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    SILKE LondonThe SILKE Hair Wrap - The Sofia<p>Who would have thought that something <em>so</em> seemingly simple could prove so revelatory? SILKE London&#8217;s The Silk Hair Wrap is a pure silk slip-on, slip-off cocoon designed to condition and protect precious strands from the friction that takes place while you&#8217;re sleeping. Worn nightly, this stylish solution acts as a protective barrier between hair and your pillowcase &#8211; providing the ideal environment for strands to thrive. The results? Because hair is protected during its &#8216;Anagen&#8217; (growing) phase, you should see an increase in length and thickness, as well as an improvement in condition as the silk helps to distribute oils evenly along each hair shaft. If you style your hair, the results of your efforts should last longer (also &#8211; longer between washes!), while the silk itself is rich in nourishing amino acids that &#8216;feed&#8217; and restore your mangled mane into a crowning glory!</p> SKE004801150604666300175 stars, based on37 reviews 50.00Cult BeautyNew
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    SILKE London The SILKE Hair Wrap - The Sofia

    SILKE London
    The SILKE Hair Wrap - The Sofia

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    • Why it's Cult

      Made from the finest, 100% silk, SILKE London’s Hair Wrap bids ‘bye bye’ to bed-head, so you wake up each morning to smooth, glossy and frizz-free locks. Ultra-chic and comfortable to wear, ‘The Sofia’ features classic champagne-gold silk-satin and ‘cocoons’ hair (whether long or short) to extend time between washes and blow-dries, minimise breakage and reduce the friction that contributes to split-ends and static. 


    • Description

      Who would have thought that something so seemingly simple could prove so revelatory? SILKE London’s The Silk Hair Wrap is a pure silk slip-on, slip-off cocoon designed to condition and protect precious strands from the friction that takes place while you’re sleeping. Worn nightly, this stylish solution acts as a protective barrier between hair and your pillowcase – providing the ideal environment for strands to thrive. The results? Because hair is protected during its ‘Anagen’ (growing) phase, you should see an increase in length and thickness, as well as an improvement in condition as the silk helps to distribute oils evenly along each hair shaft. If you style your hair, the results of your efforts should last longer (also – longer between washes!), while the silk itself is rich in nourishing amino acids that ‘feed’ and restore your mangled mane into a crowning glory!

    • How to use

      STEP 1

      Arrange and hold your hair in place so it's easy for you to scoop into your SILKE Hair Wrap, releasing locks into the silk cocoon as it slides on. We like to twist ours up into a bun at the crown of our head to deliver a subtle wave come morning. But there are many different ways to put your hair up so it looks great when you let it back down.

      STEP 2

      Be sure to tuck all your hair within your wrap so the elasticated silk edge is completely covering your hairline and the tip of your ears, this will ensure it sits tight, protecting and nourishing your locks all through the night.

    • Full ingredients list

      100% Pure Silk

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    SILKE London - The SILKE Hair Wrap - The Sofia

    SILKE London The SILKE Hair Wrap - The Sofia Reviews

    Good for bed head
    It’s quite big but I have really long hair so it’s fine for me, it might be baggy on short hair/small head. It has come off on one occasion but not since. I only use it on freshly washed hair so 2/3 nights per week to try and keep it clean as it’s dry clean only. I haven’t noticed a difference in hair condition really but it reduces bed head and the next day my hair is smooth and more manageable. So it saves time on styling in the morning and does reduce friction on the hair during the night which has to be a good thing.
    Not worth the price tag
    I feel like I have been on an extensive curly-girl journey and buying this was a big part of it. I forked out for Silke and although it was cute for a few months, the elastic gave out way too quickly. I tried to safety pin it and used it that way for months but it just wasn’t good enough in the end. Back to the research!
    100% recommend. Total life saver.
    I have short chin length bob.. Used to get serious bed head and really greasy... This wrap has cut down the amount I need to wash my hair... Has made my hair feel so much softer.. And I can take it off in the morning and barely need to style my hair as it looks brilliant (that never used to happen!!) . Would never ever be without this product again. Definitely give it a go... Well worth the money.
    Game Changer
    I never write reviews but this has made the biggest difference in the condition of my hair since I got it around a month ago. I do wear it every night and sometimes it slips off so not sure if that’s an issue with the elastic getting looser like previous reviewers have mentioned, it was quite uncomfortable at the start also. My hair is noticeably stronger, has far less split ends and isn’t frizzy anymore. I’ve also noticed a massive reduction in the baby hairs around my parting and hairline. I’m a big self care addict and am babying my hair back to life after a bad bleaching experience and currently growing it again, of all the many potions and gadgets I’ve bought in lockdown this is the one that has actually made a difference and I will absolutely be replacing it forever and always. Definitely worth the price for me.
    Disappointed, to say the least. I did a lot of research on the Silke wrap before buying it and to be honest I completely ended up regretting the purchase. And it can’t be returned either for hygiene reasons (understandable). I gave it a fair shot though: I wore the wrap for a little over a month for about 5/7 nights a week. Overall disappointed. Gave an extra star for cute packaging, but that’s it. It doesn’t do anything for the shine or frizz of my hair. In the morning when I take it off, my hair is limp and flat, and more difficult to style. I’d say the size of my head is XL lol and the knot always slid down from my hairline to the middle of my forehead which a) looks dumb but more importantly b) presses on my forehead uncomfortably and leaves a little dent. The elastic also seems to have stretched out in just over a month, even though I’m careful when putting it on to not stretch it out unnecessarily. Personally, it was a complete waste of money for me and I would not recommend.
    Game changer
    A blow-dry has never lasted so long! Really helps eliminate frizz/dry ends plus stops the roots from getting oily.
    Smooth hair
    You really wake up in the morning with much nicer hair, less frizzy, less greasy and smooootthh. Makes it much easier to style in the morning and allows you to use less products. It's a really simple concept and efficient.
    Quite possibly my best friend
    I was umming and ahhing for quite a while about buying one of these, but I am so glad I did. My hair gets frizzy quite easily, especially while sleeping. I even have a silk pillowcase too! This hair wrap is great though, it keeps things smooth overnight and helps me create effortless waves while I sleep. It also helps my hair stay less oily, and manage an extra night without needing to wash. Love it!
    SILKE Hair Wrap
    This really does stay in place and hair looks great following morning. My only concern is it made my head feel a little warm and I’m wondering how it will feel come summer but for the sake of keeping my hair free from tangles and split ends and saving having to wash it more often I think I will just put up with a warm head.
    Don't even bother
    I was looking for something like this for a while and bought this enthusiastically despite the someone steep price. Wore it a couple of nights and it was very loose, uncomfortable by the ears, and fell off with mere turning my head on my pillow. Was definitely a waste of money. I opted for a silk pillowcase instead and it was a much better choice!
    Quick results
    I’ve noticed pretty immediate results since I started using this product. I haven’t straightened my hair since I started using it as it removes frizz from blow drying. The cap is slightly uncomfortable on the ears but stays on most nights even when ticked above the ear. It’s not the most flattering choice of hardware but it definitely does its job.
    It’s ok
    It’s ok, but it is too big.
    Not perfect, but works for me
    Beginning with the cons: it's dry-cleaned only and needs to be cleaned fairly regularly as the front edge sits against your forehead. The elastic also wears out after a few months of use, although that can be corrected with a few stitches. It also doesn't look great on anyone who isn't a model wearing a negligee. Despite all that, I'm still using it. My hair texture is smoother, it feels healthier, and I no longer need to detangle it in the morning. I would welcome some improvements to the design, but in the meantime, I'll put up with the cons.
    Saved my broken hair
    I bought this because of many years of having broken hair around my hairline from sleeping with my face directly into the pillow. The friction of my hair on a cotton pillowcase left me with little broken hairs on the front hairline on one side. I looked around for the fix and found this. I love it. My breakage has started to grow out, my hair is always soft and tangle free in the morning, and my roots never seem to be greasy after a few days of not washing my hair. This cap is worth it for what it's saving me in other hair products.
    Cute but useless
    It gives you the amazing 20's style look. And that's it probably. Though I didn't expect any special results from a silk cap :)
    I LOVE IT!!
    I honestly don’t think I can live without this hair wrap! It’s changed my hair completely after only a few uses! I have long Indian thick hair. I used to always sleep with my hair tied in a bun. When I wake up, my hair would sometimes be a little frizzy and tangled. However, after using this silk hair wrap, my hair feels super soft in the morning and completely tangle free. This also helps distribute your natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair.
    I love it!
    I thought I would never find a solution to sleeping with perfectly blow dried hair and waking up with a frizzy mess.. But then the silkie was invented and all my problems were solved!! I have long thick dry hair and blow drying it takes a lot of effort and time, and having to repeat blowdrying it after I wake up again was just the most annoying thing, other than the damage this does to my hair. Now that I use the silkie, I wake up with smooth tame soft hair, and it’s also really comfortable. Definitely worth a 5-star rating!
    Frizzy, coarse hair, goodbye. The Sofia got me the softest, healthiest looking hair of my life with basically zero effort. Sleeping in the wrap is not unpleasant and doesn't bring any discomfort, plus it does not budge, slide off or anything of the sort. The only downside is the dry cleaning (hence 4 out of 5 stars) especially because I like to have it washed often. That said, I think I am going to purchase this in all colours.
    Love it!
    Absolutely game changer for a better hair
    I’ve been using Silke hair turbans for almost 2 years. So far I’ve changed 3-4 sets of their turbans as they tend to stretch after a few months. They have been the absolute best product to help me get better hair. After using it, I notice less hair splits, less oily hair, and more softness and volume the next day. Before using this product, my second-day hair always looked oily and I had to put it into a pony tail or braid, however now I can keep it loose and still have some volume. Highly recommend it
    Amazing product!
    Can’t believe I have only just discovered these - my hair is left so smooth & silky & doesn’t get knotty, frizzy & generally I think I’m getting a lot less spilt ends & look in less need of a haircut! It generally stays on - I think it has only come off once in the month or so I’ve been using it but I probably had quite an unrestful night then, otherwise it stays on which I didn’t expect but I need to make sure my ears are covered a little & the front is low down on my forehead which isn’t a problem. Amazing product - will never be without now!
    Get a different brand..
    This has been so great for my hair, really extends how often I have to wash my hair, which is great for me because I hate doing it... I suggest getting a silk hair wrap but going for a different brand. The elastic on this gave within a couple of months owning it, which does not work well for my small head. I have to hold it on with my eye mask but for the cos I would have expected more.
    WILL make a difference to your hair!
    This item has been the key difference in me washing my hair every day/ every other day to now only needing 2 washes a week. It's a game changer and it's worth trying! My hair is easier to style, looks healthier and I've got more time to get on with other things. I machine-wash mine weekly on a silk/delicate setting, then leave to air dry and it comes out great. The only downside to it: my husband's not a fan of 'the look' at bedtime! Is it worth it? Yes!
    Worked for a couple of months but then the elasticity wore off. Doesn’t stay on overnight but washes well.
    Amazing turban!
    Love love love this! My hair is so soft and smooth every morning.
    Not one size fits all
    I bought this because I have quite thick hair and usually have to tie it back at night, but this was leading to breakage and split ends. I found my hair was much more manageable in the mornings and less greasy too, which was great. However, I was disappointed with the fit. The wrap never felt tight enough and would fall off during the night. After about 4 weeks the elastic had stretched a lot and even getting my hair to stay in the wrap was difficult. I had hoped, given the price, that this would have lasted a bit longer. I have a lot of hair so I can imagine this not working well for someone with short, thin hair. I definitely don’t think it’s a case of one size fits all.
    Protect you hair!
    I have rather long hair and felt that this made a huge difference to the longevity of my hair in-between washes. I try not to was my hair more than 2-3 times a week, and this does a great job of keeping my hair soft during that time, especially the ends. Do keep in mind that if your hair is kind of long, you'll need to wrap it into a makeshift bun to put on the cap, so if you like to straiten your hair, you'll wake up with more waves. This isn't a bad thing, just something to keep in mind.
    SILKE hair wrap
    I bought this for my daughter, she has very very long hair and she wanted it to wear at night, she is very pleased with it and her hair was tangle free in the morning. It was packaged lovely too. I am very pleased with the product and service.
    The hair piece is very unique, I used it last night after I have done my hair and straighten it. I just woke up and my hair is looking amazing, ready to go out, smooth, not frizzy or curly at all. The fabric is soft and very breathable. Money well spent!
    I got this because I have bleached hair, and it was getting so knotted and frizzy, especially when I slept. This has made a huge difference, my hair is so much smoother when I wake up, looks better than freshly washed hair! Takes a little bit of getting used to but worth it. I'd recommend for anyone with bleached hair.
    Ok Nothing More
    It’s ok, I didn’t notice too much difference in my hair. I can’t say it’s really comfortable though, the knot in front is too big and it always leaves a weird mark in my hairline.
    Waste of money
    This is just a hat made of second rate silk for £45 found better ones for half the price on elsewhere as it's too expensive.
    Not the most glamorous look
    But my oh my...my hair is wonderful. Shiny & sleek, and according to my hairdresser, in the best condition ever. The best investment for my hair ever.
    The best purchase of the year!
    Since I started using the silk hair wrap my hair are always smooth. No frizziness anymore! I am so happy and cannot live without it now!
    Best thing I’ve ever bought
    Let me tell you this I am lazy when it comes to hair I just can't be bothered and will always put it in a messy bun as I can't be bothered to blow dry due to the extreme frizz I get from having my hair up in bed as I hate it down when I’m sleeping and so does my partner. This has solved all my problems!! It keeps my hair up so that it doesn’t annoy me or my partner, I have NO frizz when I take it off in the morning and my hair is no where near as knotty! I legit can just brush it a couple of times, 5 strokes max and it’s neat and soft and frizz FREE! Best thing ever! And I will be buying another as they are dry clean only so to switch between while one is at the dry cleaners but it’s amazing! If you struggle with frizz and want a quick fix give this a go you won’t be disappointed!!! (Side note: I have wavy hair just to give you an indication).
    Frizz, beware
    Pleasantly surprised to find that after one sleep in this wrap and a quick comb through, my unruly ginger frizz turned into an 'Emma Stone at the Oscars' style wavy delight. The difference is noticeable, in terms of shine as well as smoothness. Twisting the hair into the wrap in different ways controls the level/direction/type of wave, so do experiment. Highly recommend to anyone who struggles with badly behaved hair.
    I was very sceptical buying this as it's not cheap. I was even more so when it arrived, however after two nights my frizzy mass is totally tangle free in the morning, don't even need a brush. I have extensions and quite poorly conditioned hair from colouring so when I sleep, the hair on the crown of my head becomes a mess and separated so I need to do work to fix it. It's only two nights but the result from the hair wrap has been amazing. Surprised and delighted, so mush so this is my first review ever!
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