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    OmoroviczaCleansing Foam 30ml<p>A refreshing, non-stripping daily facial cleanser, Omorovicza&#8217;s Cleansing Foam gently yet effectively eliminates make up, impurities and excess oil without compromising your skin&#8217;s equilibrium. A beautiful, delicately scented light blue gel-balm, this froths upon application to awaken post-sleep skin and leave your face feeling comfortably clean, soft and perfectly prepped to get the most from your serum or moisturiser. Copper gluconate (responsible for the turquoise tint) works to purge pores and detoxify, white lupin revitalises and apple pectin provides long-lasting hydration and suppleness &#8211; in the words of Harper&#8217;s Bazaar, &#8220;it&#8217;s the perfect first step to a beautiful complexion.&#8221;</p>OMO022_30ML362459995566841695 stars, based on37 reviews 20.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Omorovicza Cleansing Foam

    Cleansing Foam
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Ideal for all skin types, this delectable product helps clear congestion, combat dryness and soothe sensitivity whilst leaving skin firmer and more luminous thanks to its unique Hydro Mineral Transference system that delivers targeted minerals deep into the skin. Sufficiently gentle for even easily-upset complexions, Omorovicza’s Foaming Cleanser floods skin with moisture whilst helping to draw out impurities and balance sebum production, to encourage your skin to be the best that it can be without shocking it into submission! Omorovicza distils 2,000 years of Hungarian skin care tradition and mix with cutting-edge technological advances in their Nobel Prize winning laboratory, to develop luxurious, nutritive skin care solutions… worthy of the Queen of Hungary herself (as well as mere mortals).


    • Description

      A refreshing, non-stripping daily facial cleanser, Omorovicza’s Cleansing Foam gently yet effectively eliminates make up, impurities and excess oil without compromising your skin’s equilibrium. A beautiful, delicately scented light blue gel-balm, this froths upon application to awaken post-sleep skin and leave your face feeling comfortably clean, soft and perfectly prepped to get the most from your serum or moisturiser. Copper gluconate (responsible for the turquoise tint) works to purge pores and detoxify, white lupin revitalises and apple pectin provides long-lasting hydration and suppleness – in the words of Harper’s Bazaar, “it’s the perfect first step to a beautiful complexion.”

    • How to use
      Lightly moisten face and squeeze a pearl size amount of this cleanser into the palm of the hand. Lather well and apply to entire face in circular motions, rinse off thoroughly; follow with the appropriate Omorovicza serum and moisturiser.
    • Full ingredients list
      Aqua (Hungarian Thermal Water), Glycerin, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sorbitol, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Saccharomyces (Hungarian Thermal Water) Ferment Extract, Limonene, Xanthan Gum, Parfum (Fragrance), Copper Gluconate, Linalool, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Phospholipids, Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus Proteine Ferment, Pectin.
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    Omorovicza - Cleansing Foam

    Omorovicza Cleansing Foam Reviews

    Best cleanser
    I love this cleanser. My face always feels so clean every time I use it and I feel it gets all your makeup off. When I try other cleansers nothing else’s compares and I always find myself going back to this one. It’s a staple in my beauty routine.
    Break out!!!!!
    This cleanser is a nice texture and smells great, but after using for a week it became very clear this was causing me major break outs. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, so not sure if one of the ingredients just reacted badly to me!
    Rather good but will not repurchase
    Yes, the smell is pleasant - but after using fragrance-free products for a while, I found it a bit too artificial and strong. It also leaves a bit of that "squeaky clean" feeling that sometimes leads to trouble for my spot-prone, easily sensitized skin. I currently use it in the evenings, and it looks like 30ml will last me quite some time (a little really goes a long way), but for this money, I won't consider buying it again.
    Good but not incredible
    Lovely cleanser that smells amazing however it’s not as foaming as I was expecting given the name. Little goes a long way when using on damp (just damp) skin though this means it’s not best used in the shower. Skin feels nice after, doesn’t strip natural oils but not one for very dry skin I think.
    I have been using this cleansing foam for around a year now and it is my absolute favourite cleanser. It is not drying or stripping, and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. A pea-size amount goes a long way, meaning even the 30ml can last a long time.
    I use this as a second step in my routine of cleansing and there is no residue of makeup left. You only need a very small amount and it is not drying at all on the skin. My face feels so fresh and clean after using it! I always have the mini version with me when I travel.
    nice one
    If you want to use it at its full potential - use a pea size with a foaming net, without the net it won't foam and you'll use more product. The smell is lovely. Will repurchase.
    Not foaming foam
    This foam has a terrible texture. You really need to work hard to make it foam. Not economic. Yes, it is not stripping, but it is the only plus. Too expensive for what it does.
    Didn't like it
    First of the texture is very off-putting, it's sort of lumpy. Doesn't really foam which I liked. Used as a morning cleanse my skin felt very tight and uncomfortable (I have combo skin). I can use it as a second cleanse after a cleansing oil but my skin still feels dryer than usual. However it did a good job of removing the make-up and oil residue so I could see this being good for oily skin. Smells like most other Omorovicza products. I'll stick with the moor cream cleanser which is my holy grail.
    The best!
    I have used this cleanser ever since buying the Lydia Millen Culy Beauty Box, and am now obsessed. This will forever be my go-to cleanser. Amazing!
    In love!
    I wasn't totally convinced by this brand as I thought it was only hype, but... I AM IN LOVE! First: the smell... I can't describe it but it's fresh and floral at once, reminds me of those fancy yet effective spa product. The texture is creamy, then foamy (of course) when you mix it with water, and a small amount is enough for the whole face so it'd last for a bit. I'll repurchase it for sure.
    great cleanser
    I thoroughly enjoyed using this, I did try to re purchase but sadly out of stock when I needed it. has a really fresh, clean feel and suited my mature skin very well. I use as a second cleanse and it makes sure everything is removed thoroughly, it isn't dying and left my skin smooth. would use again if it was in stock.
    Not the best
    I wanted to purchase something from this brand as I’ve read lots of great reviews and tried many cleansers. I have combination skin and after reading the fab reviews thought I’d purchase. So glad I only bought the smaller size..:it does leave my skin feeling squeaky clean but it seems to have broken me out even after 3 weeks of using and have tried better for a cheaper price. Might be good for normal skin but not worth the money.
    Cleanser for a nice complexion
    I have sensitive combination skin (dryness in some areas but also an oily T-Zone). This cleanser works very good for me. My skin feels refreshed, smooth and clean. I feel like it really controls oily skin and helps prevent impurities!
    Best cleanser ever
    I have combination skin, acne prone, very sensitive one. This is the best cleanser that I’ve tried. It doesn’t dry my skin at all. I use this as a second step in my routine of cleansing, after cleansing oil, and there is no residue of makeup left. After washing my skin I don't have to hurry to moisturize my face, and that's very unusual for me. Smells great, too!
    Great cleanser, awesome value
    Comes in a firm paste, makes it really easy to control just how much you want to squeeze out of the tube. Think a tube will last for months. Aside from the good value, I love how it’s foamy, and makes my face feel so fresh and clean.
    Amazing cleanser
    I've used this cleanser for a few years now. I generally dislike foam cleansers as I have fairly sensitive skin but this one isn't drying whatsoever. I like to use it in combination with my clarisonic. Oddly enough, it smells a little of fruit loops cereral which reminds me of my childhood.
    The most cost efficient cleanser on Cult Beauty
    This product is divine. What's impressive is how little of an amount you need (seriously). Any more than half a pea and you're washing it off your hands and down the sink. The product emulsifies so perfectly, it's soft and silky texture covers my entire face and neck. I use Luna by Foreo following application and it's such a nice feeling. I'm normally not into either of those things because a) they're too faffy and b) too stripping. Together these two are great, it's easy, convenient and my face doesn't feel stripped at all. I just rinse it away with warm water and my face feels nourished and hydrated. Furthermore, for those that have made it this far, I also never use foaming cleansers and I really do love this one. Round of applause for Omorovicza ft. Foreo.
    An essential cleansing foam
    This is my favourite cleanser by far. You only need a small amount. It is light, but really effective. It removes all of my make-up and my face feels refreshed afterwards. Rinse with warm water, so easy. A must for your daily skincare routine.
    Gentle, but effective
    It met my expectations. Repurchased.
    Anti Blackheads
    Great mousse but during the Winther time in Europe it is not good. I used it for quite a while and noticed that my blackheads where reduced. However, I have dry skin which makes me use the Cashmere cleanser instead.
    Great Cleanser, Inconvenient Packaging
    I have combination skin and this cleanser is a amazing. I usually use it in the shower to get the first layer of the day off and let it really foam up. It leaves a super soft, clean feel and smells beautiful. My one critique is the packaging, because it is pretty thick, the component they use makes it hard to really get all the product out, and when its this pricey every bit counts! Overall will buy again, but would love a different component!
    Lovely smell, but not the best cleanser for me
    I do like this cleanser, it smells great, and a little goes a long way, but for my oily, spot-prone skin, the sulfates were a bit drying and I wouldn't purchase again.
    The best cleanser
    I have dry, sensitive skin and I found this cleanser amazing. My skin feels lovely and soft after each use but I do make sure to follow it with plenty of moisturising products. It’s not a dramatic type of foam but it lathers up nicely on the face when wet. I only need to use a small amount. It does have a scent but I don’t notice it once it’s lathered on the skin.
    Poor cleanser
    This foam doesn't lather nicely or cleanse well but it smells nice. Not worth the money.
    Not Foaming Foam
    This foam has a very jelly-like texture. It is really hard to make it foam. When you mix it with water, it stays in gel form and because of that, you use too much product. Not convenient at all to use it.
    Lovely cleanser
    If you have the money to splurge this is a really lovely cleanser. The first couple of times I tried it I had to use a lot of product for it to foam, however I’ve found that if you just wet your face the bare minimum (so it’s just damp) you only need a pea sized amount as advised. Now I’ve got the usage right it leaves my skin feeling clean (but not stripped) and soft.
    This was ok. But just ok. It smells nice. But it doesn’t foam very easily and you need way more than a pea-sized amount. I wouldn’t say I really noticed any improvement while using it. Won’t repurchase. For the price, I expected more. I’ll stick with Oskia.
    The most luxurious cleanser
    This is one of my favourite cleansers! The foam feels luxurious on the skin, removes make up and cleans effectively but doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or 'tight' afterwards. Also great value for money as a little goes a long way.
    Holy grail cleanser
    I have sensitive, dry skin and this cleanser is the best I've ever tried. It's gentle but at the same time effective. The first foam cleanser, that doesn't dry my skin out. It doesn't brake me out too. I use it every day and have seen noticeable improvements in my skin in just a week. My skin is clean, refreshed, glowy and looks more polished afterwards. Plus the smell is amazing.
    I cannot say anything about the smell since my nose is not the best. My skin is mainly dry, with very few spots, some discolouration and freckles. I am not wowed by it. It does its job of cleaning, doesn't dry my skin, doesn't sting but that's about it. I have tested others that do the same but don't have the same money for marketing.
    Works very well!
    Have used this cleanser every day for two weeks. I’m impressed! I use a tiny bit (maybe 2-3 cm) and it takes off literally all my make up (I wear light makeup). When I go through my face with a cotton pad after, there is nothing left. I have the big package and it will last me forever. A bit expensive. The only negative thing, it is a bit drying on my skin. But doesn’t matter as I continue with my nighttime skincare routine after.
    The best cleanser I have ever tried (and I have tried MANY). The sensation of cleanliness is stunning, absolutely non-stripping but so effective, it leaves your skin smooth, fresh, polished and silky. It is a very dense paste, so it is impossible to waste product and you need just a pearl size to clean your face completely. Strong apothecary scent, but I like it. An excellent product! (38 years old, very sensitive combination skin)
    Not for dry/dehydrated skins
    I purchased this off the back of reading Lydia Ellis Millen's wedding skincare in high hopes. The product smells like a treatment from the spa which isn't offensive but was strong for me and I then read it had perfume in the product - a no no for dry or sensitive skin. It's a beautiful blue colour and applies well to the skin with a very subtle foam once in contact with water. Avoid accidental contact with eyes, this really and truly stung! Regrettably it left my skin more dry than usual and felt tight and I've not see any improvement to the condition of my skin. Will not be repurchasing.
    Good, but not amazing
    For the price tag, I have other options I prefer. However this is a good cleaner, a bit drying for my combination skin in winter time, but good for summer.
    Best value buy!
    I have a combination skin and this cleanser is so far the best I have tried in my life. It will leave your skin soft and clean every morning and evening. I can't live without it now, I bring it everywhere. This is the most important product of my skincare routine. Best buy ever!
    The best cleanser I've ever tried
    I have combination, acne prone, extremely sensitive skin. I've tried so many cleansers from Clinique, Sunday Riley, Zelens, Ole Henriksen, Ren, Philosophy, First Aid Beauty, Origins etc. This is the one and only cleanser that doesn't irritate or break me out and cleanse my face properly without stripping out the oils of my skin. Cannot live without it.
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