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    THE INKEY LISTSalicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment<p>If hair&#8217;s stubbornly oily then help is at hand: THE INKEY LIST&#8217;s Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment swiftly eliminates build-up and lift-inhibiting grime as it gently eradicates flakes to help minimise itching.</p><p>With 2% salicylic acid to exfoliate and help to purge embedded impurities, alongside 2.5% FluidPure 8G which soothes redness and calms irritation, this balancing formula also stars 1% panthenol to maintain moisture levels for silky smooth lengths. Great for those susceptible to stressed-out scalps or flakes, this normalising pre-wash serum works to swiftly re-establish equilibrium - in clinical trials, 100% of testers felt their hair and scalp was less oily after 28 days of use, while 95% said that their scalp was less itchy.</p>INK0432178650604222985344 stars, based on45 reviews 11.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

    Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Bringing everything back to the INCI list, THE INKEY LIST’s line-up of purse-friendly products prove that efficacy needn’t cost the earth. Developed by a team of leading scientists, this range aims to cut through the industry jargon with straight-talking products that harness the best and the breakthrough ingredients staking their claim to the shelves of the experts who know a great thing when they use it. And now that the team have applied their unique expertise to the realm of hair health, prepare for your lengths to have never looked better…

    • Description

      If hair’s stubbornly oily then help is at hand: THE INKEY LIST’s Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment swiftly eliminates build-up and lift-inhibiting grime as it gently eradicates flakes to help minimise itching.

      With 2% salicylic acid to exfoliate and help to purge embedded impurities, alongside 2.5% FluidPure 8G which soothes redness and calms irritation, this balancing formula also stars 1% panthenol to maintain moisture levels for silky smooth lengths. Great for those susceptible to stressed-out scalps or flakes, this normalising pre-wash serum works to swiftly re-establish equilibrium - in clinical trials, 100% of testers felt their hair and scalp was less oily after 28 days of use, while 95% said that their scalp was less itchy.

    • How to use

      Shake the bottle before use. Use as a pre-shampoo treatment. Shake 1-2 pumps into the palm of your hand and massage hands together, working the formula into your scalp with your fingertips. Leave on for ten minutes then wash your hair as normal. Use one to two times a week.

      Alternatively, use as a booster, adding a pump to your shampoo/conditioner to supercharge your hair-was ritual.

    • Full ingredients list

      2% Salicylic Acid – helps to exfoliate the scalp and balance oil levels

      2.5% FluidPure™ 8G – helps to reduce scalpe redness

      1% Panthenol – helps to hydrate and moisturise hair

      Water (Aqua/Eau), Propanediol, Salicylic Acid, Betaine, Panthenol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-37, Hexylene Glycol, Capryloyl Glycine, Citronellyl Methylcrotonate, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexylglycerin, Xylitylglucoside, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate.

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    THE INKEY LIST - Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

    THE INKEY LIST Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment Reviews

    Did a lot, but does leave the scalp a bit dry
    The first time I used it, honestly it was the first time my scalp had felt that clean in a long while. However, it does leave my scalp a tad bit dry, and I wish I had a hydrating oil in my routine (contradictory I know). I didn't have the same problem with application the reviewers had. Yes the product is liquid, but all you have to do is rub between your palms and apply to base of scalp. All in all, the product is worth the price, and it leaves my scalp relatively dandruff free for three to four days after wash. Its too early to say if it will have lasting benefits as yet.
    Not stopping any itch
    Tried this on for a number of times and it’s not as good as the solution you get from the doctor and on prescription.
    This is the only product that has helped me with my dandruff and itchy scalp. I mix mine in with my shampoo as I find this the less messy way of doing it. Leaves my hair soft and I also think the colour of my hair has become brighter since using this.
    Great but small
    So I was looking forward to it as I do the curly hair method and I get a good amount of build up every few weeks so I used this. I had to use alot to cover my scalp. And I kept it on for at at least an hour so it could do it's thing. Don't worry, it's not strong or stingy. It helped, it really did but that one bottle did two uses. So they say it's cheap but it was £12 for two uses! So I won't buy again
    Tiny bottle for the price
    I found this helped my scalp psoriasis but there’s only enough in the bottle for a couple of uses. The texture is very watery so it’s easy to waste the product as well. It would be great if the product was bigger for prolonged use but it’s definitely not worth splurging for as there are better products out there that are worth the buck.
    Did nothing for Oil
    Used this for a couple months now. It has done nothing to help with my oily scalp. Changed nothing to make my oilly hair last onger between washes. Still gets oily next or couple days after. Waste of my money.
    Did absolutely nothing - in fact, dried my scalp out
    I had high hopes for this but it did absolutely nothing for my scalp. If anything, it dried it out even more and left it sore in places. It did nothing at all to remove any flakes and dry patches - in fact, my regular shampoo or Head & Shoulders works better! It's incredibly expensive for such a tiny bottle and when I purchased it, the image showed a pump top. When it arrived it had a simple plastic top, as is now shown in the updated image.This makes it almost impossible to apply, as you need to drip it into your palm and then use your fingers to rub it into your scalp. It took ages to get it all on, and I used quite a lot of the product in one go.I won't be using this again.
    Great formula, bad product
    Treatment addresses my main scalp concerns: removes sebum deposit, reduces breakouts, prevents flaky skin. Great formula for very oily or flakey scalp. Kudos for aluminium packaging thus reducing plastic. Everything else about this product is mistake. Bottle is laughably small, 50 ml is suitable for mini product, 150 ml should be standard size. Application method is wrong as there is no way to reach scalp once product is massaged between hands. Pump splashes product everywhere - 20 % is wasted. Will not repurchase.All that makes me think that The Ikey List released this product
    Scalp sorted flake & itch free
    I had been suffering for a long time with a very itchy, flakey scalp, having tried too many products to even begin listing, including steroid scalp lotion from my doctor. I stumbled across The Inky List so I ordered the scalp treatment, to be honest I wasn’t expecting much but I was desperate. To my astonishment the results were literally instant. I followed the instructions, the product is water like so I ended up using a little more than the recommend amount, rubbed it in to my scalp, left it on for 10 minutes & washed & conditioned my hair as normal. I checked my scalp after drying my hair & I could not find one single flake & the best bit for me is no more itch. I only used the scalp treatment twice in the first week so there is quiet a bit of the product remaining & I haven’t had to use it since & I am still flake & itch free. Highly recommend this miracle potion.
    Too runny, hard to know if the product works
    I love the inkey list so was looking forward to trying their haircare. Unfortunately, the formula of this is so liquid it is very hard to apply. The suggested method is 2 pumps into the palm then apply to the hair, but as its so runny gets caught in my long hair before most reaches the scalp. I've tried pumping it directly into the scalp but this uses loads, so the bottle won't last long at all. I think the product works well on the scalp, but the formula needs to be thicker (or the bottle changed)
    Waste of money
    I found this product is an absolute waste of money and time trying to apply it. The formula is very liquid and there is no way you can apply it properly on the scalp. 2 pumps as suggested don't go anywhere, so the whole bottle lasted about 3 applications and didn't make any difference. Definitely won't be buying it again and don't recommend it to anyone.
    Its fine. I have to use more like 10/15 pumps - wont last a week.
    My scalp over lockdown has taken a turn for the worst and I needed something to help reduce build-up and the dryness on my scalp. This has worked wonders and my scalps feel and look so much better. I only use 2 times a week and it made a massive difference. Highly recommend!
    Love the juice hate the packaging
    The product is innovative and works well but the packaging is awful. Mine leaks when shaking in a locked nozzle position. The nozzle releases too much product and is hard to get to your scalp so waste a lot of product. I know the Inkey list wants 100% recyclable packing but the pump is just not working. A plastic or glass pipette would be far better. Will not repurchase until the packaging improves.
    This stuff really works!
    I bought this with high hopes after seeing the good reviews and I have to say I am blown away. I've had chronic seborrheic dermatitis issues on and off for ages that leave my head constantly itchy and covered in oily, flaky scales. After just a few washes the itching has completely stopped and the scaliness is gone. As others have said the watery texture is a bit difficult to get used to – I've found the best way to apply is to section off the hair and apply directly from the pump to the scalp so you can massage it in with your fingers. If you're tried chemist shampoos etc and nothing's worked, give this a try as I can't believe how much it's helped my scalp.
    Packaging needs work
    This is a great product and works well at reducing flakiness in the scalp. However, the pump is a serious issue. The mechanism just squirts products everywhere and isn’t controlled enough for such a watery product. If the pump was more controlled this would be a 5-star product.
    Did nothing
    Beware when pumping the product out, its very watery consistency and shoots out.. can be a bit messy applying. Wanted to love it but just found it didn't really do anything.
    Amazing product - awful packaging
    I've only used this for a week and seen an amazing improvement on my dry scalp and oily-ness of hair but the packaging is just bad. It's impossible to even get a full pump out without it spilling everywhere- not sure if I just have a faulty bottle. If I'm being honest I will totally re-purchase the product but hope that they improve the packaging. I read a review suggesting a drop applicator which I would say is a better idea! I wouldn't usually mark a product down based on the packaging but this is so disappointing.
    Super-clean scalp!
    I bought this in the hope that it would keep my oily roots cleaner for longer... and my word does it do the job! I applied it as it said, 2 pumps on the scalp onto dry hair, leave on for 10 minutes then hopped in the shower and washed my hair as normal. My scalp felt so clean and refreshed afterwards and even gave a bit of volume at the roots! Would 100% recommend to anyone who finds that their hair gets greasy quickly.
    I used this twice and I'm telling you if you have OILY/DRY scalp - this WORKS! Leave this on overnight and wash off in the morning.
    I've had dandruff for two years now, and nothing has helped. My scalp is constantly itchy (especially when I am stressed). I've tried all the major anti-dandruff shampoos (and natural ones with tea tree) but dandruff/itch comes back a few days later. As soon as I applied this to my hair, I could feel instant relief from any itch. I still have some dandruff - but the itch has gone. I have only used this once, though. My scalp does not smell like cheese anymore after using this! If this is you, please add this to your cart and give it a go!
    I like it...
    I'm very impressed with the active ingredients in this product. I used this as a pre-poo for 10 minutes (as recommended) and my scalp definitely felt cleaner. My issue concerns the application of this product. It has exactly the same consistency as water, so it got very messy when applying this to my scalp as it ran all down my face. Because of this, I used way more than I wanted. I'd be much happier if the product itself was more viscous. The bottle is also small so I'm unsure if I'll be repurchasing.
    Blown away.
    Ok, so I just used the salicylic acid scalp treatment for the first time. I wasn't expecting instant results if I'm honest. Just for reference I scratch and scratch my scalp until it bleeds because it's so itchy, it's flakey and also feeling thin because of the constant scratching. 7 minutes in from the treatment and giant flakes have lifted away and at the moment it's almost as if the treatment has neutralized the itchiness? I've tried special medicated shampoos, the lot and none of it worked. This stuff is actually magic.
    Works well
    This is great at really cleaning your scalp. It helps to remove any build up. It helps to stop itching too. The product is very watery so you have to work quickly with it. Leave it on for ten minutes then wash as usual. You don't need to use it every time you wash your hair, about once a week is enough. There is enough product in the bottle to last approximately 3 months, depending on how much you use.
    The size is ridiculous
    This is good, but this is the size of a small face serum, not a haircare product! Won’t buy again until it’s a bigger size...
    Didn’t really do anything
    Love the Inkey List but I’m not sure this really did anything other than potentially making me scalp quite itchy! Not sure this is a success unfortunately and won’t be purchasing again :(
    I've been using this product for over a month. No effect at all. Plus, the packaging is not the most convenient one for product distribution.
    Too watery
    I found this product difficult to use as it’s super watery and difficult to apply. It says to use two pumps but I ended up using at least six to cover my hair. Didn’t notice any difference after using this so will not repurchase.
    bye flakes
    I purchased this for my boyfriend; during periods of stress his head becomes a flaky mess (he usually has mild dandruff) and this worked wonders! He really loves it and uses it once a week. I had warned him that it is runny from the reviews here but he is managing it and for the price point… it’s a steal!
    Worst treatment ever
    Before using this product I only had a small dandruff problem. Now, I’ve been using it for a month, my scalp is itchy and big chunks of it are peeling off. It’s uncomfortable and it hurts. Would not recommend!
    I'm going to need a bigger bottle
    This product is really good. I have fine hair that's become very oily lately, so oily I needed to wash every second day if not every day. This product has allowed me to stretch out to 3 or 4 days without having to resort to a ponytail. As other reviews have said, the packaging sucks, but the juice is great.
    It works!
    I've only used it twice so far but I've already been feeling its effect! My scalp is usually on the oily side and it's been flaky and itchy for the past few months but the product helped a lot and it's not itchy or flaky anymore! Not gonna lie, when I got the product I was surprised because it was smaller than I thought and it was even leaking a bit but I would still give it 5 stars.
    Don't lose your money
    The bottle is very small, the pump does not work well and made my scalp greasy. I don't recommend the product. I would like to know how they apply 2 pumps in a scalp.
    My new favourite beauty product
    My eczema came back with a vengeance a few years ago on my scalp, and since then, I have tried SO many different products and home remedies at different price points. Some stopped the itching but not the scabbing/flaking, and vice versa. After reading the other reviews for this, I gave it a go and even after 1 use, my scalp looked and felt the best it's been in forever, and there's no flakes in my hair. Yes, the pump is not ideal, but for the price and the results, I can absolutely deal with it. I just wish there was a larger size available!
    A sad disappointment
    I would echo the other reviews here commenting on the unsuitability of the pump dispenser bottle, the water like liquid that soaks your hair and not your scalp. I would add the product is in a very small bottle and did absolutely nothing for my scalp. Having tried two bottles I think my flakes were worse and my scalp oilier. I would not buy it again and would not recommend it.
    It worked!
    I've tried everything to figure out my dry scalp - coal tar shampoos etc, nothing worked without making my hair v dry. This product actually works! Yes, it's watery but that was fine for me, I used about 4 pumps for my scalp. I could feel a mild tingle as it worked.
    Just okay, disappointed
    I've left my review for a few weeks so I could really give this a go as I wanted to love it, but I'd say it's just average. I suffer from a really itchy scalp which gets flakey towards the front so I'm always looking for something that will combat that and so far nothing's worked. This product did help somewhat towards the 2nd or 3rd use, but as the other reviews say, the packaging is ridiculous. The liquid itself is basically water and if you're like me and you have thick hair, pumping it into your hand and applying to your head doesn't get down the scalp, it just coats your hair. I found the best way to use it was to put the nozzle directly against my scalp in the most affected areas and apply, but this does use a lot of product. My head does feel less itchy, the flakes aren't gone but they're somewhat better but the faff and expense is just not worth it. The hunt continues.
    Good product but ...
    I enjoy the product, it leaves my hair and scalp feeling extra clean. BUT the packaging is awful, and leaks everywhere! I have to use more like 10/15 pumps to cover my scalp, coupled with the fact you get so little product - I'm unlikely to repurchase.
    Curly Girl Approved - amazing!
    I'm a curly girl but always have an itchy scalp. I've tried multiple ACV rinses and different CG methods (scalp massage treatment etc) without much difference but was so excited when I heard about this product at an affordable price with salicylic acid as a main ingredient. Used as a pre-shampoo treatment and the first time I was shocked! Amazing instant results including giving my curls more volume from the root and solving ALL scalp problems. Second time - same thing! Third week I skipped the process to test if it was due to this product (since I've tried other new products) and hands down this was the product that was doing wonders. Instantly works after washing and relieves the scalp. I want to make this part of my wash routine but just wish the bottle was bigger and the treatment not so watery. CG girls will defo need more than the amount they recommend. My only concern!!
    This was the third product that I bought from The Inkey List (I got the Caffeine and Vitamin C too), and it is my new favourite product!! I have super oily hair, and this has been a dream. I've used it a few times now and it makes my scalp feel really clean without feeling stripped, and my hair doesn't seem to get oily as quickly as it normally would.
    It doesn’t do anything
    It’s incredibly watery, so prepare for the product to be wasted. A droplet applicator would have been better. And the product actually made my scalp more irritated.
    The Best Thing
    Honestly, this product is the only thing that has ever worked on my eczema. I have used a hundred different shampoos and hair masks but nothing has ever worked like this. Even after the first application, there was a noticeable different. I'll definitely be buying more of this.
    This serum literally transformed my head after the FIRST go - I’m amazed! I’ve tried and failed with so many others scalp products after suffering from psoriasis for ages and this is the only one that’s made a difference - and from one use! Extra bonus for how affordable it is. This will be a permanent in my bathroom now
    Almost Amazing
    I wanted to leave a review for folks with 4C/loc'd hair like myself. You're going to need way more than two drops to cover your scalp! The pump design does the product no favours and it's so small that this may seem not worth wild for those of us with thick hair to get through, but it is good. I can feel the difference and I can't wait to see what will happen with prolonged use.
    I just tried this for the first time - and although I may be pretty hasty here in my review - I am absolutely in love with this product. I bought a few to try from The Inkey List’s new hair range, and this pre-shampoo treatment instantly relieved and calmed my scalp. I sat with it on in the bath for 10 minutes before washing out. Just to note - it says it’s a serum and to rub between hands before applying - be careful! The consistency is almost like water and I wasn’t prepared for this. Excited to try the other products! Such an affordable price too.
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