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    The Ordinary100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil<p>Providing a pure, unmitigated natural skin saviour, The Ordinary&#8217;s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil is brimming with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which are known to hydrate and promote a smooth, even complexion. To ensure that no one of these is compromised, this formulation is cold-pressed, as any extraction process involving heat causes it to degrade. Rose hip seed oil&#8217;s rich quantity of linoleic (omega 6), linolenic (omega 3) acids and pro-vitamin A allow it to target signs of photo-ageing &#8211; premature&nbsp;ageing&nbsp;of caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is also known to correct dark spots, hydrate dry, itchy&nbsp;skin and even reduce scars and fine lines by encouraging cellular regeneration. The Ordinary&#8217;s formulation is completely unrefined, leaving it with a natural scent, which is a testament to its purity not (as it may be mistaken for) its rancidity.</p>ORD028133537699151903425 stars, based on311 reviews 9.00Cult BeautyNew
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    The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

    The Ordinary
    100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      100% pure, cold-pressed and organic, this formulation provides the unmitigated power of a natural wonder: rose hip seed oil. Rich in linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3) acids, alongside pro-vitamin A, the oil targets signs of photo-ageing (premature ageing caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation) and boosts the skin’s overall health for a radiant result. 

    • Description

      Providing a pure, unmitigated natural skin saviour, The Ordinary’s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil is brimming with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which are known to hydrate and promote a smooth, even complexion. To ensure that no one of these is compromised, this formulation is cold-pressed, as any extraction process involving heat causes it to degrade. Rose hip seed oil’s rich quantity of linoleic (omega 6), linolenic (omega 3) acids and pro-vitamin A allow it to target signs of photo-ageing – premature ageing of caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is also known to correct dark spots, hydrate dry, itchy skin and even reduce scars and fine lines by encouraging cellular regeneration. The Ordinary’s formulation is completely unrefined, leaving it with a natural scent, which is a testament to its purity not (as it may be mistaken for) its rancidity.

    • How to use

      Apply once a day to the face, ideally at bedtime after application of water-based treatments.

    • Full ingredients list

      Rosa Canina Seed Oil

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    The Ordinary - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

    The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil Reviews

    A little much too greasy for me
    It’s way better than I expected. I didn’t fully understand what it did at first but it took a bit of research and honestly, I’m seeing results! I’m getting new pimples wayyyyyy less often and my face seems more glowy …even my friends have said so!! Especially as it’s really sunny these days the oil helps to lighten the skin tone as well. Really happy with this product and a definite key part of my skincare routine. :)
    best rehydrating serum
    used this oil every night for my face after hyaluronic serum and parts of my dry body. just pat it absorbs really well and my face felt a little softer and rehydrates after waking.
    Super product
    Tried this oil recently and have to say that I prefer the Moroccan argan oil more.
    Smooth, lightweight and fabulous
    This was my first foray into the world of facial oils and, as someone with generally oily skin, I have to say I was cynical. I opted for this product based on the excellent price tag and the fact it contains one simple ingredient and I have to say I'm an absolute convert. I love the feeling of the oil on my skin and it absorbs really quickly, leaving a lovely base on which to apply my make up. There's no real scent to the oil (which is good as my skin is incredibly sensitive) and it feels incredibly natural. Out of all the products I bought in my first splurge with Cult Beauty, this is definitely one of the ones I'll be buying again and again.
    Very good!
    I love this oil. It's not too heavy and I use it before my moisturiser.
    Rosehip oil is great!!!
    This really helped improve my texture.
    Love This
    I use it almost daily and I love it.
    It is a great oil
    Not oily oil
    Love this oil. Using it for a month with hyaluronic acid from inky list. Very moisturizing. Not sticky. The acne marks seem lighter.
    Best product
    This is the best thing that happened to my skin after years of trying numerous products and fighting with acne and scars. This oil completely replaced a retinol from my skincare, it leaves very soft and glowing skin, reduces acne and clears all imperfections. Highly recommended for normal or dry skin.
    So nice
    It has an oily feel but it really soothes and calms the redness on my face overnight. I love it!
    Forever and ever
    My love for the rest of my love! It moisture my skin during the night and works against breakouts. The only thing I do not enjoy is its fragrance. But it's definitely worth the effort!
    A great addition.
    Make sure you wash your face at night or day to avoid blocked pores but works wonderfully in the winter.
    Lovely product
    I have been using this oil for a while now and it has made my skin so soft. It can be a bit shiny at first, but I quite like the dewy look. You only need 3-4 drops and I apply it after cleansing followed by eye cream, serum and then moisturiser. It is the last step in my regime. It really has improved the texture, hydration and softness of my skin - I absolutely love it. I don’t have any major skin issues except dryness, so this works for me.
    Heavy, but suitable for combiskin
    Good solution if you looking for some neutral occlusive treatment over serums. Never have ever caused clogged pores, another win-win! But it's an oily smell... I'm not eco enough for that smell.
    Made me break out like nothing else
    I was wooed by the fantastic reviews that rosehip oil gets in general, and this is one of the highest-rated out there, so I said 'why not' and added it to one of my orders. Used it on my face religiously at night for two weeks. Within a few days of starting, I was getting massive breakouts in places I normally never get them - my cheeks, near my mouth, chin, even around my hairline. They would come to a head and disappear after a couple of days but new ones cropped up just as quickly. Initially, I thought it was just purging - I had heard it could happen if you haven't used rosehip oil before - but it was getting out of control. I couldn't take it anymore and finally stopped using it about four days back, and the breakouts have subsided for good. I have never had a reaction this bad to any new product I introduce into my regimen. I'm not sure if anyone has had the same issue, or if this is a rosehip oil issue rather than an issue with this specific brand and product. Whatever it is, for vanity's sake I'm definitely not trying this again.
    I love it
    I've been using this oil for almost 2 years now and I love it, it is not too oily and it doesn't break me out, I had acne scars still do but it's much better.
    It's alright
    It's fine, I can't remember how or if it changed my skin. I used it every night after Niamacide and Hylaronic acid and it was annoying applying all of it together, the serums started to pill and everything was sticky. I had a white pillow with a white pillowcase most of the time when I used it, so be aware of that. I didn't repurchase and don't plan on doing so, night creams are better for me.
    I really like this oil, it works for me
    Lovely product
    I discovered The Ordinary products via YouTube. I am very impressed with the products and the excellent price range. The Rosehip oil is perfect for use with my Gua Sha and before bedtime. Would recommend. Great service too.
    Glowing skin
    After about a month of using this, my skin has a radiant golden glow to it. Has also kept my skin hydrated and moisturised. Will buy it again!
    Mind blown
    I had been suffering from acne-prone skin for several years, which caused me textural irregularities. Using this product (along with niacinamide and vitamin C) for only 2 weeks not only made my skin baby butt soft but also decreased my breakouts and lightened some of my dark spots! I did undergo the purging stage but it was all WORTH IT! Though it leaves my face quite sticky, if it works great, I'm gonna keep it using it. Definitely would recommend it.
    It makes my skin so soft, I feel like a new woman every morning.
    I mix a couple of drops with my foundation to give it a glow and to hydrate my skin, and every other day with my PM moisturizer. I have acne-prone combo skin and this has definitely reduced breakouts, and mixing it with my foundation prevents it from clinging to dry patches.
    Great for acne scars
    I love this for acne scars. It did take me about 2 months to see a clearer result, but my acne scars HAVE disappeared!! I mix it with my hydrating moisturiser at night, gives a glow-y look. In the morning my skin feels brighter. Will definitely repurchase!
    I bought this product due to the reviews and because of bad pigmentation on the shin of my legs. I can see a bit of improvement but it is too soon to say though I might have to do another review if the pigmentation fades but is really moisturising.
    Disappointed but it’s probably my akin
    I bought this oil because everybody is crazy about it! But unfortunately my skin doesn’t seem to like it as every time I put it on and start massaging it in, it leaves a weird feeling as if my skin starts peeling off, I can clearly see the “pieces” of dead skin, which I don’t know if it’s good or bad. But I don’t think I’ll buy it again
    I have sensitive skin and acne (worlds worst combo..thanks mum) I use this every night and take at least 5 mins to really massage into my skin, by the morning my skin looks plump and glowing. Really helps with my acne scars and doesn’t clog my pores. Sometimes I use a drop or two in the day time if my face cream has been irritating my skin. I also rub it into my split ends and hairline as asleep in treatment. PLEASE BUY THIS!!! All skin type - I’ve made my mum and sister buy it too! Only downside is that by bottle screw is faulty and leaks. Niacinamide + rosehip = buttery soft skin
    Perfect for DRY skin
    The best moisturising product you'll ever use
    Words cannot describe how much I love this product! My combination and acne-prone skin has honestly never been better. I originally purchased this to use for deep moisturising at bed-time, but soon discovered that when used sparingly it makes a great day-time moisturiser too. A little goes a long way (especially if you're planning to use make up on top of it) but the oil feels great when you apply it, and sinks into skin very quickly. I usually apply to damp, freshly toned skin after showering/washing my face. If it's morning and I plan to wear make up, I apply the oil before getting dressed so that it has time to absorb before I start applying my makeup. If i have a little of the oil left on my hands, I run it through the ends of my hair for a little extra moisture.This amazing little oil has helped me deal with several skin issues, often when it was the only thing gentle enough to be used regularly. I buy multiple bottles at a time to make sure I never run out, and I sincerely hope the Ordinary never stop making this. *Highly recommended*
    Dewy and so hydrating
    Such a fab product for the money. I have quite dry, tight skin after cleansing & put this on every night after cleansing, before my night Cream. I still wake up with a dewy glow!
    Cannot go without this product
    I love LOVE this product and am a repeat buyer. I have combination skin with a few early signs of ageing and my skin soaks up this product. I use this at night and in the morning - underneath makeup it makes your skin so incredibly dewy and natural. I used to get hormonal skin around my chin every month, painful and under the skin spots but this (along with other The Ordinary products) have helped to get rid of this issue! Cannot sing higher praises.
    Absolute wonder product. Feels great on skin, great on sunburn, just wonderful.
    Dewy and moisturising
    I have combination skin prone to breaking out, this oil makes my skin feel soft and moisturised all day. I've also noticed that my skin texture has improved. LOVE IT.
    I am new to all this skin care stuff really, I have oily skin and tend to break out on my cheek area, but I have been the typical " I don't put anything on my face because I'm already oily enough" well this product has completely changed that, at first I was worried I was going to wake up a massive spotty ball of grease after using it, thankfully I did not, it sinks in my skin lovely and just leave a thin layer that hydrates me through the night, iv spent years doing everything to reduce my oilyness (do we all remember the little book of blotting papers!) now I have a dewy revived look to my skin, even my 12-year-old daughter has kindly noted how my skin used to look dull and grey (thanks) and now it's changed completely I have used it for about 2 months and I won't be without it now, and my skin is so soft, so I would highly recommend the product and hopefully others will have as good of an experience as me.
    Great oil for spot prone skin.
    Good quality oil that I use in the pm just before moisturiser. Doesn’t clog the skin and helps hydrate it after using toner etc.
    Really good
    I used this moisturiser to clear up my pimple and dark patches and I’m there is a difference!
    I had quite bad dark spots and pigmentation and after using it for 2 weeks I have seen a difference in my skin :)
    A HG product for sure
    I have sensitive skin but this product is brilliant for me. I tend to blend a few drops with another oil and the combo is one I come back to time and time again as not only is the oil great, so is the price point and it makes the other product I use it with last longer so bonus points all around!
    Love this product!
    I’ve been using this for about a month now in the hopes that it would help my stubborn acne scars fade and I can already see the difference! I use this every night after moisturiser as the last step of my skincare routine before bed. A lot of the acne targeting products I use can leave my skin dry, red, flaky and itchy... but this has made all those reactions go away! It doesn’t clog my pores and I can already see the difference it is making to my skin. I have severe acne scars that nothing seems to have made a difference to until I started using this product. I already feel more confident. I think I will definitely keep this as a staple in my skincare routine!
    This is..
    It's an absolute holy grail for oily skin. It moisturizes without clogging, fights inflammations and brightens complexion. This is not diluted with water or anything else. All around a great product which I will surely repurchase.
    It’s good if you’re looking for an oil that won’t clog your pores and is hydrating but personally I didn’t see any difference in my skin using it.
    Great product!
    I have very oily skin naturally and have to be really careful with what I use on my face. This is a very light oil that absorbs well and doesn’t leave a horrible greasy feel. My skin looks noticeably brighter since using it. It’s gentle enough to use daily.
    Moisturising and nourishing
    Over the years I’ve been using intensive skin treatments which leaves my skin quite dull and dry at times. I was in need of a moisturiser that puts a subtle glow into my skin without it feeling oily or causing breakouts for my blemish prone skin.. and I’ve found it! I was quite cautious of using an oil on my face but I’ve been proved wrong. I’ve only been using this product for a few weeks but I noticed a difference in my skin within the first 2 days of using it! I woke up with an instant glow and brightness to my face which I’ve really lacked due to the strong acids my current skin care has. If you’re in the market for a soft, natural and nourishing moisturiser/oil, then I promise, this is the one for you... and at a great price, you can’t go wrong!
    Really soothing oil at a great price
    I have very dry skin and rosacea on my cheeks, so this oil is perfect for using at night after I've applied my serum. I wake up with glowing skin. It's very soothing and seems to calm my rosacea flares down a treat. It has made such a difference to my skin, I love it.
    I've combination acne prone skin. I use a salicylic acid cleanser, Glycolic acid toner and azelaic acid at night. This combination really dries my skin out not to mention the stinging sensation and redness, BUT add a few drops of this oil and voila. I apply the Laneige water sleeping mask over it. haven't experienced any discomfort since not to mention the soft hydrated skin in the morning.
    I use this at night and it feels lovely on your skin. It feels very hydrating and my skin feels really soft.
    It's amazing
    Ordinary rose hip oil
    Unfortunately didn't suit my skin, but love the cleanser
    Good product!
    A lovely uncoloured face oil seems to work as well as the natural unprocessed oils that I use at home.
    The ordinary products
    I just love love The Ordinary products, super affordable and amazing results
    Skin feels soft
    I have an oily sensitive skin. But during winters my skin tends to become dry. I love to use this oil during this time. I use it for my Night time skincare routine. Not a big fan of the smell though. If that doesn't bother you, give it a try. It would work really well for dry skin.
    Very good product for a normal/ oily skin.
    So I bought this a few weeks ago, hearing all the good reviews and it honestly works magic on my skin. I leave it on at night and in the morning, my skin feels soo hydrated and plumped. Even my acne scars and blemishes are fading! Very much recommend!
    a must!
    Over the years I have tried so many things for my dry skin creams to oil's but they have just made my skin break out and not address the problem of the dry skin. I did put off buying this worrying it would be put in the waste of money pile . But this is my 3rd bottle now and I really can't be without it
    I love using the oil during the night I woke up with a glow on my face
    I loved it.
    I use this oil every night before sleep and I can say that it really works! It moistures skin perfectly, no extra cream needed. My skin became less oily and very soft as well. I was afraid that it may cause pimples, but everything is just fine. I recommend this oil if you have combination/oily skin, because it worked well for me. ___ Очень хорошее масло для увлажнения кожи! Использую на ночь каждый день, никаких кремов сверху не нужно. Хорошо увлажняет и питает, на утро кожа очень приятная и гладкая на ощупь. Лицо стало меньше жирниться. Советую!
    Absolutely brilliant product
    So love this oil. Have tried other more expensive ones but never that impressed. Thought for the price I would it a go as I have other great ordinary products. Smells wonderful. Goes on like a dream and I have lovely plumped skin in the morning. I use it over the histrionic acid. Definitely recommend.
    Easily absorbed
    I use this to moisturise and soothe my skin, if it feels dry or irritated. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t cause any reaction.
    Best oil for combination skin
    It helps with hyperpigmentation and its so affordable. Love it!
    Love the ordinary products. The rose hip oil is kinda thin in consistency but works wonders for my skin.
    It is very hydrating. I use this at night time instead of moisturizer, I wake up the next morning with smooth glowing skin. (I have combination skin)
    Lovely product , given 4 stars because I wasn't fussed on smell.
    I was a bit dubious to use an oil on my skin, but I bought this after reading good reviews. I've been putting this on every evening for the past 3 weeks as my only night time skin care. Goes on beautifully and sinks in over night to reveal lovely soft skin. And I’m very happy to report no spots (of which I was scared of waking up to!) I’m in my early 40’s with fine lines around my eyes, I would definitely recommend this for skin like mine, as it’s made my skin look a lot brighter and I’m having to wear less foundation.
    I've tried facial oils before, and they often made me break out or just sat on top of my skin and didn't do anything -- This is not one of those oils. You really don't need much - a couple drops on any areas that need hydration is perfect. It's so hydrating, evened my skin out and makes it look literally radiant. I don't wear a full face of makeup often at all so it's super important for me to have good skin and I haven't had a single breakout since using this! For reference, I use this on top of a basic moisturiser and cleanse my face with the Squalane cleanser nightly, I literally don't use anything else on my face because I don't like to rely on too many time consuming products. This is a hero product for sure - and ALL natural!!
    Holy grail
    I love this oil. It has evened out my skin, giving it a great glow!
    Loving this oil!
    I've been using this oil for several weeks now and I'm very happy with it. I have very dry sensitive skin and I use this every night before my moisturizer and in the morning. My skin feels so soft and smooth. I've not seen any results with fine lines or hyperpigmentation yet but I haven't been using it long. I would definitely recommend this product.
    Very hydrating and skin looks great the next day.
    Not what I expected
    I have been using a couple of Pai rosehip oil drops in the evening for the last 3 months and my (oily, acne prone, sensitive) skin has never felt happier: smooth, clear, almost glowing. I thought I would try The Ordinary oil instead this time. Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations: the scent is worse than Pai (fishy rather than earthy), it does not absorb as well and, most importantly, my skin definitely does not look as calm and rested the next morning.
    I substitute this magic oil with my day cream as well night cream. Makes my skin soft, supple and spotless. Totally in love ❤️
    Oh My Gosh
    Best moisturizer! Even though I have oily skin and large pores, it doesnt leave me oily or with breakouts! It leaven my skin feeling super soft! and a little goes a long way!
    Amazing but need to use it longer
    I obviously purchased this after reading the amazing, positive reviews and as an individual with hyperpigmented acne scars this product is the holy grail that has helped fade them in two weeks I have used it so far. My family have been complimenting me on how my skin looks in terms of the overall tone and the difference they see in my scars, you also can't really go wrong since it's so reasonably priced.
    Never really believed in oils but this was a game changer. It does not give that heavy feel instead a totally hydrated feel which is.
    Holy Grail
    I adore this oil. I have ridiculously sensitive, eczema prone, dehydrated skin and have struggled for years to find products I can rely on. This is the one for me. I apply it morning and night (obviously a little more at night) over a serum, and I can count on it to calm my skin down (spots, eczema, reactions etc) and give me a radiant glow - I love it so much, my skin has improved drastically since using it. There's honestly no reason not to try this at the price point too!
    Side note about the smell
    Just to add onto my previous review, I was going to mention the smell but thought it wasn't too important so decided not to, but then I noticed a few reviewers mentioned they dislike the smell so thought may as well write about it... The smell doesn't bother me at all. I have a VERY keen sense of smell; to me (although it sounds weird) but I can smell the omega 6+3s. It's quite rich and oily smelling for this reason and I believe that's why one or two people have compared it to a fish smell. If you smell a cold pressed organic hemp seed oil, it will smell almost identical to this rosehip, again this is because of the high concentration of omegas in hemp seed oil. If you smell a cod liver or salmon oil, you will also have this smell, albeit with an added actual fish smell lol. But to me, the smell of this rosehip oil is just testament to the high quality of the oil- you know the extraction method has kept the omegas intact and there's a lot of it. Unlike what I tested of the trilogy's rosehip oil, didn't have much of this smell- and also didn't do much for my skin, I think the omegas we're preserved very well during extraction. So bottom line please don't be put off by the smell, it's honestly not bad at all just needs getting used to if you're not used to omega-rich oils like hemp seed, etc. If it really bothers you, just add a couple of drops into a moisturizer to mask it but so you still get the benefits.
    This is ok. I was expecting the world because it's so raved about. My expectation was that it would reduce the redness in my face but I haven't noticed a difference and I've been using it for about 2 months, pretty good at applying it every night without fail. I did recently read you're supposed to apply oil after moisturiser and pat it on, not rub it in, so I'm going to try that. It does feel nice and silky and my skin is better (but I've been using a whole range of products) but this didn't do what I was hoping for. I'm still rating it a 3 as I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it's done something for my skin, just not the issue that I bought it for.
    smells horrible
    I’ve put it on my face and one hour later I started to smell dead fish!! I don’t understand why it smells so bad, plus I couldn’t get rid of the smell, even 1 day later!!! Maybe the product was deficient, I don’t know but it smelled so bad I can’t use it anymore, it makes me nauseous :(
    Holy Grail
    I have acne and I use this oil at night and by the morning, my spots have reduced/calmed down and sometimes even disappear. This oil is honestly the best and the bottle lasts a long time which is amazing for the price too!
    love this oil
    I love rosehip oil and, after getting a Dr Botanical's free sample, I then bought The Ordinary's one as it was so much cheaper. Just as good as the other brand and I use this under my eyes too and on my cheeks. I think this firms my face and is also great for my combination aging skin.
    The Ordinary
    I use this every single day and have gone through countless bottles since Jan 2019. It has really helped me control my oily skin a lot more wouldn't be able to cope without this. It's amazing!!
    amazing oil
    I use this every evening and my skin loves it. I have combination skin and it helps reduce the redness of pimples.
    Great product!
    I have comanination skin and I’ve got some texture and slight scarring from pimples on my face and I really like this oil. I apply three drops to my face every night and sometimes even on my chest and arms - it really has made a difference in the texture of my skin and helps reduce the redness of pimples. I will say though, it does take some time to see the result but it’s really good, will repurchase for sure.
    I love this product and it’s price point! It makes my skin so soft and has reduced my scarring and acne. I use this every night which has replaced a night moisturiser.
    Great oil
    I love this product. It is the only Ordinary product that has worked for me so far, and I really enjoy using it. It is lightweight and sinks into the skin. I think it has helped a bit with my hormonal acne, but unfortunately isn't a miracle worker. It is good though, and never leaves my skin greasy, but always moisturised. I like to use it over my night cream as a last step to seal in moisture. Plus it's cheap and lasts for ages. What's not to like?
    Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Oil
    I had been waiting to try this product for a while after reading the reviews. Massaging a lovely rose fragranced oil into my face really appealed to me. There is NO fragrance whatsoever and the oil made my skin congested and a bit spotty. I am a 65yr old who has used oils before with great results. Very disappointed I would not recommend this product.
    Amazing product - works even for oily and acne prone skin! It's great to help fade away acne scars.
    Love this
    I struggled for ages with dark marks/scaring from breakouts and this is the only thing that has helped them. Doesn’t make me breakout, isn’t too greasy and I barely notice the bad smell everyone talks about.
    10 Stars
    From the first 3 consecutive days of use I've already seen changes. People are commenting on how good my skin is. It helped lighten up my stubborn acne scars and spots. I use it every single night. I have just ordered 3 bottles just to make sure I won't ever have to stop using it. I have oily to combination skin btw. Kudos to Cult Beauty too. I got my package well-packed and just after 4 days after I ordered it. I'm so glad I found this website.
    I have been using this oil for about 5 months now. I put it on after cleansing, toning, moisturizing and then the oil. It is so hydrating! I wake up the next morning and always notice my acne scars diminishing. It has overall improved my skin and the appearance of it. You cannot go wrong with this as it is a natural oil with no chemicals!!
    My holy grail
    Absolutely love this product. Use every night before bed, after cleansing and moisturising. I wake up with a bit of a glow, and it has made my skin generally look a lot better. Really hydrating.
    Couldn't believe my eyes
    The first time I used this on my face I was very pleasantly surprised the next morning as the crevasses on the face were noticeably improved. As it was pilling quite a bit I put it on by itself the second time and the next morning I thought there was something wrong with my eyes - even more improvement. It's very good stuff. I am contemplating putting it on all over.
    Gets rid of texture and makes your skin look so plump, on my third bottle. Got my sister hooked too.
    The best
    I bought this a month ago, I’d really recommend it to everyone who wants glowy skin. The price is reasonably cheap but the quality of product is mind-blowing.You can see noticeable good change on skin .Thanks Ordinary.
    The Ordinary
    Brilliant skincare at a great price and Cult Beauty have full range with very speedy delivery. This is my second order and won’t be my last.
    HG product
    This oil totally saved my skin after a pretty serious product reaction plus it smells absolutely divine and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. A HG product for sure!
    Holy Grail product
    Absolutely love this oil. I’m now on my second bottle and I can safely say it has worked wonders for me. Reduced fine lines, helped even out skin tone and overall keeps my skin hydrated throughout the night! Will definitely be recommending and repurchasing this. ❤️
    A staple in my regimen
    Have been using this for a year now and it does wonders for both my winter and summer skin. It’s perfect under makeup and my face feels moisturised for hours. Soaks into skin easily and leaves no oily residue. I can’t compliment this product enough.
    Luxurious Oil
    Amazing rich oil that really soaks unto the skin and stays moisturized for ages, not greasy or perfumed 10/10...brilliant value will never spend a fortune on all the other over priced facial oils out there!
    Dry skin saver
    The only hing that keeps my dry winter skin at bay. Love it. Gentle and non greasy on skin. Even good with foundation. Recommend.
    Honestly, it's addictive
    Love this oil! Even on the nights, I decided to skip it for another moisturizer, I find myself reaching for it afterwards anyway. It gives my skin a lovely glow in the morning and is one of the only products that has somewhat tamed my oily skin.
    Fantastic oil.
    Amazing oil!
    I use it rare, usually after the AHA BHA peeling solution.I find that it's too "oily" for when I don't exfoliate.It's ok and I never had a breakout from it, but I am always scared I will, so I take care and apply just a bit.
    Great products
    Nice products.
    Amazing product
    I love love love this product! I’ve used other brands of the rosehip oil but this is so much better and great for £9. It feels amazing on the skin and I’ve already noticed a difference. I have only used it for a week and my skin seems to be glowing and the pigmentation appears to be fading. The smell doesn’t bother me at all. I quite like it actually
    I love rosehip oil because it’s great for my dry skin, especially over the harsh winter weather. I use this oil as part of my night routine, and it makes my skin feel soft in the morning - like a baby’s bottom as one of my make up artist put it! What’s even better about this particular brand is that it is exactly the same as the high-end brands that I’ve used before, except this one don’t come with a big price tag! I am on my second bottle and know that I will be ordering this one again, and again.
    Unfortunately didn’t help
    I’ve been using this product for about a month now, and nothing has changed. My research on facial oils, proclaim that they should balance the natural oils on the face. It unfortunately didn’t help balance it out. I’ve made it worse by using this product. I hoped it would have worked but I feel it has made it worse. I am 15 and have developed more spots and acne than ever before.
    This product is good and does all that it promises to do, but it doesn't soak into the skin very well.
    Great oil
    I have tried a few oils and my skin reacted badly! This oil has caused no reaction. My skin is soft and supple and my spots have reduced dramatically- I use it with the ordinary niancinamide. I would say I need extra moisturiser.
    I adore this oil, it makes my skin soft, clear and minimises my pores.
    Great facial oil
    Perfect for daily dry skincare concerns and a little goes a long way
    My skin is so smooth
    Nice, lightweight oil
    I bought this oil about three weeks ago as I read that Rosehip oil helps to fade scars. It’s probably too early to say if my dark marks are getting lighter, but I have noticed that my skin feels a lot smoother. It’s a good lightweight oil that soaks nicely into the skin and leaves your face feeling moisturised. I was worried about it being greasy and causing a breakout but it’s really helped as most products for acne prone skin tend to dry out my face so this helps putting the moisture back.
    Very Good
    Used by my wife, she is very satisfied. Recommended.
    Amazing for dry skin!!
    I have very dry, eczema prone skin. I have struggled for ages to find something that make my face feel moisturised and something to help me get my skin feeling plump and soft and I have finally found it. I apply this oil every night and morning, for oily skin every night would probably be best but as my skin is so dry I apply twice a day and it really has helped. My skin is less red and angry. My makeup applies amazingly. Obviously, I still get spots now and then but since using this it defiantly has reduced them. I could not recommend this stuff enough!!
    Lovely oil, but smells terrible
    This oil makes my skin super soft and even, and my skin loves it. BUT one thing that can't be ignored is the awful fishy smell. I try to avoid using the oil in the morning as I could smell it all day when I did. Also a little bit too oily to use under make-up.
    So nourishing for the skin
    Really lovely product. Definitely not wearable during the day or under foundation as it’s very oily. But perfect for applying before bed, by the time you wake up , all the oils have soaked into the skin and my skin is left feeling smooth and fresh. Lovely product. Will definitely purchase again
    Miricle for 9 pounds
    Amazing product! Best moisturiser ever. Non comedogenic! Wake up in the morning with plumped and hydrated face. Love it!
    The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil
    Amazing product. I have very oily skin and I put this on every night after taking my makeup off. I did this for 3 weeks and saw a difference in how much my skin produced less oil. Such a good product to get for any skin type even very oily skin. I highly recommend.
    This oil just melts into your skin, it’s not greasy. Absorbs so well my skin was glowing the next day
    It’s the best facial oil I’ve ever tried. Not the nicest smell, but I tried putting a drop of lavender oil which smells great with added benefits.
    I’ve been using this for a month along with a few other The Ordinary products and I have to say my skin is looking the best it ever has. This oil is perfect for my nighttime moisturiser as it’s so lovely and hydrating and feels very luxurious and hydrating. I will keep buying this.
    It leaves your skin so glowy and I use this all the time.
    This is a wonderful oil. My skin became clear, glowy and healthy! I love this oil.
    Game changer
    I absolutely love this product. I apply before bed (after cleansing and using Pixi Glow Tonic) and over the last few months, it has dramatically changed my skin. I have always had sensitive, dry, eczema prone skin with very dry flaky patches around the mouth and between my eyes. They have now completely disappeared. My skin feels soft and comfortable and looks lovely for the first time in years. Sometimes I even put a little bit on in the morning under foundation, but it is very heavy and oily so you can only use the tiniest bit in the day.
    The Ordinary
    Well packed delivered on time, have been using this product for some time now. Happy with the results.
    I have been using this with a few other Ordinary products to heal my hormonal acne and fade red scars. This oil is perfect for nighttime and I wake up with smooth skin. I have been using this for about a month now and it has been great with not causing me to break out like I normally do with oils.
    Very good product. Help to acne and red skin.
    This oil is truly amazing! Worth it - even for oily skin (applied at night) worked amazing for my little white bumps on the chin and also acne marks!
    Excellence in a bottle
    Hands down the best oil I have used! This truly is a miracle oil! It has helped my skin so much! I’ve had breakouts over the past few years and I’ve tried so many products! This is now one of my essential steps in my night time routine! Absolutely love this product! Thank you Cult for stocking this!
    Works for all skin types, super value for money, handy dropper pipette, what’s not to love? Just drop some of this into your palm, warm it up in your hands and press into your face, neck, decolletage and anywhere else. Not greasy at all.
    Nice oil for morning
    I bought this to help with dry patches and it has worked pretty well. Absorbs fairly quickly for an oil, so it's nice for morning use and on dry/textured patches just before applying foundation. I don't find it hydrating enough to use it at night though as my skin is pretty dry, so for that I use squalene.
    Wow, this is super value gold product. I bought this help me to hydrate my skin and it worked very well.
    Good product but...
    This oil is easily absorbed and makes my skin soft with improved pigmentation. What I don't like is that it stains my clothes (nightwear) and my pillowcases. Took me a while to work out what was causing this staining. Don't know if I'm going to continue using it.
    Pretty good
    My skin is so dry I can use 3-4 layers of this stuff morning and night and still have a dry face within a couple of hours, but it still does a pretty good job, especially in use with the 100% squalene. Not the miracle I was hoping for, but I imagine it will be for those of you whose skin isn’t completely useless.
    Very good
    I love this oil. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and very radiant. I suffered from a very dry skin but this product completely got rid of the dryness. I am so impressed with "The Ordinary " brand as their products are miracles in a bottle.
    Storing rose hip oil
    I haven’t used this brand as yet but I have been using the rosehip oil for a couple of years and swear by it. Definitely does everything it’s claimed. I will purchase this brand when my current bottle finishes and of course when this one becomes available again. The reason I’m reviewing as I noticed some people commenting on the smell of it - I had extensively researched this oil prior to buying it and most recommendations where that you store it in the fridge to stop it ‘going off’ and subsequently giving off the rancid smell. The first bottle I had was quite large and lasted me a year, there was still plenty product in the bottle but as it had a shelf life of a year, I just disposed of it but I can honestly say there wasn’t any smell from it. I purchased from a reputable company so I know it was the real deal. I hope this helps those who are remarking on the smell. Excited to try ‘The Ordinary’ brand, just one problem, there’s too much to choose from lol. Absolutely love the prices, I can see me building a collection of their products. Yes, I am a skincare junky.
    I had quite a lot of hormonal acne scars which I just couldn't shift. After using this for two weeks in my night time skin care routine they have almost all gone. I'm confident they will all have disappeared in the next few weeks. Sinks into the skin nicely and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. Highly recommended.
    Fantastic Product!
    I apply the oil at night as I was recommended and in the morning my skin feels really soft, supple and hydrated. Although I have an oily T-zone and the rest of my face is dry plus sensitive, this oil did not break me out. It absorbs quickly, does not leave the skin feeling sticky/oily and the smell does not linger after absorption. People that are concerned about a product's smell like me, in my opinion, should buy it as it is not a that strong plus as mentioned it does not linger! Also, I personally use it as the last step in my PM skin regimen on a daily basis.
    Amazing. Great for sensitive skin.
    I’ve been using this for 8 months now. It cleared up my acne and small bumps only face. Skin super hydrated next morning and looking fresh!
    I purchased this as one of my favourite YouTubers raved about it for fading hyperpigmentation left behind by acne. I was dubious at first because my combination skin is still very acne prone and I was scared this would make me break out. How wrong I was - This oil is a miracle in a bottle! I've been using it religiously for about a month now and it has faded the redness on my face so much. I also used to get spots on the tops of my arms which left behind red/purple marks, but they have almost totally faded thanks to rose hip oil! And the best part - it doesn't make me break out AT ALL. Could not be happier with the results from using this and it will continue to be a staple in my skincare regime for a long long time!
    Really nice oil
    I have acne prone skin and wanted something that wouldn't make it worse and this does the job!! skin feels plump and not greasy, I use vitamin c cream over the top and its the perfect combo. For £9 you really can't go wrong. Haven't noticed any improvement in scarring, would suggest acid exfoliators for that (unless you have sensitive skin).
    Really great results
    I love this so much, I've had really persistent acne scars that kept building up and never left, meaning it looked like I always had a really bad breakout- but this has really helped reduce the pigmentation and got rid of some. I have oily skin and use this at night before my moisturiser and really hydrates and leaves my face all glowy. Love it.
    Clearing up my skin nicely
    My skin is a combination and I’ve never had any problems until a breakout last July. Skin is still clearing and is taking forever so decided to try this due to all the good reviews. Face felt softer from first use, took about 2 weeks to notice any results for redness and blemishes. It’s really changed my skin and it’s so much clearer and the only thing that’s seemed to work. I do still have a few red patches but I haven’t had a single spot come up on my chin or cheeks since using. The redness has deffo gone down and skin feels a lot better it just took some time. I only use it at night after cleansing and don’t combine with any moisturiser as I feel it’s moisturising enough, it’s also helped with my dry lips! So all in all this is magic!
    I mix couple drops of oil with my overnight serum. Results are amazing! In the morning my skin looks soft, hydrated. I have a oily acne prone skin, and this oil absorbs really quickly to my skin.
    Such a calming, nourishing product. I am so happy with it! It feels like a much more luxurious brand but without the price tag. I'm telling everybody about this miracle oil.
    Great for darker skin tones!
    I must admit that I was a little bit sceptical before ordering it.... But the price was attractive and Cult Beauty told on their Instagram Stories that it works wonders on darker skin tones who have dark spots/hyperpigmentation. They were right ! The first day, I noticed in the morning how soft, moisturized & shiny my skin was ! I was really impressed ! I love the fact that I just have to use too much product : three drop only (forehead and cheeks). Believe that enough to apply in your entire face ! I was also a little bit afraid that my skin begins to be "darker" because this is what some woman with the same complexion as mine experienced when they use certain products. But my skin stills the same ! My dark spot started to disappear. I waited almost 3 weeks before posting this review because I wanted to make sure that it will not cause me breakout or something else. I'm really satisfied and I really recommend it!
    Perfect oil to achieve flawless skin!
    Rosehip oil is my holy grail product for my face! I used to use a different brand which was a lot more pricey and The Ordinary Rosehip oil is so reasonable and a little goes a long way. I cleanse, tone, apply serum, moisturiser and then the rosehip face oil. I also use The Vitamin C Ordinary moisturiser. I have a very small amount of pigmentation which I’m very insecure about and since using rosehip oil this has severely reduced and my overall skin tone is a lot more slowly and clears which is why I’ll always use this. I also dab a tiny amount under my eyes which has helped reduced any tiny fine lines.
    Amazing product!!!
    This product is amazing! I have combination skin that is blemish prone, I suffered from severe acne on my cheeks and chin which went but left behind red marks and scarring, so when I saw this product I was intrigued to try it out and oh my gosh, it is one of the best treatments for bright red scarring that I have tried and it is super hydrating on my skin when my skin is more on the dry side. I would 100% recommend this oil product to anyone!
    Completely cleared my acne marks
    My skin type is combination-dry and I have cystic acne on my cheeks - the ones I had (regretfully) picked at have given me red acne marks. I use this nightly and over the course of 2 weeks not only has it reduced my cystic acne to only a small amount, the scars have almost completely gone, rosehip oil is such a holy grail for me now!
    I absolutely love this oil! Its changed my skin and for the better. I have oily skin and after watching Nikkia Joy on YouTube rave about this product I had to buy it, and I wasn't disappointed. I use this oil a few times a week, after I've cleansed and toned I pop a couple of drops into my hands and press it into my skin. My skin has gone from very oily to barely oily in just a few weeks.
    Great Value
    This is a great product, especially for the price. I use I before my moisturiser at night most days and have found it helps reduce the marks of previous spot scars and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It sinks into the skin quickly rather than sitting on top. Excellent product!
    Pamper treat
    I have just received this, my skin needs something light but moisturising at night, so this is great, I use after the glycolic acid toner and it feels a treat on my skin. Smells a bit off, not the best but hey ho il take that for nice skin :)
    I’m 45 and decided to give this range a try. WOW! My skin has never looked better. This oil leaves my skin silky soft and very smooth. It seems to make my skin flawless. I love it!
    I decided to try this because of the hype. I kind of did not like this oil in the beginning, but after a week of use, I just loved it. It is amazing. It made my skin look fresh and amazing in the morning. Will definitely repurchase.
    Great oil for dry skin but can clog pores
    I recommend using it in the AM. At night time it can cause clog pores. It can be great for face massage but it's not essential.
    Holy grail
    One product I can't live without! And this particular one by the ordinary is by far the best of all the rosehip oils I’ve tried. Leaves my skin calmer and less red, with a beautiful glow.
    Cult beauty
    I am thrilled with the total experience... finally, the products that I have searched for at affordable prices and excellent shipping times....so a big thank you from me in beautiful British Columbia because it is about to get much more beautiful. Thank You!
    Great oil
    I use this oil as the last step in my routine at night. A few drops warmed in the palm of my hands and patted on to my face works wonders. My dry sensitive skin loves anything rose and this is no exception. I use a gua sha tool with it and it sinks in really well with a few drops, less is more.
    Accentuated my hyperpigmentation
    I had really high hopes for this product after reading all the good reviews. I have used rosehip oils from other brands before and never had any issues. After using every night before bed, this product has made my hyperpigmentation and acne scars a lot more noticeable and worse than it was before using it. I’m not a big fan of the smell and it does not go on smoothly on your skin if you have used any serums/acids before use. I won’t be repurchasing this
    Great oil
    I use this product mostly everyday. I do really like it and it has made my skin glow, and had evened out my skin tone, however I do find it a bit greasy. When applying over other products it doesn't always go on so smoothly. But at this price point and the overall benefits it has done for my skin I still recommend this product
    Great basic oil
    My fav night oil! It’s not mind-blowing but it’s a great basic oil for the last step of your routine. Leaves my skin soft and I’m seeing small improvements in my uneven skin tone (been using it for about 4 weeks).
    Good value
    I wanted to try a more cost-friendly facial oil suitable for my oily skin. It’s cost-friendly and you only need 1-2 drops to do the job, anymore than that and it just sits on the surface of your skin. The only downside is the scent but it dissipates after a few seconds so I can live with it.
    Rose hip oil
    Fantastic product just makes your skin feel awesome thank you
    Love it!
    I use it as a body oil it smells bad but the benefits from it covers the bad smell.
    Go to
    Many, many bottles into this wonderful oil I can safely say it's become a staple. Hydrating, clearing and soothing, it works great on its own or as a mix-in for active products like C-vitamin or retinol. Never irritates or causes breakouts. Love it.
    Skin changing
    Been using this most nights for about a month now and I adore it. I use it after cleansing and toning (Liz Earle or my weekly Pixi Glow Tonic), warming a couple of drops on my hands and pressing on to my skin, which seems to work best for me. It doesn’t transfer and immediately makes my skin look glowy. When I wake up in the morning it still looks good and is so soft and smooth to the touch which is new for me.
    Holy grail
    I have been having awful cystic acne caused by wearing a mask at work every day. I didn’t have great skin, to begin with, but now it’s scarred, painful, and full of open pores. I’m embarrassed to go out without makeup! I’ve been using this oil for about 3 weeks, and my skin has soaked it right up, it feels beautifully soft, and is bright. There’s still a lot of bad texture, hyperpigmentation, and scars, but the acne is slowly fading. My skin definitely looks better, so I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like over the next few months using this oil!
    Very nice feel on the skin
    I started using this product together with the Niacinamide serum and the Hyaluronic acid serum and the three of them helped my skin so I don't know what the oil did exactly for my skin. But when I put the oil on before I go to sleep my skin feels amazing and so hydrated, I love it.
    Soo glowy
    I love it, at first, I was afraid because my skin is oily and I thought it would look greasy but it is so hydrating and makes my skin so glowy and plump like I have fillers.
    Not to be dramatic, but this is the best thing that’s ever happened to my skin!
    Now, I’m a tough customer to please. A skincare product has to be extremely quick to give results, pleasant to use, unbelievably effective and as money-conserving as possible: but I never expected a product to perform so highly on all accounts that it far exceeded my expectations. I’ve never said this about a single product in my life, but this stuff has changed my skin in a way that I thought for sure was impossible. I have extreme acne scarring and so many dark red patches all over my face that I was starting to think it would take years to disappear completely, but this rosehip seed oil obliterated them and CONTINUES to do so! It’s been at least a year since I started using it, and for the first time ever, I find myself buying a ‘backup’ bottle because I genuinely couldn’t go a day without this stuff. My face has improved so much that everyone in my life has noticed, and today I went bare-faced for the first time in longer than I can remember. I know it sounds over exaggerated, and you’ll probably have a strong suspicion that I’m hyping it up far too much, but this product changed my life and saved me from so much anxiety about my scarring. It’s a fresh start in a bottle. I personally promise you- you will not regret giving this a go.
    My skin never really gave me any major problems until my daily life and routine was completely flipped this year. I started getting tons of acne, weird stress rashes, pigmentation and dullness like never before. My face was getting super dry and flaky too. I bought this oil mainly for my acne scars and was not disappointed; though it's yet to improve some of my more hardcore spots, it's cleared up a lot of the small and annoying ones, especially my forehead. It also has a very satisfying effect on the pigmentation around my lips. Can't I stopped getting acne but at least it's not a worrying amount. My skin also feels soft and smooth. I changed nothing else in my skincare and yet my skin is clearing up, evening out and starting to glow. Liked my skin after a long time, when I started using this oil, exercising, eating clean and sleeping well.
    lovely oil
    I love rosehip seed oil and its great to find organic, cold-pressed oil for such a low price! I use as a cleanser with a hot cloth, and as a night oil. Great for sensitive skin.
    Very good for box scars
    If you have deep pitted scars from acne, this oil is a really good fix. Of course, you require patience but it evens out the scars and it does not make your face extremely oily unless you put too much. I have oily skin and personally it does not break me out.
    ordinary organic rose pressed seed oil
    I absolutely love this oil, use nightly for facial massage it leaves skin soft and hydrated. would definitely recommend.
    Nourishing little number
    A little bit goes a long way The smell demonstrates it's potency of Rose Hip The price and effect makes this worth while I have noticed a diference in the texture of my skin since using this product. Simple, effective and I will definitely be continuing to use
    Makes skin smooth
    I apply this oil before sleeping and I notice the difference in the morning skin feels light and smooth. Although I haven't noticed any difference in reducing of dark spots.
    Good extra boost of hydration
    My skin doesn’t react well to having straight oil applied to it- find I wake up with dry patches which is not the desired effect. However I love to mix a couple of drops of this in with my moisturiser when I want to give my skin that extra bit of nourishment It also mixes great with body moisturisers for extra hydration without having to wait for an oil to sink in! Great price for a simple but useful product
    For me I absolutely love it. I was suffering with dry skin on my cheeks and around my mouth. After using this as a night oil my skin is baby soft.
    Rose hip seed oil
    Quick delivery, the oil is great if you have very dry skin.
    My FAV skin care product by far
    I have super dry skin all year around and am prone to acne. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised I can't even! I don't use creams anymore, just serums and this on top. It's fine under make up and keeps the skin looking dewy and glowing. It's not sticky or tacky, it absorbs beautifully into the skin and lasts. On my second bottle.
    Helps my skin
    I have noticed that this has controlled my break outs and slightly lightened my hyperpigmentation from previous spots. On top of that, my skin is looking fresher and glowy. The only criticism is that the results aren't drastic but they are there.
    You need this if you experience bad breakouts!
    I used to have really bad breakouts but since introducing this into my routine my breakouts have reduced massively, only getting hormonal breakouts once a month now. But this also helped to reduce the redness from acne scarring. I don’t think I’ll ever not use this- my second bottle now and it’s become a staple in my nighttime routine
    Do not recommend!
    waste of money
    I use it daily after my High Frequency treatment and it's just perfect, love it.
    Such an amazing product! I love the ordinary it’s the only products that actually work for my skin. My skin always becomes oily around my T zone and I break out every month! But since I’ve changed all my skincare products to the ordinary my skin has never felt so good! The prices are so reasonable and every time I’ve ordered I've received my order so beautifully packed and super fast! Now I couldn’t go without these products. Honestly amazing
    NOT for the oily skin
    Honestly, maybe I don't know how I'm supposed to use this? But I have an oily-combination skin and using this at night only makes it oilier! I cannot sleep with it on my face as it smudges everywhere and makes my hair oily, too!
    Love Love
    I just replaced my night cream with this one. It is absolutely wonderful product. My skin is glowing . But you have to wait for the result❤️I highly recommend this
    Not working
    Not happy it’s not what I expected it to be. Quick disappointed!
    For any darker skinned women wondering if this will help hyperpigmentation and scarring from spots - Yes!
    My skin has never looked or felt better
    This product works surprisingly well for little spots. Been using if every night for the past month with rose water and just moisturiser. Skin is so much better and clear. Defiantly worth the price.
    Ok only!
    It’s okay!
    Nice enough
    It's a nice moisturiser, but I had to use it at night because I didn't like the smell and didn't want to be awake and smelling through the day. However, it moisturised my skin through the night until I washed my face the next morning. I have many dark spots, and it didn't help with those at all, but I think this is the way my skin will react to any rosehip seed oil, and this is definitely the cheapest one on the market at a comparable quality with other more expensive brands. If you already like rosehip seed oil and are looking to buy a cheaper variety, this will definitely work just as well as an expensive bottle of the exact same product.
    i have been using this product on my night routine for a while, i have sensitive skin so this was an experiment for me as well! But my skin never looked better and i can tell the difference on the texture and color of my skin, it is more glowy and smooth and looks so much healthier than before, only a few drops are enough! love it!
    Love it
    Love this product - I have been using it for a couple of years now and always keep bottle or two on backup! I use this over and under my moisturiser and both ways work well
    You won’t be sorry!
    I’ve always had issues with dry skin over the years especially since I hit my 40’s. I must have tried over 20 products the last few years with varying prices and results. Generally oils have not reacted well with me and this was, thankfully, the exception. So glad I did my research and listened to the feedback on this product. I could see results within a few days and had no breakouts like I’ve had in the past with other oils. My skin hasn’t been dry and flaky since I started using this. It’s an added plus that fine lines have also got better. Amazing! If I did have one minor drawback, the pipet in the bottle isn’t the best and can dribble out and leak. Providing you realise this it, isn’t an issue, but it can make things messy if you aren’t paying attention when you apply the oil. However, given the price tag and the results, it wouldn’t stop me from ordering again.
    Not for me
    This is super hydrating which is great but I’ve also noticed that I break out when I use this regularly. I now use this infrequently if my skin feels particularly dehydrated so will get use out of the bottle.
    Oily skin wonder.
    I suffered with really bad red/blemish prone oily skin and was recommended this.. it is AMAZING. No more oily skin and blemishes are reduced! It's really oily when you put it on at night but you just leave it on overnight and the difference in the morning is incredible. I noticed a huge difference in a week :)
    Non-Comedogenic oils
    100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil & AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution were my first purchase from TO. Basically, I mix 2 drops oil into my night cream for glowy & plumped skin the next morning. I also use this oil alone after my deep chemical exfoliation (AHA+BHA Solution) to moisture my skin without clogging pores. As I was totally satisfied with both of my purchases, I spent another 60 GBP on TO alone.
    Best product
    I bought this for my flares up skin condition and it’s a miracle. My skin is glowing and it calms my flares down soon as I apply this oil. I love this
    Perfect just before bed
    This is such a nice serum/moisturiser just before bed. I have combination skin and both on my most oily and most dry days this really allows my skin to glow. Perfect just before bed.
    The best Perioral dermatitis treatment!!
    I kid you not, this oil helped me soooo much with my Perioral Dermatitis flare ups. It really changed the way how my skin heals and also added beautiful glow to it. Love it love it love it. I am sure that any Rose Hip Seed Oil will do the same, but I will stay faithful to The Ordinary. Their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% is my holy grail for smooth texture since it fights the small annoying bumps under your skin the best. Love and only love! Z.
    One of my Ride or Die products
    I've repurchased this oil about 4 times it's that good. When I had really sore, damaged and sensitive skin a few years ago this saved my life. I feel like it's so gentle you can use it on sunburn or anything that otherwise wouldn't be OK with ANY products. It really helps with healing acne, dry skin, etc, etc. And The Ordinary's version is one of the cheapest I've ever seen, plus it's organic!!!!
    the best
    Amazing product! All my dryness and patches have vanished after just one bottle. (Which btw lasts forever)
    I cannot remember how many times I have reordered this oil but it is definitely over 10 times! Having oily/combo skin this oil was not too heavy/oily for my skin, nor too light. I even had quite dry skin when I was on acne treatment and this was still a lifesaver. I literally use it every night!
    Ordinary rose hip oil
    Always use The Ordinary products. And good service.
    Nice smell and hydrating but broke me out! I don't have sensitive skin whatsoever and almost never have breakouts. This oil left little white and red bumps all over my face and worsened a hormonal zit I managed to get a hold of. I really wanted to love this oil, maybe just not for me.
    Perfect hydration without being greasy, it has totally changed my skin
    First time trying out this oil, I have oily/combination skin and it’s actually worked wonders for me!!! And for the first time I didn’t even breakout when I got my monthlies this month #Yay. I use it for my night routine as a moisturizer together with the Alpha Burtin & I'm happy with both so far. Definitely gonna replenish on both products & certainly buying more from the brand “The Ordinary” #HappyCustomer :)
    I have been using for about 4 weeks instead of a moisturiser at bedtime after applying buffet and HA+B5 and the difference the next morning in very noticeable. My skin is bright and super soft. You only need a few drops for your whole face. Sometimes if it’s very cold outside I will add a drop into my morning routine as well for added hydration. Bloody love it! One of the best things you’ll ever buy. I guarantee it!
    I have switched my skincare routine to Ordinary and my skin feels amazing. In the evening I use the Glycolic Acid followed by Niacinamide and then the Rosehip Seed oil. In the morning I use Hyaluronic Acid and the Vitamin C Suspension (mixed in with Universal Emulsion by Lixirskin) Highly recommend!
    Night time
    I've tried many night time creams, oils, etc, etc! I've certainly noticed in my later 20's my skin is becoming increasingly dry. I love this product! It goes on so easily with minimal effort just before bed. It soaks in quickly without leaving a greasy residue. I wake up in the morning with my face feeling moisturised rather than feeling like a dried out raisin!! The cost though, that's what makes it the nest product I've used in a long time. Highly recommend
    Rose hip greatness
    Feels great on skin use every other day
    100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
    Excellent product, I use three drops under my moisturiser daily and my skin is the best it has ever been, an amazing price too.
    Fantastic for my skin
    I have combination skin, and this has worked really well. I’ve noticed a reduction in blemishes and my face feels hydrated all day. I will definitely buy it again!
    The only one
    This is the only oil that my face is okay with. It’s not comedogenic. I use it 2-3 times a week and my face feels very good!
    Perfect product, not much more to say. Really effective, gentle, hydrating, absorbs well into the skin, and really cheap. The smell is very natural, I find it even pleasant, and it disappears very quickly. Will repurchase over and over.
    Best moisturising product I’ve ever used
    I use this after a beeswax and rose cleanser, a glycolic acid toner and hylauronic acid serum as the last step in my skincare routine. It’s fantastic - deeply moisturising and I saw a difference in my skin tone after just a couple of weeks. My skin is really dry and tight after years of intensive acne treatment and this has helped restore softness and glow.
    I have oily combination skin and this worked really well for me. I applied it nightly before my moisturiser and I woke up with lovely glowy and healthy skin.
    The Ordinary
    Far from ordinary, I love these products. Made an immediate difference to my skin. Love, Love, Love them :)
    Pretty good, given the price. No strong smell.
    I really want to love this
    I bought this as it had a lot of 5-star reviews and has the haul of fame 2019 etiquette. However, for some reason my skin won't love it. I've been trying this one for over 2 months, so I've given it many chances. Every time I apply this, it leaves a kind of film/layer on my skin and if you keep trying to massage it into the skin it will start to 'peel off'. I don't know how else to describe it. Won't buy this again.
    I'm not joking, my skin has been incredible since I started using this. I have fairly oily skin, so I put off using this product for quite a while after buying it - putting oil on oil went against everything I'd ever been taught - but I finally tried it and oh my god my it's changed my skin. Now, I only get a few small spots now and again but I'm 16 so that's to be expected. 100% would recommend this for everyone! (Though I will say I use this at night and my skin is slightly greasy in the mornings, I'd advise just rinsing your face with warm water or something when you wake up).
    Rosehip Hero
    Lovely silky rosehip oil - great product, simple and fuss-free.
    The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil
    Great product!
    The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil
    I use it at night over my hyaluronic acid gel and it soaks in overnight. My skin is lovely and soft in the morning. Good stuff and great price for such a great product.
    I have been using only this at night, nothing else. Just a few tiny drops. It sinks in really nice and it’s not greasy as I have combination skin. My main wow moment is the difference in my skin in the morning with just the way it looks. Fresh, almost and not tired looking. For the price, this product is amazing and will save me lots of money for the future on night creams.
    The ordinary rosehip oil is the best
    I’ve been using this product over a year now . I apply it at night before I go to bed, great for dry skin, I couldn’t do without it, it’s so nourishing.
    Love this
    First time trying this product. I always use it before bed, it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised for the morning after, and I have dry skin so this works well for me.
    Couldn't recommend enough! The quality of this oil combined with the price point easily knocks any other brand's rosehip oil off the shelf. Beautiful oil, lovely deep rich gold in colour, not very thick it absorbs into the skin nicely and only need 3-4 drops for full face, but it's a very rich oil and when I first started using it day and night for a week I started to get one or two spots (which is very unusual for my skin, I have very dry skin and never get spots), so I cut it back to only apply in the evenings and it works great! I compared it with my friends trilogy rosehip oil which is far more expensive, but I found an ever so slight burnt smell to the oil, perhaps their cold-pressed method hit too high a temp on that batch...but I felt the oil wasn't as rich on application and didn't have as much of an effect unlike the ordinary's one which instantly moisturises and gives a slight glow. Overall you can't go wrong with this, exceptional quality oil for an exceptional price. Gotta support brands like this! Too many brands out there offering anywhere between mediocre to exceptional quality goods but charging the earth. I'll be sure to try out other products by the ordinary for this reason, hopefully, they're just as good!
    So Lovely
    This oil adds extra moisture to my skin and has shrunk my pores. I forgot to apply it one night and when I woke up my pores had completely opened up and my skin texture was so uneven, proving how well it works! The price is so reasonable and it leaves skin soft and calm.
    Good stuff, this! Considering the price, it's a steal!
    This was my first dabble into The Ordinary and even though I have since tried a lot from them, this is by far one of my favs (along with their infamous Glycolic Acid). I tried the marula oil next because thats raved about as well but I like this one more. There is just something about it; fast absorbing and really does fade acne scarring and dark spots. LOVE!
    Just wow
    I’ve been using this as moisturiser/primer and all I can say is wow. I have Asian/Indian skin which is combination and slightly uneven. This oil has really help to smooth and even it out and I can go without wearing makeup most of the time. I’ve tried it under my foundation and the result is amazing - my skin looks flawless! I’ve found my new go to primer.
    Holy Grail Product
    Simply love this oil! I’m on my third bottle and I cannot recommend this enough. Perfect for fine lines, dark circles and keeping my skin moist all night. Will definitely recommend and repurchase ☺️
    Smooth, glowing skin
    I purchased this product in the hope of reducing my redness and scarring. After using it up to 4 times a week at night for the past month, my scarring has significantly been reduced and my skin looks clear and glowy. Redness still remains but is getting better. Great product for the money and will repurchase once run out :)
    Best bedtime oil!
    I haven't found anything better to moisturise my skin before bedtime than this - you wake up in the morning with softer skin.
    Also for legs
    Having had good results on my face, I tried the rosehip seed oil on my legs which had areas of discolouration and poor texture due to varicose veins (the veins have now been sorted out by the way). I have had definite improvements in both problems after just a few weeks of use. Note that since I do use rather a lot, I found that the sheets were getting "oiled up" so I use it in the morning on my legs.
    Rich oil
    A little bit of this product goes a long way. I love the feel of the product as it makes my skin so plumped and soft. Might feel a bit too oily if you have really oily skin
    It's a great way to moisturise in the night. My skin feels so soft when I wake up in the morning.
    I would def repurchase this product.
    This feels so luxurious, worth more than £9. My skin is combination/dehydrated and it really makes a difference - I wake up to softer, glowing skin. Highly recommend as many others agree!
    Solution to every problem
    The best for acne, dryness, dull skin, and wrinkles.
    My new night cream
    I use this as a night cream. Better than any I’ve had before. And cheaper!
    Not WOW
    Can’t say it’s that hydrating, not everything that has oil hydrates the skin..:/
    Second-purchase worthy
    I ran out of this about a month ago and didn't think much of it, as I don't really like the feeling of it when I put it on (so oily!). But hot DAMN does my skin miss it!!! My skin is drier and I seem to have more blackheads somehow? Anyways I've learned my lesson and I'm re-ordering. Hope my skin will be happy with me.
    Love it
    Just ordered my second bottle. Lovely night oil. Can't say if it reduces wrinkles as nothing short of a face-lift would get rid of mine. However, leaves skin soft and healthy looking and doesn't make my sensitive skin flare up.
    Distinctly average
    This is ok for the price point but not one of my faves. It’s a bog standard oil. It’s not hydrating enough for my skin and I don’t find it absorbs as nicely as other facial oils I’ve used. Did nothing for me - but it is cheap!
    Loving it!
    I'm just obsessed with oil, second time I'm ordering it.
    Takes time but worth it
    This is so good! I have dry skin and used to have a fair few spots on my cheeks and chin, overtime i’m left with those dark brown & red marks which are pesky to get rid of - this product has helped! It hasn’t got rid of them but after 6 weeks of use I can say it has gotten rid of that redness i had FROM THE FIRST NIGHT! It makes my skin lovely and hydrated overnight too! It does take time for it to fully work though but worth it :)
    About product
    I used this oil it's very effective.
    Good organic oil
    Its a great natural product. However, you need to understand about the oils to use it promptly.
    Good value for money
    Very prompt delivery and great quality. No difference from more expensive brands.
    Itchy and caused spots
    Bought this for my dry skin, can’t say it helped at all. Would wear 4/5 drops overnight and straight away my face would begin itching around my nose and cheeks. By morning i’d have a few little red spots around my mouth! Also my eyes would tear from the product and spill tears around my eyes getting rid of the product where I needed it and irritating my dryness even more. Wouldn’t recommend. I’ll be using it under my makeup mixed with my moisturiser instead
    Magical oil.
    Can’t get enough of this! Hormonal acne prone sensitive skin with texture & scaring. This is magic in a bottle. Must have for me!
    Did not work on me at all. It's too thick.
    Love this stuff
    After seeing this in Thaatayla’s videos on YouTube I really wanted to try this and I haven’t been disappointed. I’m not sure if this product is attributing to it but my acne scars are a lot less prominent and my skin feels hydrated in the morning after applying the night before!
    The oil feels really nice on the skin. The smell, in my opinion, is not strong. I use it in the evening and it makes my skin radiant and fresh. I wouldn't recommend using it under makeup or in the morning because it leaves an oily film on the skin.
    很好用 *** Very useful.
    用起來非常棒平價 ** Very good to use.
    I’ve begun using this nightly alongside Buffet and it has made a real difference to my skin. From the outset it looked brighter and plumper with a more even tone - even lasting on nights I forget to apply. I use it with a jade roller and have received compliments on my skin recently. It’s lightweight and fantastic value.
    Rose Hip Seed Oil
    Penetrates into the skin easily and heals skin. My dry patches no longer exist and my skin feels better. A few drops go a long way.
    So lovely.
    It is an amazing oil, really, it is dry and the skin absorbs it so easily. I have just purchased it for a second time. P.s. Combination skin speaking.
    Super soft skin
    I apply this sparingly in the evening after cleansing and when I wake in the morning my skin is so soft. I prefer it to heavy night creams.
    I love it.
    My skin is smooth and I just love this oil.
    I love it
    I love it!
    Love this!!
    This is such a gorgeous oil. It makes my skin glow. I have oily skin so I tend to use this every other night, interchanging with a lighter moisturiser. Otherwise, I get the odd spot. I use this with the glycolic acid and the Hyaluronic acid and Maxtryl (spelling?) oil. This combination has made my skin amazing and the perfect base for makeup.
    Lovely oil, especially for winter lips. Use occasionally before bed and wake up with soft skin, use sparingly or it can sit on the skin and make your pillow a tad oily!
    Big difference from a small price
    I have been using this now for about 7 months, having dark discoloration on the chin and around the forehead, this has helped clear it up not 100% but the skin has definitely lighter to the point no one can notice. Before I was embarrassed to walk out without covering my dark skin patches and having used all different facials expensive creams to the point even visited a dermatologist nothing worked until I read up on this oil and started to use. Definitely on repeat order.
    Great surprise
    Definitely worth the money. My skin is in such a better place since I'm using this oil. Definitely gonna buy again.
    I repurchase
    I really like putting on this product in the night time after my skincare routine. My skin feels soft and hydrated in the morning. I blame it on the oil.
    Takes time but works
    I bought this product because it was the cheapest in the market. The morning after I used it for the first time, the pores had opened and white stuff started coming out of them (dirt as I read on Google). I thought it was a good thing and continued to experiment. Now it makes my face look hydrated and smooth in the mornings.
    Fab product..
    Amazing product. I mix it with my moisturiser for day and use ‘neat’ at night. Simply gorgeous, skin more hydrated and smoother. Doesn’t cause breakouts and helps skin look clearer.
    Amazing moisturizing oil
    It is such an amazing moisturizer and also it has made my skin better and clear the best thing is people notice it, I did not get breakouts after using this oil, I am even using it in summer, My skin type is a combination, dry from the cheeks. It is a thick oil but absorbs perfectly I also use it before makeup.
    Dried me out
    The product as an oil is lovely especially to add to a moisturiser for an even glow during the day but when added on its own to my face at night I woke up with dry flaky patches? Not sure how an oil can dry skin out but this created more problems for me than solved.
    I found it takes a while for it to work on my skin but definitely leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. I still have some blemishes on my skin that it hasn't removed but hopefully, they will go when I continue to use it. It has however helped to get rid of my stubborn blackhead on my cheek.
    I have cystic acne, and I bought this product cause a lot of people were happy about the results it gives, so I decided to try. Unfortunately it broke me out really really bad. I tried again after 8 days, and the result was the same. If you have acne prone skin I suggest you to test it in a small area cause it can be very irritating.
    Great facial oil
    Organic and good value.
    Hydration Star
    I use this as often as needed at nighttime if my skin is feeling at all dry. Skin feels hydrated and instantly softer. Great price for a product that makes my skin feel plump, soft and glowy. Added to my wishlist for future purchases.
    Very nice for before going to sleep, skin feels amazing in the morning.
    This oil is amazing, it really boosts your skin with the good stuff. It takes quite a while on my skin to be absorbed so I try to wash my face earlier in the evening and then put the oil afterwards so my skin has the time to "drink it" before going to bed so my pillowcase isn't too oily. And a little goes a long way. I already stocked up so if it goes out of stock I'm alright for a while.
    I like this oil very much. It is easily and quickly absorbed, I use it before my moisturiser at night, it doesn't make me break out at all and my skin feels so soft and plump in the morning.
    Game changer
    I bought this to upgrade my hydration game before I incorporate any acid into my routine. But low and behold, it fades my pigmentation too! It absorbs well into the skin. I even noticed less redness at the centre of my face.
    Wow. This product was a game changer for me. Struggled with pigmentation for years and years and have cleared so much ever since stated to use this product. Love using it under foundation as well for a glowy appearance.
    Hands down this is the single best face care product I have ever used, even without taking the amazing price into account. I get the odd breakout so I apply it at night and my skin looks visibly clearer and less red in the morning. I find it improves skin texture and simply wouldn't be without it now :)
    I use this a couple of times a week before going to bed as my only moisturiser and I love it. It doesn't always help to clear up my breakouts but I didn't expect it to be a miracle worker either. It's just a lovely, gentle oil that leaves my skin feeling happy, healthy and glowy. Great value for money too.
    Nice oil
    For the price, it's a really great product. It's a little heavy and sticky for my liking, and I don't love the smell. However, works great used over a retinol product at night, doesn't cause me any breakouts and I have quite sensitive skin. Would absolutely recommend, if your skin will be ok with a slightly heavier oil. If money is no object, the Chantecaille Rose Oil is absolutely beautiful.
    I absolutely love this oil!! I was a bit skeptial about using oil on my terrible oily skin but OMG it actually works! I’ve only used it a few times and I’ve seen a DRAMATIC difference in my oil levels and acne. It is perfect for sensitive skin and there is no harsh smell to it. This is the only thing that has calmed my oiliness and acne down after years of searching! I have finally found my holy grail!!! Xx
    Miracle juice
    Was on a 3-week bender and didn’t properly sleep for any of it, however, applied this on my face every night before bed and woke up looking fresh as a daisy. Incredible.
    Excellent quality
    Fantastic product and excellent quality oil.
    Lifesaver atm
    I’ve got a really sensitive skin with redness in my cheeks at times. After using a well-known brand of facial wipes today my skin was left angry, bumpy and red - cue this absolute lifesaver! A few drops and my skin has calmed down amazingly and is now lovely and soft with zero redness.
    The result is real
    This product did not disappoint me. With just 2 weeks of using my pores becomes less visible. Definitely would repurchase this item ;-)
    Very good for skincare
    Very good oil. Very light and definitely brighten up a skin over time. Need regular use.
    I have tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING to get rid of my oily skin. I've only been using this 2 nights and I have just finished my 9 hour shift and for the first time ever NO SHINE. I can't believe it! Usually, at this point, I would be able to grab a spoon and scoop the oil from my face to fry some eggs loooool. Best purchase of my life. Thank you!!
    Absolute HG!
    I was originally a sceptic about using oil but I find that rose hip seed oil works splendidly for an oily/acne-prone skin. It absorbs beautifully and has sped up the healing process of my PIH. Definitely a staple in my daily skincare regimen.
    So worth it!
    This is now a staple in my PM routine. I have a mixed skin type that goes dryer in winter and it saved my skin from going all crazy. Now I wae up with smooth and moistrurised skin that glows. Too bad there often is a waitlist for this oil.
    In love!
    I've wanted to try facial oils for a while now but have never known where/what to look for until my friend recommended this to me. My skin type is dry/sensitive so I needed something that was moisturising but wasn't going to cause irritation and honestly, this hits the nail on the head. I don't think the smell is as bad as other reviews make it out to be. I use this every night after I've taken my makeup off and used toner and it makes my skin feel so soft in the morning! After the first few days of using it, I noticed a considerable difference in the brightness of my skin and the pigmentation along my jawline had gone downloads. I recommend this so much and am so glad I bought it!
    Love it!
    This is oil is such a good deal! It makes my skin soft and supple and gives a fantastic glow. The fact that it is organic is a big pro for me, and it makes the low price even more mind-blowing. Great for body care, too.
    perfect rejuvinator
    I must say, it is imperative for me to give my review of this product. A short story to help you better understand how what a saviour it is. my skin is oil/combination and visible pore. my skin is also acne prone, so at a time before sleeping I get terrified to feel that there is an acne coming out. I would apply this before I sleep. And next morning the acne has reduced. I also feel that with regular usage the texture of the skin is building smother.
    Nice product
    Feels nice on the skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. Not a great smell but it is nice and calming leaves skin less red.
    It works
    I bought this to help fade melasma hyper-pigmentation caused by HRT. It's taken 3-4 weeks but I'm now really starting to see a difference. I'm also noticing a reduction in the appearance of some very old pitted acne scars I've had since I was a teenager. I use 3 drops at night as the last step in my skincare routine (so on top of my moisturiser) and I mix one drop into my moisturiser in the morning. I really massage it into my skin. It's good stuff.
    I have dry/normal skin but also adult acne and I have tried a LOT of things to moisturize without making me break out. This is the holy grail. Not only did it completely take away the dryness but it healed and lightened some of my scarrings as well. Definitely will re-purchase.
    Amazing product it works!
    I have never bought from The Ordinary before but I will definitely be looking at the products again. This oil is amazing I bought it as a nighttime hydration and my god does it work! Comes on so smoothly and moisturises the skin perfectly. I felt a difference after 1 use, my skin is very dry and this has changed my skin already after a weeks worth of use. O and the price is amazing! Will definitely be buying from The Ordinary again.
    It does wonders for your skin
    Rosehip oil is literally LIFE!! I apply every night before bed & it keeps my skin healthy and glowing. If you have dry skin I recommend it 110 %. Best ‎£9 I've ever spent.
    Overnight skin savior
    I have fairly oily skin so I use this sparingly, but when I do it's miraculous. In the winter I sometimes get dry patches, and sometimes I have small areas where my skin peels from acne. When that happens I use this as the last step in my skincare routine before bed, on top of my serum. By morning the issue is totally gone! This is definitely not a daytime product, at least not for oily skin, but it's a must-have nonetheless.
    I've just applied it once yesterday night for 2-3 drops. And guess what? My dark spots on my face had disappeared today morning! It is a good value for money and also a good product to try it out for oily skin type person. I'll definitely purchase it again for my next order.
    Why buy expensive oils when you can get this great oil for 9 pounds?
    My No.1 stop for treating breakouts
    In the past I always used some kind of super strong salicilic acid to dry out my pimples, but in the process I got scaring and dryness around the spot. Since then I changed the way I treat pimples: clay mask - acid - oil. It heals faster and is sooo much easier to cover with concealer. I even use it right before applying concealer (I have dry skin and it soaks it right up). It is such a nice oil, even though it smells not so great :)
    Love the product - hate the smell
    I bought this at hoping it would improve the dry patches on my face and chest and noticed results from first usage. I usually leave this on overnight as I feel the oil is too thick for me to wear on my face day to day. Another thing to note is that I absolutely hate the smell of this oil, my mum think it's smells like old vegetable oil, I'm not usually too sensitive to scents but it could just be my personal presence of disliking the smell. Absolutely love this, does exactly what it says on the tin - I have even replaced my old daily moisturiser for this (I'll just have to get used to the smell haha).
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