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    THE INKEY LISTBeta Hydroxy Acid<p>A potent salicylic acid, THE INKEY LIST&#8217;s Beta Hydroxy Acid is a gentle, resurfacing treatment that works to &#8216;unglue&#8217; dulling dead cells and debris while purging your pores of embedded impurities. Perfect for those who&#8217;re susceptible to blackheads, pimples or breakouts, this works to control excess oil and &#8216;retexturise&#8217; skin so it swiftly appears much more even. Add hyaluronic acid into the mix to deliver long-lasting (non-clogging) hydration, this featherweight blend is a godsend for oily, combination or dehydrated complexions.&nbsp;</p>INK0171781650604222957004 stars, based on33 reviews 9.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Beta Hydroxy Acid

    Beta Hydroxy Acid
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      ‘Haute Couture’ skin care (with high-street price tags), THE INKEY LIST is striving to democratise the beautysphere. Famed for creating results-driven products (that look pretty swish on your #shelfie), this brand is acquiring no end of accolades from beauty editors, influencers and Cult Beauty’s band of ‘skintellectuals’. Want to find out what the fuss is about? Battle your blackheads and combat congestion with brilliant Beta Hydroxy Acid.

    • Description

      A potent salicylic acid, THE INKEY LIST’s Beta Hydroxy Acid is a gentle, resurfacing treatment that works to ‘unglue’ dulling dead cells and debris while purging your pores of embedded impurities. Perfect for those who’re susceptible to blackheads, pimples or breakouts, this works to control excess oil and ‘retexturise’ skin so it swiftly appears much more even. Add hyaluronic acid into the mix to deliver long-lasting (non-clogging) hydration, this featherweight blend is a godsend for oily, combination or dehydrated complexions. 

    • How to use

      Use AM or PM. Apply one to two drops on cleansed skin and follow with preferred serums and moisturiser. Always use a broad spectrum (SPF) moisturiser in the day.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Propanediol, Betaine, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Zinc PCA, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Maltodextrin, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexylglycerin, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate

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    THE INKEY LIST - Beta Hydroxy Acid

    THE INKEY LIST Beta Hydroxy Acid Reviews

    Perfect little bha!
    I wasn't sure about using another BHA as I use Paula's choice BHA toner, however, I get stubborn painful spots so I thought I'd get this as a spit treatment as the succinic spot treatment didn't help and just dried me out. Glides on smoothly with a lovely slick hydrating feel to it, and you can actually see it working slightly within a few hours. Honestly buy this if you want to make your more expensive BHA last longer, use it for travel, or for split treatment!
    I have been using his for 1 week now in the AM. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin texture, tone, pores and blackheads. Everything is so much better. I’ve tired many brand but the Inkey list is by far the best.
    Excellent product, nice packaging, definitely worth it
    Love it
    I only used it a few times but woow it really works. you have to be careful using this product. I think it's strong because I put it on my whole face and in the morning my bigger pimples were gone, however the redness stayed. The blackheads on my nose are still there and I have closed comedones around my chin, but the situation has improved. I hope to see better results in the future. Patience is the key
    Works wonders..
    Used this after a HA serum, my skin is feeling more plumped. smooth and clean.. First time for me using a direct BHA serum so I am really quite impressed. Also another tip that I think will save thighs, I had quite visable 'chicken skin' on my thighs, and a little on the calves but I have also been using a little of this serum directly out of the shower and I can definitely see results of smoother thighs. (it's been 3 weeks since I have been doing this). Would recommend if this is your first time to BHA also!
    My first Exfoliant - did not disappoint
    My skin has a tendency to be dehydrated, and maybe a little bit on the dry side. A bit sensitive as well.I have lots of tiny blackheads all over my forehead, some bigger ones on my nose, and whiteheads on my cheeks. I wanted a chemical exfoliant to take care of the clogged pores, and a bha seemed to be the right choice, even though I was unsure if it would dry the skin, since it is typically targeted to oily acne skins. I started slow, and in 3 weeks builded up to every other day. I never experienced any adverse effects, and my skin didn't get dry. After one month my blackheads are still there, but less noticeable. These things take time, so I'll keep on using it. The morning after I apply it my skin feels softer. The bottle will probably last 3 months or more.
    Not sure
    I’ve been using this 3x a week since May. I originally built my way up slowly to using this 3x a week. I’m just not sure if it’s where I’m being picky or if i am expecting way too much, but I’m just not sure if this does help. I suffer with cystic acne and will be starting accurate in the near future so that could be why I’m not overly impressed. They do say topicals don’t work with cystic acne. It’s not sticky and leaves your skin feeling smooth but as for reducing the amount of breakouts, I wouldn’t necessarily say it does.
    Worked well
    I have very oily, acne prone skin with some forehead fungal acne as well. This product is small but seems to go a long way. I recently bought a lot of new products to try out for my acne so i'm not sure if it is this product or some others but my acne has miraculously cleared once I started using this product regularly. So I'm happy with what I got :) My only qualm is that they should change the packaging, specifically the lid, you can't control how much comes out and I think I will give me trouble when the products starts to run out :/
    Beta hydroxy Acid
    It helped me very well with my blackheads on my nose and on my forehead made my dark dots between my eyebrows go away. Helped me very much! Will definitely buy it again.
    Didn't do anything
    I have used as instructed for over a month and it hasn't done anything. Hasn't made me worse and there seems like a lot of product is left but none of my pores or blackheads have gone.
    Good step towards great skin
    I really like this product - affordable and effective, it really has made a difference to my skin since first use. Non-drying to my dehydrated skin while clearing my skin from small pimple or blackhead outbreaks - it just helps the skin look a little more clear, especially on my t zone area. As many others have commented, the let down is the packaging - very hard to control the amount released as quite runny in the formulation. Overall a great buy and I would repurchase.
    Nice support
    I use this one when I feel like I need some extra oompf - more pimples than usual, too many blackheads etc. But it is harder to use because the packaging allows easily for applying too much. (I have combo skin prone to acne, a little bit on the sensitive skin side)
    Pretty good
    I suffer from black heads on the nose and white heads under my chin. This the third BHA that I have tried and probably the best one. It has completely cleared my whitehead. I am ducking one point as it didn't have any effect on my blackheads. as far as breakouts are concerned it neither helped nor exasperated the problem as there are several causes to it.
    A Skin Saviour
    This is a really great product. I have a few favourite Salicylic Acid serums some of which are up there in price but this is so affordable and so effective. I've recommended this over on my skincare Instagram (@skin_t__) for anyone dealing with breakouts and/or clogged pores. I find that despite its strength it doesn’t tingle on my skin but certainly works well. Typically I only use this when I’m dealing with an active breakout but use the Inkey List Salicylic Acid cleanser daily to help keep oil and breakouts at bay.
    Great product
    It is very similar to The Ordinary SA serum but I prefer this texture better. It works really great with a glycolic acid toner (been using both from The Ordinary and The Inkey List). I have been using this for a month now daily AM and PM. Such a good product. Also, I feel like it also moisturizing my skin a little, but I always use a moisturizer after anyway. I can tell my skin is brighter. It reduces the appearance of pores and more importantly clogged pores. I can recommend this to people with oily/combination skin, not sure about people with dry skin. My only complaint is the packaging: I need more control over pouring it.
    This is a nice serum
    Great texture.
    Glad I tried it
    Really glad I tried this. When I use it my skin is glowing the next day. Brilliant price point too!
    Bye Bye Congestion! I'm Not Going to Miss You So!
    It has taken me three years to find the one serum to get rid of my congestion and the solution, or rather serum, was right under my nose the entire time. This BHA has drastically improved the texture of my skin and has vanquished the congestion bumps on my dry cheeks! As long as I don't regularly skip on this serum, I'm all good to go! If you're not sure where to start for your first BHA, then this is definitely one you should try out. This is great value for your money as this product delivers. Say goodbye to congestion bumps!
    Really good serum for breakout-prone skin, it has very few ingredients which I really like because my skin can be quite reactive, it has the two main ingredients that I always look for when tackling a breakout: Salicylic Acid and Zinc, love the addition of Sodium Hyaluronate for hydration and to drive the actives deeper into the skin. It feels a little tacky upon application but it doesn't last for long and it layers well with any moisturiser.
    The secret no one talks about
    My grandmother told me a story that when she was a teenager she would get a salicylic acid paste from the pharmacy to lighten her freckles. I thought wow, that is old wisdom, it must work. And boy did it work. My skin has never been more clear, I haven’t used foundation since I started using this. My pores are basically non-existent, and my skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom. For me it’s not an anti-ageing product, it’s more like something that keeps it glowing during depressing times even. I use this very randomly, sometimes every night for a week, sometimes once every week, works all the time. My skin is dry, and I feel like it hydrates it even more even though it is an acid. But seriously, do not use any other acid on your face when you have been using this, and wear sunscreen.
    Pointless product - what's worse is not just it doesn't do what it's meant to do (acne, blemishes, pores, etc), it actually made my skin much worse. I don't normally have much acne or pimples, my issue is generally oily skin and enlarged pores. It did nothing for the pores, but as soon as I use it - I break out! I'm also using it with the inkey list salicylic acid, but it's really this treatment that is causing issues, it seems.
    Great product
    Really helped my mask acne!
    The texture is nice and it layers well, but I did not see any results. Plus the packaging is bad.
    The good and the bad.
    So I actually really like this formula. It’s a gentle, fast absorbing gel-fluid that doesn’t feel tacky on the skin and makes for an effortless morning routine. It’s very mild and newb-friendly. BUT... That dispenser. Product residue inevitably builds up around the lid and looks unpleasant to say the least. It boggles the mind how Inkey have still kept this plastic flip-cap design all these years.
    Its a good product if you have an acne prone skin or oily skin. It doesnt make your skin dry at all. I like the gel texture which hydrate my skin.
    Can't see much difference
    It doesn't seem to work so well for me, at least I have yet to see some actual difference using it. I haven't really tried other BHAs, so I can't compare products. I might give another BHA a chance next.
    This definitely helps with the small amount of spots I get on my face (and back), it reduces the size a lot with just one use and clears it in a couple uses! I also heard salicylic acid helps with blackheads so I’m hoping my clogged pores on my t-zone will see some more improvement with prolonged use. The product spreads really well, the recommended amount is 1-2 drops but it’s hard to really know what counts as one drop as it’s a bottle you squeeze... I’d prefer a dropper. The product also dries around where it dispenses and causes less product to come out? However, those are minor annoyances and I’d repurchase because it really gets rid of my spots so effectively. Really really hoping it can do something with my clogged pores! Will have to wait and see.
    don't know
    I see nothing while using it
    I LOVE this
    This is an amazing product - the best BHA I’ve ever tried. Works amazingly on blemishes and doesn’t dry your skin out, unlike every other BHA I’ve used. Trust me, get this!
    Did absolutely squat!
    I got this together with the Alpha Hydroxy Acid. The beta which advocated tighter pores and removal of blackheads...... well if it did, I certainly did not notice. Considering the price is very doable - was not expecting the earth. However, if you are penny watching, I recommend the AHA one. The Ordinary as a brand excels through.
    Amazing product
    The last BHA that I used didn't work out for me so I felt so so about this product. I was totally surprised that this actually helps out with removing my sebaceous filaments and black heads. Why did I say so? Because every other night when I apply this and I do my pore stripping the next day, all the gunk just comes out easy peasy. The pore strip itself is not that strong and if used on its own doesn't really remove too much, so I can totally say that the Inkey List BHA has done its magic and I am super amazed by it. I only rate it 4 out of 5 though cos it hasn't totally tamed my oily t zone. Well not yet anyway. But still such an amazing product and defo worth a try.
    In terms of ingredients, this is great. It is very similar to The Ordinary salicylic acid serum. This doesn’t have witch-hazel in (which some deem problematic due to its hidden tannins and alcohol content), unlike The Ordinary which does contain it. I do love The Ordinary salicylic serum but in terms of ingredients, this wins. This contains the zinc, like The Ordinary, but with the addition of hyaluronic acid (the salt). It’s a shame it couldn’t contain some soothing ingredients to replace the lack of witch hazel. The packaging isn’t great in theory as it doesn’t match the formulation. The Ordinary is thicker in consistency IMO and this serum could have been thicker to match the packaging (the kind when you push on my end of the cap and the other side pops up to reveal the dispensing hole). The serum just kinda pours out without much control. I’m not a fan of the dropper anyway but in this case, the other reviewer may have been right. It’s a very small bottle and you end up feeling like they could have given you more for the price compared to The Ordinary where at least it’s thicker and you have more control. Like the salicylic acid cleanser from Inkey List, I am asking politely for more, more, more in terms of size and not in price. These aren’t expensive products to formulate and produce.
    So far so good!
    Have oily acne-prone skin but honestly feel like this helped to clear my skin a little, even after the first use. Really excited to see how it goes, seems really effective so far. texture is nice and does not pill when other serums are layered on top! only issue is the packaging - just find it difficult to control how much I squeeze out (wish they had the glass dropper bottles like the ordinary).
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