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    THE INKEY LISTPCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment<p>If your tresses have taken on more than they can handle &#8211; whether they&#8217;ve been ravaged by heat or chemical treatments &#8211; then allow us to introduce you to THE INKEY LIST&#8217;s PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment: a lightweight spray that actually helps to rebuild and strengthen damaged strands.</p><p>On a mission to promote healthier-looking, smooth lengths, this nourishing blend harnesses an impressive medley of forward-thinking ingredients to reduce frizz and split ends. At the heart of the formula is 10% Granrepair Powerbond &#8211; a clinically proven compound that strengthens from within the hair shaft, repairing hydrogen and ionic bonds whilst also protecting existing disulphide bonds from damage. It doesn&#8217;t end here, it&#8217;s also infused with 0.2% Aquarich to boost glossiness and prevent split ends; 2% crodasone to help protect hair from thermal damage; 0.2% heliogenol to fend against damage from free radicals (pollution isn&#8217;t a friend to our hair!); and 2% betaine to condition and soften your strands.</p>INK0472361050604222990364 stars, based on57 reviews 12.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment
    Exclusive roundel

    PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment
    ( 100ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Bringing everything back to the INCI list, THE INKEY LIST’s line-up of purse-friendly products prove that efficacy needn’t cost the earth. Developed by a team of leading scientists, this range aims to cut through the industry jargon with straight-talking products that harness the best and the breakthrough ingredients staking their claim to the shelves of the experts who know a great thing when they use it. And now that the team have applied their unique expertise to the realm of hair health, prepare for your lengths to have never looked better…

    • Description

      If your tresses have taken on more than they can handle – whether they’ve been ravaged by heat or chemical treatments – then allow us to introduce you to THE INKEY LIST’s PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment: a lightweight spray that actually helps to rebuild and strengthen damaged strands.

      On a mission to promote healthier-looking, smooth lengths, this nourishing blend harnesses an impressive medley of forward-thinking ingredients to reduce frizz and split ends. At the heart of the formula is 10% Granrepair Powerbond – a clinically proven compound that strengthens from within the hair shaft, repairing hydrogen and ionic bonds whilst also protecting existing disulphide bonds from damage. It doesn’t end here, it’s also infused with 0.2% Aquarich to boost glossiness and prevent split ends; 2% crodasone to help protect hair from thermal damage; 0.2% heliogenol to fend against damage from free radicals (pollution isn’t a friend to our hair!); and 2% betaine to condition and soften your strands.

    • How to use

      Activate pump by pressing sprayer 2-3 times before your first use. Shake well before use. Spray on towel-dried damp hair, covering all of your hair (excluding your scalp), focusing particularly on more damaged areas. As a guide, we’d suggest spritzing 4-6 sprays through short, fine hair and 6-10 sprays for longer, thicker hair.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua /Eau), Amodimethicone,Butylene Glycol, Betaine, Bis-PCADimethicone, Sorbitan Laurate,Cetrimonium Chloride, Panthenol,Trideceth-12, Glycerin, PEG-40Hydrogenated Castor Oil, SodiumBenzoate, Hydrolyzed Pea ProteinPG-Propyl Silanetriol, AminomethylPropanol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf JuicePowder, Disodium PEG-12 DimethiconeSulfosuccinate, Potassium Sorbate,Citric Acid, Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate,Alcohol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower)Seed Extract, Dilauryl Citrate,Phenoxyethanol, Avena Strigosa Seed Extract, Lecithin.

      *Packaging may vary.

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    THE INKEY LIST - PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment

    THE INKEY LIST PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment Reviews

    Not for fine hair
    It makes my hair sticky, so I didnt like it
    Makes my hair softer
    The spray makes my hair softer, but if I use too much it gets flat and greasy-looking. Appreciate the instant softening effect, but not sure if it improves my hair long-term (have almost finished 1 bottle). The smell is fine and the spray nozzle is slightly annoying, yes, but you get used to it.
    Poor dispense mechanism
    I can’t leave a review about this product be as the pump dispenser is so bad, it is impossible to use the product.
    Not for me
    A disappointing waste of money. I have fine, slightly wavy hair, and was hoping this would help with damage from heat styling and dying. It didn’t work at all - made my hair sticky to the touch, dull and hard to brush. As others have said, the spray trigger is hard to use, and the product smells really unpleasant. Not a repeater!
    Wouldn't recommend ...
    This made my hair look and feel like straw. Also, the pump dispenser is really annoying. It takes superhuman strength (and I don't consider myself a weakling!) to use. For both those reasons I threw it away after a few uses. I would recommend to avoid.
    Not sold...
    Okay so I got this on a whim after reading reviews saying it was better than Olaplex.. The first time I used it and let my hair airdry I could actually tell a difference in shine and smoothness of my hair. But since then, it has done absolutely nothing. Same frizz and it doesn't matter whether I blow-dry, straighten or go natural. Also as other reviews have mentioned the pump nozzle alone is enough to make me never buy this again...
    The pump is awful but I expected that as I had read about it in preview reviews. However, the product itself did absolutely nothing for my hair. My hair actually feels worse after using it than before.
    Not impressed
    Had to ask to return first one as could not press the pump, second one is still hard to use. I cannot see any difference to my hair
    Not bad, will buy again.
    Have been using it for about three weeks and seen massive growth in my hair! Also leaves it looking shiny. Has done nothing to thickness but my hair does feel slightly stronger.
    Love it!
    My hair is fine (but lots of it), shoulder length with highlights and very slightly wavy (2A). I've always struggled with frizz and it was looking a little bit frazzled at the ends despite using good products. This bond repair treatment has changed all that. My hair looks smoother, shiny and feels so soft. It looks stronger and I have fewer split ends. I love it! The pump is difficult to use but not impossible, you just have to press really firmly. My 2nd day hair (and 3rd or even 4th!) looks good and only needs a brush in the morning so less heat styling and damage. Really recommend it if you struggle with the same problems that I was.
    Amazing... shame about the pump!
    I must say I was doubtful, but I love this spray! I have naturally curly hair, which I straighten and curl almost daily. It's been exposed to coloring and heat damage for so long that it's lost the curl and became frizzy and shapeless. After the first time I used the spray, I let my hair dry naturally and it miraculously re-gained its natural curl! I'm so pleasantly surprised to see the spray is repairing my hair. However, as others have said, the pump is just terrible, doesn't spray properly, and ends up leaking.
    Can't fault this product, I saw a huge difference in my hair, no more breaking or split ends, looked like I'd had a trim! I didn't have a problem with the pump, it's quite stiff but OK to use. First time I used it I put too much on and could feel a residue on my hair, but once I knew how much to use this wasn't a problem again. Would recommend it to anyone!
    Great product!
    I've been waiting for this product! If you have hair like mine that needs taming, this is the product for you. It actually does what it says. My hair looks better, feels better and for some reason seems to need washing less! I have bought it for my Mum and my sister, and they agree, it's great.
    Amazing recommend for frizzy hair you’ll love it.
    Amazing product but lousy pump
    I colour my hair and up until a year ago, I straightened it to death. I stopped straightening in in the first lockdown in March 2020 to retrain all my curls. I was 2B/2C curls at first but now 3A/3B. My problem was mainly a lack of definition and dryness. I decided to try the PCA bond hair repair treatment and I must say I am really impressed at how great my hair looks now. I notice in some reviews that people are using this and leaving it in a while or overnight then washing it off. This is not designed to be a pre-wash treatment, you use it as a leave-in treatment. My hair is now shiny, healthy, with well defined curls that last for a long time. I only wash my hair when absolutely necessary or it dries out too much. I have managed to go 16 days since using this with no greasy hair or itch scalp. Definitely recommend. Now the Con: I absolutely hate the spray pump, as many have commented it is VERY stiff. I personally cannot spray it myself I have to get my hubby to do it for me and even he says its stiff. I am going to try to decant it into another spray bottle and see how that works. Maybe it should be redesigned??
    Can we talk about the stench?
    I have been using Olaplex for half a year now, and when I read an article about the magic potion which does twice as much for half the price, I jumped on it. No instructions on how often to use, what to expect, etc. I am a white woman with slightly wavy hair and I can't get the product even remotely enough in it. Can't imagine what it's like for proper curls.
    Honestly feel it’s too soon to tell if it’s good or not. I have been using olaplex but got this try. Have used a couple of times and my hair has looked good after use but really haven’t used product enough to confirm if it’s great or not. I will re purchase though as think it does more good than harm
    Smoother And Thicker Hair.
    I really like how easy the spray head distributes a fine mist to ensure even courage. I use it on damp hair and then brush through. It does leave the feeling of smoother Hair while also looking thicker and speeds up drying time. I would suggest not to use too much with each application because it will make the hair feel and look overly greasy but you will know how much to use depending on your hair length and texture. A great product to add into your hair care routine for smoother and thicker hair.
    Spray is stiff but its deliberate and worth it
    I was surprised to see the reviews because I thought the stiff spray was a deliberate design feature to make sure you're not using too much. Once on your hair... this stuff is divine! I pleat my hair at night to wake up with waves and the mornings after using this I don't have waves, I have Disney's hair. Legit, glossy, full, flowing Disney hair. It has no smell, no texture in the hair and because of the spray, you can't use too much. Couldn't be happier with the product.
    Spray Nozzle Sucks!
    I love the product and what it did for my hair but the nozzle is so bad. It didn't work properly, so then I replaced the spray nozzle in order for me to use the product.
    Very disappointed
    I read an article about this and jumped straight online to buy it. I've been using Olaplex for a few years now and really like it but my hair is still damaged and I have very dry ends (lockdown and lack of haircuts), so was happy to try another miracle product. The spray was tricky to use, I find shaking it helps and I really don't mind it being tricky if it means it's all recyclable. I followed the instructions, spraying liberally on my damp hair, focusing on the ends and then I left it in, but my hair feels awful. It's very knotted and brittle, as though there's product on it. It's also heavy and dull. I've tried it twice now and I just can't believe how bad my hair feels. It's literally made it feel 10 times worse. I thought I was maybe using it wrong. I wondered if I should be washing it out (like Olaplex) but it says it's a leave in treatment. I'm going to try using it and then washing it out to see if it's better as I'd rather not waste it. I don't know why this hasn't worked for me as I can read other reviews loving it but it's a big no from me. I'll stick to Olaplex, it's worth every penny.
    Not for coily hair
    I was really intrigued to try this as I have been loving Olaplex recently but because of how thin this is I find it impossible to use on my 4c hair. The spray nozzle makes it supper hard to spray, especially if your hands are damp, so I find I have to spray it into my hands and smooth it on my hair that way, and feel like it does penetrate my hair shaft. After applying I don’t feel like there is any difference. I think this would benefit from being in different packaging and slightly thicker.
    Better than Olaplex
    I've worked my way through a few bottles of Olaplex bond repair treatment and I have to say after 2 uses of this... I'm sold! I don't seem to have the same issues with the nozzle mentioned but not sure why. My hair is much less frizzy and feels a lot thicker and looks shinier! Would recommend to anyone!
    My saviour
    Wow wow WOW! Recently I went platinum blonde and went a step too far when I used the bleach London white toner (the one that has a peroxide developer) over my bleached hair. I’ve been dyeing my own hair for years and this was the first time I fried it in soooo long. I was really upset and I’ve just been doing my best to take care of it. Went pink which helped a bit, as going a colour or going darker brings out the shine more. Anyway, I genuinely thought I’d gone past the point of repair and just had to wait for it to be long enough to cut (I have an ear length bob) I got this gem based on the reviews, first use I didn’t notice much, I actually wasn’t sure if it made it better or worse. The second day of use today and my hair is magically revived!! It’s super soft and shiny and just looks so goood! It air dried quicker after washing than it was if you’ve had really damaged hair before you’ll have experienced how it takes forever to dry after being wet. After using this it also actually dried with body and shape and not like dry sad straw. I’m so happy
    So far, so good
    I’ve been using this for around a week now and so far my hair seems a little stronger. My hair was quite damaged due to stress but it’s now getting stronger. Seems a little more effective than Olaplex. Horrible spray nozzle though.
    Finger workout
    The product itself smells great but I have only just received the product. I have a huge issue with the pump. Its not made for those who suffer from wrist problems or aren't exactly fit in the workout department. The pump is really hard to press and use so if you aren't a bodybuilder with your hands/fingers don't expect to get the product out easily. Hopefully it eases up and I will update my review in the future.
    Better than Olaplex
    I’ve spent tons of money for years on different products from Olaplex, bought this as a cheaper alternative and my hair is soft, curls are defined and it has a shine! The spray is terrible and I’ve ended up spritzing it onto my hand and then applying it but it’s so worth it. Will repurchase 100%
    My hair is very dry and coarse due to bleaching. This has worked wonders and turned the frizz into smooth hair.
    So good!
    Love this product. The body isn't the greatest as I find the dispenser doesn't provide the best "spritz," but the product itself is fantastic. My hair is very dark naturally but I have a lot of blonde highlights and blow-dry a few times a week. A few sprays of this and my hair feels soft but strong, and the shine is unreal! Will definitely repurchase.
    You need this!
    This stuff is amazing! Gives a shine to my hair like no other product ever has and helps tame my frizz. I spritz it through my mid-lengths to ends when my hair is wet and then style. I only use this and an argan oil hair treatment through my ends and my hair game has never been so good!
    Thank you
    I really like this. And for me, I had no issues with the spray. My hair is much easier to dry. Once I spritz it on my hair I massage and comb through. It's a lovely product and I think better than Olaplex. I will be buying again. ALSO, Just want to say thank you for the amazing customer service at Cult Beauty. Thank you.
    I was worried...
    I was worried before purchasing this because the reviews are so polarised, but I got it anyways and it has quite literally saved my life. I believe it works great for thick, unruly and coarse hair. Which mine is. It helped relax the ends and keep it together and I am barely halfway through the bottle and already feel like I achieved all the goals I wanted it to. I sprayed this on damp hair, followed by coconut oil on dry hair. My hair reaches my butt so it does have different textures at different parts!
    Pump doesn't work
    Can't actually say how good the product is as more of it went on the floor than on my hair. The pump is so difficult to use it's impossible to get any of it on your hair. I had to use both hands to manage to press it down and that made it too awkward to be able to spray it on my hair. Absolutely useless!!!!!
    I regularly dye and bleach my hair, which is naturally very thick and curly and I straighten it often, so it goes through a lot! This has made such a difference! It’s never looked so shiny and healthy before.
    Amazing dupe
    Bought this about a month ago and have used it every time I’ve washed my hair, it has really made my hair feel less damaged! Great dupe for olaplex!
    I have quite fine, bleached hair and in the past few weeks that I have been using this, my hair has felt and looked better than ever! The pump is quite difficult to use at times but it is worth the shine and strength you feel from using it! I will definitely be re-purchasing.
    Pretty good
    I bought this because of the hype about it being an Olaplex dupe. It's ok, doesn't absolutely transform my hair, but I use it because I hope it's doing good things for rebuilding my damaged hair. Yes, the spraying bit is weird and clunky but it's not unusable, it takes a second or two to come up enough to push it down again. The nozzle sprays pretty wide and I wonder if some product is wasted as a result
    Smells weird
    Really hate the smell. Makes my hair claggy and sticky. Haven't noticed it improving my hair at all.
    Stiff pump
    Very stiff pump makes it so hard to actually use the product. Thought it was stuck at first but it is just very difficult to pump- you have to press down very hard.
    Pump problem
    Great product but pump is dreadful!
    Definitely made a difference to the dry, neglected ends of my hair, really happy!
    Great product, think the pump needs improving
    I have been using this product for around 2 months now and have really seen a difference. It has definitely helped with flyaways, dry ends etc (for context I have straight, balayage blonde hair and like many others haven't had a hair cut in too long....) My one criticism would be the pump. I can use it, but it is very stiff and I've been reluctant to recommend this to older people in my life since I think it would be quite tricky for somebody who had arthritis in their fingers.
    Good but not CG approved
    I bought this product before starting my curly girl method journey! I got good results with it short-term but now realise it's because it contains silicone (Amodimethicone) as the second ingredient. Now I better understand hair products I realise this gives you good short-term results, but if you're looking for long-term hair health this may not be the right product for you. Still, a nice product but will no longer be using!
    PCA bond repair
    After using a high end hair treatment I thought I would just have to live with damaged dry hair but thanks to this little beauty my hair is saved. After one use my hair felt silky soft and looks so much healthier. It’s less than half the price of the higher end brands but far better. My only criticism is the pump is a bit stiff, you’ve got to press pretty firmly to get it to spray.
    Does the job
    It’s a nice heat protector, probably not as moisturising as say uniq one, but you can feel it coating the hair. My nozzle works fine I actually like the misting effect.
    Not impressed
    The spray nozzle does not bother me, they actually did a very good thing with recyclable packaging etc. But the spray itself is just overhyped. I have virgin hair, over two years I haven’t been straightening it. Olaplex 3 doesn’t do magic but it softens my hair very well. THE INKEY LIST spray doesn’t even soften. It does nothing for me. I cannot say much about other customers, heat/chemical damaged hair etc, but thank god it didn’t cost me much.
    Shame about the nozzle
    Great product, I’m a huge fan of The Inkey List. The big let down is the nozzle I thought it was me at first or that I had a faulty spray. Sadly after reading all the reviews it’s a common theme. It’s actually really hard to spray, I’ve resorted to getting him indoors to spray my hair!
    Best for your hair
    Initially I was very sceptic but after 5 uses I am totally sold. My hair looks healthy, shiny and I will definitely repurchase it.
    Where do I sign to join the cult of inkey?
    Wow. Just WOW. Firstly I’d like to say I’m having zero nozzle issues! Don’t understand why so many people having probs?! Secondly! THIS PRODUCT IS INSANE! Had lockdown hair since last March, I’m a self hair harmer with the bleach, which I’ve laid off for a year, plus a lover of crazy colours. My hair is very thin and reluctant to grow so since autumn-jan been using Olaplex no3. No vast improvement although shine was visible. Ordered this as it’s a third the price and in just 2 uses - once a week - my hair feels thicker and less coarse. Don’t really know how long it’s supposed to stay on but I have slept in it until the next day then shampood out and conditioned as normal. My hair feels 100 % healthier, thicker and so shiny! It’s made my thin hair feel substantially thicker! Gave results olaplex didn’t in 3 months! One thing I have noticed to saturate my hair I do need a few more pumps than advised which is odd as I stated earlier my hair is quite thin and below my collarbone! Unlike olaplex, I’m not scared to be too liberal with it as the price is more realistic and I could go through 3,4 bottles before I got to the sum of an olaplex treatment! So glad I saw this and Thankyou cult beauty !
    My hair was looking very dead at the ends due to not being able to get a cut due to lockdown, so I decided to try this! I’ve used it three times and can already see an amazing difference in the ends of my hair, and have received a lot of compliments on how healthy my hair looks after using it! The spray nozzle doesn’t work on mine however so had to substitute, but the amazing g product makes up for that! Would definitely recommend!
    Obsessed with this stuff
    Can't believe how much of a difference I have seen with this. I have long fine bleached hair that's in okay condition. This product makes my hair feel so much more healthy/strong and even a bit thicker. I have also noticed that it makes my hair less tangled which is great as my hair would get so knotty very easily. I will still use Olaplex as a mask but this is such a great leave-in treatment after every wash. Like the other reviews, the pump isn't the best, but it is good to see that they're using a fully recyclable pump so it's a compromise that I'm willing to live with given the price.
    Great Product, shame about the pump
    I like others on this review have used Olaplex for a while now and was looking for an alternative to keep costs down and I have to say, this product does not disappoint. My hair has never felt so good. Its not designed to be used all over the hair, more mid-length and ends and my hair is smooth, sleek and it has helped to minimize split ends. The only negative on this product is the pump! It is an absolute 'mare. The instruction say to shake before use but it needs a good 3 mins vagarious shaking in order to dispense the product. 100% will repurchase despite this.
    Not sure
    I’ve used this a couple of times and I’m just not seeing the results other people seem to be getting. It seems to leave a residue on my hair when it’s dried and I’m not seeing any improvements. I use Olaplex as well and I was hoping to use this once a week as well to really help give my hair a boost. I will still use it and try out different ways of using it and maybe I will find a way that gives me the effect I’m looking for. I’ve given it 3 stars as it’s still early days and could be down to how I’ve been using it rather than anything else.
    Great product let down by packaging
    Really impressed with the product but the dispenser is incredibly hard to operate, seems like it’s not a faulty one as others have mentioned this in comments too. 4 stars are for the product, the packaging would get 1 star.
    Amazing!!! I have always used Olaplex but much prefer this especially for the price...only one small criticism is the spray is very hard to push down and dispense onto the hair. Would definitely recommend!!
    I've been using this for around a week now and it’s really good! I have bleached white hair on the bottom underneath part of my hair and it’s been getting sooo dry and damaged and this has made it feel stronger and look less wispy. and for the price you can’t complain.I use it along side the Briogeo leave-in conditioner and my hair feels nice again. Only neg thing I will say is the nozzle is very stiff and hard to press
    Bond repair at half the cost of Olaplex!
    Just tried this first time!.. it's brilliant, I think I prefer this to Olaplex, very little fragrance but my hair feels strong and robust. I'm growing out damaged bleached blond, but still styling with heat, this might just be my new favourite hair care product!..
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