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    The Ordinary100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil<p>Providing a pure, unmitigated natural skin (and hair) saviour, The Ordinary&#8217;s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil is brimming with vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to boost skin&#8217;s radiance and smooth stressed-out strands. To ensure that not one of the oil&#8217;s benefits is compromised, this formulation is cold-pressed (heating can cause degradation), while the non-greasy extract is brimming with free radical-fighting antioxidants to protect and condition your skin, while smoothing and softening hair. The Ordinary&#8217;s formulation is completely unrefined, leaving it with a natural scent &#8211; no added nasties in sight.</p>ORD032133577699151908235 stars, based on85 reviews 8.10Cult BeautyNew
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    The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

    The Ordinary
    100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      100% pure, cold-pressed and organic, this formulation provides the unmitigated power of a natural wonder: virgin marula oil. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, this luxurious, multitasking miracle oil hydrates skin, restoring a radiant tone, as well as moisturising hair for a silky-soft result.

    • Description

      Providing a pure, unmitigated natural skin (and hair) saviour, The Ordinary’s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil is brimming with vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to boost skin’s radiance and smooth stressed-out strands. To ensure that not one of the oil’s benefits is compromised, this formulation is cold-pressed (heating can cause degradation), while the non-greasy extract is brimming with free radical-fighting antioxidants to protect and condition your skin, while smoothing and softening hair. The Ordinary’s formulation is completely unrefined, leaving it with a natural scent – no added nasties in sight.

    • How to use

      Hair Application—Work through damp, clean hair daily or as needed. Skin Application—Apply a few drops to the entire face once daily or as needed.

    • Full ingredients list

      Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil

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    The Ordinary - 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

    The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil Reviews

    First Oil
    First thing, I liked it. I used it as a facial oil. As a combo/dry skin type, It is very moisturizing. It is thick and it takes a while until it sinks in, but other than that it was fine. It is worth a try and I would only recommend you to try this, but I would try something else though. I am not wowed with this.
    Best oil I have used
    I have been using this oil for over a year and it keeps my sensitive/dry skin glowing. I use it every night as part of my bed time routine and I always wake up to healthy looking skin. It’s great value for money and does the same job as the more expensive marula oils out there.
    I have dry skin and this oil helps me a lot I really loved it.
    Perfect for my hair
    I use to twice a week on my hair and I just love it. Makes my hair shiny and vivid.
    Beautiful glow
    I find this oil really hydrating on my skin. I don’t use it on my hair but any area where I think is a bit dry (elbows, feet etc.) seems to work wonders. I have combination skin on my face but put this all over, never had a break out or clogged pores. Would definitely recommend.
    It’s ok...
    I used Drunk Elephant Marula oil beforehand, but the price stopped from purchasing it again. I decided to try The Ordinary Marula Oil, because I thought - well, the ingredients are the same! But I was really wrong. DE would give my skin a soft dewy glow, treating all of my dry flaky skin patches, whether on my face or my hands. But the ordinary is a completely different story, it gives my skin an oily sheen, staying on my skin for too long and takes several uses to treat any dry skin.
    Don’t use on hair
    Don’t put this on your hair - I put on damp ends as instructed on the bottle and had to wash my hair twice to get it back out. It's ok on skin, but nothing like the Drunk Elephant counterpart.
    just ok
    I got this to replace my Drunk Elephant Marula oil when I ran out as the price of this is amazing! However it's just ok, I can't put my finger on why its not as good - maybe greasier? Doesn't feel as smooth, doesn't seem to give me the glow. I'm going back to DE now I've finished this bottle for a proper comparison
    2nd bottle
    Love it!
    Does what a dry oil should
    Maybe I haven't tried enough other oils to see a difference in the effects of using marula oil vs something else but my honest take is that it's just another dry oil; I love it, but I don't think its outcomes are exclusive to this one oil. It absorbs super quick and is great to use after moisturising or in your hair after showering to lock in the moisture. You can use it with skincare to give you a dewy look or under foundation making it glide on effortlessly to give you an airbrushed look. I have normal/combination skin on my face and more dry skin on my scalp, this oil has managed to work for both but I'd say it is better on my face. I suggest if you're more prone to acne/breakouts maybe try a different oil as marula is a bit more comedogenic than something like argan oil.
    Don't overthinkit, just buy it ...
    Great product that "holds" all the moisture in the face! When you use it with silk pillowcase it's the perfect combo! I have oily T zone and dehydrated skin, didn't leave a greasy face and did amazing job! Its bomb
    I use it for my hair as I have a different oil for face, and it really hydrates the dry ends. Also works well for the body. Ridiculously affordable and considering what you pay it really delivers. Also, it takes forever to empty.
    I have been using this every other night for the past month alongside the rose hip oil. I have always been wary of oils as I have oily and congested skin along with whiteheads but.....It really helps my skin feel hydrated and smooth and even better has started clearing up my whiteheads and redness, will defo be using it more as it comes into winter as well, Love this & the price is amazing.
    Pure and luxurious
    High quality oil at a ridiculous price. The Ordinary products really came for the beauty industry, didn't they?
    Best value
    My skin absolutely loves this product. It's so thick and rich, but doesn't leave my skin greasy. Highly recommend it.
    Love this product!
    I use this every day on my face and hair. I've replaced my argan oil with this product. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all and I find it very hydrating. My dehydrated, oily skin doesn't suffer from this at all. Give it a try because it is amazing!
    Very good
    Amazing value and my skin feels amazing.
    Just amazing
    Forget about drunk elephant and similar brands. This the real thing for very dry skin. I couldn't survive winter without this one!
    Glowing akin
    I have never had a skin prone to impurities, pimples or any other conditions, but this oil leave my skin super hydrated and I wake up with a glow look. I love it
    Great for split ends
    I use it for hair. A bit on the heavier side, so use it sparingly. Does the work though. Like most oils, it didn’t do much for my face.
    I recommend this to everyone
    I have very dry eczema-prone skin. This makes it noticeably brighter, softer and more luminous - I saw an impact from the very first use. It won't cure eczema flare-ups but takes care of regular dry skin and rough texture like a dream. Now a staple in my routine - highly recommended!
    The only one
    I could find at a good price in UK, seems to be working well. I’m using it in a mix with other oils as my face remedy and so far I can’t say anything bad about it. It also have a glass bottle which is nice.
    Only for body
    As I saw no results for my sensitive skin I only use it in my legs for a bit of hydration not for my face anymore.
    Best oil for dry skin
    This stuff is heavenly, so good if you’re dry like me. This leaves my skin so soft and hydrated! For the price you can’t really go wrong either.
    The best for my hair
    The best for my hair. It is really good to shave a very sensitive skin. Great for dry patches of eczema.
    I am on my second bottle of this adorable oil. Love the way it moisturizes the skin, the silky feel on the skin and the way it absorbs. I highly recommend if you have dry skin. It's perfect!
    Love it!
    Love the formula used in it, It works perfectly for combination skin and does not leave your face too oily. I always look forward to waking up the next morning to feel my skin texture and how hydrated it is. Well done The Ordinary.
    Helps with the growth of your eyelashes, which makes them longer and even creates new hair.
    HG for hair
    I've been hearing all the rave about marula oil for hair but could not really afford one. This one is not only inexpensive but it's super effective. My hair is dry and damaged but this help bring life into it.
    My skin is super, super dry and I have tried every type of oil this one is quickly becoming my favourite. I use about 3 drops and pat it into my skin and it keeps my skin hydrated and bouncy for hours, it absorbs well and it never makes my skin feel greasy.
    It's amazing!
    I love this oil. I'm dry skin and it helps my skin to become active again. No dull or dryness.
    Beautiful Oil
    It's lovely to apply, and unlike a lot of other non-aromatic oils, it leaves no smell whatsoever. A big plus for me. Too soon to comment on whether there is a visible/dramatic improvement in skin quality but I will definitely re-purchase.
    Good multipurpose product!
    I bought this as a finishing oil for my skincare routine and whilst it wasn't particularly groundbreaking, it has given my skin good moisture, I've had no breakouts from it and isn't super shiny that I can't go out with it on in the morning. I've also used it as a hair oil for my scalp and it washes out easily. Very very minimal smell which is great, my only complaint is that it's a little viscous (and so makes it a little difficult to spread on the face) and I would love to be able to order a bigger bottle! Definitely recommend.
    Fantastic and amazing oil. Good for body and hair treatment.
    Eczema loves it
    I have eczema on my face, leaving me with dry patches on my cheeks. I put this on before moisturiser at night and I wake up with the softest skin I’ve ever had. Absolutely amazing work, obviously the dry patches come back throughout the day so it’s not a miracle cure or anything but it does reduce them in the morning.
    My favorite
    I have used Marula Oil for many years. I am mixing this item with sunscreen or base. You can realize that your skin is not damaged when you remove makeup. This oil is ideal for dry skin. I love it.
    This product can use for both body and hair. I only need to bring one oil when I go travelling. It really hydrates but not too heavy for my skin.
    I love it! I was sceptical at first since I have oily skin, but I was wrong! This stuff is great. I will continue to purchase again :)
    Um wow!!
    Firstly, the price is so amazing that even if you didn't like it, it wouldn't be the worst thing! However, I love it! I've been using it alone every night for about 3 weeks and it's great. I have very sensitive, reactive skin so most products don't work well, but this just does! I have also used it in the daytime but wouldn't personally recommend it as it can be a bit too oily for my T-Zone. Also, your skin feels amazingly soft after just one application! I would say buy it, especially if you have sensitive skin.
    Must buy
    Fantastic! Easily absorbed into the skin, didn’t irritate or cause breakouts. I have also used this as an intensive leave-in hair conditioner and as a finishing oil.
    The oil is great for hydrating the skin. It doesn't leave it to oily.
    Very hydrating
    I've used this oil by itself and mixed with my moisturizer when my skin needed extra help and it worked out amazingly both ways. it is a great way to get marula into my routine without paying too much.
    The Ordinary
    Amazing product. My skin feels so happy to use The Ordinary. Definitely, recommend it!!!
    たいしたことない- No big deal
    浸透していく感じがしない。スクワランは浸透していく感じがした。これは たいしたことない感じがした。ローズヒップオイルのほうが肌には合ってた。他のオイルも試してみます。 I don't feel like it's penetrating. I felt that squalane was infiltrating. Rosehip oil was more suitable for my skin. Try other oils as well.
    Just lovely
    I have dry but acne prone skin and this has been an absolute hero. I use it as my last step in my pm routine. It’s very moisturising
    So good for the skin. It hydrates deep and doesn't leave oil effect, makes the skin very soft like a baby, I love it !! I also have marula oil from Drunk Elephant but I like this more because it's not heavy and applies better.
    Super dehydrated skin and this didn’t absorb at all.
    I’ve got quite a few different oils and this is probably the worst one I’ve come across. Just sat on my skin making it really oily and greasy. I’ve got psoriasis, i.e. super dehydrated skin, so it’s really incredible for something to not be absorbed when most products usually disappear on application. I tried using a lot less and even on other parts of my body but it still just sat on top of my skin. I’m mostly wondering if the people who’ve tried this oil and love it have actually tried many others to know what a hydrating oil would feel like and if it’s been absorbed properly - albeit everyone’s skin types are obviously different! I’d really recommend Herbivore, Votary or even Elemis for more well formulated oils.
    Just Okay
    This oil is okay. I have been using it daily for a few weeks now and honestly haven't seen a noticeable difference. I feel like it actually makes my skin flaws more pronounced. It has almost a powdery feel once it dries down onto the skin? I also tried using on my hands and hair but really didn't see any differences worth repurchasing for unfortunately.
    My favourite oil
    I love this oil! I’ve tried a couple of others from The Ordinary which were also nice but this is definitely the best for leaving my skin feeling so incredibly moisturised. As someone with dry skin, using this and waking up to plump, hydrated skin is so refreshing! I’d say the consistency is slightly thicker than other oils, but I personally prefer that as I only use it at night so I‘m happy to let it sink in and I feel like I get the most hydration benefits out of it. Definitely recommend especially for dry skin!
    途中から髪に使用するようになり 今では大好きなアイテムになりました。乾燥した髪の毛を艶のあるウェットに仕上げてくれます。 I started using it on my hair halfway. Now it's a favorite item. Makes dry hair shiny and wet.
    Little Investment, Big Effect
    The Ordinary is worth the money and it really works well on my dry skin! Even it is oil based but you will not feel sticky or even uncomfortable. Strongly recommend to all of you
    Love this oil
    I'm 71 and since using this oil plus the hyaluronic acid, loads of people tell me how good my skin is. A new doctor couldn't believe my age when she looked at my notes. So would recommend these products. It's never too late!
    Did not work for me unfortunately
    I had really high hopes for this oil, sooo many people seem to swear by it. However, it broke me out. I tried it once and got breakouts all over my face, so I stopped, tried again in a few weeks and got breakouts again. Skin: sensitive, dry, dull (25 y.o.)
    I loved this product. It helped a lot with the eczema I had on my face. Great for the price.
    Miracle Oil
    This stuff is amazing considering the price! Love how it’s a multi use product but you only need 2/3 drops of it otherwise I find it can be too greasy. I find it really helps with the odd spot or CCs somehow it seems to make them disappear quicker! This really is a miracle oil.
    I mix it with my serums every night and it’s light and absorbs quickly, hydrating my skin in a way I never thought could be possible. I have acne prone skin and it doesn’t cause me any breakouts and it doesn’t clog pores. Also, way better than the Drunk Elephant Marula oil in my opinion.
    Amazing Product
    I put few drops of this on my hair, face and neck at night and in the morning, skin is so much better, softer and plumper. It even softens the rough patches of eczema I have on my elbow. I love love love this product and at such an amazing price.
    Best Oil
    Love this beautiful oil for my mature, dry skin. My country has a lot of hot, sunny days which is not so good for my age (60). I use this oil every night and it leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated.
    This oil is a delight. I use it mostly at night but sometimes in the morning if I'm not wearing makeup. At first it sat on my face and didn't absorb...I found that mixing it into my moisturiser (cream based) and then applying it absorbs quickly and doesn't sit on my skin and is now the way I use all The Ordinary oils. Face feels super soft!!
    The best oil
    I use this oil every night, it’s non-comedogenic and leaves my skin smooth on the morning. Hydration on top. Highly recommend!
    Perfect dupe for Drunk Elephant, people! It's great :)
    Love marula oil
    Very thin and light oil, that I can use in the morning and mix with my day cream before make up. I'm so glad, I managed buy this and not DE. Great quality and price!
    Very rich and moisturizing. I liked it more for my hair than face.
    It’s not for sensitive skin
    It’s make my skin scratched . not for sensitive skin like me do not buy it again
    Very, very nice and moisturising for my skin
    The Ordinary is the best brand
    Great. Very clean skin.
    Just wonderful
    Many of my favourite oils have Marula oil in them (like for example the wonderful Evening Replenishing by Leahlani). This is my first try of the pure oil. It might indeed be the one oil that works best for my skin! 3 drops mixed into my favourite all-rounder moisturizer (BELIF Moisturizing bomb, a herbal formula) day or night and my skin are simply radiant. The first time I used it at night, I had the softest, but not at all "oiled" looking skin in the morning. No breakouts. Small previously existent spots were actually gone the next morning. FYI for skin type: My skin does not normally look dry (except in winter with heating and cold), but soaks up a crazy amount of heavy moisturizers especially oils, and looks happy when I use them. I never had problems with impure skin, but have had periods of hormonal acne while breastfeeding, and some ingredients do break me out. Marula oil seems to be an oil that never does that. Big thumbs up for the price tag, also!
    Marula Heaven
    This product is so good!
    Works wonderfully
    I’m in love with this oil. I’ve had chapped lips for years. After using this every day for a week my lips are now plump and pink again. Lips got their life back! Yippe!
    Beautiful oil
    This stuff is gorgeous. Does exactly the same job as some marula oils five times the price!
    Great product
    This is a steal if you compare to how much other skincare companies ask for a pure Marula Oil. It felt lovely on my skin and was absorbed within an hour. I also use an essence and a serum before the oil. Perfect for layering, thus. My skin felt very soft in the morning. Marula Oil for the win.
    Dry, acne prone skin
    I like this oil, it doesn't leave me congested or greasy and feels hydrating. I'm an avid oil user and whilst I didn't find the results 'amazing' or 'ground breaking' it is a lovely product at a fantastic price. Will buy again.
    I love this oil - it leaves skin so soft, it absorbs really well too and I love the consistency and the fact that it has no scent is a big plus for me. I would recommend this and will buy it again.
    Beautiful product
    The first product I bought from this brand and I am loving it. The quality is superb. I use it for a night instead of a night cream and it has been working amazingly.
    New fav facial oil
    Really liked the oil. Very moisturising for my combination, sensitive skin. Helped with dry patches. Light oil but very good for a night time moisturiser.
    Lovely stuff
    Really impressed with this oil. For the price, I wasn't expecting much but my dry, sensitive skin loves it. No spots either which is usually the problem with a richer oil.
    Very good
    Really nice oil, I use them for both my face and body. Great value for money.
    Really lovely oil, use it on my face, hands and particularly like to run a couple of drops through my hair after washing it and whilst it’s still wet. My hair has improved in texture as it is softer and I am enjoying it being longer as I was about to have it cut cos it just felt so dry and looked dull before using this! No longer having bad hair days! Yay
    Love this oil
    The price is amazing. I love using this oil for my skin, and what I have left over on my hands I rub in the ends of my hair.
    Great for cocktail-ing oils to create a personalised product. I have dry/dehydrated skin - 100% Marula, 100% Squalane and 100% jojoba mix.
    Like water
    Not impressed, this is like water, feel nothing don't like the feeling of it on my skin. I wanted to have something that had more of a moist feeling.
    Always loved Marula oils and this one (and for the price) is really great. Not that oily, just 2 drops every night, the rest that stays in my hands rub in the ends of my hair, and the skin wakes up really smooth. I am happy with it!
    Very nice
    I love oils for my old dryish hide and this one is cheap too!
    I used this oil for multipurpose for my body face and hair. Such a great oil and good for my skins. Recommended this oil for others.
    Amazing oil!! My skin drinks it right away! It's a very thin oil and clear like the marula oil should be!!! Definitely, recommend it! My skin feels so hydrated.
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