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    SUMMER FRIDAYSJet Lag Mask 28g<p>Fancy starting the weekend early? Give your skin the Friday feeling (whether or not you&#8217;ve just switched time zones) with Summer Fridays&#8217; Jet Lag Mask. Already an Instagram sensation, the beauty world is going crazy for this heroic hydrating mask, not least because it&#8217;s received <em>rave</em> reviews from the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Jessica Alba. After trying every beauty product going, Summer Fridays&#8217; influencer founders set about dreaming up their own hero product and, together with a team of industry experts, they whipped up this miracle mask. Perfect for stressed-out skin and ideal for post-plane complexions, the vegan formula drenches skin with a nourishing mix of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts, which work together to soothe and hydrate skin, plumping away the look of fine lines and wrinkles to leave things <em>uber</em>-dewy. Chestnut extract activates skin&#8217;s natural exfoliation process, polishing away dullness; vitamin C provides powerful antioxidant protection and behaves like a moisture magnet; niacinamide reduces the appearance of pores and imperfections and green tea extract reduces puffiness and inflammation while guarding against free radicals. The brand&#8217;s fabulous founders also love to use the mask as a hydrating primer or an overnight treatment for more intensive effects.&nbsp;</p>SRF001_TRAVEL155568601570010804 stars, based on315 reviews 22.50Cult BeautyNew
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    Jet Lag Mask
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    • Why it's Cult

      We always want what we can’t have, so when Summer Fridays’ Instagram superstar, Kim Kardashian West-approved Jet Lag Mask reached our eager ears, we couldn’t wait to usher it into our Hall of Fame. Crafted from green, vegan ingredients, this unbelievable hydrating mask transforms skin, whether you’re a time zone-hopping jetsetter or just having a night in. Thanks to a nourishing combination of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts, this soothing formula leaves your complexion uber-dewy, radiant and ready for anything. In the UK exclusively on Cult Beauty, this is guaranteed to give your skin that Friday feeling – TGISF!


    • Description

      Fancy starting the weekend early? Give your skin the Friday feeling (whether or not you’ve just switched time zones) with Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask. Already an Instagram sensation, the beauty world is going crazy for this heroic hydrating mask, not least because it’s received rave reviews from the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Jessica Alba. After trying every beauty product going, Summer Fridays’ influencer founders set about dreaming up their own hero product and, together with a team of industry experts, they whipped up this miracle mask. Perfect for stressed-out skin and ideal for post-plane complexions, the vegan formula drenches skin with a nourishing mix of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts, which work together to soothe and hydrate skin, plumping away the look of fine lines and wrinkles to leave things uber-dewy. Chestnut extract activates skin’s natural exfoliation process, polishing away dullness; vitamin C provides powerful antioxidant protection and behaves like a moisture magnet; niacinamide reduces the appearance of pores and imperfections and green tea extract reduces puffiness and inflammation while guarding against free radicals. The brand’s fabulous founders also love to use the mask as a hydrating primer or an overnight treatment for more intensive effects. 

    • How to use

      Recommended patch test: We recommend conducting a patch test prior to use by applying a small amount either behind the ear or on your jawline. If you experience any issues, rinse off and contact our Customer Service team.

      Apply a visible layer on cleansed, dry skin including under-eye area. Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes. Wipe off excess with a warm cloth or towel—no need to rinse!

      Founders’ tip:

      “We love this as an overnight mask and use it as a hydrating primer under make up too!” 

    • Full ingredients list

      Water, Caprylic /Capric Triglyceride, Castanea Sativa (Chestnut) Seed Extract, Diheptyl Succinate, Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer, Pentylene Glycol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea)Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Niacinamide, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Glycerin, Sorbitan Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate , PEG 100 Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Physalis Angulata Extract, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 6 II, Ceramide 1, Phytosphingosine, Cholesterol, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Arginine, Citric Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Mentha Arvensis (Cornmint) Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange)Peel Oil, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract

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    SUMMER FRIDAYS - Jet Lag Mask

    SUMMER FRIDAYS Jet Lag Mask Reviews

    Poor side of average
    I don't get the hype at all... I tried it a couple of times and was underwhelmed to say the least. It definitely didn't deliver on any of the claims, and instead it made it feel clogged. After a couple of months of it sitting unused in my bathroom cabinet, I decided to give it another go as my skin was looking lacklustre. I washed it off after 5 minutes as it felt so tacky and horrible on the skin and just not 'right'. Instead I've put on my trusty Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish mask (which is amazing if you want a super hydrating and nourishing mask), and my skin feels instantly so much happier.
    Lots of sensitivity
    I used it a 3 times but each time I have my experience has ranged from slight tingling to full on burning. I would say I have fairly sensitive skin but this made one face go red and stay red for half a day the last time I used it. If you do have any sensitivity I'd be weary. Such a shame. I'd heard great things about it. Just not compatible with my skin I guess.
    Worth the hype!
    Literally, I’ve seen this mask everywhere and it really does live up to the hype! So hydrating and moisturizing! I never use it as a 10min mask, I use as a night cream or very thin layer as a primer and it’s soooo beautiful. Your skin is left looking so plump and dewy without being sparkly or dewy. Just super hydrated. 100/5 love it and will be repurchasing.
    I was expecting more
    I felt it would be a waste of the product to use it as a mask so I use it as a night cream. At first there was a burning sensation and redness after applying. It went away after several uses. I think it does not go well with acids or other actives if both products are used every other night. Overall my skin looks good in the morning and I feel it more cleared.
    Was looking forward to this but disappointed
    I wanted to love it but I had breakout and burning sensation left my skin feeling uncomfortable
    Do not buy!
    I don´t have sensitive skin at all, but this "mask" left my skin burning after just one minute! after I put in on. I tried to rinse it off but it just kept on getting worse and worse. I feel like I have been sunbathing for 10hours without SPF. I saw somebody commenting that there was some "factory problem" but this is totally unacceptable. I have been buying skincare for 20 years from all over the place but have never experienced a product before that quite literally burns off your face. Stay away!
    Burning sensation
    After 2-3 minutes after application my face started to burn. Left my skin red and irritated. Do a test before you use it
    Don’t buy it
    I never react to any skincare but this sent my skin into havoc. It burned within a minute and my face went bright red burning like sunburn. I wish I could share a picture. No idea what’s in it causing people to react so badly. Don’t buy into the hype, read the reviews!!!!
    Burned skin
    I bought this for my friend as a gift. We both had bright faces after use and it would last for several hours. When my friend's skin was the same I didn’t think anything of it just thought his skin was sensitive. Then I used it on my face and immediately the same thing happened and googled if that is normal turns out not normal and there is a recall notice on some batches in Australia
    Why is Cult Beauty continuing to sell this product when there is a recall notice on the main summer Fridays website? I have used this product previously and had no issues, I got a new tube delivered by Cult only last week and my skin has been burnt, it looks and feels horrendous. Avoid. Cult should not be allowing ongoing sales of this product.
    Skin Burns
    I do not have sensitive skin and have never had an allergic reaction to a skin or hair care product before and regularly use acids/retinol with no ill-effects. Within minutes of applying this mask, my face was itching, red and sore. I washed the mask off but was left with burns on my face which were highly sensitive and painful. Took about 4-5 days to settle down. Do not take the risk on this mask!
    Skin reaction
    This was a requested Christmas gift and the person has since let me know that they, like many other reviewers came out in a really bad rash. A real shame given the hype and cost of a rather small tube.
    Burned my face
    If I’d read the reviews I certainly wouldn’t have bought it and can now say I’ve had the same experience. My face immediately turned red and burning after use (as per instructions). No other sensitivities. Quite shocked after hearing its reputation. Ingredients list needs to be reviewed if there are so many users reporting the same issue!!
    Don’t risk it
    I’ve just tried this product for the first time and after a few seconds, i could feel my skin tingling, a minute later my face was very red! I washed it off immediately but 10 minutes have passed since I washed it off and my face looks like its sunburnt and feels really tight. I’ve never had a reaction like this to anything and I’ve tried A LOT of different products. I wouldn’t risk buying this as it’s quite expensive and seems to be a problem for many people who try this.
    Burnt and Red
    I was excited to try this mask, having read the reviews. Within moments of application it burned my skin until it was red raw. My skin feels badly burnt and sore. I'm really disappointed. A total waste of money.
    I don't have sensitive skin and nearly never get any bad reactions but after first use my skin was burning and red, I tried it second time on my forearm and it was red for nearly two days :(
    Very moisturising
    I was worried this was over-hyped but it’s actually really good. I just use it as a moisturizer, especially at night and it noticeably hydrated my skin and leaves it incredibly soft. I’d buy it again.
    Nothing special
    I didn't notice any special effects on it on my skin, apart from when I left it on my skin for overnight it broke me out.
    Chemical Peel more like!
    I was excited to use this product as my winter skin really needed a boost. What I was not expecting was a glorified home chemical peel! Within seconds my face was tingling and on fire (And no, my skin isn’t sensitive normally). I immediately washed it off but my face was left red and blotchy for 2 days. I’ve just read through some of the other reviews and it seems to be a common theme. Clearly there is something wrong with this product and it should not be sold.
    Bad batch?
    Received this today and was surprised to find when I applied it a tingling sensation. Had to remove it after a minute as the sensation got worse. Now left with red, burning skin. Not what I expected at all. Came back to check reviews here and noticed a few others having a similar experience
    This product is absolutely awful! I was so excited to try it and literally put it on for 2 minutes and then boom... my skin was burning, it was red, and now it’s even more red and splotchy looking and so dry. Do not buy this! Listen to the reviews, I wish I would have!
    Will Repurchase!
    I'm on my second tube of Jet Lag & I've really enjoyed using this mask at night - it definitely gives my skin more of a glow in the morning. Feels like a real treat to use.
    A great go-to for dry/uneven tone
    I love this mask - I often have dry skin with uneven bumps, especially in winter, and this sorts it right out. You don't need much either, so the small tube lasts a good while. I use it once a week and either leave it on all day or sleep in it. It suggests it could be used as a base/primer for makeup but it's too thick for that for me. Afterwards, my skin is smooth, even and looks great. I have a bit of a tingle when I first put it on but it quickly goes away. I'd suggest washing it off with a good cleanser, there's still a bit of residue when you just wash with water. I have fairly sensitive skin and have never had an issue.
    Wasn't worth the price
    I'm sad to leave this review, as I really wanted to like this product! I read a lot of articles and reviews before purchasing, and as they were overwhelmingly positive, I gave it a shot. I'm thankful I bought the smaller tube. I included this in my weekly routine, towards the end of the week, as I don't like to wear foundation when I head out. All in all, it just feels like a heavy moisturiser. I've tried both taking it off and leaving it on and I don't notice a difference with that either- it looks dewy when it's on because it's so thick. If I take it off, my skin doesn't feel any more hydrated than with a thick moisturiser. I've found a much better product in the Garnier sheet masks for hydration- this feels nice when it's on, but that's the only real difference. Sorry!
    Ruined my skin
    This made my skin bright red. I’ve used many skincare products. Avoid!
    Did not live up to the hype! Cool packaging but possibly the worst-performing mask I've tried so far. It also wasn't great for my occasional sensitive prone skin. Glad I purchased the smaller tube to test first.
    Patch test before using!
    Was really excited about finally trying this as I’ve heard really good things. Applied last night to clean skin and after a minute it felt very hot on my skin, looked in the mirror to a bright red face. Washed it off immediately to be left with a look and feel of a badly sunburnt face! Had to apply ice and lotion and am still feeling very dry and hot today. Very disappointed, won’t be using again.
    Sunday night go-to ritual mask
    I have oily skin and was quite scared of this mask, but I used it every Sunday throughout the summer months and it's been amazing. Skin seems to wake up more clear, smooth and hydrated, so definitely a big yes!
    Nice texture but no visible difference after using it
    I have been using this mask for a few weeks already, but I don’t see any difference on my skin. Nice smell and texture. I will still continue using it, maybe the results will appear soon.
    I had high hopes for this as it sounds great but it was just okay. A nice consistency but didn't do anything for my skin. You can definitely get better face masks.
    I have very dry skin, I was sure this mask is hydrating but wowww this is burned the hell out of my skin !!! After few minutes, I started to see redness in my skin so I rinsed it off and my skin was completely red . Not recommended as much as I wanted to love this ..
    Holy grail!
    Absolutely OBSESSED with this. I saw a review so thought I’d give it a try and it’s now my new favourite skincare product. Worth the money 100%.
    This mask is amazing amazing amazing. Skin looks so refreshed and hydrated!! I love it and recommend it 100%.
    love this mask, I wear it overnight, just a thin layer and my skin is so so soft in the morning. only bought the small one to try first, but I can see myself buying this again and trying the other items too!
    Good but not great
    I have sensitive skin, and this mask is not great for me. The ingredients include some fragrances, which make my skin sensitive. Particularly the peppermint and orange. It also did nothing much for the hydration of my skin.
    Love it
    Ideal mask for my skin, I love this mask. Thank you!
    Didn't work for me
    I'm glad that I bought a mini version to try because it was awful for my skin. First of all I didn't notice any effect from it, I mean literally nothing. But what's even worse is that it started to irritate my skin after some time though my skin is not sensitive. Still have half of tube left, but even don't want to finish it.
    Very nice, but premium price
    I really like using this as a mask, or a moisturiser if my skin is very dry. I do think it's too expensive for what it is (hence 4* instead of 5*), but if you're happy to pay the price then it's a good product.
    Good but expensive
    I have oily combination skin that tends to be dehydrated in the winter. Added moisture without clogging my pores or breaking me out. Took away a star because it didn’t blow my socks off as the hype surrounding this product would suggest.
    SO good
    I'd never used a sleep mask before so wasn't sure how they worked but every time I use this, I wake up with my skin feeling so soft and hydrated! Highly recommend!
    Not impressed.
    I was really excited to use this face mask but it didn't work for me at all. It seems to have broken me out in tiny pimples. Not using again and won't repurchase.
    Not blown away
    I really want to love this product but it's only okay... I like having it to add to the mix of other moisturiser/masks options but I'm not blown away by it. I've tried the under eye thing and again, nothing to write home about. I've actually found that with all the Summer Fridays' products that I've purchased - does what it says on the tin kind of thing - but not life changing sadly! Might replace in future but I'm sure there are better options out there!
    Absolutely amazing product
    I was skeptical about this despite being recommended it due to the high price for a face mask but it was worth every penny. Feels like heaven going on the skin and I love that you don’t have to wash it off, I sleep with it on. Absorbs great and leaves skin feeling amazing. Will definitely repurchase
    I recently found this amazing product while traveling. Although it is named a "mask" I use it as a daily moisterizer at night! Also if my skin feels dry in the morning I use it on the dry spots for extra care. This product is absolutely amazing and a little cream for applying on to your skin is enough to see amazing results! The only negative thing is that at the end it's hard to get all the product out due to the packaging. Will repurchase definitely!
    Definitely going to repurchase!
    I absolutely love this face mask, it is so moisturizing without feeling thick or heavy or greasy on the skin. I have combination skin and I love how this makes my skin feel, it leaves my face feeling so smooth and soft. Would highly recommend, I will definitely be purchasing the bigger size when my current tube runs out!
    This mask really does moisturise and hydrate your skin. I love that you can let it sink into your skin and not rinse. The only thing I thought was that it was a little smaller in size than I thought but you dont need to use alot. This mask really does live up to expectations.
    Jet Lag Mask ~ Incredible
    My skin absolutely LOVES this, I use this in my skin routine once a day and it can be used as a mask, moisturiser, eye cream primer. I initially bought the smaller size, however, will definitely be purchasing once it’s run out in the bigger size! I seriously can not recommend this enough, my family have even commented on how much more hydrated and glowy my skins looked over the last six weeks and this is the only product I’ve added!! SO IMPRESSED, will definitely be investing in more of the company’s products.
    Amazing product
    This mask feels very luxurious and always leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and smooth. I have quite dry skin and whenever it is feeling particularly dull I use this mask and I really notice a difference. It has a mild minty smell but it is not offensive at all (I quite like it). I wouldn't say it has changed the overall appearance of my skin but it definitely adds a lot of moisture which is what I was hoping for.
    I am a huge fan of the jet lag mask. I apply it twice a week and notice my skin feels deeply hydrated and glowing. I also think it is a good price point and lasts longer than you would think.
    Love it
    I've been putting this on a few times a week, either in the morning or before going to sleep, and leaving it on all day or night. The biggest difference is when I sleep in it - my skin feels crazy soft and bouncy in the morning! You only have to use a tiny bit, it spreads easily and quickly stops feels greasy. I imagine you could wear makeup over it, but I haven't yet.
    Not so sure...
    To be honest, I do not understand the buzz about this mask. It has a rather weird texture - like slightly sticky cream and feels like leaving a residue even after removing it with a cloth. I’m using it as a lip moisturiser now. It’s not worth the price.
    Definitely a difference.
    Totally see a difference when I use this, usually pop it on overnight And in the morning my skin feels unreal! It always looks a lot more tame as I suffer from redness and acne scars that get red and inflamed. Also has a nice smell
    I wanted to love this mask so much, I think I had my eye on it for at least a year before I finally let myself purchase it. For info, im 22 have "normal" skin neither dry nor oily and i don't really suffer from spots etc just dullness and hyperpigmentation around my mouth. Other than moisturising my skin this has had no beneficial effects on my skin and I have been using this since January so around 5 months now. It has some negative effects though, everytime i have used this i have had a spot appear and i never used to have large pores and now they're all I can notice. I thought it may be just for me so I gave it to my sister who has completely different skin needs from me (most things I hate she loves) but even she refuses to use this as it just doens't work and also broke her out.It also has a weird tingly (but not the good kind, more of a burning???) sensation to it which isn't pleasant, and I have used glycolic and BHA peels so it's not because my skin is senstive.The only way I have found this mask usable (I'm trying to finish it im a broke student) is to use it whilst in the show put a thick layer on and wash it off after 5 mins it leaves the skin super soft.TLDR; It's basically a glorified (but so cute) moisturising mask and really not worth the £££
    Glass skin!
    I wanted to try this product because of the hype and I definitely vouch for it! Rather than as a 10-minute mask, I use a light layer on my face for the day and it gives this amazing dewy, supple, and fresh look. I've received many compliments on my complexion, and this product definitely hydrates my skin, leaving it with a cooling effect.
    Not moisturising enough for dry skin
    This product really is a moisturiser more than a mask, it absorbs into your skin within minutes and there's nothing to wipe off or dab in. I have dry and sensitive skin - it wasn't moisturising enough for me, and it stung my cheeks and nose area after a few seconds on my skin. This 'mask' is more suited to someone with no skin concerns.
    Lovely product
    Would repurchase. Nice treat for dehydrated skin. Looking forward to trying more from Summer Fridays.
    Amazing for dry skin!!
    I have dry/sensitive skin and this mask soothes my skin so much, I love the peppermint smell and when I wipe the mask off my skin feels so hydrated, moisturised and plump. I would definitely recommend for my skin type and I will 100% be repurchasing.
    Extremely Disappointing
    I’m not one for usually leaving reviews but I’m so disappointed that this mask didn’t work out as I had very high hopes for this mask. I ended up buying the full size as I never have any negative reactions to skincare so I thought I’d just invest now, but sadly this started burning my face within a minute I had to wipe it off and double cleanse afterwards. Serves me right for not buying the smaller tube I guess but I won’t be repurchasing.
    For lockdown skin
    Great overnight or intensive moisturizing mask, to revive dry and dull skin.
    I've been wanting to get this face mask for so long, but was always put off by the price as it is quite expensive.. HOWEVER, this mask is something else! I finally decided to treat myself to the smaller version and not only that lasts you for a while but the mask itself makes your skin feel fresh, glowy and most importantly super hydrated! It is very lightweight on your skin and I love the fact that you can put it all over your face (I put it over my eyes and lips as well), I tend to leave it for longer than recommend because I love how it feels. No need to wash it off, I use my face halo to gently wipe it off and the results are insane every single time! It's worth every penny!
    Nice - but not hydrating
    I had very mixed feelings about this. It has a lovely texture and is very enjoyable to use but I think it's marketed incorrectly. I bought it to tackle my very dry, lockdown skin and it simple wasn't very hydrating. As an overnight mask, there wasn't any more hydration than if I'd just used my moisturiser. However, when I tried it in the bath and then washed it off, I came out with lovely smooth, brightened skin. It still wasn't hugely hydrated, but I would definitely use it in this way again - and possibly repurchase for this reason. Lovely, brightening mask - but not a hydrating mask.
    Absolute treat
    I have heard lots of great things about Summer Fridays and finally decided to treat myself to the jetlag mask. I was not disappointed. The packaging is beautiful and the product even better. It was so easy to apply, had a soothing smell, and left my skin feeling refreshed and glowing.
    My dehydrated skin finally has a saviour!
    This is hands down the best hydration my skin has ever received. I love the thick texture and it absorbs into my skin so well. This is lovely on my lips too, right before a matte lipstick. Will definitely be purchasing a larger size!
    Did not work for my skin
    I put the mask on and it made my face very red and super hot. My face was red for a few hours. Was very disapointed that it did not work for me but the texture was very nice and i like the smell.
    Absolutely amazing! After 10 minutes my skin felt amazing! Highly recommend for everyone
    .... uhm ok
    I saw this mask everywhere on Instagram... and girls I can assure you, it's overrated!! I had high expectations and I'm really disappointed so good thing I only bought the little one!
    Better than I had even hoped
    I bought this because curiosity got the better of me and it's honestly become my favourite skincare product. I wear this to bed, I've found myself using this as an actual moisturiser and have had to stop myself from doing this every day. The whole "put it on thick and leave on for just 10 minutes" thing has gone out the window. This leaves my skin glowing, evens my skin tone (I can be a bit red in places) and helps my breakouts heal up and go a lot quicker. My skin type is a bit combination but will tend to lean dry and just get oily through the day and I don't have acne just the odd hormonal breakouts here and there for reference.
    The ultimate lockdown facial
    Love love love this mask to dehydrate and oxygen deprived face.
    Great mask
    I have tried different products from different brands that are similar to the Jet lag. I don't have dry skin, more normal to oily so I generally use such kind of products only during cold season. What I like the most, except the hydration, it's the texture : it's fast absorbing and not sticky on your face. I will repurchase it next winter.
    An amazing mask from Summer Fridays. I had very dry, red and sensitive patches of skin and couldn’t get rid of them. After getting this mask I used it twice - in the morning and in the evening, not washing it away fully and leaving a bit on the skin. I woke with absolutely new skin! A holy grail product!
    Love It!
    I love this product, it reminds me of being on vacation. It really does smooth your skin. The only thing is, they say apply a visible layer but when applied to the face the product is sheer. So don't go overboard applying it thinking it should be white. It also looks great under makeup and as an eye cream.
    Amazing product!
    This has absolutely transformed my skin. With the first use, I already woke up with moisturised and glowy skin. Definitely worth the high-end price tag for such an amazing product.
    My New Fave
    I bought this product as a treat for a trip. I expected that I wouldn't be blown away but use it for what I bought it for or I would hate it. I did not expect to be planning to rebuy. I had it away for a weekend, with no other moisturiser and was blown away. I used it all day, everyday: pre-gym, post-gym, daytime under makeup, nighttime. It was firming and hydrating, and did something completely banana's to my normal/combination skin. This is going to be a staple in my skincare.
    Best for lazy routine
    Have tried handful of sleeping masks out there, and this is definitely one of the best mask. Woke up with glowy and hydrating look even with a little sleep. Worth trying it.
    Clogged pores
    I was really excited to try the cult favourite product, but it clogged my pores. I tried using it several times and each time I woke up the next day with many clogged pores and a few blemishes. I'm trying to use it up on my feet as an overnight mask.
    I do not have sensitive skin and have not had any issues with other products but this is the only mask that leaves my skin red and irritated for hours after I use it.
    Nothing special, slightly irritating
    I wasn’t really impressed by this. It feels slightly irritating, it stings a little every time I put it on. Is it supposed to? I don’t know. I don’t notice a big difference. It doesn’t feel like it does a lot for my skin. It’s hydrating, though. Not groundbreaking.
    I LOVE this mask so much that I sometimes use day & night. It instantly hydrates & plumps my skin and leaves it very dewy. It is also great to use it as a primer under make up. The Overtime Mask from the brand is incredible too and sometimes I use them together which gives me a beautiful glow.
    Not much at first but theeeeeen...
    Then magic happens. I don’t know how it works, but it does. And luckily you don’t have that greasy feeling while it does its job. I was touching my face yesterday and though Omg, how smooth! I never had smooth skin before this, although I do facials once a month and am passionate about skincare.
    Perks up skin
    I have the mini version of this mask and so far so good! It really perks up my skin, adds moisture and isn’t at all greasy (even though I have dry skin it’s nice to have something not as heavy as my oils) I tend to use this when I wake up as a pre-mask whilst I do things before my shower, etc. It doesn’t have any offensive smell, hasn’t reacted to my sensitive skin and seems to do a good job! I will take this on trips with me and use it a few times a week. It would be a good one to use on a plane/other transport for moisture as you won’t be left with residue or a very shiny face.
    A great mask
    I didn't think this was a 5-star mask when I first purchased it. It's a kinda strange consistency, smells like toothpaste and felt sticky when I applied it. Not really for me, and I felt a bit like a waste of money. Skip forward 6 months into Autumn/Winter, and I actually cannot get enough of this mask. I decided to give it another go because I wanted to incorporate niacinamide into my routine, but didn't want to empty my bank account just yet. The cold weather takes its toll on my skin, leaving dullness, dehydration and dry patches. I decided to use this as an overnight mask. After applying it, I topped up my skin with my favourite blend of nourishing oils. Voilà! That sticky feeling was gone! I woke up the next day with glowing skin (probably due to the oils) and lovely happy, hydrated, and plump skin (definitely due to the mask). I now use this 2-3 times a week. I'm so happy I gave this a retry. There really are so many ways to use this mask according to your skin type, you just have to find the way that suits you. This went from being a 3-star product to a 5-star product in the right routine.
    nothing special
    I travel a lot and have actually tested it on my dry, tired skin, cannot see even a minimal difference. I will not repurchase.
    The best moisturiser/ mask
    My story with this mask is long. First I bought it, but I did not like it so I returned it and I was surprised that people wrote such good reviews on it as for me at that time it was a total disaster. My skin was dry as I was using just face oil without any serum underneath. Three months later I decided to try once again so I repurchased it and I have been buying it non stop now it is been my third time. I love this mask, my skin is very plump, hydrated and my small amount of acne disappeared. The texture is lovely and I am impressed with the ingredients. My skin is combination and acne-prone but tends to lean more to the dry side. My mum loves it as well and her skin is dry, delicate, sensitive and mature as she is 54 years old. We put serum under this mask and use it as a day and night cream. It is thick and skin feels and looks beautiful. I will rebuy it forever and I am a skincare junkie but I think this is the best cream I have ever used.
    Amazing mask
    My skin feels amazing whenever I use this mask and is so soft. It is also a great eye cream, the skin under my eyes used to be irritated and dry and it is now always hydrated and soft. This brand is amazing, I can’t recommend it enough.
    Skin booster
    Amazing skin booster for tired skin. Works perfect on sensitive skin as well!
    My skin felt plump and hydrated in the morning unlike when I lather my face with cream and oils. This product works and is great on a flight! Apt name! Also great to be able to use in under eyes and on eyelids.
    Allergy alert
    Be careful, my skin became reddish after this mask. And then the red area became very dry :(
    Thought I would give this ago as I was wanting to look after my skin more. When opening it, the smell reminded me was toothpaste - it has a menthol sort of smell. I put it on my face and it stung really bad and made my face go all red and blotchy. Don’t recommend.
    How is this so good
    I got the small size to test it out because my skin is a diva and was so pleasantly surprised! It hydrates deeply, the peppermint scent is so mild it's actually quite nice (and I hate pepperminty products). I've used it under my eyes, as a moisturizer and as a mask. Just don't use it after glycolic products or else it will pill, but I guess that was my bad. 100% gonna buy the big size when I run out of this one!
    I love it! Moisturizes without breaking me out
    Love it
    I got a travel size of this to start with and I absolutely love it and the small sizes Cult beauty do are great for me and seem to last a long time too.
    Used when traveling, and also once or twice a week just to boost moisture - I'm spreading the word - it's a new favorite!
    I just repurchased this product, I absolutely love it. I use it once or twice a week as an overnight mask, and sometimes - when needed - as an undereye cream. Relieves crepiness immediately!
    Great hydration mask
    I use it as an overnight mask once a week and its great! Perfect for nourishing your face after a long week or a long day in the sun :)
    Best mask ever
    I've been really wanting to try this mask for ages so when Cult brought the mini version, I decided to try it. I have to say I absolutely love it. I also love the fact that it's suitable for the (under)eyes. I have very sensitive undereyes and get small cuts occasionally. Since using this under my eyes, I haven't had any problems. I use it in the morning and at night. For the face, I've only used it as a sleeping mask/night cream and it's really good. It's so moisturising. I wake up with soft and moisturised skin. People also use it as a primer. I would personally only that in winter as my skin gets really dry. I already purchased the full size. I use this as an eye cream, night cream/ mask. It has no strong smell either so it's perfect for people who are sensitive to smells. It has some kind of menthol in it which makes it a little cooling too. Absolutely recommended.
    In love with this!
    I mainly use it as an overnight mask or a thinner layer as a moisturiser and it always leaves me with hydrated and glowy skin! It’s also so easy to bring around with me, so in love!
    Best mask ever
    I thought a lot before buying this mask. I read the positive reviews but the price was a little bit too high. I decided to buy it and I am very glad that I did. My skin looks great, it's unbelievable.
    Not as great as I'd hoped
    This is a nice mask but I don't think it leaves my skin as hydrated and glowing as the Skinesis Hydrating Sheet Masks which is disappointing so I won't repurchase.
    It's not just the hype but almost
    So... This does not give me that super quenched and hydrated feeling but I do think it gives me a subtle glow and makes my skin soft to the touch. I like to sometimes use it as a moisturiser before I do heavy makeup because it makes the application flawless. For extra moisture and super glow, I do prefer other masks though. A small amount goes a long way but it is still on the pricier side...
    Great Mask
    I really thought this was great. It ran out quite quickly though. Would recommend to others who want to cleanse the skin. Looking forward to hopefully seeing more skincare from this brand.
    Great hydrating product
    Would recommend to anyone who loves their skin feeling hydrated and plumped. Very cost affective too as a little goes a very long way. Also amazing on my 15 year old daughter's naturally dry skin.
    Holy grail
    This is my "the one". I could marry this mask. Every one of my friends is probably sick of hearing me talk about this but I can't get enough of it! It's ultra hydrating and moisturising and never fails to leave my face looking dewy, glowing and radiant! I love to use this as a night sleeping mask.
    Very moisturizing
    I've received it in the last CBGB and I thought it was just another overhyped Instagram product, but I must say, it is quite good! It's a thick cream but my skin reacted well. I like to use it as a night mask (as it's not cheap I don't want to waste it) over a hydrating serum and when I wake up in the morning, my skin is smooth and deeply mosturised. I'm curious to try the other 2 masks.
    Very happy!
    This product is VERY good! It hydrates and plumps the skin and it leaves it very soft and moisturized. A little bit goes a very long way!!! I recommend it!
    Regret purchasing
    Poor quality. My face was in pain and broke me out horribly.
    First time I used this I wasn't impressed however the 2nd and 3rd times I really was!
    Really good, hydrating face mask. I used it as an overnight mask and wake up with my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.
    I got a travel size of this in the Goody Bag. The first time I tried it, I used a thinner layer and kept it on for about 30 mins. My skin was smoother and well hydrated so, ever since then, I’ve used it at least once a week and always sleep in it. My skin definitely looks more plump in the morning and it’s worth doing after a boozy night out!! I have now bought three full size ones. One for me and one for each of my BFF’s for their birthday presents...
    Too irritating for me
    The texture of this mask is quite dense and sticky. I did not feel the need to put on a really thick layer like the pictures. When I used it overnight my face stuck to the pillow a lot! It did leave my skin feeling soft but also really irritated and I don’t have sensitive skin normally... I also found it migrated into my eyes quite easily and stung really badly so I’d recommend avoiding getting it anywhere near your eyes.
    Try it, but patch test first!
    I've never had a bad reaction to a product except for this - not a minute after using it my skin started burning and turned bright red, and was sensitised for several days after. My skin isn't sensitive at all so I was quite shocked by this. I did a patch test a week later and it definitely was this mask. Reading the other reviews I can see that while a lot of people love this, there are a lot of people that have had a bad reaction to this. My advice would be to buy it but patch test it first.
    Хорошая увлажняющая маска ***Good moisturizing mask
    Маска хорошо увлажняет, придает сияние коже. Обычно наношу её после скраба на 10 минут, потом смываю и наношу дополнительное увлажняющее средство. Помогает справляться с периодичными шелушениями и сухостью. Единственный минус, стоимость и расход продукта. ***The mask moisturizes and gives radiance to the skin. I usually apply it after exfoliating and leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash off and apply additional moisturizer. Helps to cope with occasional peeling and dryness. The only negative is the cost and consumption of the product.
    Love this.
    I bought this product as soon as it came out on Cult Beauty. I have followed Summer Fridays since Marianna announced they were releasing this. The hype is real. After a few days of using as an overnight mask, I found my skin to be plumpy and hydrated overnight. It’s also a really good primer and eye cream. Massive fan of this range.
    Great for oily skin!
    I have oily skin that sometimes also feels dry as i work in an air conditioned office all day. I have started using this as my night time moisturiser and i love it! I wake up in the morning and my skin looks plump and fresh, not oily which is how it usually looks! I have also noticed i have got a lot less blemishes since i have started using this product. I love it.
    Best mask ever !!!
    My skin feels hydrated, plumped, smell amazing, definitely will repurchase again.
    Hydrated skin!
    What a wonder product in a tube. I use this as both a moisturiser and a mask and it never fails to hydrate my skin! Easily absorbed and lovely to be used even under makeup. Highly recommend!
    My skin never felt so plump!
    I used it last night for the first time as a sleeping-mask, and OMG what incredible results! My skin feels hydrated, plumped and almost lifted, as it has never been before. Only issue is that my skin is slightly red but it's not that embarrassing. To me it shows that the product really works. Can't wait to use it for another night!
    Great product
    Really enjoy this product when I sleep less hours or even during my "me time" day of the week. My skin looks happy.
    Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
    I really like this product. I've got to use it as overnight mask and in the morning my face looks refreshed and deeply moisturised. I recommended it to my girlfriends and since the first use they are eager to repurchase it.
    Red skin.....
    I dont consider myself to have sensitive skin (only recall once before reacting to a new product, and am in my 50's) but this caused my skin to go red after 10 minutes. I washed any residue off and took a couple of Piriton over the course of the day, and the redness abated after a few hours. No further reaction and all fine today. Sadly, don't feel I can repeat the experience despite the good reviews the mask gets from many others.
    Don’t waste your money
    I urge people not to use this, brought and tried and had to go to a&e due to it burning my skin my whole face went bright red and was on fire people save your money!
    The best 10 minute mask ever!
    Having suffered from rosacea and dermatitis for the past few years I am always reluctant to add anything new to my skincare routine. I had heard that this mask was great for people with rosacea and the fact that it was a natural ingredients and paraben free was a real plus. I tried this for the first time last year after a long haul flight while away on business. Literally put it on for 10 minutes and the results were instant. My skin felt hydrated, soft and looked so glowy. I have refilled a few times now and keep coming back to this whenever my skin feels like it’s had enough. Truly the best mask ever!
    Lovely product - hydrate's and plump the skin
    I received a small sample with the cult beauty bag, and I loved this product, I think I want to purchase also the other mask of the same line, this hydrates and plump the skin, it is thick in texture so it takes a bit to wash it off, but the skin feels so soft afterward. Lovely however I would prefer to opt for 100% natural masks.
    Love it
    This product is amazing! My skin was really dry and irritated from the cold weather and using retinol. When I used this as an overnight mask it got rid of all my dry patches en irritated skin. Thank you Summer Fridays!
    I absolutely adore this face mask. After the first use, I wasn't particularly blown away by it, until I started using it as a daily moisturiser and my god this product is amazing! The smell is also really nice and feels cooling. I will be stocking up! Now I can't WAIT for R+R to hit Cult! Summer Fridays, how much longer do we have to wait?!
    Nice product not life changing
    I was debating whether I should get this mask or not for months, after I finally got it and used it I can say it’s nice: I have sensitive skin, oily but very dehydrated and can get dry and dull. I also have redness in my cheeks. This Mask feels nice and kinda cooling, doesn’t smell like anything which I like. It left my skin glowing and juicy in a way. Would not buy again but will use it up.
    I had been considering trying the Jet Lag mask for ages and to my delight, it was part of 'The Founders Good Bag'. I have a few dry patches on my face gradually building up a tolerance to 1% retinol. It's hydrating, plumping yet cooling and calming. I'll definitely be purchasing the full size!
    This mask is all you can ask for and more! It hydrates and plumps the skin like no other product I've tried (and I've tried many!!!). It also soothes the skin so that any redness is left behind. I've only used as an overnight mask because it always dries so easily that it's a pity to wash it off. The next morning my skin feels amazing and it super plump!
    Be very careful
    Followed instructions to the letter but this mask practically burnt through my skin and left it very red and sore for a while. Never again.
    I was hesitant about this mask and did wonder if I’d be paying £42 just for the pretty packaging. I started using once a week but it wasn’t until I used back to back I started to notice the changes! I would wake up with noticeably glowing skin! It just looked more fresh and hydrated than usual. If you are sensitive to smell you might not enjoy the toothpaste like smell though... haha.
    No thanks
    After reading great reviews I took the plunge and bought this item, however it turns out it is just another over-hyped product promoted by celebrities and insta influencers. The product burnt my skin (I don't have sensitive skin) and made it drier than ever before. It is actually unbearable to use and have used better £4 face masks from Aldi.
    My skin soaks it up in one minute and feels drier than before... My regular moisturizer is more hydrating than this mask.
    Not good on my skin
    I was so excited to try this! I put a thin layer all over my face which isn't usually sensitive to any new product and after 5 minutes above and under my eyes went super red. I rinsed my face but it continued to burn and go red all over my cheeks. Has been over an hour since I used it, and washed it off however still red.
    This is the third time I purchased the mask from Cult beauty, I am obsessed. I have no more break outs on my skin, even on my 'bad days'! It hydrates my face soo much! Love it!
    In Loveeee
    The best thing I've ever put on my face! Totally live up to the hype!
    Worth the hype, will repurchase.
    This mask is amazing. I have been using it for a solid month and I feel very pleased about how it heals my skin. I am very dry during the winter which also aggravates my rosacea. This provides moisture and thorough nourishment. It has the slightest minty scent/cooling feeling which calms down my redness and rosacea flashes. Will repurchase when I'm through with this.
    Not worth the hype.
    I am so sad about this but the mask just dried out my skin (I have slightly oily skin in my T-Zone but apart from that I am not dry or acne prone.) It burned my under eyes, my skin isn’t sensitive normally and works well with any new products but oh my god this just gave the opposite of a glow and the red patches under my eyes took ages to go! So disappointed as I was so excited after seeing all the hype!
    Worth it
    It's good and it works for my skin. Good for travelling (on the plane), and perfect for winter skin as well. Seriously I feel so pampered just using this. I've just bought Pumpkin Spice Mask from Summer Fridays, let's just hope it is as good!
    Not worth the hype!
    I got into the hype and was so excited for this but it dried out my skin so much. My skin feels like sand paper when I leave this on overnight. Under the eyes it burns my skin. Never had this with ‘natural’ products. Definitely not worth this ridiculous price. I would not recommend.
    I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!
    Perfect mask for dry skin.
    Gives beautiful skin
    Since I‘ve been using this mask my skin has gotten a more even skin tone, no impurities and generally looks healthy and glowing. Defiantly worth its money!
    Average moisturiser at best
    Honestly I don't get this product at all. I've used it couple times now and there is no glow. It's all a hype, use a good moisturiser and face oil to get a nice glow and save your money.
    Perfect mask for dry skin.
    Really good!
    It really hydrates my face under my makeup, works great applied after I cleanse my face.
    Amazing mask!
    I love this mask, I have dry, sensitive skin and this mask works wonders for it. I put it on as an overnight mask and I wake up with hydrated, glowy skin. It even seems to make my pores smoother which is amazing! I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a hydration boost and is definitely a must for the colder months.
    Hype is real.
    I have tried a lot of hydrating masks but this one seems a little more special. Thicker than the usual and a bit sticky. It does wonders for dry skin. I used it after I had neglected my skin while unwell for a few day, so I had dry and rough texture and I was dreading how bad my foundation was going to look as a result. I used it after the new SF exfoliating mask, and my skin was glowing as if I’d never been sick! A definite new favourite. It can rescue you when you need it! No issues with sensitivity with either of the SF masks, so don’t be too scared if your skin is easily irritated like mine.
    Waste of money, do not believe the hype
    After using their other exfoliating mask and not finding any value in it at all, I then applied this mask as directed. Very ordinary, not worth the very expensive price and the extraordinary hype around this product. I used it as directed, and nothing, there was no deep moisturising, nothing. I then used the mask as an overnight mask. Again, nothing. Woke up with dryer skin than I started. I am utterly disappointed with both this mask and their other mask. This mask is simply over rated and not worth your hard earned money.
    This is honestly the most amazing product. I put it on at night and leave it there until morning, and my skin has never felt so soft and hydrated. If it helps to convince you how incredible it is, I've only used it twice and have just bought three back-ups.
    Amazing mask
    I love this mask! I apply it like a moisturizer before I do my make-up for a nice glow or a thicker layer before I go to sleep. In the morning my skin feels so hydrated and plump! I feel like my skin complexion looks really balanced and brightened after 2 weeks of use. I'm so excited for their exfoliating mask that they are going to release soon and will definitely purchase
    The hype is real! A gorgeous hydrating mask that works wonders for dry / dehydrated skin! I love it as an overnight mask and as an under eyes mask! Doesn’t really work well as a primer or a moisturiser so it’s not as versatile as it says, but as a mask it’s gorgeous! 100% recommended!
    All I have to say is that the hype is real. My skin LOVES this product and I tend to have dry patches on my chin and as soon as I put the jet lag mask on it'll go away and my skin feels plump and super hydrated almost instantly. Will for sure buy it again.
    Great Moisturiser, Odd Scent
    I usually have combination skin but joined the normal/dry skin type for this winter. While this moisturiser reminds me of toothpaste (mainly smell but also a bit of texture) it’s a great night moisturiser or a moisturiser for after a chemical peel. Absorbs well, will repurchase.
    Amazing hydration
    I really love this product. I ordered it for the first time from the US, but now that cultbeauty has it this makes things so much easier. I use it up to 4/5 times a week - a thin layer on a cleansed face. It is very much hydrating, non-sticky or oily. It actually disappears into the skin (no need to dab it off!). I also love to use it under my eyes, when my bags need some extra pampering. You can use it as a primer, but this didn't work so well for me.
    A really nice treat!
    I want to start off by saying I usually try not to buy into the hype surrounding beauty products because I usually end up feeling underwhelmed. However, this is a really good product; it goes on easily and a little goes a long way. It's comfortable on the skin (LOVE the fact i can be used on the eye area) and after a few minutes it starts to sink in, so you can't really see anything on your face. For this reason I do think it would be ideal for using on a plane, however I prefer to do my masking at home. I tissue the excess mask off after about 20 minutes and notice straight away how soft and hydrated my skin is. From the first use, it left my face feeling fresh and glowing. I would say, if you are on a budget, I am sure there are cheaper alternatives to this that would give you a pretty similar effect. But if you do have a bit of extra money to spend and you want to treat yourself to a nice mask, I don't think you will be disappointed!
    This is truly amazing! It really does moisturise and hydrate the skin, I love to use it under my makeup as a primer to.
    I have only used this mask a handful of times, although I was extremely excited to finally get my hands on it I’ve found that it really irritates my eyes. I was so excited to hear that I could use it around the eye area, unfortunately, it stings my eyes and causes them to water even when I avoid going near my eyes. I do feel that it is hydrating, but there doesn’t seem to be any major effects worth the irritation it causes to my eyes. I will continue trying it out and if all else fails I will use up the tube on my décolletage.
    Ooohh...really do what it promised. My skin feels so hydrated, soft and looking so glowy after I used this.
    A M A Z I N G !
    I was so excited to buy this after all the hype on Instagram. Gladly it did NOT disappoint. I love using it as a night mask, it made my dark circles disappear! It's super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling smooth in the morning. Totally worth the hype.
    Raw skin afterwards
    Skin turned red and had a burning sensation just a few seconds after applying... Thought it might have not suited my skin so left it for a couple of weeks... But made the mistake of trying it again because fooled myself thinking it's supposed to be a hydrating mask and it might've been a one-off thing but nope... Had a very bad reaction to it... My skin felt so raw and hot and had all these tiny bumps like when the skin gets too dry or exfoliated .. Took me 2 weeks to get it back to normal... Might work miracles on your skin but just be careful if you haven't tried it before...
    Not bad.... I would say average, "jetlag" is overselling itself. I have used different masks which have been better. Didn't have any issues or irritation.
    Cool tingly feeling when applying....no burning. My face looked fresher in the morning but feel like there are better products out there.
    Wanted to love it...
    Sadly this didn't work for my skin - I tried it several times and for some reason it made my skin break out in tiny milia/whitehead bumps every time. It does have a bit of an odd cooling/burning at the same time sensation but from looking at the ingredients I'd guess it was the peppermint oil. I have pretty tough skin, have tried lots of skincare and this, unfortunately, didn't react well with me!
    I got burned....
    I got red skin for 3 days it was like sun burn.after 4 days my face started to peel...the whole time I had my skin hydrated and with a special cream for chemical burns.
    Life changing
    Absolutely blooming brilliant product, used as overnight cream or make up primer (or just all round moisturizer if needed). Have tried so many over the year and most Summer Friday's products truly deliver like nothing else. Love the vegan and sustainable packaging, the cruelty free-ness and the fact that it's a company driven by two women and friends who remain very hands on. Aware there was a recent recall due to a factory problem in the US, and respect that SF took immediate action to rectify and afford refunds and listened to the customers. Hopefully Cult Beauty highlights this to anyone who bought a tub out of the faulty batch! xo
    Burning and irritating
    I want to return this product it's very bad it gave me a sunburn like irritation my face was burning so badly and couldn't put anything on it for a couple of days as it was stinging and red also developed some bumps.
    Approach with caution
    I'm sure this really works for those who don't experience a reaction to this cream, but in spite of an all-clear patch test, this mask made my face go red-purple. Be super-careful the first time you try.
    Do not buy
    Like almost all recent comments. I do not have sensitive skin and have never had an allergic reaction to any products, however almost instantly my face was itching, red and sore. 16 hrs later and I still have pigmentation across my cheeks and small spots appearing. I’m hoping it’s just a bad batch and know how highly raved about it is. I just hope there are no long term effects.
    Burned skin after 1 use
    First review to warn others - DO NOT BUY! I have a robust skincare routine and my combination skin isn't sensitive. I used this one night, slowly introducing it to my nighttime routine and my skin became instantly inflamed and irritated. I was itching all night. I immediately washed it off, but it was still burning through the night. Thankfully, I slapped on some cerave moisturiser and by the next day it had died down. Wish I had known before purchasing, it's in the bin now!
    Love it
    The mask has an amazing smell. It moisturises the skin well. Great product.
    Burns skin
    I’ve never in over 10 years of using skin care had a negative reaction to anything. Within 3 minutes my face was bright red, swollen and hot to the touch. This face mask actually burnt my skin. Worst experience ever.
    It’s horrible
    This irritated my skin and it was completely red after only a couple of minutes. Washed it off but it kept causing irritation. I still have problems with my skin after using this.
    My face was on fire!
    I don't understand how this product has 4 stars when most of these reviews are 1s like mine. This is perhaps the first review I've ever written, but I'm only doing so to warn others as I have never in my life experienced such a reaction. I use so much skincare with active ingredients. Really irritated my skin.
    So disappointed
    I don’t have sensitive skin and I’ve never reacted to any products before. I also didn’t mix the mask with any other products, I just washed my face, dried it as per the instructions and put the mask on. So imagine my reaction when my skin started feeling hot and my face was red and bloated. I had to wash my face, apply some gentle moisturiser and take an allergy tablet to limit the damages. My skin is now super itchy. I was so excited to try this product and I’m now beyond disappointed. There definitely should be a warning on the packaging as I’m clearly not the only one with such a bad experience.
    I was expecting much more from this product. Sadly, my normal but dehydrated skin didn't get enough moisture. For now I am going back to layering my EMBRYOLISSE Lait-Creme Concentre as a mask.
    This product iritated my face. I went bright red like sunburn and had to rinse off immediately. I use a lot of products and have never had such a reaction. Scary!
    New recipe burned my skin
    I'm not sure if they've recently changed the recipe or I got a bad batch or what, but my most recent purchase genuinely burned my skin. Badly enough that even after washing off within 5 minutes of application, my skin was still red and sore the next day - I even had a few small blisters where my dry patches were. I have always loved this product and bought it as often as I could afford. I think I actually have a previous review on here calling it my 'winter skin saviour' and that was true! I'm so disappointed because I really loved this product. I hope they rectify the issue or whatever changes they made soon.
    Lots of reviews saying the same, there is an issue here!
    Received this today, excited to try it out, but oh dear. I don't really have sensitive skin but I cleansed and applied this and wow the burning started almost immediately. Quickly checked the reviews, oh yes a pretty common response! Got it off with an oil cleanser straight away, but my skin is still red and tingly. There is clearly some production issue with this. Steer clear!
    NO NO NO - Save your money
    I should’ve read the reviews more thoroughly. I don’t have sensitive skin and am having a ‘good skin week’ with no open blemishes etc on my face and this mask has left me looking like a sunburnt tomato. My skin is so red and irritated. Never had a reaction like this to a moisturising mask before! Save your money.
    Worst product I’ve ever tried
    I got a major reaction, my skin was bright red and in pain. Maybe this product needs to be tested again because from what I’ve read I’m not the only one... Disappointed...
    Please avoid this product at all cost, it ruins your skin and causes lasting damage! I have never left a review before but hoping this will save others - I have never ever reacted to anything or have sensitive skin but this mask caused my skin to tighten and blister, and turn bright red. I have been on several doses of spot treatments in the past so know the importance of skincare and had high hopes for this ‘hydrating’ mask, especially for the cost! I LOVE cult beauty but they should seriously look into this product as several customers have had severe irritation from this awful product! Please be careful girls, the hype is not worth ruining your skin or purse for x
    Just NO
    Like a lot of other people I was so excited and hyped about this mask, but also like a lot of other people I was deeply disappointed. I wish I had read the reviews instead of listening to influencers. It left my skin red and dry. I gave it a few more tries because I was in denial and didn't want to face that I've wasted money. It just got worse and worse, and my skin is still suffering from it. One of my worst skincare purchases so far. I'm so sad about what it's done to my skin. Please patch test first if you're thinking of buying this...
    Causes redness
    My skin was never sensitive and I've never had any adverse reactions to any skincare product so far. Didn't think a hydrating mask could make such damage. My skin turned red upon application, so I removed the mask right away. It took some hours for the stinging sensation to fade.
    Warning: causes redness!
    This product needs to come with a warning. Having now read other reviews (wish I had done so before purchasing) I am not the only one left with a hot red face after applying.
    Take it or leave it
    This is a lovely indulgent weekly part of my skincare that does leave it feeling very hydrated before bed, but I can't say I notice any lasting difference, even into the next day. It just feels nice when its on.
    Greatest mask/moisturiser ever
    Love putting it on at night and waking up with baby soft skin
    Be extra careful using this
    I have never written a bad review for anything in my entire life. I was so excited to get my hands on this since I see it everywhere. I have combination skin and it is often dehydrated. This is why I love using moisturising masks. I applied this and after a minute or 2 my skin started to sting. I removed it with water and it still stung. I don't have any allergies, or sensitivities. I used to work with skincare and I have tried so many different products. I never, ever have had any reaction to anything.I was terribly disappointed
    My new go-to mask!
    The reviews really are true - the product glides onto the skin and isnt too thick that its sticky, it really does absorb into the skin and hydrates. I dont always like investing in cream masks that you wash off after 10 minutes as it does feel like a waste of money sometimes, however this mask is a dream and amazing for dehydrated skin.
    I got it on a Goody Bag.
    I still didn't finish it. it's not a bad one, but a little heavy and although it doesn't have any strong fragrance it broke me out a few times I tried it. I have tried other masks for them, even being mediocre, it's better than the other of this brand.
    Moisturises and hydrates!
    You only need a small amount of this mask and it absorbs well into skin. Use it overnight and I always wake up with hydrated moisturised skin. A tube goes a long way!
    Love this product!
    Leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, not too greasy and doesn’t break me out like a lot of other masks can!
    In light of mask wearing during the pandemic (I'm a healthcare worker, so this is both at work and when I'm out and about) my face has been breaking out like mad and this seems to be the only thing that is helping calm it down. I pop on a thin layer before bed and when I wake up the redness is gone and the spots are noticeably reduced! It's on the spenny side but lasts a long time and is legit!
    I had really high expectations of this product and I'm glad I only bought the mini sized version. My skin felt the same after using it and I even experienced some irritation at first but it quickly disappeared. I have combination to dry skin and I was really hoping for this mask to be rich and hydrating but to me it's just an overpriced moisturizer.
    Instant holy grail!!
    Never parting with this product ever!!! It has truly transformed my skin!!
    It’s ok
    I’ve been using this as a before bed moisturiser which I know isn’t the normal way to use. I’m finding it OK, but perhaps a little bit heavy for this type of use. Love the smell and feel of it ok my skin, but I prefer other night creams
    Not worth the hype (sensitive skin)
    There are many good hydrating mask out there, and this Jet Lag mask doesn’t stand out at all... Bought after the many good reviews, I found out it’s not that great for my skin (sensitive/reactive). It hydrated and but it doesn’t leave the skin neither plump or glowing...just mediocre and that’s not what you except for that price. The feeling once spread was unpleasant, not soothing but instead like putting mint on your face, which I find unpleasant and not fit for when my skin is more sensitive/reactive than usual. Definitely a pass...
    Everything is nice but the price
    Don’t get me wrong my skin feels like a satin pillow after using this and I certainly have repurchased it. I find it easy to apply and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. However, it is quite pricey and if it didn’t work for my skin I would certainly grudge the money.
    As a face mask: It's just a thicker cream based formula. A night cream consistency used as a face or sleeping mask, hand cream or moisturiser. They should have marketed mainly as a night moisturiser. Product itself: a luxurious rich feeling, woke up with a plumped glow-y hydrated face.Will not repurchase because of the price and I have Laneige's water sleeping mask that produces the same result the next day.
    Great mask, maybe not the Holy Grail
    Let’s get it out there: I like this a lot, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it for the price it is. Overall it’s a good mask. I can’t imagine leaving it on overnight, but it’s a good skin boost every now and then.
    Simply amazing. Like a magic mask. Makes my skin super supple and soft and glowy. Also prefer it to messy masks that are hard to get off and make your sink dirty.
    Just YES. This mask works wonders. I use it as a mask, post acid treatments, as a daily moisturiser (particularly when it's cold and my skin needs a bit extra), under my eyes, overnight - it really delivers and a little goes a long way. Plus the packaging is so cute. Well worth the money.
    Don’t buy into the hype
    Guys, this sucks! Luckily I only bought the little tube, I also was gifted a little tube so I have two to get through (sigh) Been using it for 4 weeks, it does absolutely nothing, I mean nada, zilch... doesn’t even smell nice and for the hefty price tag that’s just not good enough. Do you know what IS amazing, effective and excellent value for money? Welda skin food. Put it on as a mask overnight, the night before you are due a hair wash and thank me later. All the hydration and texture resolving your skin needs in a tube that lasts FOREVER for about £12. Second, to that I would try Sunday Riley ICE cream or INKY Ceramide night treatment or basically anything but this terrible mask... I was sucked in by the cute packaging and marketing of this really sub-standard useless product, don’t be like me!
    My 5th tube
    This is my holy grail moisturizer! I use it for everything; eye mask, makeup primer, night cream, etc. If you’re looking for a very hydrating multi-purpose cream, go for this one. You will not regret it.
    Definately one of my favourites
    I find this mask really effective in moisturising but also refreshing and brightening my completion. Since purchasing the small size i have repurchased the big one this time and i think it's quickly become one of my staples and i will permanently keep it in my skincare arsenal. It's also an absolute joy to use due to its luxurious texture, beautiful scent and refreshing sensation.
    Hydration boost
    I purchased the mask because I heard great things about it. And they were right. It’s a great mask for hydration, my skin gets an imminent boost. I will recommend it further to my friends.
    I wish it didn't have mint essential oil
    lovely face mask with great ingredients, however due to the mint essential oil it stings when I apply it on my skin. In fact, mint essential oil is known to be quite irritating. Keep it in mind if you have a sensitive skin type. Will not repurchase.
    Completely average at best
    I have had this product in my basket for months as I couldn’t decide whether I could justify the price but I went for it and purchased. Wish I hadn’t bothered. It’s not really a mask at all and is just like a thick moisturiser that sits on your skin. (I have better cheaper night creams that make my skin feel a lot more refreshed and soothed) Really made no difference to my skin at all. Won’t be buying again!
    Keep buying over and over...
    To me this mask can do no wrong. I have just bought my 6th tube and I still love it! I use it more as a moisturiser instead of mask for extra hydration every night to bed but love it when I use it is as a mask or moisturiser. If you haven’t bought it before, get it now.
    No real difference
    Was hoping to see glowy skin but after 2/3 weeks I can't really see much of a difference. Feels nice when applying the mask but no real lasting difference unfortunately.
    So overhyped product
    Its really over hyped mask...there are much better options on the market... Made my skin irritated...
    Lovely mask
    I love this mask. Gives an hydra boost right away. Nice texture and smell. You can also use it as an overnight treatment.
    Summer Friday Jet lag mask
    I'm obsessed with this product! So hydrating for my skin! I love it!
    Lovely refreshment for dry skin
    I have a dry and sensitive skin which means I'm always looking for good moisturising products. I use it as a primer/cream in the mornings and I have to say it does a job but it doesn't fully absorb. It works like a shield. The main downside is the packaging. When I squeeze it wrongly, a lot of cream is coming and I have to use it all on my face.
    Lives up to the hype, really love this for dry skin.
    So overhyped
    Such an overhyped brand it really does nothing for the skin - especially as I use it under my eyes and always creates the effect of watery, red eyes. also dries off and then has a flaky texture, which is annoying to remove. all in all, smart packaging but hardly any substance.
    This mask is such a great mask, I have really dry skin and really feel like it hydrates my skin so well. Also my skin look brighter after using! Highly recommend.
    The best face mask in my life! After I used this mask skin was so smooth, definitely recommend.
    My new favourite go to product.
    This is amazing will be buying the bigger version again soon! Feels amazing on skin and hydrates straight away and leaves a dewy finish to your skin.
    Nothong special
    Let me start by saying that my hopes were very high about this particular product. I have combo skin that is more on the sensitive side. My skin hasn't reacted to this mask in any negative way, but I did not see any positive sides as well. It's just like any other average moisturiser. I haven't experienced any glow that it's said to provide. I don't think I am going to buy it again.
    I absolutely love this product! I am yet to use when traveling but I am finding it so hydrating does my skin! I have been using once a week and can’t wait to use on longer haul flights since my skin laps it up!
    Game changer
    This has changed my skin for the better! I use it as a moisturiser both day and night. In the day I mix it with The Ordinary’s Vitamin C powder (for pigmentation) and at night it’s the last step in my routine. It’s made my skin way more hydrated and plump! I’ve just repurchased the bigger version :)
    I really liked this mask, it helped me to get rid of my dry skin!
    A facelift was cured
    I have oily skin and was very worried about putting on the mask for a whole night. In the morning my skin just shone. The skin was pleasant and felt wonderful
    Leaves film on the skin.
    Really wanted to love this mask but after trying in numerous times in different ways, I have to say it really does not moisturise the skin at all, it sits on top of the skin like a thick balm but does not sink in at all. Instructions say not to wash off, however I found I needed to apply moisturiser the morning after leaving it on all night, after which the mask started to peel off in clumps and revealed skin underneath was drier than before I applied it, really disappointing considering I do not have particularly dry skin to start with. not worth the Hype!
    A lot of rave reviews about this product and I wanted a hydrating mask so thought i'd give it a try. Glad I bought the smaller size as this was really nothing special, made my skin feel sticky and greasy after washing off. Didn't feel hydrated at all. Let down and overpriced in my opinion. Have seen much better results for much cheaper products.
    Not really that great
    I have to say I had really high expectations for this mask. Once you apply it, it definitely gives you this like the dewy look but it’s just the surface. It’s not hydrating at all, in fact, I agree with the comments abt it being drying actually. It’s not totally worthless though it does give you a nice albeit temporary glow and the packaging is pretty.
    This product is amazing, leaves my skin moisturised and glowing afterwards. It's so easy to apply. I got the smaller size, once it's finished I’m defiantly getting the larger size!
    Believe the hype
    For years I’ve questioned about buying this product and I’m so glad I finally caved. I use it mainly as an over night mask and I wake up to plump hydrated skin. Love it. I would say my skin gets fairly congested so I’d you have a similar skin type I wouldn’t recommend using every night, it can lead to a few breakouts if your skin is on the oiler side
    Not hydrating at all
    I bought this product having high expectations... I don't know if this happened only to me but this product didn't hydrate my skin at all. On the contrary, it left my skin feeling really dry.
    Jet lag mask
    Really nice product! I use it as an overnight mask, and it is amazing!
    I use it as a nighttime cream, completely transformed my skin. It’s glowing, soft, and not too thick. Love it! I will repurchase.
    Not worth the hype
    This is on my wishlist for a while now but I've decided to go for small size when it's on sale. I have combi acne prone skin but my skin is not sensitive. The mask states its hydration mask and you can even apply under eye area. DO NOT APPLY UNDER EYE AREA! For someone who uses glycolic acid as part of daily regimen, the mask burns like hell and I end up with red patches under my eye every time I use it and now I have to deliberately avoid my eye area whenever I use. Personally I don't really see the massive 'wow' effect for the price I am paying, I'm Free From Honey Mask does way better job for the same price but in bigger jar.
    A favorite!
    I got it during my stay in NY, once it came out and it instantly became a favorite! It is just so hydrating and I can almost see my face becoming plump and healthy-looking after the first 10 minutes. I have not yet tried sleeping with it (although you can!), but I can only imagine the results it gives you in the morning. Will definitely be purchasing it again!
    I do really enjoy this product for feel it makes my skin softer and plumped up however so does Glow Recipe overnight mask which can be used as a quick mask & it’s not as expensive & a little goes a long way. Nice product just over priced in my opinion
    A reminiscence of hero’s from the past...
    This mask reminds me so much of the old classic night treatment/mask Midnight Secret from Guerlain! A true hero product I first came across in the mid eighties when it earned its rumors as the way to make hangovers and sins from last night just magically go away... This Summer Friday mask has pretty much the same consistency and even smells exactly like it, at least as far as my memory can recall. That faint minty scent that probably is part of the deswelling magic both in the midnight secret as well as in this partnered with all the nice humectants that makes this product such a delight to use. For overly sensitive types the mintiness may be irritating and for those who tolerate it potentially irritating if one should try to use it too often. For me, this was a wonderful piece of nostalgia to discover. But even though the Jet Lag brought back fond memories and is by no means a lesser product than its dupe from the past, I am not seeing this as something that will become a staple in my arsenal. It is good and reasonably priced and travel-friendly packaged and does what it says. But the competition for best skin pick me up potion is fierce making this hard to rate. Loved the walk down memory lane however and I also love the tube packaging! (Btw. The new midnight secret that is currently sold by Guerlain is probably not the same as the Midnight secret from yore I am referring to).
    I’ve been using this product for about 8 months now and I love it. Nothing makes my skin look and feel more hydrated and plump than this
    Love it
    I am obsessed with this face mask. I use it every other night as a night time mask - and use it in the AM whenever I am hungover. Have not tried it yet at a jet-lag recovery mask, but I'm sure it will live up to the hype. It is super hydrating, brightens up the skin, and the best part (in my opinion) is that it can be used anywhere. I use it on my eyelids, under my eyes, and on my lips in addition to the regular parts of my face that need moisturizing. I also keep it in the fridge, making it really lovely to apply to the skin after a chemical peel or other. Great value for money too!
    Too thick
    This is a great mask, but it says that it can also be used as a moisturiser throughout the day which I have to disagree on. It is way too thick to be a moisturiser (its not thick in a rich kind of way but rather in a pasty kind of way like a mask which makes sense as it is a mask ). But overall, it's a great mask to boost moisture, have yet to try it as an overnight mask though and because of the way it sits on the skin and doesn't just stay wet like a lot of other overnight masks I have tried, I am sure I will love it for that purpose. It is very pricey for what it is though and I haven't seen it do anything amazing or distinctive to my skin that will make it the money's worth. I have to disclaim that I have only tried this mask 3 times so my thoughts might differ from those that have used it regularly for multiple weeks.
    Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
    I too read into the hype and VB's endorsement of this mask so I thought I would give it a try. I do use masks regularly but despite that, I have not found one that I could truly say has given visible results, although my skin has benefitted. This is not the case with Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. From the first application, this has made my mature skin look plumper and hydrated. You can use this mask on your upper and lower eyelids too - which I would recommend - it does banish crepiness even if only for a short while. I do leave this mask on overnight but it’s equally effective if left on for 15-20 minutes. Highly recommended but not quite 5 star.
    Really does what it says, skin is smooth and feels hydrated.
    Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
    I had read all the hype about this mask and gave it a try. I have mature skin so never expect to have a 5-star mask. I was pleasantly surprised. This is my Friday night treat and I leave it on all night and my skin looks great. Lines are smoother and my skin in great condition. I will purchase this again.
    You can use this as a mask or even as a night moisturizer, not greasy, nice, little scent, verrrrry moisturising, leaves skin feeling nice.
    Does what it says
    Amazing mask, I am happy with the results. I do recommend it.
    Absolutely love this mask having bought it after hearing how good it is. It didn’t disappoint and I use it a couple of times a week now. Even if I need a little extra help under my eyes, I put this on top of my usual eye cream. Lovely texture and I really feel it does what it promises!
    Makes skin so smooth
    So so so smooth, can still feel it on my face in the morning. Really helps when my spots are healing so my face isn’t too dry. Couldn’t go with out using this twice a week now.
    Will not repurchase
    I tried liking this after reading so many excellent reviews. However, within minutes my skin started burning like crazy and the following morning my skin was red, blotchy and felt really tight. I got the small tube to try it out and I will not be repurchasing.
    Lovee it!
    Love this mask! I use it as an overnight mask and the next morning my skin feels so soft and fresh! Would definitely recommend and buy it again.
    Absolutely love this mask, I use it for everything, as a mask, moisturiser, eye cream and after sun. Cannot live without it anymore, an absolute recommendation!
    Not for me
    I really wanted this mask to work but I find myself disappointed. I used it several times just to be sure that I was not using it wrongly but sadly it did not hydrate my skin and I doubt it did anything at all. Stick to the instructions and use a small amount: once I used a thicker layer and it started pilling. Besides the good smell I would not recommend it: there are better hydrating options on the market.
    The Jet Lag mask is definately my new favorite!
    Bad for rosacea
    I have rosacea and got a bad flare up in matter of minutes unfortunately. Might be the citrus acids. Won’t use again.
    Great mask!
    I really like this mask, I use it as a moisturiser, mask, eye cream and honestly there is no better eye cream you can really see the difference. It makes me look really fresh and awake. The perfect multi-purpose mask.
    Good but not that good.
    Had high hopes for this mask & although it’s good, it’s not a ‘wow’ product.,
    So overhyped
    I’m oily. But this left my skin so dry, it’s crazy... it feels horrible...
    Nicely cooling and plumping
    Sample size - cooling, plumping and calming on my combination skin. Took it around the eyes and that was fine and slightly smoothing. It’s not oily or very heavily hydrating. Gentle minty smell from the essential oils. Nice :)
    Pleasantly surprised
    After reading a few reviews on this mask leaving skin red and irritated, I was hesitant to purchase because I have sensitive skin, even though it had been really hyped up on social media. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t irritate my skin, it has an amazing cooling feel when applied and it really does moisturise the skin so amazingly. I use this everyday as a moisturiser or as a primer for my makeup and it honestly leaves my skin glowing. The reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because it does occasionally clump together and form “bits” on my face if I rub my face throughout the day. However, this may be because I have applied too much on those particular days. I would definitely buy again though.
    Super Hydrating!
    Very hydrating mask, makes my skin smooth and glowy. I'll buy it again!
    Easily one of my favourite masks ever!
    Such an amazing mask; I can’t be without a tube of this. I have to have a backup. Every time I use this mask overnight, I always get a compliment on how good my skin looks the next day. It has a lovely, refreshing, tingly feel, and just gives so much hydration while leaving the skin plump and glowy.
    Lovely mask although pricey
    This is a great mask. I like to use it as a night mask and sometimes as a primer for makeup after a heavy night. It’s very rich so probably not suitable for people with oily skin but otherwise very hydrating. It’s nice to see that a cheaper option is now available as the price tag is a little steep!
    Results overtime
    I think is an amazing product, it really helped with my acne scars and spots. However, you have to stick with it and you have to be patient.
    Got weird pimples in my t-zone and now only use it as an under eye cream. For its price I might say it’s not worth it.
    Good but not special
    I have sensitive, dry skin and live in a place where it's always below 12 degrees c. This mask doesn't break me out or cause irritation but it's not that hydrating. There are a lot of other masks that can do the same for cheaper.
    Love it!!!
    It brightens up my skin and my redness goes away straight after using this.
    My bestie!
    I ordered the full size of this mask and I am very happy about it. I use it as a mask, moisturizer and primer (thin layer). Plans to order the second package!
    Super hydrating
    I got this as a sample and was so interested to try after all the reviews I've seen. Its so hydrating!! I love to use this as an overnight mask. It makes my skin look softer, younger and plumper. I'll be investing in the full size as soon as my sample runs out.
    Hello dewy....
    So... I wanted to discard this as another Insta-famous, hype based product and brand. My bad... I use this as a mask and also just as a moisturiser when I’m feeling and looking a bit dehydrated (so every other day then!). It looks a bit meh out the tube; very white and a bit basic looking! But my olive skin loves it. My skin is left plumper, dewier and smoother. Also, the tube I got in the Goody Bag has lasted me ages and I’ve been quite liberal with my use! So definitely going to invest in the full size when I get paid. Sometimes it pays to be wrong...
    Huge fan!
    Not only is it great when you travel, but also after/before long working days. The texture is really nice and the smell is so good. I use it as an overnight mask some days when I'm really tired, it's fantastic. Leaves your skin hydrated but not sticky.
    This product is truly one of the best things I have ever tried on my face! It hydrates and calms my dehydrated skin like nothing else.
    Actually use this for what it says on the tube!! On arrival in Barbados - first night and then 2 nights after I returned home. It works brilliantly and I would also use it if my skin has been under pressure with late nights, early mornings. I love it.
    This should come with a hazard warning.
    Like other reviewers I bought this thinking I would be fine. I use acid peels and my skin isn’t sensitive at all. I can pretty much try anything and can usually be confident I’ll be fine. I put it on and the first few minutes were fine. Then my face got very warm. I looked in the mirror and it was bright red. This looked like sunburn level.
    I tried it one day when I was too tired to do a full night routine( I'm 37), so washed my face and put it as an overnight mask. And I was impressed, I had like couple of small pimples which were pretty much gone, no under eye puffiness ( I have chronic sinusitis) and my skin felt good and looked good. So I definitely recommend it, for those lazy days or as a quick fix.
    Perfect makeup base
    I have tried to use it in every possible way, but my favourite one is to mix it with my foundation. Then I glow and there are no wrinkles showing up whatsoever. Love it!
    Very average...
    Tried it several times (as rinse off mask, as overnight mask, on longhaul flights). I don‘t see any results, be it glow wise or moisture wise. I have nothing negative to report except maybe for the mint taste, but that’s personal preference. To me this product is very average and honestly not worth the money. I have better moisturisers and I much prefer the Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream for my flights.
    Mile High Club
    I received this in the recent Goody Bag and tested it on 4 long-haul intercontinental flights to see if it would work in the dry, dehydrating cabin. And it worked wonders! Usually I roll off the plane looking like I just spent a week in the Sahara, but thanks to Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, I looked like I'd travelled first class in a hydration chamber. Applied it everywhere - to my face, lips, chest, hands and cuticles.
    i love it but...
    The only issue that I see its the smell of mint, for the rest its perfect!
    This mask is really good, I use it at night at the end of routine and wake up with really soft skin, also used as moisturiser and it was perfect love it.
    Leaves the skin feeling dry
    I bought this product because of all the hype around it - how good it is, how nicely it moistourizes the skin and makes it plump... it doesn't work for me like that. My skin honestly feels just as dry after the application as it was before. It really doesn't do anything for me, even if I leave it on overnight. It feels lovely on the skin immediately after application, but it really quickly absorbs and leaves the skin feeling dry. I decided I'm going to use it up, just so that I don't waste all this money for nothing, so I'm currently using it under other moistourisers that I know, work for me.
    I love it!
    So refreshing for my oily skin!
    Awesome product!
    I applied it as overnight mask and I absolutely love it! It works on my combination skin, and will definitely bring it along when I travel.
    It actually works
    I have always been incredibly lucky with my skin, until exam stress kicked in and I found myself reaching for the high coverage concealer, due to severe breakouts, that previously was not part of my every day regime. Since then I am constantly experimenting with skincare products in attempt to get my glowy, clear skin back. I discovered this product on Instagram, some incredible before and after pictures were posted and people sung their praises of this product. So, I thought let's see if this hyped up mask actually works. It does, for me at least. It penetrates into my skin instantly and for the morning my skin looks healthy, glowy and most importantly hydrated. I have been utilizing it every evening as an overnight treatment mask for almost a month and now I can tell the difference, my skin is softer than it was before, my dry patches are non-existent, and I have fewer and fewer breakouts. I absolutely adore it! PS.The brand's Overtime mask is lovely as well!
    Simply amazing! My skin was extremely dry the past few weeks to the point that my face would look horrible with any foundation and nothing seemed to help until I’ve tried this mask. After only 2 uses (as my night moisturiser) my skin got back to normal (I have combination skin).
    A well-rounded product!
    I would have given this extraordinary mask 5 stars if it hadn't consisted of the mint oils. They can be beneficial but can sensitize our skin so I try to avoid such sensitizing essential oils in my skincare routine. As soon as I apply the mask I get a tingly feeling that lasts only for a few seconds so I'm not too annoyed about that. I basically use it as my night moisturizer because I don't find it necessary to apply a thick layer of it to reap its benefits. It really does absorb into my skin without any white cast. It gives the perfect amount of glow without making me look too shiny so it's perfect to use during the day too. The most important thing is that it contains a lot of beneficial ingredients for our skin so you will have long-term benefits too.
    Nice but nothing special
    A nice hydrating leave-on mask, sometimes I use it overnight. Nothing special although.
    So Satisfied !!!!
    Perfect for any skin type, this mask leaves your skin hydrated and soft.
    I was drawn in by influencers to this product, but wanted to test it for myself. It's actually a lot thinner and more cooling than I expected, but I found I really liked it. I wouldn't use it myself without already applying a moisturiser first, but it works well as a barrier at night to rehydrate the skin. I wouldn't suggest using this in the morning though, as it would be too greasy under makeup... but it was never meant for that anyway. Use as directed as you'll find it will lock down skin hydration for the night.
    In love
    I’ve never ever left any review before but this product is magic in a tube. Saved my skin and my life. I love it.
    Magic in a tube!
    Definitely worth the hype! Really moisturizing without being too oily. My skin has acne and after a month of daily use my acne is almost gone. The occasional redness is not as intense and I can reassure you that it is magic in a tube!
    Can't say enough good things about this mask. It is absolutely the best thing ever. I use it as a mask/moisturizer/ primer. I have sensitive and acne prone skin and this mask work amazingly with it. I try not to use it so often and only use it when I really need to - like special occasions or when my skin is really dehydrated. Another way to use it is by using it as an undereye cream/mask. It works wonders!
    Used this on my skin and the day after my colleague remarked on how dewy and plump my skin looked. The only time that has EVER happened. I've been using it under my eyes at night for extra moisture as well. Love it.
    I don't have sensitive skin and I rarely break out but this mask made my face all red. I wouldn't recommend it as it sensitised my skin soo much.
    A little goes a long way
    I have used this mask a few times as a pick-me-up to the area around my eyes, especially when I feel the skin around my eyes feel a bit tight. I am quite pleased with this mask. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and provides hydration to my eye area. It it a bit pricey but a little really does go a long way. I will definitely repurchase.
    Staple Product
    I wish I had purchased this product sooner as it's become essential in my skincare routine. I generally use this product in my night routine before my moisturiser and have found that it leaves my combination skin feeling soft and supple. Additionally, when I have used it as an 'eye primer' before using eye cream, the Jet Lag mask reduces the bags under my eyes. Despite still having product in my tube, I already can't wait to buy another one. I do wish the Jet Lag mask came in travel size though.
    Had very high hopes!
    I bought this product and was very excited to see the results, despite not usually spending so much on masks. I really do not have sensitive skin, and can tolerate pretty intense acids, but this ruined my skin! It burned after 2 minutes, and I left it on for a full 10 minutes to see if the burning would subside, only to see a very red, blotchy, burnt face which took a good couple of hours to subside. Would not recommend to anyone with mildly sensitive skin. That being said, Cult Beauty customer service were amazing and so helpful!!
    Not worth it
    So disappointed. I leave it overnight, but my skin is so dry with no glow in the morning so I guess it’s not really good on my skin type. Will not recommend this. Not worth the hype from celebrities.
    SO happy with this purchase
    Been wanting to try this but since it's difficult to find this internationally, so happy that Cult Beauty carries Summer Fridays. I've been switching around moisturizers but other than Korres moisturizers, my skin doesn't seem to agree with most brands. I have acne-prone combination skin, sometimes I get dry patches from eczema and psoriasis. Ever since I started using this as a moisturizer, together with Skyn Iceland's Nordic Face Peel, I do notice that my breakouts have lessened, my acne scarrings are starting to lighten up and I no longer have dry patches on my skin! I'm not sure if its entirely Jet Lag Mask or the Nordic Skin Peels, but I'm pretty sure both products are working well together. Been using both for a month and I have repurchased the Jet Lag Mask!
    I am addict!
    So happy with this purchase! A best among skin care! I recommend it to 200%.
    Perfect mask for dry skin.
    Perfect mask for dry skin.
    OK mask
    This is an OK mask for dry skin but nothing special. I don’t really feel or see a difference after using it. Since I have it I will use it up but I will not buy it again.
    Best. Mask. Ever.
    This mask is just always a savior for my dry skin! It brightens and gives that subtle glow, so it looks like I have makeup on. Even better, it works wonders under my eyes!! Just the best mask I have ever tried!
    Love it.
    I have acne prone dry skin which is an awful mix and this mask is definitely doing some real good for me. I use it as a night mask and since I started my skin is finally hydrated and even my stubborn dry patch is gone. Also I noticed improved skin tone. Also huge thumbs up for not breaking me out.
    Brilliant, brilliant mask!
    I love this product!!! It’s so hydrating and the effect actually LASTS which is such a rarity with masks similar to this! It is so versatile as well, and works brilliantly as an overnight mask, used in a thinner layer, or even under the eyes thickly for extra hydration and to help relieve those under eye bags, or used as an all-over mask. I can’t rave about it enough!
    I was so excited about trying this product out, after reading so many rave reviews and seeing the hype online. Let me preface this by saying I have dry skin. My skin is not sensitive at all, I rarely break out, and I hardly ever have reactions to products. I don‘t have any allergies. I first tried it out as a mask. I felt a slight tingle, but nothing too bad. My skin didn't look any different, and I was already disappointed, because at £42 you‘d expect at least some improvement. A couple days later I tried it as a Sleeping Mask, since that was one of the many advertised usages. After a couple minutes my skin burned so badly, that I ran to the sink to wash the mask off. I gave it one last try as an undereye mask, as I really wanted to love this product. This time my eyes started to burn and water. I gave it away to a friend who loves it and will repurchase it. Unfortunately, this was a miss for me
    Not happy with this product
    Usually I love almost every moisturizing mask, however this didn’t do anything for me. My skin didn’t even feel softer after using it. I was really excited to try this one, sad to see I wasted my money on this one
    Not worth the price
    So overhyped... not worth the money ... use it as overnight mask.. in the morning my skin felt so dry. even when I use only my moisturizer my skin feels much better. Also as an undereye mask.. dry eyes... it took me a week using other products to get my eyes back to normal. Last i tried it just as an moisturizer... also dries my skin, my makeup looks horrible. I used it on my clients also... but the makeup looks not as nice as normal and also my clients getting dry skin... horrible never gonna buy it again. I couldn't wait till the other mask was online but I'm not gonna try this one anymore. Too bad my expectations where high..
    I feel I'm missing something...
    ...because this not only did nothing to me but it's also quite unpleasant. As soon as I put it on my skin starts sweating, as if it was rejecting it, like when you put that cheap face make up for Halloween :) I have given it a go several times now and it's most definitely not hydrating, and it sensitizes my skin sadly. I suspect this is one of those cases where a product goes viral because the right people speak about it...
    The best product!!!
    Best product ever!!!
    Exactly what I needed!
    I have super sensitive, combination skin which has suffered severe cystic acne. I also travel long haul flights frequently. This mask hydrates, smooths and refreshes my skin instantly. It doesn't cause me to breakout, or any irritation at all.
    Great Mask
    After hearing so much about this mask for so long the minute it came on sale I had to get it. I couldn’t have made this order any quicker. And it is so worth it. This along with the indie Lee Cq10 toner has really helped keep my skin hydrated. And I’m noticing the difference for it. Defiantly worth buying. I like that this isn’t an absolute fortune either.
    Very disapointed
    I was so excited to try out this mask after hearing only good things about it and the fact that it should be a life saver. Unfortunately it did not at all live up to the hype. I’ve tried it a couple of times now, to give it a chance. But I’m not going to put this on my skin again. Ever. I have combination and dehydrated skin, so this should be perfect for me. But it irritates my skin (and I’m not even sensitive) and leaves me skin red and oily. It’s like it leaves too much oil which then makes it difficult to apply makeup. Also it said that it can be used around the eyes, but when I do my eyes start to water immediately - so you can’t. I would only buy this mask if you gave extremely dry skin and need all the oil and grease in the world. Otherwise no.
    I love this. Makes my face feel fresh and hydrated. Also, you feel it work on your skin immediately.
    Incredibly Surprised
    Used this for the first time today, I put a thick layer over my face and left it for around one hour, I’ve just rubbed the remaining mask in and my skin has literally drunk in all of the goodness. I absolutely adore it - fantastic product! Also, incredible service from Cult Beauty as always.
    After seeing the rave reviews on Instagram, I really really wish this product worked on my normal to dry skin but it did nothing for me, I didn’t see or feel any difference after using it as an overnight mask no matter how thick or thin the application I applied.
    Bought this just before I went on a long haul flight as my skin normally freaks out when I'm on a plane, HOWEVER, after applying this mask after around an hour in the air my skin looked and felt incredible. I had no badly behaved skin and each time I use this mask I fall in love with how dewy and healthy my skin looks...even my fiancee commented on how glowy I look.
    Not for me
    I do not like this mask at all. I have dry skin and I need all the hydration that I can get so I ordered this mask. I was so happy when it arrived but as soon as I put it on my face I was so disappointed. It did not hydrate my skin, I did not see or feel the difference...
    Healed my dry patches
    From the reviews I read and watched before I bought this mask, I expected it to be rich, slick and leave me glowy and shiny. It is rich but relatively dry and very thick. I use it at night after serum or mix it with a serum to help it with spreadability. I had a stubborn dry patch on my nose that would not go away no matter what I used, peelings, scrubs, moisturisers, cream, oils, nothing worked. But this Jet Lag mask healed this dryness for me! So, if you have a hard time spreading it onto your skin, just mix it with something thinner(serum, moisturiser). It is a really good product with a very nice ingredient list and I truly believe it will last me a long time with an everyday use, sometimes even twice a day. I am only giving it 4 stars as I still believe it is quite expensive and I do not think it will be a life-changing product for many people. I also like cutting open my tubes when finishing up the products inside and metal packaging makes it a bit harder but this is purely a personal preference.
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