm cleanser and it only happens when I use this product. It's a shame because it's so good otherwise. I won't repurchase but I will persevere and finish the pot. It's so nearly perfect!
    Love it
    I definitely will order again! Great with all types of makeup and amazing on the skin! Nice and gentle with eye makeup, even waterproof mascara!
    Such a gorgeous smell and lovely to use. My skin felt clean but not dried out afterwards, and it totally removed my makeup.
    Cheap but effective
    Really reasonable price for a hydrating and effectively balm - I have super sensitive skin and it feels soothed by this product!
    Love it
    Super soft and light. I feel very cleansed after using. Even though the pot is small, you don't need to use a lot so it's long lasting too. Also enjoy the slightly minty scent. I've got seborrhoeic dermatitis and this caused no flareups or irritation.
    Pleasantly surprised by this cleanser! Usually I use a heavy cream-like oil cleanser but bought this as an alternative. Definitely great as a morning cleanser or as a first cleanse to remove make-up.You only need a small amount - when applied to dry skin, if you use wet fingertips to massage it in further it turns into a lovely balm texture.
    Versed Balm
    Absolutely amazing!
    Lovely creamy texture, removes all traces of makeup. I'd say my face felt 80% clean after. Sometimes I do feel a slight oily residue, but nothing extreme. Smell is gorgeous and love the packaging. You only need a small amount of the balm to remove light makeup
    Absolutely love this product - tried it on a whim and I'm totally in love! It’s very gentle on my skin and does not sting my eyes like other cleansers or makeup removers! I will be repurchasing this over and over again.
    This product works very well as a first cleanse to remove all makeup and sunscreen. The texture is really nice and soft once you work it into the skin and when you emulsify it with some water you can see the makeup melt off which is so satisfying. It’s a lovely product and works well. I do find there is a slight film left over which is nourishing, but of course needs to be washed off with the second cleanse. Overall a lovely product, prefer it to the Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm!
    Brilliant product
    The balm dissolves all makeup easily and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I use prior to face wash and my skin feels great afterward!
    This is such a beautiful product. I have been using Drunk Elephant slaai and recently the Emma Hardie balm and I have to say this product is my favourite! It turns to oil so easily and it really is lovely on the skin. It dissolves makeup and doesn’t sting the eyes like other products! Pair this with the decree wash cloth (also on cult) and it’s like a luxury facial each night!!
    Love It!
    Melts super easily to oil so you don't need much. Lovely, very light herbal smell to it, dissolved all my makeup and washed off easily. Will absolutely re-purchase!
    love it!
    This cleansing balm melts my makeup so well and super easy/ handy to use. It cleanses thoroughly with a small amount of product. I love this so much and will definitely repurchase it! Love this brand!!
    A real surprise
    This balm is really great. It melts make up just in a swipe, even waterproof mascara. Better than many expensive balms I've tried such as Farmacia one and Eve Lom. Will repurchase definitely!
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