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The secret to long-lasting eye make up is creating a solid base. Use {eye serums} or creams in your skincare routine to hydrate the skin, followed by primer to prep the eye area and concealer to brighten. Whether you’re going for a bold, smoky eye or a subtle wash of colour, use high-quality {eyeshadow brushes} to achieve a seamless finish.
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Our eyes are the first to tell tales of our late night endeavours, poor diet and stress. Luckily, the right eye make up can disguise a multitude of sins so invest in a flesh-toned pencil, such as Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo to brighten the white and define your eyes; a shimmering eyeshadow dotted beside inner corners to widen; a black eyeliner to help instantly fake fuller eyelashes and a volumising mascara, to lengthen thicken and create the best frame for your peepers; or explore our collection of men's eye make up for subtle yet effective correctors.