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    Sol de JaneiroBrazilian Bum Bum Cream 240ml<p>Brazilian &#8216;bum bums&#8217; are famously brilliant, so whether it&#8217;s a bottom, a butt or la derri&#233;re, your behind will reap the benefits of this tightening, moisturising miracle cream. Rich in South America&#8217;s secret ingredients, a naturally nourishing, hyper-hydrating blend of cupua&#231;u butter, a&#231;a&#237; and coconut oil provide the background to the star of the show: guaran&#225;. A native Amazonian plant, this fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet (with almost five times more caffeine than coffee), giving your bottom the ultimate boost and stimulating circulation to keep it super smooth and tantalisingly toned, while also minimising cellulite. With a light, silky texture the cream is great all over the body (bum bum and beyond), absorbing quickly without feeling greasy or oily. Blissfully scented with a sweet, nutty fragrance (believe us&#8230; this stuff smells incredible) and bestowing skin with a subtle shimmer, Sol de Janeiro&#8217;s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream will transport you to the beaches of Rio and grant you all the confidence of a Carnival dancer.</p>SDJ001 240ml110988516040060005 stars, based on344 reviews 18.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

    Sol de Janeiro
    Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
    ( 75ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Pronounced as ‘boom boom’ in Brazil, bums are a nation-wide obsession – that’s why they show them off in the world’s smallest bikinis and best fitting jeans. The secret to a brilliant Brazilian booty (even if you’re shaking it in slightly less temperate climes), this rich body cream – which is enhanced with guaraná, a native Amazonian plant that is one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet – is perfect for stimulating circulation and keeping posteriors at their smoothest.

    • Description

      Brazilian ‘bum bums’ are famously brilliant, so whether it’s a bottom, a butt or la derriére, your behind will reap the benefits of this tightening, moisturising miracle cream. Rich in South America’s secret ingredients, a naturally nourishing, hyper-hydrating blend of cupuaçu butter, açaí and coconut oil provide the background to the star of the show: guaraná. A native Amazonian plant, this fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet (with almost five times more caffeine than coffee), giving your bottom the ultimate boost and stimulating circulation to keep it super smooth and tantalisingly toned, while also minimising cellulite. With a light, silky texture the cream is great all over the body (bum bum and beyond), absorbing quickly without feeling greasy or oily. Blissfully scented with a sweet, nutty fragrance (believe us… this stuff smells incredible) and bestowing skin with a subtle shimmer, Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream will transport you to the beaches of Rio and grant you all the confidence of a Carnival dancer.

    • How to use

      Massage in a clockwise circular motion to create warmth for better absorption and circulation. Start with your bum bum, but you won’t be able to resist moving on to your tummy, arms, legs and all your beautiful features. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Water, Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate, Phenyl Trimethicone , Dodecane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Fragrance, Cetearyl Alcohol , Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Phytate, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Paullinia Cupana (Guaranà) Seed Extract, Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuaçu) Butter, Euterpe Oleracea (Açaí) Oil , Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Mica Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, Bertholletia Excelsa (Brazil Nut) Seed Oil, Ilex Guayusa Leaf Extract, Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Distilled Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylates/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Squalane, Phenoxyethanol , Ethylhexylglycerin, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Salicylate

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    Sol de Janeiro - Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

    Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Reviews

    Smells sensational!
    Got this after reading reviews and I was not disappointed totally addicted now, worth every penny, the smell is amazing and really lasts, you won't be disappointed.
    Beautiful, silky cream that has really improved the texture of my skin and keeps me smelling gorgeous. Worth the price - I will definitely be re-purchasing!
    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
    I can't wait to shower just because I get to put this on my body after it. LOVE LOVE LOVE
    100% Soft skin
    Great body cream for dry skin. It absorbs quick and it's not sticky or oily, plus it smells amazing.
    Very silky and smooth and an amazing moisturiser for the whole body. Keeps your skin hydrated and it smells so good. Will definitely be purchasing again!
    Love it! Cant get enough of it, smells sooo good and a really good moisturiser too, not sticky and soaks in really quick. Cant wait for the huge size!
    Bum bum cream
    Incredible smell, makes you feel so luxurious! I have definitely seen a firming and tightening effect since using this product and I use it on most of my body.
    I like that it's not greasy or oily. It soaks perfectly into the skin. BUT I don't like the scent of it, too strong & sweet.
    Boom boom I love it
    It smells good and my skin is very smooth.
    Absolutely gorgeous
    I’m in love with this cream from the beautiful jar, the colour, to the luscious scent of this gorgeous body cream. I love it and I’m hooked. I haven’t seen any difference in the way my skin looks because I’m quite toned already, however if it helps staying toned then it deserves to stay in my books
    Bum Bum Cream
    This cream left my skin so smooth and left such a lovely smell around my bathroom. It is my favourite nourishing body cream at the moment.
    The best firming cream I have ever used smells amazing plus the skin feels indeed tighter the day after. Will repurchase in the future.
    Absolutely loving this bum bum cream
    I’m always in the sea or under the sun, this bum bum cream does a great job pampering my skin, although it doesn’t do any firming the smell is so heavenly and keeps my skin smooth. I am addicted to it, will definitely take it with me when I’m away!
    Boom Boom love this!
    Even after just one use my skin feels, looks and smells amazing! I have even bought this for my friend to spread the goodness. Definitely recommend 100%.
    Gorgeous Smell
    I never expected a Brazilian bum from using this cream, but I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely smell that it leaves on my body. It’s not sticky, not even in the summer heat of the Mediterranean island I live on. Not at all sure about firming properties, so 4 stars not 5, but a lovely body moisturiser.
    Just body cream
    Smells nice but nothing special for me and is not my summer scent. Hydration is ok but doesn't leave all day, absorbing is quick and not sticky. For this price, it is overrated.
    Bum Bum cream
    Fantastic smell. I love this.
    Firms & smells LUSH
    It does what it says, firms and smells amazing. Can feel a noted difference when I use this, have also used it on the chest area. Beautiful fragrance and lasts ages. Definitely, recommend.
    Not just your Bum Bum
    Use this everywhere, keeps my holiday tan for ages. Skin feels and smells amazing. Husband steals it too :)
    Amazing scent
    Absolutely love this cream. The smell is amazing and it is very fast absorbing so it doesn’t leave you with that sticky cream feeling. It also has a little bit of shimmer in it so when your skin hits the light a certain way it reflects beautifully.
    Hands down the best body butter I have ever used! It smells amazing but nothing overly too strong. It is a bit of high price tag but I'm willing to pay it because the smell last all day.
    In love
    Absolutely AMAZING smell honestly my favourite scent people always comment on how good I smell when I have it on. One thing to watch out for is that it seemed to break me out but left my skin feeling really smooth.
    Bum Bum perfect
    I love this. The smell, the texture and it lasts. All day. I may dream of a samba bottom but I’m smelling gorgeous.
    Love it
    This is awesome! My skin is so smooth after using Bum Bum cream. And love the scent! The only cons are that it is too expensive and runs out fast if you use it twice a day. Other than this, love it and have to buy another!
    Second helping!
    I bought this cream for my daughter as a treat a few months ago, thought I'd try it myself as she was so potty about it! Sadly the smell is not for me, so my daughter has it. She always smells gorgeous. I will be after another tub soon for her Christmas stocking.
    Amazing scent
    It smells awesome and lingers so long. Just wish the price point was lower. Use it sparingly to make sure it lasts a long time.
    Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
    I am a complete addict to this stuff. I won't be satisfied until my whole cupboard is full of these gorgeous yellow containers.
    Great but pricey
    I love the smell and texture of this cream it’s amazing for spring and summer but I do think it’s expensive as the small tub is VERY small and won’t last too long if used every day.
    I bought this because the summer is coming and I wanted a nice cream for my legs, would have been best off buying a regular body butter for half the price.
    This smells amazing. It’s not a coconut but a pistachio scent and it smells intense in the jar but on your body it just becomes divine. It’s moisturising but not sticky at all and it won’t cause you to be slippery. Minus one star because it is pricey, but I will probably repurchase since you don’t need perfume with this and I love it overall.
    Blah Blah
    Smells great, love the iconic packaging, but super disappointed with the product itself. I have dry skin...and this does nothing for me. Almond oil (L'occitane) works much better.
    Bum bum cream
    Absolutely brilliant cream.
    Gorgeous but pricey
    Beautiful product that smells amazing, just wish it was a bit cheaper.
    Can't get enough of it
    I suffer from extreme keratosis pilaris on my thighs, arms, stomach and 'bum bum', and I bought this cream on a whim during a particularly dry winter. This is the first cream I've found that has not only NOT irritated my KP (unlike every other body cream venture I'd had before) but it made it BETTER specifically on my derrière! Maybe it's the coconut oil, I'm not sure! But all things said, it's a keeper. It's on the more expensive side but I'm more than willing to dish out for this high quality product. I've also gotten addicted to the rest of Sol De Janeiro's products - the shower gel is a must!
    Totally overhyped
    Honestly, this cream does nothing and I'm really disappointed in myself that I was taken in by another good marketing team. Save your money and get a regular-priced body moisturiser from a pharmacy.
    Will re-buy
    Bought this after it was recommended by an influencer and honestly, I am in love. I usually find another moisturiser just lie on the skin and take a while to soak in but not this product! The smell is a bit strong but not off-putting as I personally quite like it. I have very dry skin and I find using this regularly has helped a lot! Currently on my second pot and just bought my third.
    Love, Love, Love!
    I bought this after trialling a sample tube and I am absolutely hooked! It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft. The only disappointment is the tub I bought lacks any shimmer, whereas when I’ve previously used it, the product leaves a beautiful shimmer across your skin. Will be buying again!
    I absolutely love bum bum cream, heard beauty bloggers rave about it so decided to give it a go! The shower cream is amazing too both have such a gorgeous scent, it’s strong but I prefer that to weaker scents. Haven’t used it long enough to see if the forming benefits are true.
    Lovely, but doesn’t firm
    I’m on my 3rd large pot of this and tend to mix it with Clarins body fit for the toning properties! This does smell amazing if you like strong sweet scents, if not then it won’t be for you. This absorbs really quickly and leaves skin soft and smooth and the fragrance lasts all day, but I’ve not noticed any difference in the firmness of my skin at all! I’ve used cheaper products that give better results, so it works out to be really expensive for what is essentially a lovely smelling body cream! I’d be really happy to receive this as a gift (got my last one in the sale with the shower gel for less than half the price) but wouldn’t purchase again.
    Hate its overpowering smell and glitter. Also for me it's not enough moisturizing.
    In love
    I love the smell and the subtle shimmer camouflages cellulite. I'm on my second tub and will repurchase.
    So so
    I bought this cream because everybody was saying that it smelled amazing. I was expecting the cream to smell fruity, but it smells like vanilla and coconut. The product is not bad, but I am glad that I bought the small jar as did not like it.
    This product is actually unreal, I love the glitter it leaves on your skin, which doesn't transfer. I love it.
    Smells incredible, feels amazing on my skin...love it!
    Nice texture but strongly scented
    This has a lovely whipped texture and sinks in well, but the scent is a bit too sweet and strong for me. I hoped it might be tropical but its more of a caramel smell and it also leaves your skin quite glittery.
    Wonderful booty cream. It's smell is delicious and lasts forever. Sinks into the skin fast, leaves a little golden shimmer which I love in the sunshine. I have actually noticed a lift in my cheeks, they're softer and smoother and feel more firm, really worth the cash.
    Beautiful smell and texture. Just go for it.
    Love it
    Ordered the large one after hearing such good reviews on youtube and then reading the reviews on cult beauty. The smell is amazing and lasts hours on the skin, found that I don't need to use perfume as well which is brilliant as I use tom ford so I'm saving money. When I was younger I suffered with severe eczema and now have scars that make my hands look sooo wrinkly and I find that this cream actually helps with the amount of lines in my skin as it's so firming. The only negative I have found with this cream is that it is pretty sparkly on the skin.
    A M A Z I N G
    The smell of this cream is incredible. I'll buy it again and again and again.
    What's up with the giltter??
    The creme itself is OK, absorbs fast and is quite smooth. But the scent is overpowering and artificial. Makes one heady and doesn't go away. Also it looks like you have glitter all over the area. Might be my very pale skin. All in all, a great cream if you are on holiday near the beach. For the city, I do not recommend.
    A nice body butter
    Yes, the smell is strong and lasts and lasts but it smells great. And it does have glitter but it's so tiny you hardly notice. A good body Butter if not a little pricey. Will buy again.
    Good smell
    Мне понравился. Пахнет сильно, но приятно. Духи будут лишними. Сам крем приятный для кожи. ***I like this. It smells strong, but it's nice. The spirits will be superfluous. The cream itself is pleasant to the skin.***
    I get it now
    Okay, I now know why this is so coveted. The scent of this is just absolutely divine and it last very long. Also the slight glitter is just so beautiful. Definitely stocking up on this.
    Hate the smell
    I received the product with the last CCB Goody Bag and I am so disappointed. The cream might be good, but since the smell is horribly overpowering I simply cant use it for even a second try. I am really not sensitive to heavy perfumed products, but this one is just way over the top. Smells like a cheap drugstore product. Really cant find anything positive to say about this cream. I am just glad that I did not buy the product, as already intended.
    Love the cream, hate the glitter!
    Buyer beware! Having not read the small print I did not realise this was packed full of glitter, which drove me mad. The cream itself is lovely and thick but still fast absorbing; I personally like the smell however I can see how it would be too sickly for some. Buy the Açai cream, no glitter and still a very nourishing body cream. I feel it doesn’t get the hype it deserves as they push the Bum Bum cream far more.
    I don’t get the hype
    This might be a cool summer product - as it smells of pistachio ice cream and has glitter particles to highlight your bronzed body. I don’t mind the scent as it didn’t irritate my skin, despite being overpowering. My biggest issue is the level of moisture this cream provides - definitely not enough for me. Every time I used it on my hands, I ended up using another moisturiser on top as my palms felt dry and tight. So if you’re dry and sensitive - you might want to stay away.
    This is the best smelling thing in the entire skin care world of beauty, it sinks in straight away so you are not sticky or oily or anything you've ever experienced with any other creams and it actually does what it says on the pot. 10/10 I'm going to definitely purchase again as soon as it runs out.
    I have to say it doesn't smell as intense as the shower gel. But in combination with the gel it smells on your skin for a long time. Otherwise very nice and smooth texture, absorbs quickly, doesn't feel greasy after applying. Would recommend.
    Best Cream Ever
    I was a bit skeptical with the price but this company doesn't test on animals and the 75ml actually goes a long way. The smell is amazing and lasts on your skin. It leaves your full body so soft on 100% moisturised. Love it. Will definitely be getting the bigger tub next time.
    I had been eyeing up this cream for some time before I actually purchased it. I was kinda stuck justifying paying £18 for a tiny pot of cream, but...OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING. The smell lasts for the whole day, so you're getting a cream and a perfume (almost) in one. I'll be getting the larger size next time for sure. Absolutely love and recommend this product.
    Stay away
    This one was a complete herd buy. I read so many great things. I bought the smaller tub. Was really shocked about the amount product in it. Tiny tiny amount. Plus the cream doesn't do anything for my skin tat other 10£ creams won't. My advice . Save ur cash.
    Really like the texture and smell is awesome. Some people complain that it kills the smell of their perfume, first of all this cream has its own distinguished aroma and you should not put other perfume on top, unless it's Brazilian crush mist from the same range. Amazing product, will buy again.
    So good
    I love this cream. The smell is so good and the cream makes my skin smooth and glowing.
    I seen Jamie Genevieve talk about this on YouTube and I know she wouldn't lie to you. My god she's was not wrong it smells amazing. I put it on after my shower and I don't feel sticky or oily which I love. My skin feels so soft, will definitely be purchasing another one.
    Everyone needs this cream!
    Been ordering this from America for a while now so I'm very happy to have it at Cult Beauty. This really does firm and lift your skin, as well as moisturising and smelling amazing. Also, the lip balm is very good too.
    Love at first use
    I bought this product not expecting much but from the first use I've noticed a difference in the tightness, moisture and dimples in my skin. I can't believe how fast this product has made a difference, it smells and feels beautiful too. I would highly recommend and will be repurchasing ASAP.
    The smell has me hooked
    It's all about the smell with this product, I don't find it 'firms' and I don't find it overly moisturising but that suits me as it soaks in and doesn't leave a greasy residue. The smell is out of this world. I've bought the shower cream and lip balm and I'm waiting eagerly for the body mist to launch in the UK. Please stock the body mist Cult Beauty.
    Finally, I have found what I was looking for...
    This was part of my first order from Cult Beauty and I am already in love with this product and looking at ways to expand my collection. It smells divine and have had so many compliments about how great I smell that I am now officially addicted. My skin feels so silky soft after I apply this. First timers should go for the smaller pot first though to trial it. I'll be moving up to the mega pot in no time.
    For me the smell of this cream is a bit over bearing. It is a bit sickly and really doesn't fade. In terms of the cream itself, not bad, nothing special. I'll be returning to my favourite moisturisers unfortunately.
    Game Changer
    When I found out Cult Beauty started stocking Sol de Janeiro, I was ecstatic. I was finally able to try the legendary Bum Bum Cream, which has amazing reviews overseas. And guess what? It didn't disappoint. The smell is just incredible (even if sickly sweet at first, but now I'm in love), it makes my legs look incredible and there's light shimmer running through it, which makes my legs look like those of a goddess – something I never thought I would look like ;). A must have.
    I had been dying to try this after hearing everybody raving about it. At first I fought the scent was a bit too much and I still think that at first application it's a bit too strong but after a while it fades a bit and leaves a really yummy beach-y scent behind that I love. It also makes my skin incredibly soft and gives a nice light sheen to the skin. A definite summer must have.
    Love it
    Will totally buy again and again.
    Irresistibly summery sultrieness...
    The name itself is irresistible. Who doesn't want a "boom boom" cream that softens ones derrière and awakens the scents of summer attraction of the one or the ones we like the attraction of? I like the idea of a cream designed and dedicated for this so often hated and neglected part of our bodies, even though this can be used everywhere, of course. But that is up to you, and me :) It is as some have pointed out dancing on the border of being sickly sweet, and definitely not for someone not into a fair chunk of French gourmandise. But summer flings and reawakened love spirits does demand a bit of sweetness and sultriness, doesn't it? And this is imo excitingly perfectly on the borders of both male and female, and does for sure attract the opposite sex in this household just as well as baking a surprise soft cake on a boring Tuesday ;) Did I say that's it also is very soft and moisturising, and not just a random cream with a scent, it really softens my bum. What can I say, love at first boom boom ;)
    I bought this cream a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The fragrance is beautiful and lingers for the day. Your skin is silky smooth after using it and it absorbs into the skin beautifully. There is no greasy or sticky residue.
    I got a small sample of this cream as a gift with my order and the smell is AMAZING!!! It stays on for hours and its honestly the best cream I’ve tried ever. I gave this 4 stars only due to its very high price but I must say its worth it and ill be buying one for sure
    I bought this product based on the outstanding reviews about how it smells amazing! But I think it smells awwwful! It’s heavy coconut vanilla but in a very bad way! And it doesn’t even last long! Even bath & body works lotions smells soooo much better and more long-lasting! I am VERY disappointed
    A heavenly scent!
    I've given this 4 stars because it's done nothing for my patches of cellulite, I haven't seen any firming benefits even though I've massaged it in properly almost every day (just missed the odd day here and there). But the skin-softening effect is fab! My skin feels very soft still the next day! The main amazing part is of course the gorgeous scent, as others have said. It's a very sweet, warm, edible type scent - coconut, vanilla, pistachio, caramel, that kind of thing. And it is strongly scented, I can still smell it on myself all through the day, which makes me happy every time I smell it because I love it. However, I can understand how people who are not really into that kind of scent will be put off as it is very strong. But for those of us that love it, it's amazing! Oh and some reviews say this cream has glitter in it - it doesn't! Glitter is made of tiny, brightly coloured particles that you can see with the naked eye, it would scratch the skin if it was in a cream - what these people mean is that its light-reflecting, which means it gives a glow to the skin, like the light really bounces off it, illuminated. Which means nothing to me as I put my clothes on over all that, but I thought I'd mention it. I will probably repurchase this at some point in the future for the skin-softening and the wonderful scent, but it wouldn't be for everyday use as it doesn't firm the skin as claimed. I still love it though!
    Good cream with too much sweet smell
    I was curious to try this Cult and can say that it does all that I need - makes skin soft, doesn't become greasy and you need very little of that. The only minus is the smell - for my taste, it's too sweet...
    A Staple Now
    Absolutely love it - great smell, absorbs well, keeps skin from getting dry. Only thing is a small pot doesn't go far but well worth it any way!
    Love it!
    It is pricey but this is my second one and I think I am addicted now. The smell is amazing , and my skin is sooooo smooth every time I use it even on the next day until I take a shower. One of my favorite products ever!!!
    Nice smell
    This smells lovely (lingers on clothes) and has a nice texture. I don't think it does anything that a normal body lotion doesn't in terms of how it works and I think it it expensive for what it is which is why I haven't given the full 5 stars. Nice as an occasional treat
    Nice smell
    There's something weirdly nostalgic about this smell, but I can't pinpoint it. It was the only thing that made me finish the tub, didn't notice much of a difference in skin texture while using it. A little goes a long way!
    Can't get enough...
    This is my second pot and I can't get enough. This cream leaves my skin feeling moisturised and the smell is divine. I have now added the body scrub, shampoo and conditioner to my collection. Defiantly worth a try.
    Smells unreal
    Bum bum dream
    I haven't tried alot of body creams But this one made me settle for it. It smells like heaven and feels like it too it's thick and moisturizing. Beautiful
    Love this
    I kept seeing this product everywhere thinking its just another marketing promise of less cellulite and never thought about buying it. I decided to try it one day and loved it. It smells amazing, I know its personal taste but I don't get the bad reviews about the smell. Does it smooth, I'm not sure but it absorbs amazingly well and makes my skin feel smooth and will buy it just for that and the smell.
    I'm in love with the smell!
    Texture, smell, it's addictive! The scent lasts several hours, it's Caribbean time in a jar, I love it!
    It's nice but...
    Let me just say first of all that I understand why other people have given it 5*, however for myself the scent was too strong and became cloying after a few hours of using it. It is quite vanilla-y but it's not terrible smelling. Despite that though, it feels moisturising and sinks in really quickly without leaving marks on my clothes. It's not something that I think I'll buy again personally but I can see why other people like it so much.
    So pleasantly surprised!
    I was a bit sceptical when I bought this, as I have cellulite and just general uneven skin texture round there which I am trying to firm up, whilst I know that no magic cream will get rid of cellulite I just wanted a cream that would help even the skin texture - and this really did the trick! I used this product maybe 3 times and started to see a visible difference in the skin evenness and firmness, it also smells so good, is non-greasy and a little goes a long way. Will definitely be purchasing again and would recommend.
    I loved this cream. It smells divine; the scent lasts all day. So moisturising my skin felt so soft and the dry patches were a thing of the past. It is very expensive for what it is but I do love it.
    Moisturising and smells incredible!
    Love this product. I have very sensitive skin and I’ve had no issues whilst using this at all! It leaves skin feeling super moisturised and it isn’t greasy. The smell is incredible, I’ve had a few compliments about it. The only negative thing I have to say about this is that it is very pricey, so it's not something I use all the time. Will 100% repurchase despite this.
    Very strong scent
    It's a lovely, thick cream and I know a lot of people swear by it, but I couldn't get past the smell. I'd sniffed it in the jar before, and thought "oh that's nice" but wearing it is a whole different matter. It's incredibly strong, and doesn't fade down like most body lotions do. Though it smelled lovely in the jar, and fresh, on skin it kind of reminded me of the car air fresheners that you often find in taxis. I had to wash it off in the end.
    Brazilian bum bum cream
    Smells amazing and is rich! Love it!
    Heaven in a tub!
    This is my go to treat - originally tried as a sample and I go back to it as often as I can! The best moisturiser I've tried (bar one), it's not greasy, you don't need too much so goes a long way and it smells devine!
    Amazing but disappointed
    The amazing product would recommend but was disappointed when I received my order the pot seemed to be half empty. Used the hole large tub within a week due to how little product was in the tub. Would buy it again if I was guaranteed a full tub as it isn’t cheap.
    Sweet hydration
    Moreishly scented. Very softening and nourishing without leaving any greasy residue; it simply sinks in and the scent lingers gently all day. Took off a star because I definitely wish you got more for what you pay for as my skin drinks this up and the small size lasted me only a week.
    Hello My Love!
    Oh how I love this cream, how it feels, how it smells, how it makes me feel. This spreads so easily and leaves my skin so touchably soft, it can be a love or hate scent but I LOVE IT!!! To be honest so does anyone else when they catch the scent on me so I do love the long hugs and "oh what's that" questions. would definitely recommend it, especially to add some sensorial care into your body regiment.
    Nice but not worth the price
    First of all - LOVE the smell! It's perfect for the summer holidays, it stays with you for hours. The cream is very thick, however, it absorbs very quickly and actually moisturises the skin. The price however (and the amount) is a bit crazy. I don't mind spending more on (face) skin products and usually, I spend too much on mascaras... but I can't justify getting a small jar of body cream just because I adore the smell :(
    Makes me want to sniff myself all day long!
    I got the tester of this product and couldn't believe how a tiny portion would have such a long-lasting smell. So I bought the big one - and let me tell you, I definitely don't regret the purchase. Beautiful consistency, absorbs easily, and the smell is truly divine! Your skin does really smell gorgeous the entire day. It's not the most "moisturizing" cream I've tried, but still worth every penny. Highly recommend trying it at least once.
    Absolutely love this scent refreshing & uplifting. You don't need a lot & it lasts all day. I have got my mum hooked on it as well.
    Best body cream I've ever used
    Smells heavenly and makes my skin soften than any other body cream I've tried. I have chicken skin or KP all over my arms and this is the only cream that really helps to soften the skin. And it just smells insanely good.
    Moisturizing and nice smell
    Overall its a nice cream ,personally I didn't see any dramatic results but it did leave my skin feeling moisturized and soft and a little goes a long way.
    I recently purchased this cream and the texture is great, not sticky and rubs in nicely. The only problem with it in my opinion is the smell, it is really overpowering to me. Apart from that I was satisfied with the product, a gentler smell would make me buy it again
    It’s really nothing spectacular, not worth the hype IMO.
    Smells good but no results
    Smells absolutely amazing, however I have not got the lovely Brazilian bum bum that I was promised.
    Love it
    I love it. My favourite body cream. I love the brand and I'm using almost all of their products. I have dry skin and so far this is the only cream who leaves my skin soft and moisture. Love it.
    This product is amazing and it’s smell sooo good.
    The Dog doesn't like it which is a bonus!
    I read the reviews for this cream & bought it. Whilst it does smell nice it's just your average body cream not quite the consistency of body butter & if you only buy the smaller pot it will last you maybe 3 all over applications max. High point is that if you have a dog that has a passion for licking off-hand cream the moment you put it on, mine has a high aversion to this. For that reason only I would consider buying this again when I feel like wasting money. Sorry Bum Bum Cream.
    So nice
    I doubt that this cream will do anything for my bum. But oh the smell I put it on my arms and everywhere else I am now going to buy the large one, I love it. P.S it is a great moisturiser.
    great but sticky
    really hydrating and the smell is everything (tropical vacation vibes) but it is a bit sticky and needs about an hour to really soak in
    A good body moisturizer
    The texture of this cream is amazing, it absorbs instantly leaving the skin nicely moisturised. For drier skin types it might be too light during the winter. While I personally enjoy it, he smell is very strong so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to fragrance.
    I LOVE this cream!!
    Honestly the best money I have ever spent on a body cream! This smells absolutely beautiful and my skin has never felt better. I’m on my second tub and it is definitely my new staple body moisturiser.
    Strong smell
    I received this in my goodie bag and gave it a go. It doesn't do what it claims of course, if you want a firmer body go eat well and exercise however it feels good and moisturises the skin. The smell is very strong, my bf hates it and says it gives him an headache. But if you love strong sweet aromas you will love this because you don't need a parfum at all!
    Definitely will buy the full size
    I had a tester from my recent purchase and it is honestly the best cream I have used. It dries almost instantly and leaves your skin feeling moisturised all day. Will definitely be purchases the large pot. Worth the price!
    It smells lovely
    Bought the body cream for the summer + the body spray- both smell gorgeous and the fragrance lasts forever. The cream is great for summer months , it has a light but moisturising texture, but will probably not be sufficiently hydrating in winter months .
    My New Favourite
    I have used another body butter religiously for years but it doesn’t absorb half as well as this one. I love how the scent lingers (always a must for me for body cream), and with regular use it 100% firms my skin up, especially my thighs. I have used 2 small tubs and just recently went ahead to buy the full size because it’s worth the price. As a massive bonus, it doesn’t cause my sensitive, temperamental skin any irritation. I bought the scrub too and expect them to be perfect partners.
    Beautiful cream
    This cream has a lovely silky texture and amazing smell. I have been using it for a month and a half but haven't noticed the tightening/toning benefits yet. Still a lovely cream to use and planning on buying the bigger size next time!
    This is magic in a jar! The smell is amazing!
    Excellent product.
    Always a toss-up deciding whether spending on body care is really worth it, but this cream has improved the texture of my skin so much. I have very dry skin on my arms and legs with patches of keratosis pilaris. Although I didn't expect this product to remove my KP, the softness of my skin has never been better. The gorgeous smell is an added bonus.
    Bum bum
    This cream is just amazing! I ordered the big jar!
    This product is amazing. I love the smell, texture EVERYTHING. Makes the skin so soft and not greasy. I’d go as far as saying it’s perfect!
    This is a great body cream. My dry winter skin was very soft after several uses. The only issue I have with it is the smell. I think most people love the smell, but I prefer using an unscented cream or lotion on my skin so it doesn't interfere with my perfumes.
    Amazing, instant favourite
    Bought this as a gift for my wife, she absolutely loves it.
    This cream smells divine. Fast absorbing and non greasy. Bit of a hefty price tag but definitely worth it!
    As far as body moisturisers go, this is life changing...
    Every time I use it it feels like I'm treating myself! It absorbs really well into the skin to the point where you can't feel it at all but it leaves you as soft as a baby! It has a little undetectable shimmer in it which makes your skin GLOW. Absolute winner! I feel like it's improved not only the texture of my skin but also evened my skin tone out.
    Not for me
    Got this from the Goody Bag and I do not the smell at all. It is sweet and intrusive. Texture of this product is cream to jelly. Would be nice for normal skin. And it is non enough hydration for my dry skin
    Amazing product
    Highly recommend this cream!
    Amazing product!!
    I have tried various creams and this has to be one of the best! I use this on my bum, things and dry areas. Smells divine and it's already made a huge difference to the skin texture and look. A little cream also goes a long way so if your worried about cost it does last a while. Love love love.
    Love love love this cream
    I just love this cream. The smell is intoxicating. I have dry skin and I’m always on the lookout for a good body cream with a long-lasting smell. This ticks all my boxes and then some. I am so glad I found it. Can’t wait to try everything in this range.
    This is the second pot I’ve purchased. I love this product. It has an amazing smell that really lasts, It’s a really smooth cream that sinks straight into the skin and is not greasy. My skin looks and feels amazing!
    I kind of wish I didn’t get the sample...
    So I’ve got a sample of the bum bum cream. It is absolutely divine... I noticed my 10 year son had also took a really big liking to it. He loves his skin care. Looks like I’ll be buying 2 now
    Must try!
    I must admit I was one of those people who bought the knock off version of this product from Aldi. I thought it was good until I tried the real thing and, sweet baby Jesus, this stuff is incredible. Everyone should try this delicious cream at least once. It feels great, soaks in quickly, smells divine and gives you real holiday vibes. I will be buying it again!
    Makes me happy
    Love this. The smell is gorgeous and the texture is amazing. I really wish I had gone straight in with the big pot so I could slather it on with abandon and not worry about running out. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that it is a bit indulgent. I'm sure you could get something similar for a better price. But would it be called Bum Bum Cream? Would it be in such a fun looking pot? And would it smell quite as ridiculously fruity and have quite as wonderful a texture? And because I like these things to make me smile and make me feel pampered and look nice on my shelf, I will be repurchasing!
    This cream is magic in the package!!! really not enough good words to describe...you have to try it your self to understand
    My miracle cream!
    I have been using Brazilian Bum Bum for years, after having first bought it in San Francisco and have been addicted ever since. It used to have a shimmer tint in it, which I do wish they would bring back, but the scent is amazing. Your skin stays hydrated with this cream more than most others I have used. I love this product and will continue to buy for years to come!
    Smells amazing
    Love the smell of this, it’s sinks in quickly and I have noticed how soft my skin is after two weeks
    I was expecting this to be amazing as I read all the reviews. It was ok but I’ve bought cheaper creams that have worked better. The smell was ok! But nothing overwhelming! I buy so many body creams so this one to me is just not as expected and not worth the price for what you get, unfortunately. Just not for me.
    Luxury for a luxurious price
    This is divine! It is very moisturising, makes me feel like summer, and smells wonderful..a real treat for my body! I got the 75 ml version but if you want to use that daily all over your body it will run out quickly!
    не впечатлил ***not impressed
    Запах очень очень похожий на запах крема Laura Mercier Ambra Vanilla. Запах приятный, но стойкий и сильный. Особого эффекта от крема не вижу - ни увлажнения, ни тонизации кожи нет. ***The smell is very, very similar to the smell of Laura Mercier Ambra Vanilla cream. The smell is pleasant, but persistent and strong. I don’t see any special effect from the cream - there is no hydration or toning of the skin.
    Smells amazing
    This leaves my skin so moisturised. My skin can sometimes get so dry and this sinks in perfectly and leaves my skin felling soft. It smells amazing also
    It smells divine and absolutely love the texture. If you're considering it, I'd say get it. I regret not ordering the bigger tub. <3
    Over hyped
    Yes this is a lovely rich cream with an amazing smell BUT it does not justify the high price tag. I get similar smooth skin from my Soap and Glory (which also smells remarkably similar) for a 1/10 of the price. I will not repurchase due to the exorbitant price.
    Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
    I'll start with the negative points. On opening the packaging I was instantly shocked to find such a small container of cream and that made me question the price. Also the cream smells really awful, it's far too sweet for me, I prefer a clean, classier scent, even my husband thought it stank and smelt cheap and I have to agree with him. On the positive side, the consistency is lovely and it massaged smoothly into my skin and the results are great. Unfortunately I cannot cope with that smell so unless the brand comes up with an unscented version I won't be purchasing again
    Отличный крем для нормальной кожи, не для сухой, быстро впитывается, пахнет сливочным мороженым, недели через три ежедневного использования улучшает цвет кожи и чууууть чуууть более упругая становится, аромат остается на коже на пол дня. Если есть лишние деньги - берите An excellent cream for normal skin, not dry, it is quickly absorbed, smells like creamy ice cream, after three weeks of daily use it improves skin color and becomes more elastic, the aroma remains on the skin for half a day. If you have extra money - take it
    Love love love
    Biggest jar being ordered next
    Love love love
    Love the smell, love the texture, love the moisture it provides to my skin, this will forever be my favorite cream!
    Just amazing and smells like heaven
    The best Body Cream in the world! The smell is amazing!
    Smells like holiday.
    Just smells gorgeous, skin feels lovely after and the smell stays around so acts as a perfume. Yes a little pricey but I’d say it’s worth it for a little luxury.
    The smelllll!
    The smell is absolutely divine. Can’t get enough.
    Summery skin feel
    It's very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. Smells great, very summery! A bit sweet but not sickly, if you like coconut this is for you! Only downside is it feels too small.
    This is one of the best creams I've used! The smell is amazing and it's not greasy at all, once you applied you'll feel that the product absorbed instantly
    Addicted to the smell.
    I first heard about this product on Tati's youtube page and I wondered how James could be addicted to this scent. I was so curious and others were also so overwhelmed with it, so I tried it... and so I became a BumBum addict. Only my wallet is sad, because it's so pricey. Oh, and it's nourishing and toning too. ;)
    Pretty good!
    Nice and creamy, doesn't stay greasy on the skin.
    I had high hopes for this product as a i saw many people rave about it! i was disappointed, I got the small tub and maybe only used a small amount as a small tub is quite expensive for what you get, perhaps getting the larger tub might help as maybe this product needs a good amount for it to be useful. The smell is great but I also don't think it last all day. The only good thing i thought was it did make a difference to my bum, i felt it toned and smoothed it, i would like to give the bigger tub a try and not give up on this product but judging just from the tiny tub i think i'll stick to Vaseline.
    Best smell
    My new favourite moisturiser. Feels amazing on my skin and love the smell. My other half also thinks it smells amazing, so might need to hide it before he steals it. Glad I finally decided to invest and can see myself repurchasing.
    Body cream
    The best smelling cream ever.
    Amazing smell and texture
    Amazing smell!
    A little goes a long way, I’ve noticed a huge difference when using this! My skin feel silky soft and smells DELIGHTFUL all day long! As a nurse I can’t wear perfume to work, this is a GREAT compromise. LOVE this stuff!!!
    Bum Bum Cream
    Beautiful cream. Amazing, creamy, fresh scent and is so lovely. High price point, however.
    Gorgeous smell
    Smells divine and seems to smooth the skin when used regularly. But honestly, I'd just buy it for the aroma! Super moisturising.
    Started using this about 3 weeks ago, morning and night, and I can see the difference in terms of reducing cellulite (legs and bum). The smell is definitely amazing and it gets absorbed by your skin very quickly. Will buy another one!
    The sweetest scent
    I truly love this cream. I have sensitive skin with history of atopic dermatitis so I used to only buy pharmacy creams with no scents or anything just to be safe, but I decided to risk it and try the Bum Bum Cream and it's great! It doesn't irritate at all. And just like the others said the smell lingers for long. The only downside is it smells so sweet I almost don't want to put my SPF over it to keep the scent stronger haha (but I do ofc).
    Dried out my skin
    This is not for someone prone to dry skin. It left my skin dry upon application and even after re applying my skin is still dry, which doesn’t happen to me with other body lotions as my skin is not that dry. I also don’t see the subtle shimmer there’s supposed to be in it. There are much cheaper and better alternatives if you’re looking for a moisturizing body lotion.
    Smells divine.
    I absolutely love this cream, it smells gorgeous and seems to improve my skins texture. I will be ordering again.
    Love it
    The smell is just amazing! It is a little bit expensive but totally worth it. My skin is so soft.
    Over hyped
    The Body Shop is cheaper and more hydrating. Smell is divine. But price is way to high. Will not purchase again.
    Will repurchase
    The fragrance is to die for and it lingers all day without being overbearing. It really does absorb fast and keeps skin moisturized for hours on end. I haven't been using it long enough to get cumulative effects but even if this is as good as it gets, it's still really really good.
    Worth the hype ...
    I first heard of this gorgeous stuff from Tati, I fan girl over her and want everything she uses. I went with the smaller 75ml pot to give it a go and when I’ve finished it I will be getting the larger size. IN LOVE. I hate greasy residue sitting on my skin, this sinks right in and smells beautiful. A new favourite!
    This cream is really moisturizing and makes my skin feel amazing! The smell is very strong, I did not expect it to be as strong as it is. I am quite sensitive to smell, so I only use it on special occasions. If I could buy one without fragrance I would use it every single day.
    The cream smells delicious
    The cream smells delicious but very strong. Not everyone will find this strong smell smeared in the Evening, and in the morning my pajamas smelled good of this scent.
    Beautiful body moisturiser
    Smells incredible. The cream is a really good moisturizer. I do not wear perfume on days that I use this cream because the smell is so good.
    I love this stuff so much. I am on pot number 6. The smell is amazing. Not greasy on the skin and dries very quickly. Leaves my skin feeling soft for over 24 hrs. The scent lingers on your clothes and smells like you are wearing perfume. Can’t recommend this enough! I have very sensitive skin and almost everything breaks me out in hives or dermatitis, thankfully this doesn’t!
    Perfect smell
    I first bought this product accidentally in Cannes, the smell is divine. That's why I order it on Cult again. It's not greasy, perfect feel on the skin.
    The cream is a miracle
    The cream is a miracle! It has a wonderful aroma and super moisturizing properties. I do not to evaluate the composition, but, in my opinion, it is wonderful. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
    Best ever.
    Love love love this, smells amazing and feels fabulous.
    Soft skin that smells amazing
    This is the best body cream ever. The scent alone is worth buying it for but it also moisturizes so well, my skin has never felt so soft. On my third tub.
    Bum Bum Cream
    Great product. Made a tremendous difference to my skin. I rarely used body moisture but now I'm a little older, moisturizing is an increasingly necessary part of my routine. This is easy to apply, quick to absorb and leaves my skin smooth and supple. It has a pleasant but subtle scent of she's butter too.
    The smell
    I can't get past the sickly sweet smell. It's NOT good. You don't want to put this stuff on if you like a natural or soft scent. Not sure if my bottom is any firmer in all honesty
    Love it
    Smells so good and it makes your skin really soft. Highly recommend.
    What a crazy thang!
    Yes yes yes 5 stars.
    Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil
    Gorgeous scent, goes on smoothly and not sticky like some tinted body oils. Doesn’t mark clothes.
    Bum bum cream
    Smells so good and leaves skin soft, not seen any difference in skin tightening but would still highly recommend.
    Don’t notice anything on firming but it smells really good. Pretty moisturising too.
    Not as great as I thought
    I splurged and bought the large size of this body cream based on the reviews it got. However I thought it was way over priced for what it was. It is described as a rich body cream but for me it wasn't. After a couple of hours my skin was quite itchy because it was dry. I didn't skimp with how much I was putting on as well, and sometimes I applied twice. If you have dry skin then I wouldn't recommend this product, its not rich enough. The scent was pleasant enough, quite like cocoa butter. Wont be buying this again, sorry.
    Smells like Paradise!
    This body cream smells divine and the scent lasts forever on my body! It absorbs easily and doesn’t leave a tacky or sticky residue. I live in a tropical (and humid) country - BumBum feels very light & nourishing at the same time. Will definitely repurchase!
    Smells Like Summer
    This product smells amazing and it really works. My skin is tighter.
    Overwhelming scent and overpriced
    Might be a very good body moisturizer but I can´t use it as the scent is very very strong for me personally. For the price I don´t think it´s worth it.
    Favourite of all products ever!
    Bum bum
    So expensive I don’t like to use too much. I haven’t noticed the difference yet but it smells sooo good that I don’t care. Gives you that summery feeling and makes you smile.
    Best body cream ever!
    Bum bum cream is so delicious!! It smells great. I already repurchased the second bottle x
    I am a sucker for moisturisers so i just had to try this. Its expensive for a small tub however.....the smell!!!! Mmm, it's lush. Nutty but fruity and the smell lingers all day. It's a really nice texture, not greasy or sticky and leaves skin feeling silky soft. It's a small tub so it won't be a daily use, but if you want to smell and feel amazing. This is a must.
    Love it!
    Smells great.
    I got the small size to figure out what the fuss was all about. Now I'm hooked and tho my small size isn't finished yet, I'm ordering the big pot...oops! I just can't get over the smell. It's heavenly and long lasting. Simply addicted. Good to know as well, the cream sinks into the skin very quickly, so although it's a whipped texture cream, you will not be left with a sticky, thick residue.
    This is the most amazing cream ever! I saw results in the first week and it smells like heaven. I will repurchase for sure.
    The scent more than anything
    It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth but I found that it doesn't hydrate as much as I would like it to. Nevertheless, the scent is divine so it compensates for this shortcoming. I also find this cream quite expensive but -again- the scent is just irresistible and it carries you away.
    Me encantó el olor!! ***I love the smell!"
    Huele genial y nutre la piel que da gusto!! Muy contenta con esta compra. ***It smells great and nourishes the skin and smells amazing! Very happy with this purchase.***
    Beautiful product
    I fell in love with this lotion. It is so expensive but I am sure I will be repurchasing in the future.
    Way to pamper yourself
    The cream smells a-ma-zing! For me, hydration is good but I don't see any tightening effect.
    Most Moreish Smell Know To Man
    Who can resists a cream with the name "bum bum" and I hate to go on about the smell when everyone else has mad mention but it really is the most delicious smell, it lasts forever and has a tiny sheen to it as well and it lasts for ages which is great for someone like Miss Thunder Thighs like me. I really want to try the purple acai scent one but I'm worried I won't love it as much.
    Buy it!
    This cream is out if this world. I love it. My skin feels amazing and soft after using it and it smells insane :)
    Love love love
    I bought my first tub of this 4 weeks ago and I need to buy another! I have really dry skin on my body and although it’s not as moisturising as I would like on my dry skin the smell is insane and to die for. The scent lasts all day and my skin feels so much tighter and firmer. Absolutely would recommend to anyone... off to bulk buy!
    Not getting the hype at all - it’s just pleasant-smelling body lotion, not particularly moisturising.
    Sol de Janeiro
    It's a very good smelling cream. Not shimmering as they say, but it's no hydrating for me.
    Most delish smell
    I honestly do not ever write reviews but I have fallen for this product! It is without a doubt the BEST smelling moisturiser on earth. I’d seen a video about this a while back and showed people smelling it and saying how good it was so I thought I’d buy the small pot first just in case I didn’t like it.....well now I am hooked! I’m purposely using it up quickly so I can come back and purchase the bigger tub and also the most spray, lip balm, shower gel and just basically EVERYTHING!
    Mostly for the smell of it
    Ok! I know I won't solve my "bum bum" problems with just a cream, but who doesn't love the idea of Rio at her hands? I ordered the 75ml to try it out and test myself all those raving comments about the smell. It smells amazing! FACT. It lasts too. You won't need a perfume with that. It is also a good moisturiser, it keeps skin soft all day long. It's easy to apply and it sinks almost immediately. I don't think it does a difference on toning or cellulite, but maybe it does something on the blood circulation as it stings a bit sometimes. Overall it is a very good moisturiser with an amazing smell. Just on the expensive range.
    Love it
    Love this product. It has a gorgeous tropical, summery scent that lasts all day and absorbs into the skin quickly yet is very moisturising. Left my skin so soft and the shimmer gives a very subtle glow to the skin. Disappointed by the price as I do think it is overpriced for the amount you get, that being said I will repurchase again.
    I've used this for over a year, and I can't be happier I purchased it. I love it! It moisturizes my dry, dull skin, and I don't have the need for a perfume since it smells so good. I've been asked many times which perfume I was using xD. The subtle shimmer it has is extra, and I love it!
    I love this stuff! Its really helped my dry sensitive skin. I thought because of the smell it would irritate it but now I swear by it. Will definitely be buying another once my pot runs out.
    The only body cream I use
    The smell is incredible. I find it sinks in quickly and the smell lasts all day so much that you don't even need a perfume. Has some glitter in it, which I like because it makes your skin look so healthy and glowy. Holy grail!!!!
    I was a little worried about the smell so I bought the smaller pot to start off with. I was shocked at how small it was for the price and hope the bigger size is better value for money. I have been using it for a few days now and I love it! The smell is strong but it’s a lovely smell so I don’t mind it at all. It absorbs really quickly and it makes my skin softer than any other lotion, cheap or expensive, that I have tried. I haven’t been using it long enough to judge if it really helps with cellulite, but it definitely does firm my skin on application. I love it and will be buying the bigger size.
    Overpriced and overhyped product
    This would be an okay cream if a) it didn't smell disgusting and far too overpowering, b) it didn't have glitter in it, and c) it actually did what it says it's supposed to do (firming) I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a product before, and can't for the life of me understand why people rave about this.
    Shame about the smell
    I bought this after seeing it raved about online. The cream is a lovely texture but for me the smell was revolting. Fruity and creamy at the same time it made me feel physically sick. I wanted to return it but to find out what it smelled like, I obviously opened it.
    Best cream ever
    Does everything a body butter should do, and makes me smell like a million bucks the entire dat. Skip in the fragrance and just use this, lasts much longer.
    Lovely scent
    Was sceptical about buying this but so glad I did! The scent is heavenly and the feel of it on the skin is truly luxurious however I didn’t feel any firming effect nor I did I find it strong scented!
    This product is so good. I love it so much. It is not greasy at all and smells fantastic. got so many compliments after using this cream. would rec, ps it gives you a nice glow bc it has a little glitter in it.
    Very pleasant body butter
    This is so smooth and smells heavenly! Leaves your skin feeling like silk.
    Incredible product
    This is definitely the best moisturiser I have ever bought. A little goes a long way, has a slight gorgeous shimmer to it (if you like that kind of thing anyway) and it smells amazing. My skin has not been this soft in years and in a slight movement I get a hint of the smell - it is so lovely. I will continue to buy this forever and probably the spray too, as the smell is really nice, fresh and summery. I am In love with this moisturiser.
    Great but a bit overwhelming
    Instantly moisturised my scaly skin and I feel that a little goes a long way. However, as much as I love the smell, it can be a little overpowering at times. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone sensitive to smell and to possibly buy the smaller size first so you don't waste £44 on something that smells so strong. I do get the hype but it is a tad on the expensive side. I'm using it sparingly as I don't really want to have to repurchase even though the moisturiser is fab - would be a great luxury gift or a treat to yourself.
    There are no words to describe how much I love this pot of bum bum heaven. I can't get enough have ordered the full range and will continue to for the rest of my life luuuv.
    I didn't like the over powering smell, but that's just personal taste. Saw no difference at all despite regular use. Would not recommend.
    Horrible Perfume
    I received this as a gift. The texture is nice and it moisturises well but I couldn't stand the smell. I felt like an obnoxious aunt was following me around all day, but it was me.
    To die for
    this product is amazing! supersmooth and a great scent <3
    Good cream but the scent is too strong
    The cream itself is good. It absorbs very fast, the skin feels plumped. However, the smell is so strong that you do not need a perfume. I did not like the scent. It was too sugary and sweet for me, so I got headache from it. Gave it to a friend. Will not purchase another one.
    Great smell, average moisturizer
    I hat high expectations because of the hype for this product. The smell is indeed amazing but It doesn't make my skin soft for long and the glitter is just not for me.
    I honestly love this product so much, great use all over the body, I use it mainly on my thighs and hands . Heavenly scent and leaves a verrryyy faint glitter leaving you and your legs glowing in the sun. Definitely going to purchase the multipack , very impressed! :)
    Beautiful body butter
    This cream is luscious and so addictive - I'm now on my third tub. Love the texture, scent and the fine glitter which highlights the skin. Layer the scent with body wash and body mist and smell like holidays! Love love love it.
    The smell of this is unreal, I love to use this product and often get compliments on it! It is worth the money if you like a stronger smelling product that leaves a slight shimmer (but not very noticeable). Really lovely cream and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth after use.
    This cream is gorgeous. It smells amazing and it leaves skin feeling soft and supple. I love that it sinks into the skin right away. It's non greasy and leaves your skin smelling beautiful all day. I have the shower cream too, I just can't get enough. Highly recommended.
    Baffled by the rave reviews
    I bought the 75ml one and was shocked by how little product you get for £18. The smell is nice, but no nicer than any body butters I've tried for under £10 for a much larger bottle. If you don't like glitter/obvious highlighter, don't buy this product. After using it a colleague of mine asked me "How on Earth did you manage to get glitter on your arms?" Overall it is an okay product but the price point is way too high for what you actually get and I would not repurchase.
    Irresistible skin
    This cream is a godsend. It leaves your skin looking and smelling irresistible and like how I imagine a Victoria's Secret model's skin looks and smells on the night of the catwalk show! The scent will definitely be too much for some people, but if you love very sweet, bakery scented fragrances you will really enjoy it. 10/10 would recommend.
    Smells cheap and knocks you out
    This arrived today and I was hoping to use it as a body moisturiser but oh damn, I HATE THE STRONG SMELL OF IT. It smells so cheap. The problem is, I wear Tom Ford Neroli Portofino which I LOVE. It's taken me years to find a fragrance that I love and this is it. Sadly this Bum Bum cream kills and flattens my fragrance. I'm horrified by it to the point were I'll use this Bum Bum cream for bedtime wear only. I really hate the fragrance of it. The cream seems a decent quality so I'm hoping it'll be great for that, just a shame that it's not fragrance free or toned down a lot. A real shame as this product has been hyped so much.
    I saw someone on YouTube raving about it and thought I would get the small one to see what the fuss is about. I am so glad I did smells amazing and my skin is so soft now as well. It sets nicely on your skin not feeling sticky like others I have used. I love it and I am back to buy the big one. Definitely a must have
    Love this
    This smells is so good and it's firming. I use it also on other parts of the body.
    This smells really amazing, a sweet, delicious, foody yet musky scent. Really makes you feel delicious and sexy. It is rich but the texture is soft and light. It does have little sparkles in it but I don't mind. I mainly use this on my arms, chest and cleavage to make my skin radiant and to smell great. It is expensive but I don't think the price is that bad.
    Adore this product!
    So pleased to see this on Cult Beauty. I've been ordering from the USA for a few months now. Smells amazing, feels amazing and lasts a really long time. Leaves a subtle glimmer on the skin too.
    Over hyped
    I'm not impressed with this product, I don't see why the hype at all. It smells like frosted cocoa/coconut, didn't like the smell either. It leaves a glowing sheen to skin. I find it not hydrating enough for my dry skin and seems to be like just sitting on top of my skin and not being fully absorbed. It's a bit pricey considering the amount of product you get. Im disappointed that it didn't live up to my expectations. In terms firming, it just made my skin look somehow smooth? Not bashing the brand but this just didn't work for me, I wish I could return it.
    Nothing less than witchcraft
    Incredibly impressed by this. After one use, my skin went from reptilian rough to supermodel smooth. After a week, the firming and tautening effects were really noticeable. Definitely a love at first try product. To top it all, the scent is delightful and lasts a long time - no perfume required.
    This is amazing and its a must have
    This body cream is such a great cream. It smells great, it leaves this amazing light shimmer that makes your skin pop. It did firm my body and make it hydrated, its a must have.
    I want to swim in this
    The most incredible cream EVER. It smells like mango yoghurt. I can smell it hours after I've put it on. Sooo nourishing as well, everything looks more perky in that region as well, possibly the squats, possibly this cream?
    Sickly sweet
    I bought the large size based on reviews. The cream makes my skin feel soft. However, the smell is sickly sweet and overbearing. The smell doesn't fade. I will not buy it again.
    Bloody love this. Smells incredible and you don't get the sticky feeling after you moisturize. Only down side is the price but I will be back for more despite that. Love love love.
    Bum bum cream
    This cream is a delight to use. It melts into the skin really quickly and leaves my skin soft and smooth. The smell is gorgeous, people always comment saying what a lovely scent what is it. I would highly recommend this cream.
    Given that summer is just around the corner, I wanted to invest in a beautifully scented & moisturizing cream. This one is not what I expected unfortunately. The scent is not bad, but it is not what i was looking for, based on the reviews. The best that I can describe it with, is a juvenile fragrance that you can buy at a supermarket. Yes it is kinda tropical with some hints of vanilla but also seems very very familiar and kind of "cheap". To the moisturizing part, I think it is okay. Lightweight and absorbs quickly, as described. The one thing I love about it, is the soft shimmer. Nothing too obvious, just enough to make your legs and body look softly highlighted. My main disappointment had to do with the scent (which is why I bought it in the first place). I would recommend buying the small size and save a few pounds just in case you dislike it.
    I'm a slacker when it comes to body creams/moisturizers. I never have the patience for them to dry in. This cream however sinks in right away and I can get dressed right after using it. I personally love the scent, but I do agree with other reviews that it's very strong and if I use before bedtime I avoid putting it on my forearms because the scent irritates my sinuses. I've also been losing weight and while I believe no (miracle) cream can help loose skin, I feel this just does something to help. Maybe it's wishful thinking but it's definitely so moisturising and softening.
    Smells so amazing
    This smells amazing and I'm sure my stretch marks have faded I've been using this every night and will be purchasing the bigger tub.
    Didn't work for me.
    I really don't get the hype. Personally, I can't stand the cheap, fake, sugary smell (but maybe I got a dodgy tub?) and it did nothing to hydrate or 'smooth' my skin. Besides, it is so expensive for such a small amount - a little does not go a long way with this moisturiser. All in all, not horrible (ie my skin didn't react or break out, not gross or greasy) but wouldn't recommend.
    I was a little reluctant about paying so much for a cream but it really is worth it. A little goes a long way and it sinks into the skin beautifully without feeling greasy or heavy. Although the price tag is a little high I have been using it for quite a while and it's hardly gone down. As all other reviewers have said it smells absolutely gorgeous and I will definitely be buying it again.
    Awful smell
    I got a sample of this in a goody bag ages ago and never tried it cause when opened it smelled like cheap, run of the mill supermarket type lotion. Made the mistake of applying it one evening just before leaving the house and it reeks. It’s the cheapest possible smell and it’s so strong you don’t get used to it or stop smelling it even after hours. It seeps into your clothes so that they reek afterwards too. It’s a sickly, cloying sweet smell, I don’t know how people say it smells good... fair warning!
    Nice but the smell...
    This cream does feel nice on the skin, leaving me moisturised and glowing, but I sadly can't get past the smell. It is so sickly sweet, it smells like I have rubbed caramel all over my body. I personally prefer a more floral or botanical scent in my body care, but I can't fault that it left me feeling soft and supple.
    Worth the price!
    I love this cream. A little goes a long way, it smells gorgeous and leaves my skin silky soft.
    Grows on you
    When I first smelled this I thought "absolutely not this is so sweet". Then I used it a few times and my partner commented how nice I smelled (this is one of those scents that I feel like men love, because it is a bit sweet) and the more I used it the more I liked it. Especially in the summer time! Nice to put this on in the evenings before bed. Not sticky and a little goes a long way so helps to soften the blow of the price a bit!
    Heavenly smell
    I love this moisturiser. The smell is divine and lingers throughout the day. The price is a lot for how long it lasts, but I use this as a treat sparingly. Definitely one of the cult products I regret buying as I now love it but my bank balance definitely does not. I love that a smaller option can be bought and tried also.
    This has to be the best body cream I have ever used. The scent is delicious and the cream itself sinks into the sink lovely. I really am in love
    Worth every penny
    I have jumped around different body moisturisers for years and this is the best one! I started using this last year and have seen a visible difference in the tightness of my skin, it also soaks in instantly and feels amazing on my skin. I use this everyday after my evening shower. Also smells amazing! I couldn’t recommend more, I won’t be going back
    Oh my god the smell!!!!!
    I can honestly say I have never smelt anything more beautiful! I literally woke up still smelling of it after applying it the afternoon before. It instantly lifts my spirits especially during a time when a holiday is needed - the scent just transports you back to your favourite beach! As for the cream itself it absorbs beautifully and it not greasy at all - you can get dressed straight after applying. As for the firming side of things, I’ve only been using a short while but regardless I would still use this. Buy it - you won’t regret it!
    Great results!
    This product does what it says in the it . It is effective, smells lovely and lasts a long time.
    Divine smell
    I chose this product for its smell. I smelled it to a friend and it was addictive... It does not happen often to me to really like a smell... (I have been wearing the same perfume for 25 year...) This product though is much more than its smell... It is absolutely moisturizing, does not leave oil on the skin (or clothes) and does not irritate my extremely sensitive skin. Definitely recommend it!!
    Love This Stuff!
    So I'm not sure how much tightening this actually does (mostly cos I don't have a problem with sagging skin yet) but man oh man do I love the scent and the way it feels. Just putting it on takes me on a tropical holiday. It absorbs quickly and is never greasy.
    Smells gorgeous and works well
    The scent of this stuff is INCREDIBLE I am so addicted to it!! I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to last me very long with the 75ml pot but a little goes a pretty long way and the consistency is gorgeous. It dries fast so I can get dressed almost immediately after yet it’s still super moisturising! Worth the hype for me:)
    Love at first sight
    It smells amazing. Does everything it suppose to say. My new favourite cream hands down!
    Gorgeous smell and not oily
    Worth the price. Not something I wear every day due to it being quite expensive but when I do wear it makes me feel so lovely. The smell is gorgeous and lasts all day. It’s moisturising but not oily. Really worth it if you want to treat yourself. Can’t say I’ve noticed any ‘tightening’ effects the product claims to have but I don’t care because the scent alone is worth it.
    Heavily fragranced
    I don't know about its claims for addressing cellulite, but I've used it just as a body moisturiser, targeting my dry knees and elbows, as well as to help with newly-formed stretch marks, and it's a decent cream. I really like that it absorbs fast and I do enjoy the smell, but beware that this is very, very heavily fragranced. If you look at the ingredients list, the fragrance is 5th on the list, ahead of the beneficial extracts and butter. I've also had people comment on the scent when they enter the room even if I've only worn a light layer on my knees and elbows. I'm sure some would not enjoy the scent and find it positively headache-inducing. That's how strong it is. If you've got a fragrance allergy or are sensitive to strong scents, definitely avoid!
    This body cream is simply gorgeous. The texture is light, not greasy, but still rich, it sinks in easily and my skin is soft and well moisturised. And as others have said... that scent! It’s heavenly! So uplifting it’s a real mood booster and transports the senses somewhere infinitely less cold and grey!
    Amazing smell
    The smell of this cream is absolutely lovely! Will 100% definitely buy this again but I have to say I haven’t really noticed a difference in my skin in comparison to any other creams I normally use but it is a nice cream and doesn’t stay sticky and the smell being so lovely is just such a bonus! So would still recommend!
    Bum bum brilliant
    I was hesitant to buy as it’s quite pricey but my goodness this cream is divine. The smell is so uplifting and the cream just glides on. A definite worthwhile treat.
    The scent is incredible and boy the way it absorbs into your skin is unlike any other lotion/ moisturiser I’ve ever used. If you’re on the fence about trying it, just buy it you won’t regret it.
    Smells like a dream!
    Right from the container, it smells like butter, but when I apply it on my skin it smells so lovely! The scent lasts longer than my perfume. It also leaves my skin feeling soft. I guess the only downside is the price point.
    Yes! The reviews are correct!
    I bought this after reading the reviews and I am pleased to inform you that they are correct! This cream has a divine fragrance, silky texture and everything your skin could wish for in one pot! I just had to add to the reviews since they were so helpful to me. I will be buying this again only the larger pot next time! For those who already use it - enjoy! For those of you have not yet discovered it - what are you waiting for?!
    It’s only okay
    Got this when there was so much hype about this cream. The smell is good and lasts for hours but I don’t see any toning or minimising of cellulite, and the price is expensive for a small bottle.
    I received this a gift along with my Coco Cabana cream purchase. I was really excited about it due to the number of positive reviews but, unfortunately, my expectations were not met. Firstly, I don't love the smell. I admit that the smell gets better after you have applied it to your body but I definitely prefer the Coco Cabana aroma. Secondly, I don't think the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is moisturising enough for dry skin. I am leaving this review after finishing my tub. I have solely been using this product, so I can leave a well informed review. The first couple of days I was impressed by how quickly the product absorbs and at the same time, my skin seemed moisturised. However, by the third day of using it, I could see that my skin would look and feel dry. I usually use body cream/lotion/butter at least once a day, during the winter twice. I have dry skin and after a week or so of using this product, I noticed my skin getting so dry that the skin on my arms was slightly peeling. I don't know if this cream is better for summer or if it is just not suitable for dry skin but I don't recommend it. I give it 2 stars as it was a gift and the smell wasn't off putting. However, I will not purchase this. I just started using the Coco Cabana cream which smells divine and it is a bit thicker. I hope the results of it are better.
    The smell is lovely and rich. Smooth skin afterwards
    Smells incredible
    The scent of this product is absolutely gorgeous and lasts all day. It has a really subtle shimmer to it that gives your skin such a healthy glow. This product sinks into the skin really quickly so is perfect for summer. I have eczema and was surprised that this didn't irritate my skin but I wish it was a little more nourishing. Will definitely repurchase for special occasions though!
    Amazing and value for money
    Absorbed well into the skin and is non-greasy. Smells great!
    It's rich, keeps you moisturised for a looong time and don't even get me started with the scent! It's divine and makes me feel sexy and confident. I can't imagine why anyone would not want to soak themselves into this cream. Definitely a new favourite.
    Lovely cream
    I love the texture of this cream, it's so nice and it applies so well. The smell is amazing, maybe a bit too much for some people but I love it. I haven't noticed any difference in my skin though. It also has glitter bits in it which it's a shame, it's the only reason I won't be re-purchasing.
    I love this cream
    This cream is amazing, the smell is perfect, not overpowering at all. The cream is really silky and I have noticed my skin is really smooth and it definitely has improved my cellulite! This is worth the price and this has become a stable for me. You will not be disappointed!
    Boom Boom Pow!
    I wish I purchased the 240ml pot as the 75ml pot is very teeny tiny! This product is amazing. The first thing you notice is the smell, it's incredible. The texture is unbelievable. The results speak for themselves.
    Love it
    I love the moisturizing effect of it. I also use it on my elbows and knees. It’s quickly absorbed by my skin without any stickiness. The scent is beautiful. I can’t get enough of it. Will repurchase definitely again.
    The best cream I have ever smelt
    This is one of the nicest smells on the planet and it makes you feel almost edible. The texture is amazing, non-greasy and it just melts into your skin. I’ve had one of the small tubs that I use at least once a week and it’s latest 6 months so a little really does go a long way - just don’t love the price tag but it is worth it.
    Its ok...
    I think this product smells divine!! Like really if you’re looking for that perfect body cream that smells amazing but without the harsh perfumes or chemicals - this is it. The only thing is that for me personally, I have extremely dry skin and I just don't feel like this cream gives me that glowy, silky feeling on my skin that I like after applying body creams. I like a body cream that almost feels wet and super moisturised even after it's absorbed. I guess a lot of people don't like this though as it makes them feel greasy/sticky, but for me personally I quite like that! So if you’re like me and enjoy that ‘wet feeling skin’ i probably wouldn't recommend. But even the smell alone is a delight so would maybe opt for the small size rather than the large.
    Love this
    It really works, I can feel the difference on my bum and thighs. And it smells amazing!
    Not worth the hype
    It’s an okay moisturiser, but it’s honestly not worth the hype. I wouldn’t purchase it again.
    Fast absorbing but strong smell
    I was really excited to receive a sample of this product with my recent order. I’m a frequent pool attender, and chlorine can make my skin dry, so I’m always on hunt for good body lotion. This one is quite hydrating, I would say it gives enough moisture for normal to dry skin; if your skin is very dry - you might want to look for something stronger. What I loved is how fast absorbing this cream is, you literally can put you clothes on right after the lotion, no need to wait at all. What I didn’t like is really strong tropical fragrance, which doesn’t go away. By the end of day the smell made me nauseous which is so unfortunate since it’s such a nice product. If it wasn’t for the fragrance I would absolutely buy full size right away. If you like sweet tropical scents though - give it a try, there’s a high chance you will love this cream.
    This is a really nice cream that although is thick it melts into the skin and disperses evenly over the skin. A little works a long way and the smell is utterly divine! I use it with the body scrub and the result is soft, hydrated and moisturised skin.I really love this and will be repurchasing as Its worth it, only time will tell if it works wonder on my wobbly bits! The smell lasts so well I could still smell it the next day after using it, I am now completely obsessed with SDJ products!
    Only if you like perfume-like scents
    I'm in the minority on this opinion, but I HATE the scent - so perfumey! Nothing like their lip balm scent which is much more like natural sweet butter something scent
    Worth all the hype and more
    I have only used this product once but it is worth all the hype and praise it gets. It is a lightweight formulation that quickly rubs into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple for hours on end. Additionally, it is perfect for the hotter weather that the UK has suddenly been hit with as it is lightweight and doesn't just sit on the skin like most creams trapping in the moisture and sweat but is lightweight so your skin breathes and you are not sweating from clogged pores. The best part though is the smell of the product is absolutely insanely divine––like I really just want to live and hibernate in that scent. It reminds of you summer, sunshine, joy, and tasty fruity drinks. Really is an awesome and very splendid product that I would recommend to everyone and anyone with skin on their body!
    amazing moisturizer
    it smells like heaven and leaves your skin so smooth. I adore it.
    After my pregnancies I cannot tolerate every scent some scents give me headaches but this smell is divine and it lasts all day. I had bought the shower gel, Bum bum cream and it’s mist. Highly recommended
    A brilliant product
    I have used this for some time and no it won’t get rid of cellulite completely but has definitely made my bottom smoother. It smells wonderful and is now an essential part of my daily routine.
    Absolutely amazing
    I’ve been using this as a bust cream - it’s literally the only thing repairing my tissue paper skin right now. I got the little 12ml pot and I was really impressed by how long it lasted!! Absolutely going to be upgrading to the big pot when I’m finished with it!! The smell is amazing, and I’m so happy with it. Wish it was a bit cheaper but it works so I can’t fault it!!
    I was hesitant because of the price point but eventually relented to the hype. It really is a lovely fragrance, have received more compliments on this than any perfume I’ve worn. Has a lovely rich (but not too buttery) consistency & hydrates well. Likely to purchase again & other products in the range too.
    Love it
    The smell is very strong so I can understand why people won’t like it (my boyfriend hates it), but I do love it, the scent stays on my clothes forever! The glitter is a bit annoying though, but it’s ok. It’s also a bit thick so not the most convenient cream ever. But for sure I will buy it again!
    Heaven in a pot
    This is a lovely moisturiser which isn't heavy or greasy... it leaves my skin feeling nourished for over 24 hours and smells beautiful.
    Love it
    I notice the difference when I don’t use it. The scent is an additional bonus. Summer vibe. I also use it on my legs where I’d like it to be more ‘toned’ due to stretch marks. Great product and worth the price tag.
    Bum bum Brazilian cream
    Nice cream, smells amazing. Good for dry skin. You don't need perfume its smell is very intense.
    Love it
    The favourite brand ever. I have dry skin and this cream saved me. The smell is the best and it makes me feel sexy once I have it one. You have to try it!
    Made my butt look great
    Now I can't wait to go to Brazil!
    Not great.
    I bought this after the rave reviews and loving the shower cream. This just doesn’t do it for me. The smell is nice but the cream itself is really sticky and doesn’t absorb nicely. Win some, lose some I guess.
    Too good not to love
    I don't adore the scent only because it's SUPER sweet but the product is just too good not to love. The moisturiser itself is so thick but sinks in beautifully - you can apply this and get into your clothes instantly. The good thing about the scent is it does calm down and leaves a subtle scent on the skin so it's great if you do love it!
    Holiday Vibes in Quarantine
    I remember my sister receiving a sample pot of this product years ago when it first launched with a beauty subscription box and raving about how good this product actually was. 2020 - I purchased the smaller pot based on how well she swore by this little pot of gold and I'm not disappointed. It is worth every penny. I'm addicted, my post-shower routine is now heavenly and tropical paradise is in my stride.
    Normal body lotion
    Not getting the hype at all - it’s normally body lotion, not particularly moisturising, sweet scent a little artificial.
    Amazing scent and leaves skin smooth.
    This is an absolute winner for me and I have lost track the amount of times I have purchased. The smell is amazing (I also have the body spray) and leaves my skin soft and smooth until the following day.
    Smells sensational!
    Smells and feels amazing! Used this for months with no major differences to my skin, besides instant hydration hence only rating 4 stars, definitely a repurchase from me mainly due to the amazing smell. Such a long-lasting smell also, which I find uncommon in body moisturisers.
    Best ever
    This product absorbs quickly into the skin and the smell is amazing. I love it so much! Every time I use it I feel and smell good.
    Heaven in a pot
    I have very sensitive skin & suffer from psoriasis so am always really cautious about what products I put on my skin. I finally gave in to temptation & treated myself to the smaller pot (just in case it irritated my skin) & can confirm this cream is a dream! It is so hydrating & makes your skin feel silky smooth all day long. The smell is glorious and lingers throughout the whole day - in a good way of course- it is lush!!!! Highly recommended & wish I'd taken the plunge and ordered the bigger pot! I'm already tempted to buy even though I've only just started my little one! Happy shopping! x
    Great smell & not sticky
    Love the smell. It makes me feel like I wanna eat the cream & it dries down to a very comfortable and not sticky feel which is a veryyy huge plus. The missing one star is because I just used the product and have yet to see any reduction in "orange peel" skin.
    My Favourite
    The smell alone is insane. Summer in a bottle .
    I love this so so much! Sinks in, smells incredible and leaves a real nice finish. Perfect for summer and reminds me of holidays
    Nice product, smells nice but a bit pricey
    The only body cream I use!
    This is the best body cream I have ever used!It is so nourishing,makes my skin extremely soft,smells heavenly and absorbs into my skin almost instantly,which I love!The only problem I have with it is that it goes down really quickly.But it’s so good that I would totally recommend it and I would still be purchasing it many times ahead in the future!
    Worth the money
    I never tried this brand before and was skeptical spending £44 on a tub, I trialed the Coco cabana and loved it, I thought the original smelt the same as the Coco one but it doesn't, I didn't return it in fact I loved it, I don't leave reviews but this is the best cream I have ever used.
    The SCENT!
    This smells AMAZING. The texture is thick and feels luxurious. I wish it came in a pump container with refills available! The product finishes quickly and the plastic packaging seems wasteful.
    I bought the small size a few days ago, because I saw so many positive comments and I wanted to test it. OK I get it now!! It leaves a silky smooth skin, it smell beautifully and it is absorbed very quickly, without leaving anything on the skin. It not oily or greasy, I totally recommend it! PS: I will purchase the big size now.
    Beautiful smell
    Love this product! Makes my skin lovely and soft and a strong smell that lasts.. this has become my favourite beauty product!
    Totally amazing, using this makes my skin feel so soft and the smell is lovely. I have very very dry legs and its super moisturising without leaving a sticky residue.
    Love this stuff
    Bought this cos I liked the name! So glad I did, the smell is amazing. Worried it might give me a headache as some scents sometimes do, but it doesn’t. I do appreciate that some people don’t like the smell though, but it smells like holidays to me! The cream is absorbed quickly into the skin and makes it feel soft. I love this stuff. It’s the only body cream I have bought more that once.
    Absolutely delectable
    One of the most beautiful smelling creams I've come across. It makes my skin soft and the smell lasts a long time. However, it's not a heavy cream so it will absorb pretty quickly and not give you that thick moisturised layer like other body creams or butters, which is great if you don't like that oily feeling but if you're like me (I have normal/dryish skin on my body) and like to FEEL the moisture then you're better off buying a different cream or (though it is on the pricey side) using it in addition to another non-scented cream (what I do as I really love the smell).
    I had high hopes for this product and at the high price point expected better. The cream to me smells like a cheap air freshener and the moisturising elements are none existent. In my opinion you can get a much better moisturiser for a fraction of the price.
    Smells great
    This cream smells unbelievable. Absorbs quick and does a great job. However, there are much more affordable creams out there. I think you're pretty much paying for the scent
    This smells amazing and feels amazing.
    Skin Feels Super Soft
    I have been using the "Boom Boom" cream for a couple of weeks and although the appearance of cellulite has not massively reduced, it is slowly changing for the better. The product smells delicious and my skin is soft and smooth. I can't help using it all over my body, so I'm definitely going to have to buy more.
    Who puts glitter in lotion!
    This is terrible, I used it for a week now and it caused so much itchiness and irritation because of intense amount of glitter particles in it, the glitter is so visible on the skin especially if you apply twice I just don't know how I only noticed that it had glitter after a week of using it on my entire body after every shower. I'm 100% sure this isn't reviewed by dermatologists because it's not normal to put glitter in a body lotion. The glitter literally got on my hair and scalp because I moisturize my body and then brush my hair as a regular human being so I end itching my head so much that If I continue using the cream I might have gotten dandruff because of the itching. One thing I don't understand is how are people using it and enjoying it still even those with sensitive skin?
    An ok cream but nothing amazing it smells delicious.
    Divine scent
    The scent is divine of this cream! Like a toffee-coconut-creamy ice cream, but it is also not too sweet... My skin is very thirsty, and sadly this gives not enough hydratation, but it's okay for the summer.
    scrumptious but doesn't moisturise my skin
    I tried 2 pots of this to give it a fair shot and whilst the smell and packaging are scrumptious, I found that it just did not moisturise my skin at all. I thought it was absorbing quickly but actually it just wasn't moisturising. When I use other creams, my skin feels soft, smooth, and not tight. With this cream, however, my skin just felt tight and dry! I hope they improve the formula because this has so much else going for it.
    Great product
    I purchased it based on amazing reviews across all the beauty and skin care blogs. Maybe I had very high expectations, that's why I was a bit disappointed. Not that it's not great, but I have products I like more. However, it is a great body cream, smells really nice, the skin is glowing afterwords and doesn't leave it greasy, rather moisturized. I would repurchase for sure.
    The smell is something else
    Haven’t seen much ‘results’ from it but it honestly redeems itself with how moisturising it is and how bloody gorgeous it smells, which lasts forever.
    The best
    This body cream is the best! The best texture and smell ever! Really love it! Addicted to it.
    Bum bum cream
    Absolutely a waste of money. This cream may smell nice but has no moisturising qualities in fact leaves the skin as dry as if you haven’t put any cream on and certainly does not have any firming effect. It is not a rich body moisturiser and as for the price it’s a joke.
    Best Smelling Moisturiser that Exist
    This cream is amazing and I would highly recommend! I recently purchased the larger tub which I am extremely happy about but my bank account isn’t!
    obviously, this smells amazing. It's not as strong as others would say because I've used creams that were so strong I couldn't help but take a shower... This one is perfect and the smell lasts. It's not the most moisturising cream out there but it's for the summer and it's not supposed to be thick and stick on all the clothes you wear. Highly recommend it.
    Great smell but expensive
    I love the Bum Bum Cream; it smells like summer in a jar. However, I find my skin looks and feels a bit dry a few hours into applying it... and for the cost, that’s a bit disappointing. I’m going to try the Coco Cabana Cream and hopefully will have a bit more luck!
    Game Changer!!
    I received my order on Tuesday. I have read so many reviews on this product over past few months so decided to give it a go, went for the 75ml to see how I liked it! I suffer from bad cellulite on the back of my thighs and above my knees, started using this on Tuesday and the difference I have seen in under a week by using this is honestly unbelievable! Even my partner has commented how smooth my legs now look! Honestly I am so pleased that this product lives up to its name as I was so sceptical to buy a cellulite cream as in the past they haven’t worked. I have now ordered the bigger size and it is worth every single penny especially with summer coming up. If you are looking to try this out buy the smaller tub first see how well you like it but it honestly has done wonders for me so far not even a week in! So so pleased!!!
    GET IT - 3rd POT
    Gets rid of nearly all my cellulite and honestly think it makes your booty look better.
    Brazilian sol de janeiro love
    When I first tried this I fell in love, it’s the perfect cream for the body, lightweight and silky and my skin adores it, when I first opened the lid the divine smell was heavenly, I felt like I was in Brazil in the sunshine and I just needed a cocktail to complete the bum bum scenario, this brand has stolen my heart and took me to Brazil and I am truly in love with all of there products #selfcaresolday.
    Bumbum cream
    Lovely stuff. Moistened skin without any residue. Pricey but goes a long way. Take care to check the size when buying. I bought the small pot by mistake, better value if you buy the larger pot IMO.
    Worth a try
    Because I like nice smells I was willing to pay the price. I love that this is not greasy or heavy like other body creams tend to be. I have not noticed any great difference in my bum or my thighs like some other people have. But because I really love the smell and get to many compliments on it, I'd definitely buy it again.
    The smell is AMAZING, the texture is very nice and it gets absorbed instantly. Looooove it.
    Real pleasure
    The cream is a pleasure to use. Amazing smell, fast absorbing, hydrating, little goes a long way, I will definitely buy again. Want to try the coconut one as well.
    Love it!
    Feel gorgeous on skin and smells amazing!!!
    The cream smells delicious, but very very strong
    The cream smells delicious, but very very strong. Even the clothes then smell them for a long time. Not everyone is suitable because of this feature.
    Definitely worth the price tag
    I was dubious to start as this is quite expensive for what is essentially a moisturiser, after reading all the reviews I decided I'd bite the bullet, buy the smallest size and see what all the fuss is about. I was not disappointed!! This cream is absolutely beautiful. Consistency is quite thick but not at all sticky and absorbs into the skin quickly leaving behind the most incredible smell which lasts forever and your skin feeling fabulous. Will definitely be buying the bigger pot when I finish this one!
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