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    THE INKEY LISTHyaluronic Acid Serum<p>Naturally found in our skin to maintain hydration levels, hyaluronic acid is a skin care superstar for a reason. Essentially a &#8216;moisture magnet&#8217;, it attracts moisture from the atmosphere and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Over time, our hyaluronic acid levels decrease (sob) resulting in dullness, fine lines and uneven tone and texture. The perfect foil for this unfortunate state of affairs, THE INKEY LIST&#8217;s gentle Hyaluronic Acid Serum stars the stuff at a pure, 2% concentration and in three molecular weights (high, medium and low) to ensure maximum absorption at every layer of your skin. Dehydrated skin affects most of us (even oily skin can be dehydrated) and, differing from dryness, results from a lack of water in the skin. Replenish this water with The Inkey List&#8217;s high-quality, impressively affordable formula and you can expect plumper, healthier skin, with fewer visible fine lines and wrinkles and a more even tone and texture. It can even aid the efficacy of products applied after it &#8211; genius.&nbsp;</p>INK0011664650604222970325 stars, based on153 reviews 5.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    Hyaluronic Acid Serum
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Also known as ‘Your Beauty Translator’, THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on skin care’s most-wanted ingredients (at astoundingly reasonable, ‘give-it-a-go’ prices). One of the most important factors for healthy, plump skin is hydration – and what’s everyone’s ultimate hydration hero? Hyaluronic acid, of course. Naturally found in our skin to maintain hydration, hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding ingredient that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Essentially a magnet for moisture, this formulation stars 2% pure hyaluronic acid (at different molecular weights to hydrate every layer of skin) to plump up fine lines and hydrate all skin types.

    • Description

      Naturally found in our skin to maintain hydration levels, hyaluronic acid is a skin care superstar for a reason. Essentially a ‘moisture magnet’, it attracts moisture from the atmosphere and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Over time, our hyaluronic acid levels decrease (sob) resulting in dullness, fine lines and uneven tone and texture. The perfect foil for this unfortunate state of affairs, THE INKEY LIST’s gentle Hyaluronic Acid Serum stars the stuff at a pure, 2% concentration and in three molecular weights (high, medium and low) to ensure maximum absorption at every layer of your skin. Dehydrated skin affects most of us (even oily skin can be dehydrated) and, differing from dryness, results from a lack of water in the skin. Replenish this water with The Inkey List’s high-quality, impressively affordable formula and you can expect plumper, healthier skin, with fewer visible fine lines and wrinkles and a more even tone and texture. It can even aid the efficacy of products applied after it – genius. 

    • How to use

      Use in the AM and PM

      Onto cleansed skin apply a pea-sized amount to the fingertips and gently pat into the face and neck

      Follow with preferred serums and moisturise

      (Hyaluronic acid can aid the efficacy of your other products, so use it as your first serum, straight after cleansing and toning)

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua / Eau), Propanediol, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/Vp Copolymer, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Hyaluronic Acid, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Phenoxyethanol

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      Transparency lies at the heart of our philosophy which is why we have partnered with tech-platform – Provenance – to cut through the industry ‘noise’ and equip you with key facts that matter. A 'proof point' with a green tick means a third party has verified the accuracy of the statement whereas no green tick means that there isn't independent confirmation (yet!), but that the brand has still supplied substantiating evidence (which you can view yourself). Discover the proof points for this product below.

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    THE INKEY LIST - Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid Serum Reviews

    Perfect for that stable hydration and moisture content
    Started using this along with THE INKEY LIST's Niacinamide and dear, Klairs Supple Unscented Preparation Toner. Absolute killer combo. I live in a city where we can have four seasons (weather-wise) in one hour, so this is absolutely perfect for retaining moisture in my skin over time since the weather is so harsh. Combined with the other two products mentioned it has also done wonders for my acne and mascne problems. Fewer breakouts!
    I love it
    I love this one. Skin feels so smooth after this.
    Stable product of long-lasting hydration
    I have been using it as a constant basic as part of my skincare regimen for more than a year now and it keeps my face from getting dehydrated during the day, especially in the winter months. I combine my HA with other moisturizers designated for dry skin and finish my skincare routine off with a facial oil. I've watched some youtube videos claiming that HA is now unnecessary yet I have found it is quite requisite for dry skin as it provides another moisturizing layer for my skin. My housemates wonder why my face usually glows all day now!
    I wouldn't say this added any hydration to my skin. I don't have dry skin but I didn't even get the plump feeling/look that hyaluronic acid is supposed to give. I got more hydration/plumpness from the rose water hyaluronic toner from Heritage Store after one use. Caused some irritation to my semi-sensitive skin as well but then all hyaluronic acid seems to do this.
    My favourite for the price
    I have really, really dry skin and I find that my skin soaks this up beautifully. A bit of moisturiser on top, or mix it with other serums for targeted night treatments, it is my go-to HA.
    Did ok
    It hydrated fine, not as much as other serums I've found but for the price point this is a good product. Knocked a star off for the packaging as I found it difficult.
    I’ve only ever used one hyaluronic acid before and stopped using because it made my face feel all tacky and like my skin couldn’t breath. The inkey list hyaluronic acid is completely different, it’s so lightweight, absorbs into my skin quickly and gives me a really nice subtle glow.
    Great but much too small.
    I think I prefer it to The Ordinary. However, it needs to come in a bigger size, at least 60ml otherwise there is too much plastic.
    A great Hyaluronic Acid!
    This is a great and affordable no-nonsense product - even when comparing to my recently purchased HA from Barbara Strum, there is very little difference! Goes into the skin great, a little goes a long way I found with my combination skin. The packaging could improve as sometimes more than needed would come out which for the small bottle is annoying.
    My Favourite HA
    I've tried a number of Hyaluronic Acid Serums, but this is truly the best of the bunch and I will continue to repurchase. It is the first serum I use after my AM cleanse when my skin is still a little damp and it feels like it injects moisture into my skin instantly. It firmly has its space in my skincare bag, especially given its accessible price point.
    Really good for this price
    Surprisingly, for such an affordable product, this serum is really pleasant to use and I can actually see a difference. My skin got so used to the hydrated feeling, that if I forget to apply it one night, I feel it immediately. Will repurchase. The first bottle lasted me about 3 months with everyday use.
    It's Ok
    Bought this after trying The Ordinary's HA Serum because I heard this one had a better texture and isn't so tacky. I would say that the texture is lovely, much better than The Ordinary, and it sinks into the skin really well. I'm not sure how much of a difference it really made to my skin though. Also I wasn't a fan of the packaging, the bottle is fine but it's difficult to control how much you use and I found the serum built up and dried in the lid so I had to keep cleaning it out. For the price though it's a good option.
    Luxury at an affordable price
    I was surprised at how elegant this product felt on the skin. Immediately it felt hydrated and plumper, not sticky at all. I use it every morning. It still lasted me a significant amount of time because I didn't think that a lot needed to be used (only a pea-sized amount) A tip I heard for the most effective use of hyaluronic acid is to apply it to slightly damp skin because it works well when it can hold onto some moisture and then sealed with a moisturiser.
    Suits my skin
    For my skin it's a perfect serum. Smoothes tiny lines and doesn't stick.
    I have very sensitive acne-prone skin. None of the brands usually suit me but this one didn't cause any irritation. I use it as my daily moisturiser for the past 6 months. However I am not sure if I have seen any visible changes on my skin.. the feel is great, no stickiness or grease on the skin..
    Skincare staple!
    Great little serum - little being the operative word! Wish it came in a bigger size. Amazing price though.
    Love it and ordering more
    I had a lot of problems with dry skin but still oily, making foundation look all flaky. I tried this having searched around for well-reviewed and recommend products, and must say its made a big difference! I mix it in the morning with a few drops of vitamin C (oil) and my foundation goes on a lot better. My face generally feels more hydrated and smooth, but definitely no in an oily way.
    Definitely works! Makes the skin hydrated, soft and overall does a great job.
    Love it
    The best serum I tried
    I use it every day and the difference I have seen in my face honestly is unbelievable. This brand deserves a round of applause.
    Brilliant serum
    This is the best serum I've tried. It instantly makes my skin feel more plump and hydrated. Great price too!
    Really good HA
    The Inkey List seriously needs to make a bigger tube, because this only lasts me like 6 weeks of daily use before I have to repurchase. I mix it with my moisturizer morning and evening and it does its job of adding some extra hydration into the skin.
    I was looking for a serum that would help combat my dehydrated skin, and it did just that! It’s very lightweight and does not leave a sticky residue on the skin. It’s best used on damp skin as the directions say. The only issue I have is that I wish the bottle was bigger!
    Inkey List
    I love the products from inkey list that I’ve tried so far. The hyaluronic acid is one of my favorite. I can fee the difference after using it.
    Great product
    Love this serum, have used many expensive hyaluronic acid serums over the years and this one is just as effective! My skin literally drinks this up and looks so hydrated. Would be 5 stars however the component isn’t the best, sometimes difficult to control the amount of product coming out.
    Inkey list
    The hyaluronic acid is so good and reasonable too worth to buy.
    A must
    I wish it was bigger! I use it a lot and it has made my skin so soft! Even my boyfriend is using it!
    Lovely texture
    I just got this serum and it feels so nice on skin. It has a great texture, it's not sticky and you really can see result of using it after first use. Fave!
    Love it!
    Wish it came in a bigger size. My skin loves it.
    I used to swear by The Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum, but after about 5 bottles of it my skin started to get used to it so I thought I'd try The Inkey List instead and I love this one even more! it's lighter than The Ordinary one so sinks in a lot faster, once my skin gets to this one as well I think I will be alternating between The Ordinary one and this one.
    Amazing serum
    This is super hydrating, perfect texture and consistency, absorbs nicely and leaves skin plump HOWEVER it’s only 30ml :-( so add two to your basket!
    Should definitely be a staple in everybody’s skin care, l was previously using the ordinary hyaluronic acid and personally I prefer this inkey lists products, I’ve ordered multiple products from this brand and haven’t had any issues with the containers, lids and thing leaking etc, definitely recommend xo
    Just wow
    Don’t recommend
    This product literally gave me rashes from the first use and flared up my hairline, don’t really recommend it.
    great serum
    This serum is great for plumping up my skin it works.
    Amazing product
    This is a really good product overall. The only complain i have is about the cap and the fact that it doesn't come in a bigger size. Absolutely worth the price and did wonders for my skin :)
    Just honestly that good
    If there is one product you can safely slide into your routine all year round and especially during these colder months this is it! The consistency is wonderful, it is easily absorbed and you can really tell instantly it is getting you much needed hydration to where you need it most (not on the surface). I think I have gotten all my friends on this one and I don't think not one has had anything negative to say. I just wish it was bigger and I could pour more all over my face
    Extremely effective and worth the price.
    Great product
    My skin feels incredible! After a few times using it, you already see the diference.
    Loved it more than the one from The Ordinary
    I first bought Hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary and felt that it was only okay, the applicator was good but it was so sticky and pilled under everything I used on top. Then I decided to purchase the one from The Inkey List and it is amazing, providing me the same properties as the one from Ordinary without the stickiness. The only complaint I have is that it is very easy to squeeze too much out and I ran out of it fairly quickly. Wish there were a bigger size. Lovelovelove!
    I have been using this serum for almost 2 and a half weeks now. It feels great on the skin, very hydrating and light!
    A must have to any skin care collection
    Buy it! I use it at night before any retinol serum. Easy to apply. I have relatively normal skin and it absorbed easily. Works well under my night time moisturiser too.
    Just finished my first bottle of this, and though the bottle looks tiny, it did indeed last me much longer than I expected (actaully bought 2 bottles). I would suggest it lasted me just under 2 months using day and night. Skin definitely feels more hydrated under my moisteriser after using this, it feels so good I wish this was all my other layers of skin care products. I could literally keep applying this as it feels cool and amazing! Recommend!
    Good product
    Very promptly sent and very good price.
    Why haven't I tried this sooner?
    I was recommended this by the Cult Beauty staff and I'm so happy I purchased it. It feels silky smooth on the skin and works great in conjunction with a moisturiser. My skin is very dehydrated and this really gets rid of the fine lines caused by it. It isn't sticky at all and I can apply makeup on top without it bunching up underneath.
    Amazing serum
    Loved it. Works so good on me. I’m probably going to be repurchasing repeatedly.
    Having tried many formulations and brands of HA, I can honestly say this is by far my favorite. There is no stickiness, no residue, no pilling, no tightness or drying after-effects and this leaves me with a plumped and hydrated complexion. The price point is also a WOW!
    Love it
    A steal for the price. 4 months later it is still going strong. The bottle is tiny but don't let it deceive you. Smell is a tad acidic but absorbs fast. Not sticky. Will purchase again.
    Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
    I love it! After trying this serum I found it not sticky & it absorbs quickly. Will be repurchasing in the future.
    Not much impressed I would rather pick a hydrating mist for my combo skin. But for someone with drier skin it might work. But much affordable than other ha serums.
    Couldn't recommend more
    I never used serums until recommended to me and it didn't disappoint. I found it was a bit sticky at first, but then within about 15 minutes, my skin felt SO soft and hydrated. I just wish The Inkey List made bigger bottles of this stuff!!!
    I have dry skin and a combination, sometimes my skin decides to do its own thing but this is a constant through it all. As a full time buyer of skin care products this really does take care of my skin. I haven’t seen it glow this much since forever so I’m really satisfied with it .
    Give me a bigger size
    It is honestly just as good as hydrating serums A LOT more expensive, holy grail in my routine.
    Good all rounder
    I noticed a slight difference in the plumpness of my skin and would recommend anyone to give this product a go. At this price, you can't go wrong.
    I apply a pea-sized amount to my face before bed and I wake up to refreshed, plump and hydrated skin. My fine lines are smoothed out and my skin looks even in tone. Absolutely stellar product and for such a wonderfully small price.
    Favourite HA!
    I've tried a number of hyaluronic acids ranging from The Ordinary to Dr Barbara Sturm and this is my all time favourite! The texture is light and doesn't leave you sticky (which I find happens with The Ordinary one) and sinks in fast (but doesn't leave me feeling dry like the Barbara Sturm). The price is an added bonus - absolutely can't go wrong!
    Loving this product!
    Love it
    I use it every day! I’m on the 2nd bottle and I will buy more! It’s amazing, super affordable, and does what it claims. I absolutely love it!
    Pure hydration in a bottle
    All my family members have a bottle at home, that's how amazing this product is! You may not see results in a day or a week but continuous use can make a huge difference! I'm 21 and am experiencing some hormonal acnes, what HA does is it helps my other serums to absorb better into my skin and calms my acne down. This HA absorbs really quickly too, so there is no sticky feeling left on the skin! Will definitely re-purchase!
    How is this so good?
    I always include HA in my routine, but finding a serum that is not sticky is not easy! This one really surprised me as the texture is super light and it absorbs quickly. When I'm in a rush I mix it in my moisturiser (Protini - DE) and I'm ready to go for the day!
    Very good product
    I'm very pleased with this product, absorb quickly, and after a month, my skin looks moist and fresh than before.
    Make my pores smaller and tighten
    My 1st time ever using HA after a time of searching and reading review. I purchased along with Herbivore facial oil and they together make my skin plumps, glowing and moisturized all the time during this dry autumn and winter yet it 's running out quite quickly. Even noticed smaller pore around my nose - best thing ever happen and balanced complexion, now I'm so pleased just looking at my skin. Already do the WOM to my friends and they ask me to buy for them if I restock this gem
    Packaging issue needs sorting
    I really love the quality of this brand, the products are good and perform. The packaging is problematic and can become an expense, please do something about it! Each and every single time I receive my orders there are a few products that leaked - this packaging is not secure and causes spillage which rather adds up after a few purchases because it happens every single time. This could also comprise the product quality and longevity / affect expiry as it's NOT sealed. Certainly I'm not the only one experiencing and complaining about this issue? I hope the brand takes note; the packaging is not secure - please consider changing the cap or sealing the bottle below the cap to seal the product in fresh.
    Changed my skin for good.
    I am in love with this stuff and get nervous when I run low. Forever I have been stuck with bad skin and trying everything under the sun never works, I even had a bad reaction to The Ordinary products so thought I would never get rid of the spots. This stuff has cleared my skin so much and given it a lovely glow (in conjunction with other Inkey products). My skin feels plumped and makeup sits so much better. I have just run out and I am about to buy 2 more.
    Best HA I’ve ever used
    Not too sure what people are talking about with the packaging? I’ve had three now and never had an issue? I’ve tried so many ha acid serums both expensive and cheaper and this has shown to be the most effective. I’ve even had dermatologists look at it and give it a good rating. Soooo I love it, will be a forever purchase
    So easy to add into daily routine. I use this with Vitamin C in the evening and underneath my moisturiser in the mornings. Sinks straight into the skin with no residue. Great value for money.
    This hyaluronic acid instantly plumps with hydration.
    This hyaluronic acid instantly plumps with hydration. I apply and let set for several minutes (as it is slightly sticky on application), once it is set, it absorbs a ton of moisturiser so my skin feels truly hydrated. And it's a fiver!!
    Great quality, reasonably priced HA hydration
    Simple, uncomplicated. A great quality, super reasonable hyaluronic perfect for a daily dose of hydration. An absolute essential. Locks in and attracts moisture to keep your skin super plump and refined. A tad less sticky than some others but a layer of any moisturiser over top will eliminate any stickyness. I recommend mixing 2 drops or so of this with either the inkey list heptapeptide, or the ordinary buffet for a complete daily hydration shot supercharged with anti ageing peptides. A simple moisturiser to finish and you’re all set!
    Excellent serum for fair price
    I have used this serum for six months (face + neck) as a part of my day-time regime. Currently, I'm on my 6th bottle. I have a combination skin with rosacea and in my case this serum functions very good. It moisturizes skin without any irritation. The price of this product is very fair! I will use it again and again!
    One of my best beauty finds
    Absolutely love this product, the price is right, it's instantly effective and a complete must have for those with dry/dehydrated skin. Brilliant!
    The first serum you need!!
    Always the first step in skincare after cleansing and toning to ready my skin for a more specific treatment. You’ll notice a difference in a week. Excellent stuff!
    Great product - would have given 4.5 due to packaging
    I bought this product recently and love the actual serum. Smooth, easy to apply and a little goes a long way. Both my 20 something daughter and my 50+ self are really impressed with the formula. No pilling under other products and make-up. The only thing I don't like is the packaging. The other hyaluronic acids I've used - including high end and budget versions - use a dropper, which is much easier to ensure dispensing the required amount. Hasn't put me off ordering again though. It's a quality product at about a sixth of the price of my previous favourite.
    The packaging is bad, tbh, it feels cheap and it gives you too much product. A dripper would have been so much better, and since The Ordinary carry basically the same product for the same price, but better packaged I prefer theirs. Also, it has a smell, and I don't see that much of a difference.
    Highly Recommended.
    I've used a few different hyaluronic serums, and this one is brilliant. It hydrates my dehydrated 40+ year old caucasian skin, and sits nicely under my other skin care and make-up. The price is incredible, and it doesn't come with a side order of drama from the company's founders. There is nothing I dislike about it, and I'll be checking out other products from the brand on the basis of my experience with this serum.
    Works great.
    I have used this for a week now and can really see a difference. I live in a cold climate and I have sensitive skin. I use this in combination with one of their oils and my skin feels hydrated all day long. It gets 4/5 due to I haven't used this type of serum before so I have no reference to compare.
    Nice product, terrible packaging!
    The serum itself is lovely and simple, an easy way to get Hyaluronic Acid in the routine, but the bottle is impossible - always end up with too much product to use as the lid mechanism causes a small vacuum and then suddenly half the bottle contents in my hand!
    In love
    Best in my book. I even add a drop to my body lotion. Pro tip: works amazing to help soothe dry feet, or elbows.
    Best for acne
    Love this product, I also struggle with ance but this product really helped me with my acne, make sure you use spf when using this product, very moisturing also. Definitely will be getting this product again
    Didn't work on me
    I got a pretty bad allergic reaction to this product. I've been using product's with hyaluronic acid before, so it must be something in this certain serum, that I'm allergic to.
    It's nice, it's a basic hyaluronic acid serum, it plumps up my skin. It's good, nothing to complain about, didn’t really do anything to my skin but it hydrated it.
    Bomb product, awful packaging
    Title says it all - for the price, you're getting an amazing hyaluronic acid serum - feels luxurious and gives that skin that tight, smooth sensation which to me feels satisfying. All of that into consideration, though - the packaging is awful and this applies to a lot of Inkey products - the cap gets really goopy and crusty quick and it's very hard to control the amount of product you get with one use. Minus one star for the packaging.
    Genuinely shocked at this one. Always value the CB customer reviews so thought I’d give this a go. Tried a handful of HA’s and this has to be the worst. It leaves a film/sticky residue & my face feels tight after using. Never had this with other HA’s. Unfortunately cannot recommend it.
    Ok for the price
    Thought I’d give this a go given the amazing reviews and the price, but I’m not completely sold. My skin feels tight after applying (even on damp skin straight out of the shower) and leaves an odd film in some places. A great price but I much prefer the Niod one.
    Really helpful for my combination skin
    I have used this product for more than a month now and it really helps with my dry areas around the cheeks. Before I always had this tight feeling but now my skin feels 'normal'. Never forget the moisturizer when using hyaluronic acid!
    Still not sure...
    This is such a light serum and is absorbed super quickly! Does not leave a tacky finish at all and feels amazing when applied over freshly toned skin. However, not sure how much it is benefitting my skin but at such a low price, I'm willing to keep persevering and purchase again!
    Best of the Bunch
    I’ve tried countless HA serums, and this is my fave. Not only is it a fantastic price point, but it does exactly what you want to see. Soft plump skin! I typically wear this on damp skin straight after the shower. Not scented or tacky. Love it !
    I love this product, it worked well for my combination and sensitive skin. A little goes a long way!
    Not sure if it did anything!
    There's a lot of reviews on this product - i've just finished my first bottle and can't say that it made my face better or worse! I have very dry acne prone skin - saw no difference.
    Worst hyaluronic acid I've ever used
    I've tried lots of different hyaluronic acids at different price points and have seen a lot of people talking about this. I have dry skin but usually hyaluronic acid serums reduce this. This product made my skin much drier. I used exactly as instructed and it just made things worse.
    nice but too small
    This is my first hyaluronic acid purchase and I enjoy it! I’m not sure if it does hydrate though, I can’t really tell but I don’t like how small the bottle is and I would’ve preferred a dropper or a pump instead. If used everyday you could easily go through the whole bottle in less than a month... I’ll probably try a different brand next time I guess :(
    Good product, bad packaging
    I incorporated hyaluronic acid into my skincare routine for the first time a few weeks ago with this product. I really like it and have noticed it’s positive impact on my skins appearance. The only reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because I find the bottle messy to use and hard to control how much product you want (it pours out the bottle very easily.) I think a pipette would be better for application.
    Definitely found this serum hydrating and my skin felt plumper after using. The packaging is a bit of a let down as it’s easy to squeeze too much out, but for the price it’s great!
    Love it
    I got this in a Cult Beauty edit and didn't expect much considering the price. But this one really surprised me. Light, hydrating and my skin looks and feels plumper. It makes me wonder why I spend on pricey serums. Might try more from the brand.
    Best for hydration, that’s all.
    Converted a sensitive skinned brand snob...
    In the past I have spent £30+ on hyaluronic acid as I have incredibly sensitive skin and believed I needed the “purest” form of product, but stopped buying it as I felt it made very little difference and was wasting money. After seeing all the reviews I have been using the Inkey List for two weeks now on damp skin and I am thrilled with how much more comfortable and hydrated my skin looks and feels! Love how effective and affordable it is!
    A really affordable acid
    I feel this has incorporated really well into my skincare routine. I have dry skin and have a skin change in my appearance. Looks less dry and looks glowy.
    One of the best hyaluronic acid I've end used from all price brackets. I always keep a bottle of this serum in my stash especially during winter when my skin loves being layered with hydrating serums. At this price you can't go wrong.
    Best Hyaluronic Acid!
    I fell in love with this product from the first time I used it. Has made the biggest difference to my skin! I decided recently to try a more expensive HA but ended up re-purchasing this Inkey List one because it has the best texture, moisturises the most and for the price is the best value! I'm 25 and my skin has never been better or more hydrated. Has stopped my overproduction of oil. Recommend to everyone!!
    So refreshing
    Amazing product, leaves the skin feeling so hydrated and a little defo goes a long way with it! Perfect for this time of year to give the skin extra moisture! Would prefer a dropper component, but that the only thing I would say :-)
    Highly reccomend!
    I love this serum! I have combination acne-prone skin and it doesn’t break me out. It’s not sticky, absorbs immediately and leaves my skin smooth and supple. Layers well with other products.
    After using this serum I can feel change in my skin. I feel so good, I love my skin more now.
    Didn't do anything
    For me, it was a waste of money ..I would give zero rating
    Loved it
    Great hyaluronic acid !My skin feels plump and hydrated.
    Best hyaluronic acid so far
    I have tried a few of them and this one has the best texture and works immediately. My skin isn't flaky anymore no matter what products do I use (salicylic, AHA/BHA, retinol).
    Love it
    My skin looks so much better now, and it has only been a month. Highly recommend it.
    I've tried a good few hyaluronic acids, drugstore and high end, and this is absolutely my favourite so far. It's not sticky, and the nights where I don't use it I can really tell the difference. Used before mists it leaves my skin feeling fresh and plump, which is essential in winter especially!
    HA Serum
    Great hydrator, smooths skin well. I use it under moisturiser and it has made a difference in how my skin holds moisture and hydration. Recommend.
    Simply awsome
    It really is my favourite now
    Textured skin's boon
    I started using this and I could feel my skin so smooth,I tried many ingredients like BHA to clear the texture but this one really helped me to achieve that in 3 days !!!!! I'm in shock.
    This is such a great HA! Its a lot less gunky than the ordinary one and I use it in everything, from mixing with my face moisturiser in the morning to on my legs before applying body lotion! It's great and such good value for something I use all the time.
    Beautiful product, hate the packaging
    I love this hyaluronic acid, and think it’s a must have in winter. It’s a much thicker consistency than both the ordinary hyaluronic and marine hyaluronic acid. That being said it is in very small bottles, and I wish it was produced in different sizes, not just for the convenience aspect of having to repurchase a lot but more so from an environmental prospective.
    Does work :)
    Bought this one and not the one from The Ordinary because of a review said this one's better. It's great, I have nothing bad to say about the product, works and helped my dehydrated skin, however, I don't really like the cap but oh well.
    Love at first use!
    I totally fall in love with this product. The texture isn't too sticky. It leaves my skin soft, supple and hydrated for hours.
    I like it so far
    I normally have hyaluronic acid injected into my face, no serum could beat that, however, I mix this with a tonic which feels great so far and skin is starting to glow.
    Amazing hydration for my sensitive eczema-prone skin. Highly recommended
    lovely product
    I always use on slightly wet skin and it has made such a difference to the hydration and texture of my skin. The bottle looks small, but a little goes a really long way. I'm on my 2 bottle now and always have to have a spare! I can't recommend enough.
    Good one!
    I've tried the Ordinary HA before. If you were troubled by the consistency of the Ordinary one then definitely go for this one. As long as you use HA on damp skin, both ordinary and Inkey deliver pretty much the same. Had no issues with packaging. So overall I enjoyed it!
    Love it
    I have purchased this because The Ordinary's hyaluronic acid serum was sold out and I AM SO GLAD I DID! I love its texture more than The Ordinary. It is not sticky at all and is better absorbed by the skin. Will continue purchasing it and will definitely try other products from this brand!
    My first Serum
    It was my first time trying an hydrating serum, so I can't really make comparisons. I have been using it for a month, I'm happy with it, and I will repurchase. I use it 2 times a day, and apply it to damp skin, as recommended. I didn't feel huge improvements in my skin, since I had already taken care of the main culprit for my skin to feel dry (the cleanser). But I think my skin feels a bit more hydrated now. It feels a bit sticky at first, but quickly absorbs. The bottle probably lasts 2 months.
    I’m happy with this product. It leaves my skin feeling nourished, especially after I add a layer or 2 of moisturizer on top.
    Not sticky, quickly hydrates and leaves skin soft
    great purchase
    great value and makes my skin feel so smooth. noticeable difference for my very sensitive skin. Would definitely buy again.
    I love this serum, it helped me retain moisture for my skin, results aren’t automatic but gradual. I would recommend
    Absolute perfection
    I love this, it's a breakthrough, my skin is absolutely perfect after using it. Plumps up and hydrates, what more does a girl want
    Daily staple
    Use it underneath other products day and night, absorbs so nicely & has made a real difference to my skin, both texture and glow
    So hydrating
    I normally steer clear of products like this as I have oily and acne prone skin, but this has really helped my skin. It makes your skin look plump (like you've had 8 glasses of water), and helps with any dryness from acne medication. So easy to use, and works well with all of my other products.
    A really nice serum which helps keep skin hydrated.
    I’ve used the Inkey List hyaluronic acid both morning and night for well over a year now and find that it gives slight plumpness to my skin and leaves it feeling much more hydrated. My moisturiser and foundation go on smoothly after it. Pleasant to use and a small amount goes a long way so it’s value for money. I’d certainly recommend this product.
    The best HA out there
    Having tried many formulations and brands of HA, I can honestly say this is by far my favourite- no stickiness, no residue, no pilling, no tightness or drying after-effects and a plumped and glowing complexion after just one use. This product is fantastic, my only wish is that it came in a larger size because I literally cannot live without it! Thank you @Theinkeylist!
    I have sensitive and combination skin and this product did not irritate my face. The only problem is that when I use it, I feel my face is a little bit sticky (in the first minute) and because of that I gave this product 4 star.
    My favourite HA serum
    I absolutely love this product. I was using it at a time when the area around my mouth started feeling very dry and sensitive, and this helped that in a way my other HA serums didn't. Love the texture of it - not too thick but not too watery either. The only thing I would change is the packaging; I would prefer a dropper bottle because that would help me control how much product comes out, because with the current bottle it's very easy to get more than you wanted. Otherwise, love this product and will definitely be repurchasing.
    First time use and obsessed.
    I used this the first time this morning and my skin has looked hydrated & plump all day! I have very dry skin and for my skin to look the way it does 8 hours after applying skincare is unreal, I'd normally have to reapply with oil and use a hydrating mist a few times. It's now a staple in my routine and the price is an added bonus.
    I love this. I couldn’t be without it. I use it followed by Buffet by The Ordinary and I find the combination so hydrating and I can really see the difference in my skin. I use it AM and PM as soon as I’ve cleansed.
    Make my skin more relaxed and reduces fine lines.
    Small But Mighty!
    I am now on my second bottle of this amazing serum. I didn't think it would last me that long but the bottle is deceiving, Using every day, sometimes twice a day, this lasted me about 3 months! I mix this with my Vitamin C every morning and it leaves my skin so plump and hydrated, there is no tacky or sticky residue left on the skin either which is hard to find in a hyaluronic! I have tried so many other products like this that I love, but the price, packaging and results from this really are amazing!
    Love it!!
    One of the best HA I have ever tried and the price is super! 4 in my rate is because I would like to be in a bottle with a dropper. But i bought it for second time because it does what it promises and it felt like a film which secures the moisture on my skin. Good job Inkey list!
    Amazing product,
    This HA is lovely, works really well! Especially for the price. The packaging annoys me, and wish it was a dropper bottle. The liquid isn’t sticky when applied to skin and absorbs really quickly. Nicely hydrating
    A favourite
    I have several Hyaluronic Acids in my collection as it really is a savior for my oily complexion. There's no escaping the benefits of hyaluronic acid and I’m sure everyone has heard that “it holds 1000 times its weight in water” but this truly does help all complexions. For people with dry skin, this is going to help attract moisture to hydrate but for those with oily complexions, the water magnet also helps keep the skin hydrated preventing it from overproducing oil. This particular serum contains different molecular sizes of HA and has a great texture and absorbs nicely into the skin and doesn’t ball up on the skin like others on the market.
    I like it but...
    This is a good product and if you're on the hunt for a cheap HA serum, this will certainly do! However, for a rather similar price point, I find the Hylamide HA serum to be more effective, for example.
    Great Texture
    The fluid feel of this product is fantastic ~ no sticky or tacky feel to it. A little goes a long way with this product ~ more than a pea sized amount patted into the skin will not provide more hydrating benefits ~ stick to the pea sized amount for the perfect hydration boost.
    Poor packaging.
    Probably just me being unlucky. Ordered this and the Q10. Both leaked terribly and soaked through its paper box. I’ve ordered stuff from the inkey list from ASOS before and didn’t arrive in a wet box!
    The Inkey List - Hyaluronic Acid Serum
    It's a very good serum. I have mature, really dry skin. I mix it with a moisturizer. Although I prefer Barbara Sturm hyaluronic serum, this one the difference in price makes it worth to buy this one. Skin plumped and hydrated.
    I have bought it for my mother and the difference can be seen clearly as her face is smoother and shinier. ❤️ She is very happy with it and I will surely buy it again really soon. 5/5 ⭐
    Excellent serum
    This is my first bottle of this HA serum but I don't think it will be my last! My skin loves it and I'm rewarded with plump, super-hydrated skin. Sometimes I cocktail with The Inkey's Collagen or Q10 serums and find that this works well too. Brilliant serum at a brilliant price. Thank you!
    Finally found a HA that is not horrendously tacky after application! All HA's will be a little, but this one sinks into the skin wonderfully and compliments the other steps in my routine so well. My skin looks plump and glowing from within without that greasy film some products can leave, would recommend
    Good serum
    I suffer from rosacea and I really need to watch what I'm using because my red cheeks are extremely reactive... This serum is lovely. No irritation, nothing... I use it just overnight and it's lovely. My skin really likes it :)
    My skin texture has changed from the third day and people have noticed it. I ordered 3 more bottles.
    Not for me
    I have had good experiences from The Ordinary's HA serum and expected this to be similar. Not so much... not very hydrating and oddly making my skin react a little bit. It was not for me.
    Great product!
    I really like this product. It does what it promises, and hydrates my dry skin really nicely! I wish it came in a dispenser with a pump but for the price it is just fine.
    Weird blotches
    I used this once and woke up with a very oily face with red blotches around the cheeks. Never experienced this before. They did go down later and my skin was fine and quite plump but not sure I like the oilyness
    LOVE IT. Period.
    I've been experimenting with different skincare lines in the past years, considering Deciem brands my ultimate holy grails up to now. I still adore those products, however, after using up my old The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, I was looking for a great AM serum that doesn't make me oily but neither makes my combo skin dehydrated. I purchased this Hyaluronic Acid Serum together with the Q10 Serum from The Inkey List and I LOVE them combined as part of my morning and evening routine as well. After cleansing, I use this and follow with the Q10, everything else in my morning routine stayed the same. I swear I already noticed a huge difference on the first day. My skin looks so much more plumped and balanced, that usual oiliness didn't happen at all. This serum is also incredibly lightweight and not sticky like the one by The Ordinary. I'm so happy with my purchase!
    Not too bad
    Firstly I really hate the packaging, it's hard to use and to estimate quantity. I prefer the dropper like The Ordinary much more. Please change the packaging if you can. I live in humidity and a hot area so this is not my cup of tea as it leaves my skin oily. I like to mix it in with my moisturiser.
    I received this product less than 24 hours ago, have used it twice (at bedtime and the next morning) and am noticing IMMEDIATE improvement in the fine lines, moisture level, and general plumpiness of my skin. This liquid serum is fragrance free, goes on extremely smooth, and has truly done what it says it will just about instantly. Definitely looking forward to continued use and even better results. I also have sensitive skin, and other products have bothered me in the past ... not so with this one. Incidentally, I purchased a few other products from this line at the same time as this, and will be reviewing them similarly - each of them is making a noticeable, instant improvement in my skin!
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