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    THE INKEY LISTRetinol Serum<p>A derivative of vitamin A, retinol helps to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production to keep skin looking youthful, working at a cellular level to promote renewal and repair processes so that newer cells reach the surface quicker. As we age, the rate at which our skin renews itself slows down (sob) so retinol can be a great way of kick-starting cells back into action. Providing the highest quality ingredients formulated by a crack team of scientists and experts, THE INKEY LIST&#8217;s answer to retinol is sublime in its simplicity, uniting 1% stable Retistar retinol (the equivalent of 0.05% retinol) and 0.5% granactive retinoid (slightly stronger than retinol) with squalane for hydration and soothing. The slow-release formula minimises irritation while providing effective active delivery, working hard to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone tackle blemishes and improve skin clarity, leaving your complexion looking brighter, smoother and miles more youthful.</p>INK0061665150604222970635 stars, based on86 reviews 9.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Retinol Serum

    Retinol Serum
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Also known as ‘Your Beauty Translator’, THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on skin care’s most-wanted ingredients (at astoundingly reasonable, ‘give-it-a-go’ prices). A superstar ingredient for a reason, retinol helps to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production, leaving skin brighter, smoother and more youthful-looking. This slow-release formula minimises irritation and maximises results, leaving fine lines and wrinkles minimised and skin tone more even than ever.

    • Description

      A derivative of vitamin A, retinol helps to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production to keep skin looking youthful, working at a cellular level to promote renewal and repair processes so that newer cells reach the surface quicker. As we age, the rate at which our skin renews itself slows down (sob) so retinol can be a great way of kick-starting cells back into action. Providing the highest quality ingredients formulated by a crack team of scientists and experts, THE INKEY LIST’s answer to retinol is sublime in its simplicity, uniting 1% stable Retistar retinol (the equivalent of 0.05% retinol) and 0.5% granactive retinoid (slightly stronger than retinol) with squalane for hydration and soothing. The slow-release formula minimises irritation while providing effective active delivery, working hard to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone tackle blemishes and improve skin clarity, leaving your complexion looking brighter, smoother and miles more youthful.

    • How to use

      Suitable for all skin types. 

      Use in the PM after cleansing and toning and before other serums

      Apply a pea-sized amount to the fingers and gently tap into the skin

      Avoid the immediate eye area.

      May increase sun sensitivity; always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.

      Whilst THE INKEY LIST Retinol has a low irritation formula, for some people redness and flakiness may occur at the beginning of use due to the increase in cell turnover.

      When first introducing Retinol, you may wish to use a few times per week and gradually increase to every evening.

      External use only.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua / Eau), Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Propanediol, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Dimethicone, Retinol, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Caprylyl Glycol, Phospholipids, Caprylic/capric Glycerides, Squalane, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Extract, Carbomer, Sodium Ascorbate, Tocopherol, Polysorbate 60, Tocopheryl Acetate, Glycolipids, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium Edta, Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Sterol, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Polysorbate 20, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Phenoxyethanol

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    THE INKEY LIST - Retinol Serum

    THE INKEY LIST Retinol Serum Reviews

    Will definitly buy it again!!
    I see great results. My skin feels tighter, my pores are beginning to become invisible, my acne is disappearing and my scars are fading!! The only thing I didn't like was the packaging because it spills a lot of the product in the cap. This result is mixing the oxidised product with new.
    That's my first retinol product and I don't have anything to compare it with, but I'm really happy. I really like the texture, I didn't want any oily formulas. I've already bought a second tube, since it looks like you need to use it for long time to see results.
    New Gold
    I love this Inkey List Retinol. Helping hyperpigmentation skin to lighten. I've been using this for 2 weeks now and I can see great improvements with my wrinkles.
    Good product
    It did not cause any irritation, went really well on my skin (combination skin). I liked it but I am not sure if I will repurchase as I am not seeing that much result
    First time adding retinol to my skincare routine and it’s been 2 weeks now and I am absolutely loving the results. It's soft, lightweight and spreads evenly.
    Good product
    Kinda stingy but does the job fabulously. Love the consistency and how it feels on the skin.
    Great product for a great price. Repurchase for sure!
    excellent formula
    I have finished my first bottle and I must say I love this formula. it is so nice on my oily skin. Before I used The Ordinary formula and this one is so much better. It absorbs easily on the skin, does not leave a oily sensation and I just want it to never end I love it, go buy it :)
    I love love this. My skin has never been better after using this serum. I don't have fine lines but my skin texture is improved and my acne scars are gone. My skin has never been clearer. It has been out of stock for a long time so i bought two now just im case. Amazing product.
    Love it.
    I have been looking for something like this for a long time. It been a month and I'm starting to see results, so I'm very pleased. The only thing that bothers me is the cap of the bottle, its not practical at all when you are applying your product. I wish it had a more practical opening and closing cap to be less complicated to apply. But the product is amaizing.
    This is an AMAZING PRODUCT
    The serum is so light, it really made a difference after using it for 3 weeks. My dark spots, wrinkles had instantly lightened making me look younger and fresh. Will be repurchasing it as it is a staple in my skin routine.
    A m a z i n g
    Honestly, LOVE! Like what a little gem. Apply at night and wake up and I low-key look 19 years younger (that would make me 6, but still). Really recommend - the price is a bonus.
    Well recommended!
    I recently purchased this along with a couple of other Inkney products, and I have been thrilled with the results of my skin. I use this once a day in the evening. Skin appears soft, even tone, my mild rosacea has even reduced. I also bought the vitamin c serum that I apply in the mornings and the collagen booster I use both mornings and evening. Great prices and products!
    I appreciate that this isn’t the strongest retinol you can buy but because it is so easy on the skin I can use it every single night. I’ve had prescription strength retinol which I used a couple of times, it made my skin feel dreadful, I stopped for a while, repeat, repeat, repeat! So a weaker strength that I actually use is going to do me more good than a stronger product that sits in a drawer. My skin loves this, the texture is changing, lines are softening and I just look better. I’d highly recommend it.
    Amazing starter retinol
    This was my first time using retinol (apart from using 0.025 prescription tretinoin once before) and it was such a joy to use. The texture was lovely and every time I used this, I woke up with super supple and bright skin. I really hope they bring out more retinol in higher strengths, as I am looking to use something more punchy.
    Perfect for my sensitive skin
    After two weeks of use I am so happy with how refreshed my skin is! My skin is dry and sensitive, I experienced minimal flaking & no adverse reactions, after a few applications every other night I felt ready to use this every night. I use this in combination with a Squalane cleanser, PHA toner, basic moisturiser & Squalane serum.
    Brighter skin
    Noticeably brighter skin within a week, not noticed a reduction in fine lines as much but my skin is glowing.
    Just bought my second lot of this, my first purchase lasted me 6 months of nightly use which is incredible value for the price. It smells a little odd but goes on smoothly and absorbs nicely, with no oily residue like I was getting with The Ordinary. I've had no irritation and my skin looks great.
    Saw results within 3 uses
    I use this on my face before applying mineral sunscreen. I'm impressed - it makes my pimples heal faster, reduces the speed of hyperpigmentation which I'm prone too, has a slow but noticeable reduction on existing lines, and plays well with every product I've applied alongside it. I was confused as to why it tingles sometimes but now suspect its the sodium ascorbate which is a form of Vitamin C. I'm delighted this is fragrance free and essential oils free otherwise I'd never have bought it.
    Good formula, good price, absorbs into skin well ... what’s not to love? Will definitely be repurchasing!
    Love it so far!
    Really like this product, good texture and good results! Certainly good value for money :)
    Good product
    I was excited to try this product as this was my first retinol product, I notice small changes to my skin after a couple of months of using my skin was clearing!! It’s not the strongest and my skin is used to a lot, but for a beginner it’s great, would love to see a stronger retinol.
    This product has really changed my skincare game, my skin is so much smoother and more glowing when used 2-3 times a week. It’s the first retinol product I’ve tried and I was worried how my skin would react but it’s amazing. I use the inkey list hyaluronic acid afterwards to lock in moisture. Absolutely love this product!
    Purchased this as I had run out of my normal retinol, just love it and has made a great difference to my skin.
    Seriously good
    I am in my 40s, and so am now paying extra attention to any skincare that helps to give me a bit of a glow, and smoothes out my skin. After hearing great things about this product from a few friends, I decided to try it because the price is so amazing. I wasn’t expecting the results I have had - it’s SO GOOD. After just a week my skin looks refreshed and even a touch younger?! This is already a firm favourite in my skincare routine - highly recommend and will be buying again!
    Cult Beauty retinol
    I have used serums with a higher dose of retinol, this doesn't do it for me.
    fantastic product
    This product is THE best retinol I have ever tried. I had very deep frown lines on my forehead which have almost disappeared since using this. I use it a little bit each night and massage it in really well. Definitely worth the money and better than my more expensive retinol products.
    I honestly don't see that this has made the slightest bit of difference to my skin one way or another. The upside is that at least it didn't irritate it as some products do. Waste of money for me, I'm afraid.
    Verry good
    At first i didn't see any change, but after 3 Times, my face was changing in a good way. It's important to hydrate your face. I use this only 3 times per week, but i want to increase.
    Deceptive and misleading
    The product says 1% stable retinol which would obviously make the consumer think it’s 1% retinol. However it actually contains 1% retiSTAR which actually delivers only 0.05% pure retinol. There’s nothing wrong with the product it’s self, it feels nice on the skin, however the fact that the brand is not transparent about the ingredients and percentage/concentration of the retinol has sadly put me off the brand.
    One week in...
    Thought I’d check out the hype.. not disappointed in the slightest. My aesthetic surgeon accused me of having work done elsewhere! Glowing. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this.
    Will repurchase
    Using this, sometimes with collagen serum afterwards, sometimes with Rose Hip Oil, in the evening. I'm sure my skin is tauter and clearer. Much prefer this gel/cream texture to the glass dropper bottle by The Ordinary and will buy again.
    Great retinol
    Love this serum so much. It's not aggressive for my skin, no irritation! And my skin became much more smooth. I think that my wrinkles are decreasing...Skin feels plumper.
    I use this every night and when I wake up my skin feels sooooo soft. I'm really amazed by this product and the price I will definitely be repurchasing. It absorbs beautifully and leaves no residue... An absolute must!
    Love it!
    This was my first Inkey product and have to say I'll be buying more.
    This product as far as I can tell is brilliant. My skin feels a lot more smoother and with not as many wrinkles and looks so much better.
    Too early to say if it works yet, I’ve had no irritation from using it.
    Retinol serum
    Brilliant stuff, my skin looks and feels amazing, really noticed a difference since using it and I just ordered another one.
    Smooth and glowy
    Love the texture but weird smell. But still, love this product. Skin texture becoming smooth and no irritation. Probably will repurchase. Can wait to explore another product from this brand. Last but not least the packaging is very convenient for travelling small and plastic tube.
    Inkey Retinol
    Too soon to make a judgement - but good product & a little goes a long way
    Will absolutely buy again
    Love this retinol so much. I had previously purchased other retinol products, but this one is fabulous and a fraction of the price. I can feel and see it working, but it’s not too harsh and lasts for ages. I’ll keep purchasing this again and again, well done Inkey List
    Best yet
    I am an ex The ordinary user and decided to research other brands as the current Deciem drama unfolds. I'm glad I went down this road and I now actually prefer The Inkey List. I was worried about using 1% Retinol, but the texture of the serum is fantastic and although my neck is a little sensitive to it, my face has already started to look more fresh. My only gripe is that the consistency of the serum is a little bit too runny for the tub it is in and I often have some leaking out. I don't want to waste a drop, so I just store it upside down.
    I have been using this for around a week and my skin feels amazing! I have not broken out (a fear for me). I am very happy with the results thus far and cannot wait to buy again. For the price and results I'd recommend 100%
    Made me break out
    I’ve used retinol before and never had an issue but this made me break out. Maybe it’s too strong for me
    Great introduction to retinoids
    It's incredible gentle, which makes it a great choice for those who has never tried retinoids before, or for those who have previously had irritations due to retinoids. I like that it's also very hydrating - definitely another plus for those who are sensitive to retinoids (me lol). The texture is creamy, but it still feels lightweight. Let it dry for a a couple of minutes before applying a moisturiser, since it doesn't absorb into the skin immediately. I have another tube I need to finish, and then I'm going to try a stronger retinoid from Medik8.
    Terrible packaging
    I really liked the product, but I will not buy it again. The packaging is very poorly made and ends up pouring a huge amount on the product lid, ending up being wasted. The packaging is the weakest point on The Inkey List, something to improve, because the products in general are very good and do not cause irritation. The packaging makes you never want to buy again.
    First time using retinol, and I love the results! My skin look plumped and smoother with less visible pores, while it doesn't cause any irritation. I'll definitely keep using this product!
    Inkey list retinol
    First time using retinol I've used it consistently for 6 weeks and seen a reduction in fine lines
    I love it!
    Super light weight and it makes my skin glow!! Super effective ❤️❤️❤️
    First try on retinol products, and I am extremely satisfied with the results! Acne scars lightened tremendously!
    Good starting retinol
    This is a nice retinol in that it caused zero irritation and I was able to use it everyday without any issues, after my toner and before my moisturiser. It is very affordable as well, but due to its strength I did not notice much results other than slight improvement in my skin texture to less bumpy. I don't have wrinkles, but I would think for wrinkles and acne, a stronger formula would be better. Overall a good affordable mild retinol
    Retinol serum
    Amazing retinol serum, best for my skin. After first try i notised it brighter, softer, and plummeted. Definitely will buy more
    So good
    Cosmetically elegant formula and really effective but smells not so lovely but def buy again.
    Good product
    It's a little early to give a full review of this product but so far so good. It goes on easily and is absorbed quickly. My skin feels very soft since I have been using it and I think it looks better too. I haven't suffered any irritation. I've used Retinol in the past and so was confident that this would be a good product. Really good price, will buy more from this range.
    Not keen on smell
    Haven't used it enough to comment on making a difference on my skin as easing myself in gently but think smell us off putting smells like curry
    Good for combo, blemishes, sensitive skin
    Great product. I use it sometimes in the evening (after niacinamide) and I can tell in the morning that my skin is doing better. Nice smell and consistency, I do not mind the yellow colour. Not overly irritating, I use it sometimes on under eye area. (I have combo skin prone to acne, a little bit on the sensitive skin side)
    I honestly look 5 years younger...
    I cannot rave about this product enough. It was an instant visual difference in my face. After the first application, my fella asked why my skin was so smooth....and it's just got better. Everyone is commenting on how good my skin looks!! I don't think I could be without this now!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
    Excellent products
    Excellent products.
    I’ve used this for over a week now and it has already started to reduce the redness of my skin and my acne scarring! I have particularly sensitive skin but this hasn’t irritated it at all, I would definitely recommend it!
    A very good retinol. You can see the results.Also a very pleasant texture that it isn't heavy on the skin. Much better that retinol in squalane oil.
    Does not work for me
    It's a lovely texture, but compared to other retinols I really felt this had no effect on my skin whatsoever other than mild hydration.
    Gave me pimples
    I got this from the goodie bag and at first, I thought it was great. No irritation and smooth feel when applied. So I ordered another tube for myself, and now I'm regretting it because, after 5 nights of continued use, it is giving me pimples. Although I occasionally suffer from clogged pores, they rarely break out into pimples so I was surprised to have found that after the initial positive results I got, the product started giving me pimples 3-4 days in. I changed nothing in my routine. I don't know what it is in the product that's causing this, but in any case, this product is not for me...
    Love it so far!!
    Really like it, good texture and good results! Price is also an added value!
    Love this I use it at night before moisturiser and my skin glows even had some compliments I love all Inkey products and at 61 my skin has never looked better and I’ve used some expensive stuff ...
    I'm 46 years of age, olive, Mediterranean skin and no wrinkles yet. I have however noticed a loss of elasticity of late. I'm very impressed with this product, my skin looks plump and glowy. Friends and coworkers have been commenting on it.
    Great starter retinol
    If you’re new to retinol this is a great place to start. Obviously not going to give immediate effects, retinol is a long term investment in your skin. I absolutely love the formula of this, it’s not greasy or heavy. I use a stronger product on my face and have been using this on my neck and chest.
    This is the first retinol product I've tried and it has not done anything for me really. Probably better for really sensitive skin.
    Nice formula
    Lightweight formula that mixes easily with my gel-based moisturiser, which is what I was hoping for. I think it would cause a breakout if I used it more than 1-2 times per week though, but I do have very spot-prone skin.
    Really good for sensitive skin
    That's a really good serum! However, the percentage stated is slightly misleading. You see, here they have 1% retistar complex. Which delivers 0.05% of pure retinol. On the other hand, 0.5% of granactive retinoid converts to 0.05% of pure active once in the skin. So the total concentration is not very high. Personally, I enjoy it very much. I have sensitive reactive skin and I do not react on this serum. Once I had a slight side effect, but I just overdid it. If you are rather young and/or have sensitive skin, this is a great choice. In other cases, I think that this serum will be too mild for you.
    This definitely isn’t 1% strength. Anyone new to retinol, I would suggest using La Roche-Posay - it’s 0.3% pure retinol and it does what it says on the tin. I won’t be buying this again, didn’t really see any major results.
    Inkey List Retinol
    I love this. Not even slightly irritating; a lovely, elegant formulation and gorgeous, glowing skin.
    It really just is a great product, no irritation or redness, just plump and smooth skin. I just love this retinol.
    Retinol miracle!!!
    This is the business! In just a few weeks of evening use my sunspots have faded away. Even better, the serum has virtually removed the raised, almost scaly, patches I am plagued with. At 71, my skin has never looked better.
    Nothing for me!
    Used this all up, no irritation or anything like that, but just did not notice any improvement in my skin at all so wouldn't repurchase.
    Early days....
    but new year, new skincare regime with Retinol and Vitamin C serum, love the products and skin seems to like it too. Definitely sticking with the Inkey List - good products, advice and price.
    It is working for me
    I have been using this product nearly every other night as part of my regime since I purchased it back in November. Along with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum (the serum I alternate the Retinal Serum with), I feel as though my skin has a new glow about it. I do have relatively sensitive skin and I have not had any acne flare ups or anything along those lines since using the product. The fine lines in my face are, in my opinion, decreasing slowly, but it is the glow and radiance I see that I like the most.
    Retinol serum
    Good, seems to work well and my skin is smoother. Will buy again.
    Retinol serum
    Great product, no irritation from the retinol & at a great price. Leaves skin feeling soft & looking bright. Am still using first tube as you only need a little, so it will be interesting to see if there's continued improvement of I keep using.
    Leaves skin feeling soft but no difference in skin was expecting better results
    This serum is lovely and smooth and you only need a very small amount as a little goes a long way. I've been using it every night and it's not harsh at all, can't say I have noticed a difference yet but I have only had it a few weeks, it does feel nice when it goes onto the skin, not at all sticky, it does have a slightly strange smell but not too strong.
    The Inkey List, Retinol.
    The best thing I’ve ever put on my skin!
    The best retinol I've used
    Very good product, definitely the most effective retinol product I've used. A little goes a long way. Very happy with this purchase.
    I am prone to eczema and I have very sensitive skin. I have been using the retinol serum once every 4 - 5 days for the past month and so far I haven't had any irritation. I plan to increase the frequency slowly. Over the past month my skin tone has improved and my eczema has not returned on my face! Fine lines are still there but I guess that will take time. Will definitely keep using.
    Love it
    This is easily as good as any retinol on the market and better than most, and I have been using retinol products for many years now. The formulation is great it feels comfortable sinks in well leaves my skin feeling smooth. I had no peeling or discomfort so it obviously suits my aging skin and it has lasted well over six weeks. I would pay a lot more for this product but I am glad it's so reasonably priced. Its effective, accessible and easy to use. Love it
    Omg, this retinol is brilliant, such a pleasure to use, so light and sinks in straight away, and no nasty smell, my skin is transformed in the morning, much smoother, firmer and more of an even skin tone, highly recommend this product.
    Lovely Texture, Smooth Skin
    I've only ever used one retinol before but it was oil based and I found it really hard to layer so I was a bit skeptical when I saw this contained Squalane. However, the texture is lovely. Somewhere between a serum and a cream but definitely not oily but moisturising and feels hydrating. My skin feels really smooth in the morning after use and my skin texture has really improved. Would definitely recommend.
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