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    THE INKEY LISTPHA<p>Designed to revitalise dull, dry and congested complexions, this formula calls upon poly-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the upper layer of your skin: clearing dead skin cells and blocked pores. The beauty of this toner lies in the natural humectant properties of PHAs, which improves your skin&#8217;s ability to retain moisture, promising an enriching and sensitive-friendly exfoliating moment. Combined with the incredibly nourishing and gentle aloe barbadensis leaf juice to prevent future dryness and a 3% niacinamide solution to help minimise pores, improve your texture and dump dullness, there&#8217;s nothing not to love about this toner.&nbsp;</p>INK029_1952050604222972615 stars, based on28 reviews 9.99Cult BeautyNew
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    ( 100ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Also known as ‘Your Beauty Translator’, THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on skin care’s most-wanted ingredients (at astoundingly reasonable, ‘give-it-a-go’ prices). Their PHA formula is the perfect choice for gentle exfoliation that reveals a brighter and smoother complexion without irritating your skin. Empowered by poly-hydroxy acids (PHA), this toner targets the uppermost layer of skin to buff away dead skin cells for more even texture.  

    • Description

      Designed to revitalise dull, dry and congested complexions, this formula calls upon poly-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the upper layer of your skin: clearing dead skin cells and blocked pores. The beauty of this toner lies in the natural humectant properties of PHAs, which improves your skin’s ability to retain moisture, promising an enriching and sensitive-friendly exfoliating moment. Combined with the incredibly nourishing and gentle aloe barbadensis leaf juice to prevent future dryness and a 3% niacinamide solution to help minimise pores, improve your texture and dump dullness, there’s nothing not to love about this toner. 

    • How to use

      Use in the AM or PM. Sweep over cleansed skin. Follow with preferred serums and moisturiser. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua / Eau), Propanediol, Gluconolactone, Niacinamide, Pentylene Glycol, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Ppg-26-Buteth-26, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide

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    The Inkey List PHA
    Love this! Really recommend it if you're looking for something super gentle but exfoliates your skin well at the same time. I have eczema on my face and was scared that it would mess with my eczema but it didn’t really. I recommend it! Waiting for it to come in stock hasn’t been in stock for 2 weeks but otherwise love it!
    Very good
    It doesn’t make miracles overnight but it's worth your money and time. In general, I’m happy with this product. It changed my face oil balance slightly during the first three days of use: my face turned from combo to oily, but once my skin got used to it, it returned back to normal. It also burned a little for 3-5 minutes but that went away too after the fourth day. It helps to reduce my blackheads, but not gone forever yet and I’ve been trying it out for 3 months now. I have tried other toners that made me forget what blackheads were, but I have to admit that this has the best ingredients I have yet tried. Inkey is a trustworthy brand, the sensation of using the PHA is refreshing, and the results are noticeable. Overall my experience has been very good. I will definitely buy it again and give it more time to observe the results and make a review one year later!
    Great for rosacea skin
    I’ve suffered with rosacea type 2 for years now and have periods when it’s under control and other times not so great. I really struggle with the texture of my skin and have tried various AHAs with sometimes truly awful results as they were just too much for my skin and made me red, blotchy and bumpy. I was so exciting to read about this toner and it hasn’t disappointed in any way. No stinging, my skin is so much clearer and smoother and is just better than it’s been in a long time. I have completely over-hauled my routine to strip it right back to basics and this wonder toner is firmly part of it. At this price I would highly recommend you give it a go if you suffer with rosacea or other skin sensitivities.
    I really love this toner. It has a very serum like texture and feels so nice to apply and makes the skin feel amazing. It has really helped reduce the number and size of my blackheads but is still very gentle.
    Sticky, shiny and breaks me out!
    I usually like the Inkey List and was quite excited by this toner but it is waaay too strong for my oily, acne-prone/ sensitive face - whenever I have tried to use this, I always end up red, blotchy, itchy and with inflamed breakouts in places that I wouldn’t normally break out so easily. Also, I always end up feeling sticky when using this and my face becomes a lot shinier than it usually would. I have started using this on my body now just to use up the remaining product.
    I like it
    Ive never used a toner before but I like how this feels on my skin - gentle but exfoliating at the same time
    Not for me (combination skin)
    I'm fairly new to proper skincare routine. I'm new to chemical exfoliants. Hence, after doing my research I decided to go for PHA, as it's supposed to be more gentle and AHAs and BHAs. First time I used it, it stang on my cheeks, who were quite red. I didn't think much of it, I thought that this was caused by not being used to it. The second time I used it, it stang. Third as well, etc etc. One couple of occasions, though, my face turned red and burnt like HELL. My face remained red, blotchy and hot for a couple of hours. I don't know why my skin reacts this way. I need to add that I introduced it by itself after I used hyaluronic acid for a wee while. When using this toner, I use hyaluronic acid after. Also, I don't use this toner more often than twice a week (tops!). After the latest episode of red and burning skin, I use it once a week only. And I remove it with micellar water or rose water tonic (alcohol free) after a couple of minutes. Bottom line for me is that despite the fact it dpes the job, it's just not worth what feels like actual burns on my face.
    Great toner
    really nice on the skin! I would recommend it!
    I wanted to love it
    I have combination skin that is dry for the majority of the time and normally I'm using Paula's Choice 2% BHA exfoliant and Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow one and I'm loving them both but I wanted to try something cheaper this time aaand... It is okay, but it's not as good as the other ones. It's really gentle and hydrating. But I have problems with blackheads mainly on my nose and after using this toner I could feel how my pores were opening instead of shrinking. Would recommend it to someone with tight budged and a less problematic skin but unfortunately, I can't give it more than 3 stars.
    So far so good
    Ive been using this for two weeks now? And I already know i will buy this again. My pores appear smaller now, blackheads almost gone by now, and my skin texture looks and feels so much better.Perfect for sensitive dry skin!
    It adds moisture to skin and it’s good to get rid of pimples too
    Love it!
    Absolutely love this toner! I’ve made this as part of my PM routine and it’s so gentle!!
    I LOVE this product so much. It has benefited my skin in so many ways from texture to hydration. Just wish they did a larger bottle! Well done Inkey team for this amazing toner!
    Great for sensitive skin!!
    I love that PHA’s have become increasingly popular in the skincare world as AHA/BHA’s can often be too much for sensitive skin. This does a great job at toning and due to the inclusion of PHA’s a great job at hydrating also. I do however find myself reaching for the Inkey’s Glycolic Acid toner more as I have been using AHA/BHA’s for quite some time and my skin can handle them. This, however, is a great option for people new to acid toning and for those who have sensitive skin given the molecules of a PHA are much larger meaning they work on the surface of the skin.
    Great for my sensitive skin
    I have always been nervous to try acids as my skin is super sensitive. I was kindly sent this to try out and I'm so happy with the results. The texture of my skin has definitely improved over the past weeks, and my skin has reacted to it really well. Excited to keep using this!!
    I have been using his for 1 week now in the AM and PM. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin texture, tone, pores and blackheads. Everything is so much better. I’ve tired many brand but the Inkey list is by far the best.
    Best Toner
    I love this toner. Would recommend.
    Maybe I need to use this a bit more but for me it was nothing amazing. It defo is gentler than a lot of other chemicals exfoliants and I don't hate it, but I guess I'll have to wait and see if there's any change to decide if I repurchase or not haha
    Best toner for sensitive skin
    If there's one thing that's changed my skin this year, it's PHAs! This toner is great for sensitive skin and works to gently exfoliate the skin. It doesn't irritate like other AHAs and is very easy to slot into your routine because it can be used day and night. It also pairs well with a variety of products and ingredients (Vitamin C and Retinol). I've stopped using other acids because this has helped to reduce my pigmentation the most, and I have stocked up on my second bottle.
    Glad I found this!
    Lovely gentle exfoliator for my sensitive blemish-prone skin with the added benefits of Niacinamide. Skin feels smoother and helps even out scarring from post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Definitely going to stock up so I'm never without a bottle!
    If I could give it more than 5 stars I would
    I used to use TO's 7% Glycolic Acid Toner religiously, but saw this recommended as a more gentle alternative and thought I'd give it a go when revamping my skincare routine. I feel like this has been one of best new products I've tried. It's incredibly gentle but very effective at exfoliating and doesn't dry out your skin. Champion product in my routine.
    A good toner
    But not amazing. Not irritating, works well with most inkey treatments but I didn’t see a drastic improvement after 2 bottles. Not the toner for me.
    My every morning toner
    combination skin/ Very Light/ super Hydration and not sticky. I mix it with Multibiotic add my SPF and off to go.
    In Love
    I have sensitive and combination skin and this product did not irritate my face. The only problem is that when I use it, I feel my face is a little bit sticky (in the first minute) and because of that I gave this product 4 out of 5.
    Gentle toner
    This product is a brilliant chemical exfoliant to begin with if you are new to skin care. It is gentle and hydrating. I use this every morning and my face is beginning to feel smoother and there is less texture. If you are going to use this in the morning, please pair with sun protection!
    Perfect Toner!
    I have been using this product for two weeks and I am so pleased with the results! After a decade of using the same stripping alcohol based toner I decided to do a total switch up of my routine. I love my new regime and I think this toner is one of the best new additions. Gentle on my sensitive dry skin and not a dry dead skin patch to be seen on my face since I started using this! I use a Squalane cleanser, PHA toner, Q10 or Retinol, basic moisturiser & Squalane serum now. My face is looking great!
    Gentle But Strong Acne Killer!
    I had been using The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution for quite some time. And it had completely cleared my acne. The only problem was, its quite strong and I had become reliant on it. I was so scared that if I didn't use it every night I'd wake up with a spot. So I decided I needed something similar but more gentle. Something I could use in between the nights of using The Glycolic Acid. And that's when I found The Inky List PHA Toner. It's so gentle, doesn't sting at all. Just like wiping a cotton pad with water on your face. But best of all... Still No Acne! I love The Inkey List PHA Toner so much, I have four back up bottles. Just making sure I'll never be without it. Before Bed... Wash, Use The Inkey List PHA Toner, Moisturise, And your done. It's Fantastic!
    so good
    Очень хороший тоник для лица!Воспаления и черные точки заметно уходят,использую уже больше 3х недель.Обязательно повторю. A very good facial toner! Inflammation and black spots noticeably go away, I have been using it for more than 3 weeks. I will definitely repeat it.
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