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    The OrdinaryRetinol 1% in Squalane<p>Water- and silicone-free, The Ordinary&#8217;s Retinol 1% in Squalane features highly stable retinol, an ingredient that can reduce the appearance of ageing with impressive results. A powerhouse form of vitamin A, retinol encourages cell turnover, revealing healthier, softer skin while also tackling blemishes, dark spots and defying signs of ageing &#8211; including softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and uneven tone. Retinol can cause significant irritation, including redness and peeling, but many feel that its significant effects counterbalance this; The Ordinary recommends building your skin&#8217;s tolerance to retinol with lower concentrations to minimise discomfort.</p>ORD025133617699151940435 stars, based on34 reviews 5.80Cult BeautyNew
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    The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane

    The Ordinary
    Retinol 1% in Squalane
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      This highly stable, water-free, high strength age-defying solution features 1% pure retinol. This special form of vitamin A has been proven to minimise fine lines, improve pigment problems, revitalise skin and make its overall appearance fresher and more youthful. As retinol can cause irritation, The Ordinary recommends beginning your regimen with lower concentrations to allow skin to build up tolerance. 

    • Description

      Water- and silicone-free, The Ordinary’s Retinol 1% in Squalane features highly stable retinol, an ingredient that can reduce the appearance of ageing with impressive results. A powerhouse form of vitamin A, retinol encourages cell turnover, revealing healthier, softer skin while also tackling blemishes, dark spots and defying signs of ageing – including softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and uneven tone. Retinol can cause significant irritation, including redness and peeling, but many feel that its significant effects counterbalance this; The Ordinary recommends building your skin’s tolerance to retinol with lower concentrations to minimise discomfort.

    • How to use

      Apply a small amount to face in the PM as part of your skincare regimen, after water serums but before heavier treatments. Do not use with other retinoid treatments. Avoid unprotected solar exposure. Store in a cool, dry place.

      Caution: Retinoids can make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation. Sun protection is particularly important when using retinoids. This product must not be used in conjunction with other retinoids including retinol or retinoic acid. This product is not a treatment for acne. Acne-prone skin may experience a temporary increase in acne during the first few weeks of using any form of retinoid including those used in this formulation. 

      Note: When pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to avoid any skincare products containing retinoids such as formulations with Granactive Retinoid or Retinol.

    • Full ingredients list

      Squalane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Retinol, Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, BHT

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    The Ordinary - Retinol 1% in Squalane

    The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane Reviews

    love it!!
    I have been using it for a month now and I can confidently say my skin is improving. I'm happy with this product.
    Absolutely love this product. Seen a significant difference in my skin. Definitely recommend.
    Hard to say...
    If this worked or not. I have been using it 2-3 times a week. Haven’t noticed any difference or allergic reaction, but I used vitamin C serum before. It is possible that the vitamin C serum affects how well the retinol is working. It’s possible that the retinol has reduced marks on my face a little.
    Amazing product!
    I started a regime with products from The Ordinary a few months ago and I'm so impressed. I use this retinol at night and wake up with glowing skin! It's amazing value for money, a little goes a long way and a bottle lasts for ages!
    Quite greasy
    I know this is an oil formula, but I found that it doesn't absorb well into the skin and I didn't notice a difference in my skin after 2 months of using it. It was really hydrating and I had no irritation at all, so used it daily after my toner which was sufficient not to leave my skin dry. However, I prefer retinol in serum form so I can apply a moisturiser afterwards, which you cannot do with this being an oil. I would recommend it to those with dry skin but avoid if oily as it can clog pores.
    Fantastic product!
    Never had a beauty regime as I have sensitive skin and I’m prone to outbreaks. The Ordinary was recommended by a friend and I love it! I’ve had zero break outs and have lovely clear skin. I can’t recommend this brand enough. I’ve hone on to buy quite a few other products which I’d say are 5*
    Love this
    I am 25 so am more using this for all the benefits other than reducing wrinkles. But regardless, this is fantastic! Even after just one use my skin looked plumper and firmer and now using it twice a week and the difference is amazing. My family have also noticed and can tell that I have changed something in my routine. I love this!
    It’s ok.
    really nice
    I've been using it for about a month and I think I already see some evening out of skin tone. It's also really hydrating and pleasant to use.
    Lovely product
    I usually use raw rosehip oil on my face at night but as it stains the pillowcase, I use this product when I’m away. It sinks in well and doesn’t irritate my skin with the added advantage that it’s colourless. Might try a stronger retinoid product next time but this was a great introduction.
    I have noticed my skin is more calm, smooth, bright, plumped, skin tone is more even. I really think if I had to choose one product from The Ordinady to continue using it would be this one.
    Great product!
    I have been using this every night for the last 6 weeks and I'm only half way through the bottle. Perseverance is key for the first month or so as your skin will be sore and peel however, I now have baby soft skin that has never been in such good condition before! I have always suffered with dry patches but they are gone and blemishes and break outs seem to clear up quicker. I won't be without this product now!
    Brill product
    So pleased with this product. I have been using retinol for years and paid a lot more for it too. Great to pay such a reasonable price for something that works for me. Your skin will peel and appear red at first but persevere and your skin will settle down eventually and you will see results. Also be aware that you must keep out of the sun when using retinol.
    Nothing Special
    It's OK but I don't really like that terrible greasy feeling when I apply it on my face and afterwards, I have been using it for a month or so but I haven't noticed any improvement. In fact, I have noticed nothing. So I'll stick tom the more expensive after finishing this product.
    One of the better retinols on the market
    One of the better retinols on the market and the price is excellent. If you are not used to retinol then go slowly to accustom your skin. It's great and the only bad reviews are mainly because the user isn't used to active ingredients,
    This is a brilliant product
    OF COURSE, this can make your skin peel. This is a retinol, for crying out loud! What did you expect? It's meant to promote skin turnover, therefore minimising pigmentation and sun damage and showing the younger and juicier cells. It also promotes collagen production, minimising fine lines, making the skin look plumper and firmer. Also, this ingredient, at this concentration, for this price is an absolute bargain. BUT before any of this happens you may have the aforementioned peeling and irritation. This is a very high concentration of a very strong ingredient. In order to avoid or reduce those side effects, you have to build your way up. Start with 0.2 once a week AT NIGHT followed by an emollient cream to prevent dryness and ALWAYS use SPF in the morning. See how your skin reacts to that. If it's still strong, try every two weeks or less product or use the cream first until your skin adapts. If everything goes fine, try moving up to 0.5, once the previous bottle runs out. And repeat the same procedure until you can use 1%.
    This made the skin on my face peel literally everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Don't bother, not worth the money. Also very itchy.
    My holy grail.
    Two weeks in
    I've been using this product for 2 weeks now and can safely say my dark spots are fading and my skin texture is improving. Love it!
    Not a good experience with this retinol
    I used this product for 2 months yet my skin never got used to it and I think 2 month is enough time to get used to any potential purging. It caused red eczema patches, itchiness and my skin became so sensitive and my skin barrier damaged. Note: I have used retinol before, I started slowly with low percentages, and then slowly moved to 1%). I continued to apply for 2 months and my skin got worse, and now I have eczema on my face and neck so I stopped use and am working on building my skin barrier back. I would not buy it again nor recommend it - there are so many better 1% retinol products on the market! Disappointed that this product ruined my skin!
    Čudovite izdelke ponujate. Veliko mojih prijateljic sem navdušila. V njihovem imenu in svojem se poslužujemo vaših izdelkov. Retinol ne je nadvse fasciniral. Uporabljam tudi izdelek s c vitaminom. Navdušila sem tudi svojo hčerko in ji za rojstni dan naročila nekaj vaših izdelkov. Hvala vam **** You offer wonderful products. I impressed a lot of my friends. We use your products on their behalf and on our own. Retinol was not very fascinating. I also use a product with vitamin c. I also impressed my daughter and ordered some of your products for her birthday. thank you
    Good product but caused spots
    I have been using this daily for the last 3-4 weeks and noticed firmer skin with a bit of a glow which was fab. However I have also developed a lot of spots, and despite using it for around a month now, my skin doesn’t seem to be getting used to the product and stop breaking out. I’ll continue using it for now but might not buy another if my skin continues to react with breakouts
    Doesn’t do anything
    Bought this product with the hope that it could help with my acne scars and breakouts. I have seen no visible reduction in my scarring and instead I have experienced breakouts of whiteheads due to the fact this product is so oily. Has also done nothing for my pores or textural problems. Never again going to purchase from the Ordinary - they don’t live up to what they promise.
    Excellent product
    Love this stuff so much! Used the 0.5% first for my skin to build a tolerance. After only a week or so use the redness on my cheeks had gone and my skin feels better than ever. Such good quality at an incredibly low price. Definitely worth trying! Thank you x
    So pleased
    This is my first time using retinol and to be honest I picked the ordinary because of the price. I started twice a week the first week, then every other night the second week and am now on every night. I have had no adverse effects. This week 3 people have told me how well I looked! I have noticed a significant change in my open pores. I think it’s too early to say about wrinkles but my skin is definitely looking better already. Once this runs out I may go onto the 2%. It’s a thumbs up from me
    I will always have a bottle
    I don’t usually write reviews, but felt I had to about this stuff. I have always suffered from mild/moderate acne since my teens (now early 30s!) and have tried NUMEROUS products and treatments which claim to help. I saw the reviews and thought for the price I’d give this a go and I’m so glad I did! I still have the occasional hormonal breakout, but this is nothing compared to how it would have been previously, and does not last as long, the rest of the time I am clear skinned! Something I never thought I’d be able to say. It even made the texture better, pores less open and smoother, even friends have commented. I started slow with the 0.5% and slowly moved up to 1%. It can be slightly drying but if you start low and build up the use it hasn’t affected me too much. Something I will now use forever, and may even move up to the 2%. It’s much cheaper than most of the other products I have tried, and MUCH more effective!
    Great product for travelling
    I usually use unrefined rose hip oil at night but obviously when I stay everywhere else I can’t as it stains the pillowcase. I bought this to use instead. From the first use I found it is well tolerated by my skin and still keeps the wrinkles at bay. I have used other retinol products without the squalane which dried my skin over time and I needed to apply a moisturiser too. This product is great as it does the job in one go. The bottle lasts a long time but is small enough to travel with.
    I've been a sucker for expensive creams and serums for years then I started using this 8 months ago and I’m shocked that it actually works. I use the 1% Retinol at night and the Vitamin C in the morning both followed by my usual day/night cream. Yes, a bit of stinging and peeling at first but bye bye age spots and dull skin and hello makeup-free glow. Wow.
    This product is fantastic. My skin has never been so good!
    The Ordinary
    I cannot believe the trans-formative properties of The Ordinary Products. There is nothing "Ordinary" about these products. I first read about them in a magazine, then did some research on which products would suit me best. I looked on Beauty Bay, Amazon and Cult Beauty. Cult Beauty stocked all the products at the most competitive price. My skin has never looked so good. As recommended I used Zinc, Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid in the morning, and the Retinal in the evening. Within 3 days my skin had improved immensely. The redness had gone, the pimples were massively reduced and my skin had a healthy glow. It hadn't had a youthful glow for a long time. I'm ever so grateful to these products and have already recommended not only the products, but Cult Beauty to all my friends. Many have commented on the transformation of my skin and asked my secret. The Ordinary should be called The Extra Ordinary!
    Granactive retinoid
    I used the above product for 2 months, every other day at first and then daily at night. It has left me with very red, swollen and dry lips and a very swollen and discoloured eye. I have had this now for 3 weeks with no improvement.
    Brilliant retinol with 1% pure retinol
    This is a product that works. Tried and proven retinol. Causes no irritation I use it on my face, neck and decolletage with no irritation what so ever. People saying it irritated them or made them peel is because they hadn't accustomed their skin to retinoids. Go slowly and build up usage. I do prefer a certain outspoken woman's clinical retinol but ONLY because it's not oily like this one. As this is in squalane it's a bit oily till it all soaks in, but it works and the price is fab. My whole face is firmer especially the jawline. My prominent number 11 lines are refining and pores are clear so appear smaller.
    Impressive results
    Been using about 4 drops and applying nightly before cream for around two months and I'm starting to see the benefits. I stupidly ignored all recommendations and dived in (although my application is probably diluted by using after daily application of a lightweight, watery sheet mask) and I've not seen any trouble with peeling although the area on top of my cheekbones is a tad more sensitive. Smoother texture, more even tone and reduce fine lines already. Will be stocking up again!
    Brilliant for Keratosis Pilaris
    My best friend has been bothered with keratosis pilaris on her arms for yeaaars now (ever since she was a teen) and nothing works. After one application her skin is so much smoother and less red. Highly recommend.
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