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    NARSClimax Mascara Full Size<p>Get ready for your lashes to reach their climax&#8230; NARS&#8217; innovative new mascara is the perfect way to fake your fullest, most fluttery eye looks ever. Featuring exclusive &#8216;ribbed&#8217; bristles loaded with whipped, super-black pigments, NARS states (with characteristic cheek) that it delivers a &#8216;hard core lift with a soft-core feel&#8217;, creating explosive volume with a featherweight finish. Enriched with a &#8216;Lash Moisture Complex&#8217; it&#8217;s perfect for creating buildable intensity without clumping or smudging. The brush is big and bold, delivering length as well as volume with a slightly tapered edge that&#8217;s great for coating bottom lashes.&nbsp;</p>NAR052164506078450700854 stars, based on26 reviews 10.00Cult BeautyNew
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    NARS Climax Mascara

    Climax Mascara
    ( 2.5g )

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    • Travel Size - £10.00
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    • Why it's Cult

      A brand that needs no introduction, NARS is a definitive cult classic, remaining at the forefront of the beauty world and quickly gaining a permanent place in the hearts (and make up bags!) of all who try it. Already adored for its cheekily titled hero products, we’ve a strong suspicion NARS’ latest addition will be a climactic moment in your make up… An innovation in lash extension, it delivers buildable volume and intensity in a lightweight, flexible formula and is available in two sizes, pick from the 6g full size orthe 2.5g mini - perfect for on-the-go. The uniquely ‘ribbed’ bristles are loaded with whipped, midnight black pigment for the ultimate lash lift – no need to fake it…


    • Description

      Get ready for your lashes to reach their climax… NARS’ innovative new mascara is the perfect way to fake your fullest, most fluttery eye looks ever. Featuring exclusive ‘ribbed’ bristles loaded with whipped, super-black pigments, NARS states (with characteristic cheek) that it delivers a ‘hard core lift with a soft-core feel’, creating explosive volume with a featherweight finish. Enriched with a ‘Lash Moisture Complex’ it’s perfect for creating buildable intensity without clumping or smudging. The brush is big and bold, delivering length as well as volume with a slightly tapered edge that’s great for coating bottom lashes. 

    • How to use

      For dramatic volume, start by coating the top and bottom of the upper lashes, using brush to wiggle through.

      Next, concentrate application on the root and the outer lashes.

      For extra lift, use the wand to hold and lift lashes for 5 seconds.

      For further impact, use the tapered edge of wand to coat bottom lashes.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water/Aqua/Eau • Paraffin • Glyceryl Stearate • Synthetic Beeswax • Stearic Acid • Butylene Glycol • Acacia Senegal Gum • Palmitic Acid • Polybutene • Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax • Vp/Eicosene Copolymer • Ozokerite • Aminomethyl Propanol • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil • Stearyl Stearate • Hydroxyethylcellulose • Tropolone • Phenoxyethanol • Iron Oxides (Ci 77499)

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    NARS - Climax Mascara

    NARS Climax Mascara Reviews

    It's a no from me
    Really glad I bought the travel size to try it out rather than investing in the full sized one. It applies nicely and looks good at first but crumbles and smudges and within the first couple of hours of wear I look like a panda. And the smudges are really difficult to remove, too. I'm buying a different mascara now after only wearing this one a handful of times.
    Nars products
    The best product ever
    Review for travel size - it's divine
    I ordered the travel size more out of curiosity than anything, frankly I did not expect much of it. But, oh boy, this mascara is wonderful - it gives me beautifully fluffy lashes and while it thickens to a certain degree, it's biggest strength lies in adding fluffyness and length. I do experience smearing or crumbling with a lot of mascaras, but this one holds up well over twelve hours.
    A Disappointment
    I love Nars and was really excited to try it out. I've tried to make it work but every time it disappoints. I have small eyes but long lashes, therefore I always order the travel size ones because the wand is smaller and it fits perfectly to my eyes. I loved the brush and the way it applied to my lashes. BUT - the formula is awful! The first time, I opened it and directly applied it to my lashes (the formula was wet). By the end of the night (after about 3 hours) I had raccoon eyes. The next time I used it, I opened it and let the wand with the formula dry for about 15 mins until I used it. The mascara crumbled all over my under-eyes after a few hours. It never happened to me before with any mascara. I Don't recommend it.
    I really wanted to like it.
    I love Nars products. I thought I would love this one too. Don’t get me wrong it is a great mascara when you first apply it. Makes my lashes look amazing. Longer fuller and really great. Unfortunately after 2 hours it smears everywhere... I have big dark patches under my eyes. Ruins the whole make up look. I tried it so many times and the same thing happens every time. Black under eyes... Considering the price I am well disappointed. I only use it on no make up days so I can wipe my under eyes with a wet wipe couple of times a day.
    One of the best
    I really like it, I bought it three times and would buy it again. احبهاااااا I love it
    Not worth it.
    When it comes to making my lashes look like they are there, zero complaints. But longevity? Awful. I had it smeared all over my eyelids and my lower lash line within two hours. So no, thank you, I will not buy this or recommend this.
    Not the best
    I bought the travel size recently, so I couls test and see what the hype is all about. It goes on nicely, makes my lashes feathery and adds a little bit of length. Not much volume though. Unfortunately, it crumbles a lot throughout the day and I can see tiny black spots in my undereye area, as well as on my glasses (when I wear them). It looks OK when applied, but it's just OK. Will not repurchase, as I have other mascaras that work much better and are way cheaper.
    Waste of money!
    I bought this mascara in high hopes it would work. Unfortunately, it’s the worst mascara I’ve owned. The mascara went on well, I read it needed building up, so slowly I built it up and it looked okay this morning. By lunch time the mascara had flakes under my eye (this is the first mascara I’ve owned to do this) and to make the situation worse my lashes were flat and short! I’ve since thrown the £21 NARS Climax Mascara away and bought a Maybelline £7.99 mascara which does exactly what I need. I’m kicking myself for wasting my money on this, I’m hoping you don’t too!
    Great mascara
    I ordered this after seeing a you-tube vloger sugar PuffAndFluff using it and she loved it. I like it needs a few coats to lengthen, the wand needs to be a bit thicker, but it's a nice mascara doesn't rub of or smudge so I'm now going to buy the full size after getting the travel size.
    Looks nice
    It does look nice after you build it, you need like 3 coats to make it look wow, but it smudges pretty bad.
    Smudges panda eyes
    I got this mascara because all the beauty gurus were raving about it. Clearly they were all sponsored. Don’t bother, mascara looks so good when you first apply it, then about an hour later it’s all crumbled and smudged. I never write reviews but I had to because it was such a disappointment. Do not waste your money!
    Raccoon eyes
    The mascara itself is amazing, gives you lots of volume and length, but it smudged like crazy! After several hours with mascara I had raccoon eyes and it wasn’t pretty at all, so is it’s a no for me.
    Mascara Fail
    This makes my lashes look extra thin and pointy( in a bad way). It doesn’t hold the curve and it crumbles below the eyes during the day...Also the packaging feels kind of cheap and lightweight.
    It's ok
    As a base mascara, I really recommend this. It provides quite light coverage and the brush gives a good fan effect - but it's a dry product that I don't think builds that well. I typically use this and layer this with something that has darker, thicker coverage. If you're looking for something that gives you impactful lashes, I don't think this will do it.
    Best mascara for me
    Best mascara for me, I’ve been using this for the past 2 years, and never let me down, it defines, lengthens, is ultra-black, minus any clumps.
    in love with it
    the best of the best I cant go anywhere now without it .so light and immediately you will see the difference and how your eyelashes become naturally tall
    One of the best Mascaras
    I love it, I remember trying it for the first time and being like "wow I need one". It gives great volume and the brush is amazingly thick as well. I know some make up artists who also use it in their every day routine.
    Best mascara
    Seriously the best. Well I'm blessed with long lashes and this one works so well with my lashes. Full and long. I'll say the first time and maybe two more times using it it's too wet, but be patient it will settle and then it's the best!! My sister has shorter lashes, but she loves this Nars mascara also
    me encanto ***I love it
    muy hermosa! pero quizá muy cara para lo que es ***Very beautiful! But maybe expensive for what it is.
    Seriously over hyped
    This is seriously over hyped. I am a big NARS fan but this one truly disappointed me. You have to keep applying this on your lashes to feel that there is mascara on them. Thumbs down.
    Not that good.
    I was looking forward to buying this mascara, as I am a huge mascara fan, but it is not great at all. I think I need to many coats for to make my lashes look as I want them to look, and I usually need to use only one coat! Also, really hard to remove it and does not matter how hard I try, in the morning I have black smudges under the eye. Many other better options. I will never buy it again. PS I still love NARS though.
    I wore this to work a night-shift. Was great when I put it on. By the morning I had bags to rival a Panda. Not impressed.
    Not as fantastic as they make it out to be
    I have been using YSL Mascara for about 20 years now but when I heard about heard about Nars climax mascara and the users in magazines and blogs saying what a fantastic product it was I thought let me try it out. I got my friend from the UK to bring it over to me in the middle east - Waste of time and money - there is nothing special about this mascara at all - you have to put on about 3 or 4 coats for it to look half decent and although it stays on ok i don't think it makes such a dramatic difference. I'll stick with my YSL mascara.
    In love
    My new favorite mascara!
    Takes a bit of getting used to - truly buildable
    The first time I tried this I felt it was more of a lengthening mascara than volumising. It turns out I wasn't using it properly and needed to think more 'pro' - as its name suggests, Climax is all about the build up (ha)! I have found that one coat is great for the day, but when I really want to 70's it up I need three. This is some of THE most beautiful product packaging I have seen, I want to leave it out in the bathroom so my visitors think I'm refined, with impeccable taste. If you take it out of your bag, be ready for comments. I have given this a 4 star because it takes a little bit of time and experience to find your O ;)
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