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    The OrdinaryAzelaic Acid Suspension 10%<p>Starring azelaic acid &#8211; naturally found in grains and produced by the yeast that lives on normal skin &#8211; The Ordinary&#8217;s Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% is a multitasking miracle. An effective antioxidant, this formulation protects skin from free radical damage, brightens tone, improves texture and minimises the appearance of blemishes. What&#8217;s more, unlike many acids, this one does not cause irritation &#8211; in fact, it&#8217;s been shown to reduce redness and rosacea. Offering a high-purity (10%) concentration in a lightweight cream-gel system, The Ordinary makes this amazing acid effortlessly easy to use and suitable for all skin types &#8211; what could be better.</p>ORD029133547699151905885 stars, based on99 reviews 5.50Cult BeautyNew
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    The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

    The Ordinary
    Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Some skin care ingredients seem to have everything going for them – and azelaic acid is one of those mighty few. Produced naturally by yeast that lives on healthy skin, this anything but ordinary acid brightens skin’s tone while visibly boosting texture and minimising blemishes. What’s more, unlike many acids, this one does not cause irritation – in fact, it’s been shown to reduce redness and rosacea. Delivered as a lightweight cream-gel suitable for all skin types, this is a beauty no-brainer. 

    • Description

      Starring azelaic acid – naturally found in grains and produced by the yeast that lives on normal skin – The Ordinary’s Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% is a multitasking miracle. An effective antioxidant, this formulation protects skin from free radical damage, brightens tone, improves texture and minimises the appearance of blemishes. What’s more, unlike many acids, this one does not cause irritation – in fact, it’s been shown to reduce redness and rosacea. Offering a high-purity (10%) concentration in a lightweight cream-gel system, The Ordinary makes this amazing acid effortlessly easy to use and suitable for all skin types – what could be better.

    • How to use

      Apply to face AM and/or PM to improve visible brightness and the appearance of skin texture. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Use sun protection during the day.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Isodecyl Neopentanoate, Dimethicone, Azelaic Acid, Dimethicone/Bis-Isobutyl PPG-20 Crosspolymer, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Polysilicone-11, Isohexadecane, Tocopherol, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Isoceteth-20, Polysorbate 60, Triethanolamine, Ethoxydiglycol, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin

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    The Ordinary - Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

    The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% Reviews

    Bomb in a tube must buy
    This is an amazing product for oily acne-prone skin and for those who have dark spots overages. By continuously using for every other night for one month it just made a huge difference to my face and my dark spots completely vanished. Amazing product for oily acne-prone skin must definitely purchase.
    After waiting months for this to come back in stock, I ordered straight away and it arrived in 2 days. I use this when I get spots due to rosacea. It helps to heal them and is a good base for makeup to cover them.
    Great product, very effective. My only peeve is the texture, I hate the fact that it is in silicone, but I am assuming this has been decided for a reason, perhaps to help with the effectiveness? But definitely brightened my face after a day and after a week I had a noticeable lightening of pigmentation. I have dark skin, so finding products that help with this is rare.
    No surprise
    Maybe I expected something more... I did not like the silicone feeling.
    This is the best product from the Ordinary, in my opinion. It is a wonderful spot treatment although it is not advertised as such and does not dry out my already dry skin. Products do pile on top of this so just use it by itself it works great.
    Amazing for texture
    Such an amazing product, definitely a staple if you want to resolve any skin texture problems. It's also helped with my acne scarring, I've only been using this for 2 weeks now and have seen significant fading and gives a great glow.
    Needs time
    I have mild rosacea and I use this every other night as I have sun sensitive skin and I live in a sunny country (Greece) therefore I need to be extra cautious with acid products. My rosacea has reeeeeally improved and my skintone is more even. With the frequency I am using it it took quite long to show results but it's really worth it. I also need to agree about the quantity of product, I could do with some more.
    Wish I'd found it sooner
    I've had rosacea for nearly 20 years - I noticed a difference after the first time of using this product. Three days later my rosacea has nearly gone. Azelaic acid is supposed to take 12 weeks or so to work so I'm shocked how different I look already. I feel so much more confident - for a few pounds!
    Great product ❣️
    It’s amazing how it works with my skin.. I love it ♥️
    my skin cleared up in nearly 5 days it looks so SMOOTH AND EVEN NOW and this product absolutely finished my blemishes
    Glass Skin
    This stuff is great! My husband immediately noticed its effect and said my skin looked smooth like glass. Definitely buying again.
    Holy grail!
    This product is amazing for getting rid of any redness, my cheeks used to be so red and it’s calmed them down so much that they aren’t even red anymore! Really helped with hyperpigmentation. Definitely will purchase again
    I find that this product peels on my skin. I do however like the ingredients and the fact that the strength of the azelaic acid is clearly labeled (+cheap!). I will search for another azelaic acid product though (since it helps so much with rosacea) but with a better texture...
    I bought this last year and used it a few times and then put it away for a few months. I found it again a few weeks ago and I’ve used it everyday since. Morning and night, sometimes just in the morning and it’s made such a difference to my skin. My skin is brighter, smoother... it acts like a blurring primer in my opinion as for me it smoothes out my pores, it has really reduced my redness and scarring. The only real downside for me is I don’t really like the texture of it, it’s very thick and sometimes if you use moisturiser underneath it can go a bit clumpy. Also, I really hate the smell of it. There’s a slight tingling sensation and for me it does make my skin really itchy if I put too much on. Other than that I think this product is great, the price is amazing and it’s really transformed my skin. Don’t hesitate to buy it!
    I am on my second bottle!
    I very rarely repurchase skincare products as I love to experiment and change up my regimen, however, this product is really good. When I was using it regularly it really calmed my rosacea/redness and helped my skin feel much softer. Overall it makes my skin look smoother and calmer. Cult Beauty also delivered this much quicker than any other beauty retailer I have used and provided lots of shipping updates. Very impressed!
    Amazing budget buy
    I use this AM before moisturiser and then SPF and I think it has worked wonders for keeping blemishes as bay. For a product at this price point, I am impressed.
    Can't see any benefits
    I've reduced using this to only once a week. It gets my skin peel more than a retinol product! Don't see much difference and improvements in blemishes and sun spots. The cream itself feels nice, glides on easily and is absorbed fast. It gives me a strong tingling sensation, and my neck did not like it at all - it got slightly burned, so I only use it on my face. Waiting to see any difference...
    Feels fantabulous
    I received the product few days back ... I saw the results within 5 days. The ordinary is my new favourite now I would like to buy more from them..ditch all other high end skincare lines.
    Cannot believe this cream is so good. I have rosacea and this is the best cream ever. No other comes close to it. And it's so cheap! Absolute bargain. I have found it non-greasy when using in the UK and in a humid country and I don't find it difficult to get out of the tube. It's brilliant, a must buy. I use it every day and get great results.
    Excellent Ordinary
    This cream is really good for my rosacea and open pores, noticed the difference within a few days. It's good value for money too. I highly recommend it.
    Holy grail for me!
    My absolute holy grail product. Nothing has done more for my acne prone with rosacea skin. I use it over my moisturiser (it has silicone so last thing that should go on the skin) around the central area of my face. It instantly calms my face and has pretty much cleared up my face. Amazing. Has improved my life no end.
    Ok but nothing too special
    The application is great, it makes skin very smooth and if you don't use too much product it's good under makeup. I've experienced absolutely no tingling or any discomfort about it. But during the day it makes my face feel so greasy, I feel like I need to wash this product off as soon as possible. Maybe it can be great in cooler season, but I can't use it in warm or humid climate. Now about the effects: hmm, it causes no irritation, but I've noticed no wow effect on my skin texture or redness. But that's probably because I never could use it consistently.
    This product is the perfect solution to lighten your old acne scars. If you have tried everything to get rid of those stubborn reddish brown acne spots, this product is worth giving a try. It also reduces the redness you get when a new zit is forming.
    Very good product
    I have used medical products with this acid ingredient and I can say this one does the trick. Evens out skin tone and texture, reduces redness and skin breakouts from rosacea. Applies very good and smooth, almost no tingling, even in sensitive skin. Great value for money and very good overnight tone evening and redness control. I would recommend.
    ok but...
    The texture is good and pleasant on the skin but I can not seem to find the right way to work with it, flaking like crazy all the time no matter what I tried.
    one of my all time favorite Ordinary products. Works best for acne scars and spots over all, not sure if it works well with active acne or pimples. It's a bit sticky. No tingling. I don't know how to explain what this product does, but overall, I wake up in the morning with MUCH better skin.
    best for redness and acne
    I am seriously shook with this product.. it works so good on my pimples without drying out my skin as other acne products do ..and yeah its also a very good ingredient for fungal acne.
    Good product
    Love it very much, it makes my skin look better, I use it very day.
    Great Cream
    I'm new to this cream and love it! It's helped clear my skins up and it feels really light on my skin and doesn't have any stickiness. Only downside is that my make up doesn't sit on it very well so I've been using it more as a night cream
    Great for Acne.
    Perioral Dermatitis
    I have had recurring Perioral Dermatitis, this has really helped. For those who have a flare up after using, I recommend continuing for another week and you should see it calm down.
    I am so blown away by all The Ordinary products I have purchased, and this is another one. The products impress me so much, that every month I try something new, and whatever I purchase is always amazing - I have never been happier with a skincare brand. This one is not greasy, easily absorbed on the skin & immediately my face feels as if it has absorbed a considerable amount of moisture. Love ALL The Ordinary products so far!
    The Ordinary Hot Product
    I have rosacea and this is a great acid while calming my skin. I'll buy this again in a blink of an eye.
    Absorbs super quickly, doesn't leave an unpleasant feeling on the face and your skin feels smoother and more glowy since the first use. It also dries small pimples overnight. I wonder why I didn't buy it soon... This definitely will forever be in my skincare routine.
    An acid that won't take your face off
    This product actually grew on me. When I first got it, I thought MEH but as I experimented with DIY masks (that broke me out because it had too many actives) and retinol, this trusty little guy always reminded me that having a matte face with a smooth slippy finish isn't a bad thing at all.
    It's incredible! This product made my oily skin very very very good. It feels pleasant and soft. My dark spots and acne have gone. It would be very nice for teens because its cheap and very very good.
    So Disappointed
    I wanted to love this product as I’m a big fan of The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation, and had heard that Azelaic acid was a miracle worker for irritated skin. I found that this aggravated my face more, and so sadly had to stop using it. Would recommend steering clear if you have sensitive skin. Also has the most awful chemical smell ever that was so strong I could practically taste it in my mouth.
    Love it
    I really loved this, and found a difference when I used this repeatedly! Sadly my only issues are the smell and texture! It was a bit too thick and heavy for me to use morning and night, so I had to stick to nightime. Also great price.
    This product is very good, it's suitable for my skin.
    Brilliant product
    Bought Azelaic Acid Suspension for my mum to treat her rosacea. The best product she has ever used, better than the gel from the GP. Calmed down the redness and helped to clear the spots. Excellent value for money.
    My skin is a combination, quite dry but I was prone to getting spots around my jaw and chin, once I had a spot the mark it would leave would take months to go, nothing cleared my skin and even when I had no spots, I looked like I did because of my scars. This product has changed my skin, It has completely cleared all the marks from scarring, evened out my skin and the tone and prevented me from getting spots. Incredible!
    I absolutely love this. I use it every evening under my moisturiser and my skin has never been better. I suffer from rosacea and haven't had any flare ups since using this. Recommended!
    Very good for scarring
    Very good for lightening my acne scars. I just don't like the silicone texture. I have persevered due to the price point and the effectiveness of the product. I would recommend if you don't mind a silicone texture.
    Great for seb derm and related acne
    I have suffered from acne for 35 years, tried absolutely everything (prescription and none) and a few years ago started having seborrheic dermatitis as well. Only after trying to get rid of the seb derm and having terrible acne flare-ups did it occur to me that they might be related and some research shows they can both be caused by Malassezia fungus. Just a few days of use of this and both have cleared substantially! For the first time in my life, my acne has disappeared and my crazy oily skin is under control! I really didn't think that after so many years this was possible, but I am a convert!
    Reduces redness, scarring and acne
    Have been using this for about a week with the niacinamide + zinc and my acne has all but vanished. I have 7 years worth of acne scars across my chin and cheeks and this has noticeable reduced a lot of the redness and seems to have taken the darkness out of my scars (I have fair skin with red/pink tones, unfortunately)! Would fully recommend this to anyone struggling to find something to work with their acne scars/red skin.
    This stuff is amazing!
    I have not really heard about this until I got mild Perioral Dermatitis. I started reading about what could be the cause and how to treat it. Thought I’ll give it a go at self-treating before going to my GP. I tried Adalpene that I already had at home - it made things worse if anything. And then as a last resort before going to the doctors I tried this, it cleared up my PD within the first few days. You notice the difference after the first night you use it. Really glad I came by this little gem, as I think it might be helpful for general maintenance of my acne prone skin too!
    It's really good, it made my skin flawless.
    It works
    I tried a lot of products to improve my hyper pigmentation and this has been the only one that has actually made a definite visual improvement! It works! I am only marking down 1 star because I wish there was more product in my tube, it seemed 1/3 of it was air!
    Difficult to use
    To be fair I probably didn't give this much of a chance to get to work - tried a couple of times a week for only 2 weeks. This was because of the texture - I intended this for use in my morning skincare routine as I prefer to use more aggressive actives in my evening routine. It is a white gel that is pretty dry and silicone-y and can be difficult to spread over your face. It doesn't sit well under makeup or with other serums. I have crazy oily skin and initially found this too matte, but it also did nothing for oil control.
    will repurchase
    I had a sudden texture to my skin and this completely helped with that! I hate the texture that it gives my skin/does not spread evenly but it does wonders. Will definitely repurchase.
    the best treatment I own
    I have combo skin that is easily dried out by the over-stripping acne-marketed products out there AND easily congested by hydration-targeted products. This outperforms even my original acne prescription and is a fraction of the price. I also found this one less drying than the PC one. Brown acne aftermath spots fade fast, whiteheads are prevented, and my skin is clearer, smoother, and especially softer with this in my rotation. To apply, I mix it with moisturizer on my fingertips. It sits really well underneath makeup too. If I use this morning and night it lasts 6-8 weeks. If the brand offered a larger bottle I'd purchase without question.
    Got breakouts/got no breakouts at all
    After canceling of OC I had got acne, that little white bumps on my chin. One month with this suspension made my skin smooth, just like magic wand. I had repeated purchase but had even finished the second tube. Because my skin cured. Also it camouflage pores (thanx to dimethicone), but you have to go with that that azelaic acid don't cleans pores. It's work is to remove hormonal breakouts. Well done, The Ordinary, almost 2 years my chin looks healthy!
    Worked immediately!
    I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks but I immediately noticed an improvement in my mild Rosacea. Today a friend complimented me on my skin and I was so pleased because my Rosacea was driving me nuts for the past few years and the product my dermatologist prescribed did absolutely nothing. Ironically, The Ordinary is made in Canada but Azelaic Acid isn’t sold here and I had to import it from England! No duty was payable. This is a great product.
    It works wonders for my pores
    I have enlarged pores on my cheeks, and this product contributed to minimizing them. Also helped with some redness, and overall improved my not-so-great skin texture. I like it. I use it once a day, usually PM. It never caused any irritation for me, no stinging, etc. There was one time that I didn't pay attention and used a little too much product, which resulted in flushing. It passed after about an hour, though, and never repeated itself.
    INCREDIBLE for skin, but why so little product?!
    If I could only choose one thing to put on my skin after cleansing, it would be this. I have oily skin and rosacea and this cream just smoothes, softens and removes redness almost instantly upon application. It dries matte and soft, reduces pores and oil, and gets rid of bright redness. The 4 stars instead of 5 is simply because I cannot understand why The Ordinary don’t make this in 100ml size?! 30ml isn’t enough, I would prefer to pay more for 100ml than have to buy many 30ml, cheaper tubes. Let’s think of our skin AND the planet at the same time!
    Works for me
    This is definitely a gentle acid: no stinging/tingling sensation whatsoever. The cream-gel texture is nice, makes it quite pleasant to apply, doesn’t leave a visible film on the skin nor the feeling of any product sitting on it. Not sure if this is supposed to be fragrance-free, but it has a mild scent (it’s not bad, but it isn’t my favourite either). I don’t use chemical exfoliants every day, so I tend to use this once maybe twice a week, on days when I am not using other AHAs or BHAs. For reference, I have oily/combination and slightly sensitive skin.
    works perfectly for redness
    Did nothing for blemishes
    I was very excited to try this after all the positive reviews, but after using the whole bottle according to instructions, there has been no difference whatsoever in my blemishes.
    Good but not for me
    It feels ok but I do not see any visible improvements. The consistency of suspension does not do it for me to be honest. I feel like I have to squeeze much more from that tiny tube than if I used some cream. It is also harder to apply. (I have combo skin prone to acne, a little bit on the sensitive skin side)
    You need it
    I have oily, problem skin. I have tried many skin remedies, but only it really helped me. I applied it every night together with The Ordinary "Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%" (it perfectly saves your skin from acne, enlarged pores, and post-acne) for two months and now my skin is much better. It perfectly mattifies the skin and helps fight oily skin, rosacea, but in the morning I do not apply it, because because of this tool foundation is poorly applied, even if I use a primer. I recommend it to everyone! I`m from Ukraine. The goods came in perfect condition. Delivery lasted 2 weeks
    This stuff works
    I discovered this by accident when looking for something to help with my rosacea. Oh, my word it is amazing. After an initial couple of weeks it calmed it down and reduced the pimples loads. I can't live without this now it's given me the confidence to be able to go make up free again
    Love it.
    My skin has never felt so soft. It's done wonders for my uneven and blotchy skin.
    Holy grail
    I recently discovered the benefits of azelaic acid about a month ago - it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help combat redness, acne, and rosacea. The only other azelaic acid product I could find on the market was one by Paula’s choice. Not wanting to spend £40 on a product I wasn’t sure would work for me, I purchased this instead and I love it. There is slight tingling upon application but this is to be expected when you are first starting to incorporate AHA’s into your routine. I have experienced no pilling so far (although I have seen some people complain about this) and it makes my skin feel so smooth once applied. This is an amazing product and my new favourite AHA - thanks TO!
    Niacinamide n azeliac acid
    Azelaic acid and niacinamide are really amazing..these cleared my acne and acne spots really very well
    The main reason I bought this was the promise of resurfacing the skin, and reducing its redness (something I've tried so many things for). I'm pleasantly surprised on both counts - my skin feels smoother and my redness is nowhere near as angry, even after only a week or so! My skin does feel much smoother, although I would say I do moisturise more since I've started using it as my face can feel a bit dry.
    bizarre texture
    Makes your skin soft like a baby's, but the texture is very weird. Would recommend mixing it with richer moisturizers 1:3, feels much better, and works the same for me
    Alright But....
    This product is alright for surface level blemishes and skin texture resurfacing but the stronger offers by pharmaceutical companies (i.e., Skinoren) work much better for blemishes and skin inflammation than this product. I find for my oilier skin that there is too much cream moisture oil in the 10% Ordinary product and so it causes me to break out in tiny little spots so I wouldn't recommend it aside from maybe mixing a small amount with your moisturizer as a proactive blemish measure.
    Great for Acne
    This works great on Acne Prone skin. I'm on my second tube now and it has never disappointed me!
    Absolutely amazing!
    I have always been sceptical about all the lotions and potions you can buy for your face, I have incredibly sensitive skin prone to dryness and rosiness. My dermatologist recommended I try a vitamin C serum and not wanting to spend £££, I ordered this. I personally use it in the evenings after I wash my face with a micellar water cleanser, I apply a pea-sized amount of the serum then I apply my moisturiser after letting it soak in for a few minutes. I always apply SPF under my make up the following morning. The stinging sensation that is mentioned is not at all unbearable, I actually quite like the feeling, it’s just a bit tingly the first few times you apply it. I’ve been using this for a month now and it’s just transformed my skin, I am now confident enough to not wear make up to pop to the shops for example and that has made a massive difference to me, my rosiness has really settled down and my skin is no longer flakey and dry. The only negative thing I have to say is that it makes your hands smell like fake tan if you apply it with your fingers, even if you wash your hands straight away! I have now started applying it with a stippling make up brush to prevent the smell. Honestly, if you’re thinking of ordering it, for the price, just grab yourself a bottle and I’m certain you won’t be disappointed!
    I'd repurchase
    Whilst you can only use it in the evening, as it tends to pill, it doesn't irritate my skin at all and definitely reduces redness, though maybe not scars.
    I like the texture and feel of the product but I can’t tell if it has actually improved my skin at all and it’s also not the best for layering under makeup.
    Did nothing
    I have redness problems and thought I'd try this, but it did not make the slightest bit of difference to my skin in any way shape or form.The only upside was that at least it did not cause any irritation.
    Great product
    After two weeks of use, my new, red scars are almost gone. The old ones will hopefully disappear eventually too. I had the tingling sensation only on the first day. I am surprised how little the bottle lasts for. I think one bottle won't last a month. Need to stock up.
    This took away the redness, tiny bumps, & larger acne almost completely in 3 days!
    Great product if you can get it out if the bottle
    I love this product. It makes my skin look and feel great. But it's a pain to get out of the bottle, and it feels like I've been trying to get the last bit out almost since I bought it! The packaging sucks so much that I'm going to try a different azelaic acid product from a different brand. I'm usually super-loyal and buy the same thing over and over, but I just can't this time.
    Didnt work for me
    I have acne prone skin and after reading reviews i thought i would give it a go but unfortunately this product didnt work for me, i used it for about 3 weeks and noticed no difference at all to my skin.
    Great product
    Such a good product for acne scarring and dark spots. only negative is that it dries out the skin (but nothing a bit of moisturiser wont fix)
    Great product
    I have had rosacea on my nose for over four years and have tried everything from antibiotics to an assortment of creams but to no avail. I saw this product advertised on the internet and decided to give it a try in an act of desperation. I was somewhat sceptical and for the first six months I didn't see a great deal of difference, in fact, the condition actually worsened! However, I persisted and was pleased that I did so because there was a gradual improvement to the point where after 12 months I now have a "normal" nose. No more redness and the pustules have been eliminated. The cream is odourless and leaves the skin soft. Thoroughly recommend this product but you may have to persist with it in order to get results.
    Good addition to my night time routine.
    I love The Ordinary and this product is no exception. Feels great on my skin and has definitely been a welcome addition to my skincare regime. Only small downside is that I’m only using it at night because I find it makes my makeup sit unusually if I use it in the morning. As a night time product, it’s very good.
    Great help for acne
    I use this and Alpha Arbutin (also from TO) in the morning before sunscreen/makeup, and it helps dry and heal some acne. The first few times there's irritation, and it's better to put it only on the blemished zones, rather than everywhere including sensitive bits like the eye/temple area.
    Love it
    It is one of my favorite skin care product
    So the biggest issue that I had with this product is that it really does peel - a lot. I'm not sure if this was an issue for others and I'm sure that I was doing something wrong with my layering? But even after making some adjustments to how I apply this product, this continued to peel. As was mentioned in another review, it doesn't work well with other serums, sunscreen, or make-up. It's also quite dry.
    Blown away!
    Quite literally the best cream I've used on my rosacea to date. This smooths the complexion and has reduced the redness on my cheeks - so much so that I can just wear this and leave the house without feeling like I need to put on a tinted moisturiser to tone down the redness. Considering I've invested a lot of money on expensive 'rosacea combating' creams in the past, this has by far delivered so much more than I ever expected.
    Great For Hormonal Acne
    I am new to ordinary products and usually am the type of person that would pay any amount to cure my hormonal acne. This was my first Ordinary purchase and after 1 week I went from having acne all across my jawline to having 1 spot. I have now been using this product for close to a month and it has also significantly faded my red scars, I will be repurchasing.
    Brilliant Product
    Must try, must buy, you'll never be disappointed.
    Great product
    So far I have been enjoying this. Use it after my serum and my skin is definitely brighter.
    I love the product, it makes my acne go away.
    Worst skincare brand
    I wish I could give 0 stars. I always had a nice skin. I am 24 and I NEVER had a breakout. Ever. This brand made my perfect skin a breakout with cystic acne and I am still struggling - it's been more than a month since I stopped using it. HATE IT
    Great for oily skin
    Amazing product, worth so much more than its money.
    Best of the best
    I've used countless products but nothing has visibly improved my skin more than this. (Good genes also works a treat but this AA is a top of the list).
    My best friend gave me a tube of Azelaic acid for my birthday and it was the best present I have ever had. I’ve suffered from rosacea and spots for 5 years. I have been using this for a month and the rosacea/spots have reduced so much that I now only need a tinted moisturiser and have stopped using foundation. This product has made such a difference to my confidence. I have given this to 4 of my friends to try as they are so impressed with my skin. It’s such a great price too. Thank you for The Ordinary!
    First time trying, it makes my skin tingles for a while but smooth.
    L O V E
    I adored this product, will be repurchasing. It can be used over your moisturiser and feels like a primer. Smooths everything on my face, leaving it feeling tingly cool and bright! I love it.
    Great for scarring
    I get really really bad red spots where my pimples were last month. Like actual months. I use retinol, aha’s, bha’s, vitamin c tried rosehip and Marula oils. Like everything to improve the tone of my skin and this is the one product that within a week I was like oh my god it’s actually working! I was a bit weary because it does have silicone in it and I try to avoid it. I did stop using it for a while because I found it hard to work into my routine at the time because I was having a lot of pimples and it’s incompatible with some acids but found a way to get it back and when I started using it again realised again just how good it was! Would highly recommend for people with scarring. The purging some people complain of I think is just sensitivity to the silicones so definitely give it a go if you are fine with them because the price is so cheap for the fantastic results.
    Caused Bad Skin Purging
    I used this product for 4 days and it caused very bad purging on my skin. redness and bad breaking out! before that, I had a clear skin and now its all messed up. So sad and disappointed.
    Very good product
    Brightens the skin, effect is really visible.
    Oh my days
    This has TRANSFORMED my skin and my partners from the very first application. This is my holy grail, my wonder product, my item to rescue in a house fire. I don’t know how I left the house before without a bag on my head. If you want soft, smooth, clear skin, this is the product for you! Stop reading reviews & put it in your basket.
    Brilliant for Rosacea
    I've been using this every other night, swapping it for my usual acids. It's actually been really good for my Rosacea and I've seen a noticeable difference in redness in my skin. Unlike my other acid creams, it has quite a thick constancy which I don't really love as it makes it harder to get out of the bottle and it finishes quicker too! Overall, a great buy and it's amazing for the price too!
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