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    THE INKEY LISTSalicylic Acid Cleanser<p>A must-have for those with acne-prone skin, this Salicylic Acid Cleanser is formulated with a zinc compound to help control excess sebum, while allantoin - an anti-irritant, helps soothe and protect skin. This hard-working multi-use product not only does the job of removing make up, it controls excess oil to reduce sebum, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, blackheads and breakouts as well as promoting a more even skin tone. Simply use this morning and/or evening, then rinse thoroughly with water and follow with your favourite serums. We promise you'll love the results!</p>INK0161781550604222971795 stars, based on127 reviews 10.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Salicylic Acid Cleanser

    Salicylic Acid Cleanser
    ( 150ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on skin care’s most-wanted ingredients (at astoundingly reasonable, ‘give-it-a-go’ prices). This brand new Salicylic Acid Cleanser - better known as a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) - helps to effectively cleanse skin, removing make up, dirt and unclog pores to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and minimise excess oils.

    • Description

      A must-have for those with acne-prone skin, this Salicylic Acid Cleanser is formulated with a zinc compound to help control excess sebum, while allantoin - an anti-irritant, helps soothe and protect skin. This hard-working multi-use product not only does the job of removing make up, it controls excess oil to reduce sebum, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, blackheads and breakouts as well as promoting a more even skin tone. Simply use this morning and/or evening, then rinse thoroughly with water and follow with your favourite serums. We promise you'll love the results!

    • How to use

      Use AM and PM. 

      Gently massage a small amount onto dampened face and neck 

      Rinse thoroughly with water and follow with preferred serums and moisturiser. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamidopropyl Dimethylamine, PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Salicylic Acid, Betaine, Zinc PCA, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Chloride, Allantoin, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Benzyl Alcohol, Coconut Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Tocopherol, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides Citrate.  

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    THE INKEY LIST - Salicylic Acid Cleanser

    THE INKEY LIST Salicylic Acid Cleanser Reviews

    Will Repurchase
    I have acne prone skin and wanted to incorporate Salicylic Acid into my regimen so I gave this a shot. It is gentle to my skin and yet leaving my skin feeling clean every time after using it. At this price point, I'd say that it has delivered up to my expectation.
    Love this
    I use this in the morning to cleanse my face and i have noticed such a difference in my skin. The reduction in oil has been amazing! I no longer suffer with overly greasy skin! Totally recommend! Just remember to avoid the eyes!
    As good as they say
    This is a great cleanser for congested skin and it certainly lives up to its reputation. No fragrance, not too drying and suitable for the body too. It absolutely does the job. It is my second favourite- only to Veneffect Pore Minimizing Cleanser which is to date, the best cleanser for my skin. However, for the price of this one, you can’t go wrong. I have seen a few comments about the size being too small but I have found it to last quite a long time.
    Helped my acne clear up very well.
    Perfect cleanser
    My favourite cleanser I've ever used! Cleanses without drying out my skin (I have an oily complexion). I've also noticed I've been getting fewer blemishes after I incorporated it into my skincare.
    It's amazing. If you have normal to dry skin use a heavy moisturizer. It cleared my pimples (alongside niacinamide). My skin has never been so smooth and soft.
    Reduced my breakouts and blemishes. Used it with the PHA toner. I give it 5 starts for it’s price & the results !
    My first product from the Inkey List and this cleanser works amazingly for my acne prone combination skin without ever drying me out!
    The only problem is quantity
    The cleanser is AMAZING. But the quantity is too little. I wish Inkey list come up with a bigger bottle.
    Can't be without
    I've suffered with oily, congested and blackhead prone skin for years. I bought this cleanser after being advised to incorporate salicylic acid into my routine. My congested bumps are gone and blackheads have significantly reduced. I leave the cleanser on a little longer to target problem areas and I even use it on my body where I get breakouts. I always buy a few at a time because I can't be without!
    Great product
    I love the consistency of the cleanser. It is gentle and cleanses the face very efficiently without drying it, I love this cleanser very much.
    Awesome blow some cleanser
    My pimples started to shrink in 2-3 applications ... I am loving loving loving it ... I hope we can get these products in India.
    Great cleanser for combination skin
    Doesn't dry out my skin and it feels so clean after using this product. Worth trying if you have the occasional break out.
    So far ok
    So far ok. Skin is not dry. I would by it again
    Worked like a charm
    Doesn't dry at all, works really well with the oat balm, helps with my blemish prone skin
    So far so good
    I've been using it for a few days and looks like it's doing the job, will probably buy again.
    Not impressed
    Just not what I expected. Very thick, sticky snd didn’t like the smell. I usually love everything from this brand!
    Not great
    I’ve used this for about a month now and it’s actually made my skin worse than what it was before I started using it. It was good for the first week and I thought I was seeing a real difference. But the past few weeks this has really broken me out. Would not recommend.
    Stripping and sensitizing
    I didn’t see any difference with my blackheads. I think there should be some quite explicit instructions to not use this product anywhere near your eyes as over time the skin around my eyes became really sensitive to other products - even simple moisturizers like cerave. Overall, probably good for acne prone and very oily skin but not for combination skin with minor breakouts and blackheads. Will definitely try a more hydrating one next time as my skin feels really tight after use - even after I use Hyaluronic acid.
    Been using this product for 1 one and it has made a huge difference on my face. My breakouts stoped and the skin looks less oily. So happy with the brand :)
    Love it
    I have combination skin and I found this doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped. I've used this almost daily for around 2 months and I've definitely had fewer breakouts since using this, my skin is so clear! I now only get the odd small hormonal breakout on my chin but 10/10 would recommend - especially for those combination / acne prone types.
    This is a great cleanser, can really feel a difference since I’ve been using it. My face feels like it’s had a deep clean. Only downside is it’s always out of stock!
    Reasonable price for the bha cleanser and it works well. It helps to reduce blackhead and whitehead. Texture is pleasant and make my skin very clean as function is.my skin type is dry but it does not make my skin dry after using it - light exfoliate but pretty good. I use both am and pm everyday and I will continue to use this cleanser. 5 stars for The Inkey List and especially this Bha facial cleanser/exfoliation
    Nothing Fancy
    Normal cleanser, nothing magical bad smell tbh
    Absolutely amazing
    My skin can be a bit sensitive sometimes. Especially my forehead, which is why I only started using it on my back and chest. It made my acne on there go away completely. About a month ago I started breaking out a lot on my jaw and a bit on my cheeks. Big cyst-like acne. I tried everything but it wouldn't go away. I, therefore, started using this cleanser only on these areas, avoiding my forehead. It is finally clearing up. I can't get enough of this cleanser!!
    Used On Combination Skin.
    PROS: Amazing! I was concerned at first about using an acid-based cleanser but wow, this has changed everything. I've seen a reduction in spots and inflammation, it doesn't dry me out and my combo skin seems to be more balanced. lastly what a great price! CONS: I wish I came in a bigger bottle as I've been using it on my back and chest breakouts too. WOULD I BUY AGAIN? YES. I can see this being a staple in my future routines. *I used this product as part of a full Inkey List Routine*
    Good cheap cleanser
    I have used this cleanser for over a month now and I really like it. I have oily to combination skin and my pores get blocked easily. This cleanser cleanses my skin nicely but doesn't dry it out. I think it prevents breakouts on my skin and reduces blackheads, or at least it doesn't make more of them. I also don't mind the smell even though it's a bit "medicine" like. All in all great product and a great price point! Not a miracle product though but would not expect it to be because it's just a cheap cleanser. Thank you, The Inkey List!
    Nice face wash
    This foams up really well. Cleans the skin beautifully. Getting rid of all traces of make up so easily and with the smallest amount of product. There is no fragrance but that doesn’t offend me.
    A healthy clean
    I have quite oily skin but this is a great cleanser without drying the skin out too much, however, the smell is not the nicest but it only lasts a very short time, I asked customer services and they explained that the Inkey don’t use any fragrances so I can live with the smell for the great results this cleanser offers.
    I was experiencing the worst breakouts I’ve ever had, never had any problems with my skin and then for months I was experiencing really sore lumpy spots on my chin that would never seem to clear up. Tried lots of different skin care products but nothing seemed to help. I started using this cleanser and after one week there was a massive difference, the red sores cleared up, the lumps went down. 4 weeks later there were no spots to be seen. I can’t believe how amazing this product has been, will definitely be ordering more. It’s so gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry at all.
    Very impressed so far!
    I've only been using this cleanser for a week (I'll review again after another few weeks) but one thing I wanted to mention was how impressed I was that this product doesn't strip my skin - something I was genuinely concerned about. I have combination/oily skin and am currently dealing with the worst breakout I've ever had (teenage skin in the first year of my 30s, great!) I've tried a few different cleansers (Evolve, CosRX and Biore) and have weirdly found that the skin around my lips has dried and cracked (ouch) with all of these, although my face still resembled an oil slick. This product, on the other hand, cleanses my face beautifully and I've had no sensitivity around my lips at all! If anything my lips have been better since using this.The one thing I will say is I'm not overly clean on the smell of the cleanser, but that's just a personal preference and something I'm getting used to :)
    Love it
    First time trying this cleanser and I love it.The cleanser has really helped ease and get rid of breaks outs. I have oily/combo skin and it doesn’t dry out my skin as it is very gentle.
    I love it!
    Finally some great, not expensive, and not irritating cleanser for blemishes. I use it usually in the evening. Also, no SLA or foam <3 (I have combo skin prone to acne, a little bit on the sensitive skin side)
    **Amazing for acne prone skin**
    This cleanser is definitely my all time fav!! I suffer with acne prone skin I take antibiotics daily due to how serve my skin can get!! It's not caused any irritation to my sensitive skin and leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth. Deffo helped clear my skin ❤
    Love love love
    My skin has been so much better since I started using this. Cystic acne, gone, black heads, gone, clogged pores, gone. It’s not drying at all, my skin is soft and smooth. I use with the ordinary niacinamide and zinc, the ordinary alpha arbutin and cera-ve sa smoothing cream. Only complaint... I’m running out and there’s non in stock!!!
    Salicylic acid cleanser
    The salicylic acid cleanser helped get rid of my sebaceous glands. For the price and how well this product works I wonder why you guys aren’t more known like proactive or olay you guys definitely need more recognition!
    Great addition to my skincare routine
    I have been struggling to find the right products for my skin for a while now. I suffered from acne when I was a teenager (now nearly 30!) and my skin has never really settled, until I came across this product! I'd say after using the cleanser for roughly over 2 weeks, my skin started to show improvement. My blemishes are nowhere near as bad as they had previously been. I will get the odd breakout due to hormonal changes but other than that it's great. I used to be the one that wouldn't step outside without makeup on, as I wanted to hide my skin, but now that has all changed. Will be purchasing this again, once back in stock! Highly recommend!
    Not suitable for my dry sensitive skin
    The price is affordable, however I would not recommended for dry and sensitive skin. My skin feel so tight after using this.
    Great for back and chest acne.
    This was too harsh for my face so I decided to use it on my back and chest after the gym because excessive sweating and gross gyms were breaking me out. I leave it on for a couple minutes while i wash my face and it REALLY helps!
    Good cleanser
    Doesn’t dry out my skin and seems gentle enough to use daily. So far so good!
    Lovely cleanser
    Nice cleanser, which foams slightly. Isn’t stripping and didn’t make my skin feel tight. You get a good amount of product for the price, and it will last you!
    A staple in my skincare collection
    I have been using this consistently for the last month and I LOVE it. As someone with oily / combination / blemish-prone skin this does an exceptional job at keeping my skin clear and blemish-free. I use this morning and night and find that it's mild enough to do so, causing no sensitivities to my skin. The texture is amazing and there is just enough foam without it being too much. I find this doesn’t dry my skin out and have recommended this to so many people and on my skincare Instagram (@skin_t__). For the price, this is a must!
    Magical stuff
    This has really helped to clear up my skin, and hasn’t dried it out which a lot of other similar cleansers have. I have been really pleased with all the stuff I have tried from this brand - will be buying again :)
    very good cleanser
    Nice, gentle cleanser, deep clean, the skin doesn't feel tight after using it. It's a really good starter before your skincare routine, good to be used in the morning and well as in the evening (gently cleans all of the oil-based cleanser)
    Kinda worked??
    I used this for 5 months and didn't completely clear up my acne (possibly due to my rampant hormones) but definitely helped with the lumps on my forehead.
    Great for imperfections
    This works a treat as a morning cleanse and to get rid of spots and imperfections, for a very reasonable price point. The salicylic acid in there is quite strong so I would advise not to use any other acid following this, or vitamin C! Might be a bit drying for the more sensitive skins as well.
    I can see an improvement
    I have an oily problematic acne-prone skin (and also atopic skin) and this one is really good! It’s so gentle. I have been using it for a month now and I see my skin doing so well. It doesn’t dry my skin out and exfoliates really well. I can see my pores are being unclogged. It doesn’t remove make-up for sure but I don’t need that from a SA cleanser.
    Clear skin
    Bought for my husband due to oily skin. Using in conjunction with The Ordinary Niacinamide and a matte control moisturiser. Winner.
    Gentle but lowkey worked
    Used this cleanser at night and it didn't help instantly but after 2 weeks I def saw results!
    Amazing for Oily Skin
    I'm so so happy I found this. I was having extremely oily skin and this is the only cleanser I have found that actually makes my skin feel dry and clear up my acne. Highly recommend!
    A game changer
    It’s brilliant and has sorted my acne prone skin out with no side effects!
    Good but not great
    Gentle yet effective
    I've used this every other day since I've received it, and I've noticed any spots coming out are faded after I've used this cleanser. It's the salicylic acid which is minimising the spots after use.
    Acne treatment
    Perfect for acne prone skin.
    Good value for the price
    Doesn't foam almost at all, feels nice and takes everything off. However, even as somebody with very oily (and sensitive) skin, I do not recommend using it 2x day, but just for propper, second, evening cleanse. Perfect for those, who like CeraVe, Avene and LaRoche, to step up your game towards the acid cleansing.
    Great cleanser.
    Love this cleanser.
    love it
    I am so happy I read the other reviews and went ahead with buying products from this range. In my late 20's I am still suffering from regular spotty clusters across my T zone area (so unfair, I know) and this product combined with a few others from the range has literally cleared my skin completely. My skin is much brighter and feels more supple. Not going to lie, when I wake up in the morning I just smile because I'm not used to my skin ever looking this clear. I would recommend muchly!
    I actually can’t believe it but it’s completely cleared up my acne. I was worried to try this product as it’s an acid and I was scared it would dry out my skin and my skin is sensitive, but it’s not harsh at all. And perhaps my daily oils help balance it too, not sure, but it certainly doesn’t strip my skin. In 2 weeks my acne was gone and I’m shocked and delighted after trying to many other products.
    My skin feels brighter and clearer already after 2 or 3 days of use
    Love this, buying on repeat since first use! Keeps my skin clear and oil under control. Well worth it at the price tag too!
    Doesn't make skin feel dry, and I haven't had any major acne flare-ups after I started using this cleanser. Very nice product overall.
    Very harsh
    Brilliant product
    Since using this product, my skin has almost completely cleared up. I use it every evening with a few other products and it's really helped control my oily skin. Would definitely recommend.
    Super impressed
    Huge fan of The Inkey list already so I had to try this cleanser - really impressed, the consistency is great and my skin loves it. Will be buying more!
    Loved it
    This cleanser is fantastic, leaves my face feeling clean and I certainly think it has helped with my acne-prone skin and I will be repurchasing in the future. I was going to give it 4 stars because my skin dried up a little, however, that was my fault as I used it morning and night every day, plus other acids in my routine, and my moisturiser wasn't the most hydrating. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing, go for it! It's well worth the price.
    best cleanser i've ever tried!
    I think this cleanser works well on my combination and breakout-prone skin! I was in doubt to purchase at first, since it has salicylic acid, and I thought that this cleanser may be drying. It turned out this cleanser didn't have that 'drying' effect compared to any other salicylic acid cleansers I've tried. I would still recommend using hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin after using this cleanser though!
    Recently I had developed red angry and very sore adult acne on my cheeks. I had literally tried all sorts of skincare routines and nothing was clearing it until I bought this cleanser! It has made such a difference. My skin is a lot less red, it has cleared up my acne and has made my skin feel so much smoother. Make sure you use a good moisturise as can be a little drying. I would highly recommend!
    Game Changer
    Always had a few spots and whiteheads scattered around my face, this got rid of 99% of them and has kept them away. Been using salicylic acid cleansers for years but this one is, somehow, different. Use with hyaluronic acid as it can be quite drying.
    Bought this thinking it would be gentle enough but still effective on blemishes, unfortunately this dried out my skin quite a lot and flakiness appeared on my nose I have sensitive combination skin so might be good for oilier skin types
    This is the best cleanser out there, really helped in blackheads and whiteheads my skin feels so clean and glowy after this!! I use it alternate days with my gentle cleanser. just don't forget to moisturise after and use sunscreen. I prefer to use this only in the PM.
    Amazing! Bigger Size please!
    I’m a guy who has always been troubled w/ oily, acne-prone skin. I always knew about salicylic acid but never really found the right product that has it. This cleanser helped clear my skin. It’s non-irritating and doesn’t overly dry my skin. Just the right feel of “clean”. Hope they make a larger bottle!
    Really love this one
    As I have oily skin with acne - this is the perfect cleanser for me. It cleanses really well, it is kind of thick so you don't need much. It has zero perfumes and doesn't irritate my skin at all. It doesn't dry my skin out, but I feel like it is gently exfoliating the surface and helping my breakouts heal. For the price, it's a great product. Also, you can use it for the body if you have breakouts on your back etc. Amazing, gentle, but effective formula.
    I’ve suffered from acne-prone skin for about 5 years and I’ve never been able to get rid of it completely. I’ve been put on so many types of medication for it but using this product has changed everything! It really helps control my breakouts and I have had hardly any spots now since using this twice a day. I’ve just finished my first bottle and have bought 2 more! 100% would recommend.
    I really owe my peace of mind to this product. I started applying this a week ago and I can feel the difference already. It is affordable, not irritating {A 16yr old teen here} and WORKS! This was the product that marked a start to my skincare routine for the first time in my life and IT IS A GREAT START!
    Works wonders
    Brilliant as a cleanser and does open and clean pours. This is the first product I have tried that works on combination skin within only one week. I'm very fussy about my skin products, but certainly can't fault this.
    Consistency is key
    Helps keep my skin fresh and smooth. I use it once a day. I stopped using it to experiment whether its doing the job and I noticed spots creeping in. It is very helpful especially at keeping the mascne at bay.
    Gentle, but not sure if it works for acne
    Yet another disappointment from the Inkey list for me, it seems the brand is too over-hyped, and while the price points are very attractive, I find it's not good value for money. This cleanser is ok, it is gentle, not overly drying, not foamy, so does the job of cleaning. I don't normally have acne and pimples, I'm using this for generally oily skin and primarily for trying to shrink my pores. After couple of weeks of use: 1) I broke out more than once! and 2) my pores are still visible from space, made no difference there.
    Absolutely amazing!
    Very gentle, non drying cleanser that does exactly what it's supposed to do. It cleanses the skin without irritating or overly drying it. Helps with the amount of breakouts!
    Since using this, I haven't had a break out since. I have combination skin and usually, I would break out around the centre of my face, or my chin. I haven't had any major breakouts since I do feel as though this product is controlling this! For the price, definitely no harm in trying!
    My ride or die
    Love this product so much. It’s gentle yet effective and doesn’t strip my skin. I suffer from really bad cystic acne that I will soon have to start medication for. This cleanser helps reduce the size of them and also leaves my skin feeling smooth so that my makeup applies a lot nicer too. I couldn’t be without this product
    Salicylic Acid Cleanser
    Works really well, love it!
    Love it
    Been using it a couple of days and I've noticed a clear decrease in blackheads already - will definitely be re ordering.
    Salicylic Acid Cleanser
    It is very gentle and effective on the skin I haven’t broken out since using it, the only complaint is the I didn't expect it to be little. You also don’t need much of the cleanser to wash your face with it. AMAZING PRODUCT!
    It is ok...
    I thought it would be bigger than what it really is, but it is a decent cleanser for the price range. It is good for acne-prone skin.
    Perfect daily cleanser for combo skin and hormonal acne killer and perfect combo with the oat cleansing balm. A little goes a long way.
    Love it!
    Spent so much money on skincare just recently but bought this on the off chance. It's the best cleanser I've used for my combo/acne-prone/sensitive skin, it works and it's so cheap and I've already bought another one.
    Slow but effective
    I really love this cleanser, though it took a while to see a result I am happy with it. My blackheads and pimples significantly reduced after several uses. Also, you don't need to use too much of it, squeeze a small amount and you are good! It's great for oily-combination skin, for those with dry skin this might dry out your skin.
    Instant results
    I am stunned by this cleanser - I've only been using it for a few days and my skin has never looked better. I have oily/combination skin and it's now smoothed, even toned and looks great with no foundation.
    Love love love
    I absolutely love this cleanser! I have oily skin and breakouts and this (along with other products from The Inkey List) has been the first to help control my problems. And it’s affordable! I highly recommend this :)
    Nice cleanser!
    I have acne-prone skin and my overall skin type is combination and decided to try this cleanser from watching Hyram on YouTube! I have seen an overall improvement in my complexion, however, it has not miraculously cleared my spots completely. I love the texture of the product, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone that suffers from dry patches or has very dry skin, as this cleanser does leave your skin feeling tight after use, but nothing a moisturiser couldn’t fix!
    Dermatologist approved!
    Yes, it is safe enough to use to ease your concern. It does what it's suppose to do. And the Inkey List products especially this one is well reviewed and approved by a dermatologist and aesthetician. It will give you better results not a miracle though but if you know the trick. Do not incorporate it with fragranced products!
    A bit drying
    I don’t hate this product but I don’t love it. I’ve tried a multitude of cleaners for combination skin, many a lot cheaper and this hasn’t blown me away. It doesn’t smell great. It foams well and I haven’t had more spots, but I haven’t had less and I feel my skin feels quite tight after using. I won’t be buying again.
    Clean feeling without tight skin
    I've really enjoyed this cleanser. It's foaming so gives a really clean feeling without that tightness that can often occur. In a combination with other Inkey list products I've seen real improvement in my skin.
    Gentle but thorough clean
    I have dry and sensitive skin, but due to having to moisturise so much it can often get clogged. I had really visible chin clogs and focus on my chin and T zone areas when using this cleanser. I use this cleanser in the evenings after using a Squalane cleanser which I focus on my eyes & dry cheeks. I love how this lightly foams, & also how clean my skin feels after using it.
    This is the first review I’ve ever written for a product. I am a nurse who has to wear a mask daily due to the current pandemic. I was experiencing a lot of congestion on my chin and cheek area due to this. I have used this facial wash each morning for the past week and I cannot believe the change in my skin already! I already have acne-prone skin and will continue to use this regularly. Just buy it and give it a try. This is the only product I’ve found to actually help my skin!
    Good... but there is better
    I really like this cleanser but I am unable to use this everyday because its just too stripping for my combination acne prone skin! From my experience its worth spending an extra £6 and purchasing the Paula's choice clear cleanser... less stripping but similar ingredients!
    Must-have product for blemish prone skin
    I’ve always struggled with blemishes on my combination skin, but this product has given me back control. Although I still suffer with the odd hormonal break out, it’s nothing as serve as it was before I discovered this gem.
    Good cleanser for oily skin
    What I like about this cleanser is that it is very gentle despite being at a concentration of 2%, so if you like irritated skin, it is ok to use. In my opinion, I think it is good for controlling breakouts due to pollutions or makeup residue (the external factors), but it doesn't necessarily help much with hormonal ones. But it is definitely worth a try!
    Salicylic Acid Cleanser
    Fab product! Recommend for blemish prone skin.
    LOVE this stuff!
    Struggled with EXTREMELY oily skin and mild acne for years. All other products would leave a greasy residue or cause grease after using. NOT THIS LITTLE GEM!!! Use it along with Niacinamide and my skin has cleared and evened out. About to try C-50 instead of Niacinamide and see how that goes. Will not EVER be replacing the Salicylic Acid cleanser - that's for LIFE!!!
    This is quite gentle and doesn't cause any irritation. However, it didn't do anything for my oily, acne-prone, clogged skin. My skin probably got worse while using this. I think it doesn't quite deep cleanse enough. When I use my toner afterward, I'm still left with make-up residue on my cotton pad. It might work for someone who likes to double cleanse and whose skin isn't as clogged and oily as mine. The price is definitely worth the try!
    Love it!
    I've used 2 bottles already and I am in love. I have oily and acne-prone skin, I use this at night, and I'm very happy with the result. It's super soft, mild but clears out skin very nice. Would recommend to everyone!
    Great purchase
    Used Salicylic cleanser before by The Ordinary and it helps my breakouts so thought I’d try this one, great sized bottle for the price ( much bigger than The Ordinary!) so it’s lasted me much longer and does the same job at giving real improvement to my skin. Really recommend trying this and added bonus of the price is fantastic
    Not sure what went wrong.
    I’m a 30yr old male. This started out working really well for me. It helped clear little tiny imperfections I am prone to on my cheeks and forehead. After about two weeks use I started noticing cystic acne appearing on my chin. One week ago I noticed that my whole face looked irritated after washing, red and blotchy and I was breaking out in tiny red dots. I haven’t changed anything else in my routine, and I wasn’t using any other kind of exfoliator. I put it down to the cold change in the weather (the weather is sometimes the culprit). I persisted with it, and then 3 days ago, I finally gave up on it. My skin looks wrecked :(
    Love it!
    Love it! Because of this cleanser, I discovered that my skin prefers gel cleansers rather than foam cleansers. Usually, when I use foam cleansers I broke out so bad and at the same time it dries up my skin. Despite this having salicylic acid in it, which can dry up your skin, this performed otherwise. It feels very gentle, moisturizing, it unclogs pores & helps me with acne problems. I’m also glad I did not purge because usually, BHA makes my skin purge. So happy! The only thing is I hope they have a bigger size!
    Love this product
    Both my daughter and I love this product - my skin is amazing since starting to use it and I now love my skin make up free :)
    not for my
    I bought this product 3 weeks ago and i broke my out skin sooooo badly... I have oily acne prone skin and sensitive I had a huge break out on my face after that it was full of acne and it hurts Not for me
    Give it a try
    I was sceptical about getting a face wash without a scrub in it, I have large pores and very oily skin with a spotty t-zone. Well, I should say I HAD those problems. I use a few products now (this wash, the hylaronic acid and glycolic acid) but in regards to this wash it has lasted me about 6 months (still going on 1st bottle) and it has really helped my skin. My skin feels sooo soft after using it and even after the first time using it I noticed my face didn't feel as greasy. My skin has improved so much, I'm so happy I found the Inkey List.
    I love this, it defiantly offers a deep cleanse. It helped to calm down my acne.
    quite irritating
    Left my skin very dry and irritated, had to discontinue use. However, it was effective for controlling blackheads.
    Clean skin without the dryness
    Absolutely love this cleanser, my husband and I both use this every day - it doesn't dry out the skin but has kept spots at bay and super clean feeling skin. Would highly recommend as an everyday cleanser.
    Been using it for a month now and I can see results as I’ve got problematic skin. It’s cleared up my skin a lot and has become my go-to product☺️
    Low Key Changed My Life
    Skin Before Using: very rough and textured, I kepy getting spots on my chin, nose, literally anywhere in the T-zone. But my main issue with this, was that it would take MONTHS for them to disappear. I'd have one spot for 2 months, no matter the size or type. My skin is also pink/red on my cheeks. (But it's not rosacea) my skin was also very dry especially on my nose area. Which was very hard considering I was also gaining spots there. Overall I was miserable and hated my skin and the way it gave up with any spots that appeared. I was using mainly Lush cleansing products before trying any Inkey List products. Products I'm using now: Salicylic Acid Cleanser, retinol, zinc moisturiser and glycolic acid. But this review will be aimed at the SA Cleanser. My skin now, after using the product: My spots have now all gone. All of them. Do I still get spots. YEAH. But they literally go away in 2 to 5 days which is a massive improvement from before. My skin feels like a baby. No joke, it feels amazing. The texture is getting a lot better. But there's still a lot of room to improve. This product makes my skin feel amazing, clean and fresh. It's changed my life. I definitely recommend it alongside the Retinol, the other two items, meh. But this cleanser is my favourite item so far from the Inkey List. I wish it would have solved all my problems with my skin but unfortunately life isn't that kind. After an entire year of trying to find something that actually works and buying so much crap from other brand. I definitely say try this out. I don't have acne so I can't say for that point of view but I'm sure it must help.
    It's pretty good
    I only use it once a day/evening. Cleans really well but doesn't foam. I like it. I will still try something different after the bottle finishes.
    This was ok, I was looking for something to help with the acne I've got around my hairline and the clogged pores/blackheads I can get on my nose. I ideally wanted more of a foam wash - my bad I didn't read about it enough and I found it a bit tricky to get it to lather around properly. It did dry up the spots but I just found Keeva so much better to actually get rid of the spots/marks so I bit the bullet and went back to that. Perhaps had I have used a few more products in combo I may have got the same effect as Keeva and the price tag isn't bad!
    Not For Sensitive/Acne Skin
    Purchased based on all the great reviews... it is a clear/gel-like consistency however, it does not foam up at all. It feels like it doesn’t spread or move around your face nicely, kind of a liquid plastic feel. You have to keep adding more water and more product for it to actually cleanse. I do have acne prone skin (with redness & some sensitivity) and I used this for three days (once in the evenings) and I started to develop an eczema like rash around my eyes and on my cheeks. My skin still felt smooth but very dry. I am a frequent user of salicylic acid however this stuff just made my skin more sensitive and problematic. Unable to use and quite disappointed as I was so excited to use it.
    ... at no point reading the description did I get the impression this foamed. But that's my bad. I find this too harsh for my skin and I'm not sensitive at all. Used as a morning cleanser. Would definitely not use this to remove make up, despite claims. Not really what I was expecting.
    Great second step cleanser
    I use it as a second step cleanser especially when I feel that my skin is going to be congested. I was really surprised because it really limits inflammation on my skin.
    new must have
    I've been using this cleanser for 3 weeks and I love it. I have oily, acne prone skin and this is great. It's not harsh or drying, it cleans off all my makeup without leaving my skin with that stripped feeling. 100% recommend! My skin looks and feels great.
    I’ve had problems with blackheads and hormonal acne for years. Having tried a number of brands with no luck, I just bought a really heavy, full coverage foundation and gave up. Until I found this product!! This cleanser is fantastic. Firstly, a little goes a long way so will last well. It leaves my skin feeling clean but soft. After just a week, my skin was looking clearer and now with longer term use, I’m proud to have a no foundation day! I’ve combined this product with a number of other products from the range, my skin has never looked so good!
    Acne treatment
    Bought for my daughter who really liked it and immediately ordered some more.
    Amazing for Acne Prone Skin
    I was initially hesitant about buying this cleanser as I had read in other reviews that it might be a bit too strong for my super sensitive and reactive skin, but I love it! It has reduced my breakouts by probably 95%. I won't be using anything else ever again! After having tried so many different cleansers and not having any success, I am so pleased to have found this! I had quite a bit of cystic acne on and around my jawline and it has worked a treat!
    It's good, but had to stop using it. It stings my face.
    The Best Acne Cleanser EVER
    I have suffered with acne prone skin, however discovered I am combination leaning oily over straight oily skin. I would find that cleansers with salicylic acid or acne fighting ingredients could dry out my skin, but not this little hero. My skin has a soft matte feeling, not dried out at all! A little goes a long way, and it is a lather not a foam. Perfect for combination skin.
    Transformed my skin
    This is my new all time holy grail product. It has completely changed my skin for the better. I have suffered with spots/ acne for a while now and I’m in my twenties. This face wash has gotten rid of any painful spots, my pores are smaller, texture is so much better. I will forever buy this face wash I can’t wait every morning to look in the mirror and see the difference in my skin whereas before I’d avoid it. 10/10 highly recommend to anyone who’s struggling with their skin.
    Best thing since sliced bread!
    There is nothing else to say except this is the best cleanser I have every used.I have only used a few times and ALREADY I am less oily and have less spots/blackheads! WOW!! Keep the amazing products coming!!!!!!
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