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    Kate SomervilleEradiKate Blemish Treatment<p>One of Kate Somerville&#8217;s bestselling formulas, EradiKate Acne Treatment has finally made its much-anticipated hop across the pond to join our Hall of Fame &#8211; and help you put up a formidable fight against acne. Formulated with the highest possible level of sulphur (10%) this effectively fights blemishes and helps to reduce future ones, while salicylic acid reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and zinc oxide &#8211; a natural mineral &#8211; provides oil control by absorbing excess sebum. The result is clearer skin that lasts and, if you have a spot brewing under the skin, EradiKate will help to prevent it from rearing its unwelcome head. A must-have for all those battling breakouts, this is will quickly become your ultimate ally.</p>KSV014146288139200174505 stars, based on48 reviews 24.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Kate Somerville EradiKate Blemish Treatment

    Kate Somerville
    EradiKate Blemish Treatment
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Making its much-anticipated jump across the pond (to debut in the UK exclusively on our online shelves), skin care doesn’t get more ‘cult’ than U.S. brand Kate Somerville. Formulated with the highest level of sulphur allowed in skin care (10%) this potent treatment puts up a formidable fight against blemishes, helping to both minimise breakouts and prevent further blemishes. Alpha hydroxy acids reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, while zinc oxide provides oil control by absorbing excess sebum. Got a spot that you can feel but can’t see (yet...)? Apply EradiKate to the area immediately to prevent it from rearing its unwelcome head.

    • Description

      One of Kate Somerville’s bestselling formulas, EradiKate Acne Treatment has finally made its much-anticipated hop across the pond to join our Hall of Fame – and help you put up a formidable fight against acne. Formulated with the highest possible level of sulphur (10%) this effectively fights blemishes and helps to reduce future ones, while salicylic acid reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and zinc oxide – a natural mineral – provides oil control by absorbing excess sebum. The result is clearer skin that lasts and, if you have a spot brewing under the skin, EradiKate will help to prevent it from rearing its unwelcome head. A must-have for all those battling breakouts, this is will quickly become your ultimate ally.

    • How to use

      Clean the skin thoroughly before applying this product.

      Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer one to three times daily.

      Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one application daily, then gradually increase to two to three times daily if needed or as directed by a doctor.

      If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once a day or every other day.

      For external use only.

      Skin irritation and dryness is more likely to occur if you use another topical acne medication at the same time. If irritation occurs, only use one topical acne medication at a time.

      Apply only to areas with acne.

      Do not use on broken skin or large areas of the skin.

      Stop use and ask a doctor if irritation becomes severe.

    • Full ingredients list

      Isopropyl Alcohol, Aqua/Water/Eau, Zinc Oxide, Sulfur, Camphor, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Salicylic Acid, CI 77491 (Iron Oxides)

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    Kate Somerville - EradiKate Blemish Treatment

    Kate Somerville EradiKate Blemish Treatment Reviews

    Not for me
    I keep wanting to give this the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately every time I use it it makes angry red spots into angrier ones with whiteheads. The search continues...
    No going back
    This is it, I found the one - there’s no going back to other spot treatments after this beauty.Also bought as a gift for a friend with adult acne, she’s said she hasn’t been this happy with her skin in longer than she can remember and has now bought in to the whole range.
    The only product I have EVER found that calms down cystic acne. The smell isn't the best but that becomes so irrelevant with how effective this product is. Absolutely love it.
    Brilliant but DO NOT SHAKE
    This works wonderfully but it is very drying so follow the recommendation to only use it once a day. Also DO NOT SHAKE the bottle, I did it once and it really does impact its effectiveness.
    No idea how this product works but wow...I don’t really care! Spot comes up, apply the smallest amount with a cotton bud and by the morning it has gone! I’ve tried what feels like hundreds of spot treatments on the market but will never be turning back after finding this!
    It's ok...
    Not a massive fan of this product ... It's too harsh for me and I got dry patches where I had applied it. Also not great to sleep in as it came off all over my bedding and turned my silver jewelry black. It did the trick after a few days but I will stick to pimple patches in the future. I will not be buying again.
    Game changer
    I have suffered from acne and breakouts since my teens, I am now 34. This product is genuinely the most effective treatment I have come across and I have tried so many over the years. Reduced the redness and soreness after my first use! I never leave reviews but I am so delighted with the results I wanted to share just how great this product is.
    Eradikate = Best acne fighter
    My husband and I absolutely love this product. I came across it one day and was hesitant to spend the money. However, we bought it and absolutely love. We deal with breakouts from time to time. You put this on your blemish and go to bed. You will wake up and it’s gone or at least reduced and can barely see it. It’s been a life changer for us. Please never discontinue.
    Won't be without it
    I was sceptical whether this would work but WOW. On small spots, I wake up to their total banishment and on bigger ones the redness and size is drastically reduced. Personally I don't find this drying, but then again I regularly use hydrating serums and oils.
    Really like it
    I highly recommend this I used it only twice and it dried all red spots on my cheek
    Very effective
    Someone recommended this product for me and I have to say that it works amazingly! I usually use it once a day for 2 days and the spot/blemish is significantly reduced. I am not disappointed and I’ll definitely buy another bottle :)
    Surprisingly good!
    I started using this product for pesky purple/red scars on my chin from breakouts and I’ve seen huge results in a short period of time! At first, I thought I was imagining it - very happy
    Good for Controlling skin break outs
    I bought this for one of my nieces who is prone to monthly hormonal break outs. She has been using it at the first sign of spots & so far has found that a little of Eradicate applied straight away usually prevents the break out going any further. She is fairly pleased with it so far. Continued use when required will give a better chance to see how effective it is.
    Amazing product
    This is the 4th time I have purchased this. It really does work. I leave it on overnight and the pimple is usually gone in the morning. It stings a little at first when you put it on but goes away quickly. Would highly recommend to anyone who has a stubborn pimple that they need to get rid of.
    It’s ok...
    Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it’s worked for me, it brings spots quickly ‘up to the surface’ with a white head and they’re soft enough to give a quick, gentle squeeze and disappear quicker than they would’ve done. When it doesn’t work, nothing happens. Spots might be a tad less ‘hard’ but they’re still red and angry and stay for ages. I guess it depends on whether the spot is one that has all the gross white stuff hiding inside (sorry, TMI) or if it’s one of those big bumps that contain nothing but pain. Also, a really strange thing I’ve noticed: when I use the product as directed - i.e. don’t shake the bottle - it works way LESS well than if I shake the product and use it that way. So, in summary, this product works well enough for me if I shake it and use it on spots that can get a ‘head’ but it’s pretty useless any other way.
    I am genuinely shocked at how well this works, if I pop it on to a spot before bed then it will be pretty much gone in the morning; guaranteed. I'm really pleased with this and will definitely be buying it again.
    Best spot treatment I have ever used - clears up any spots almost immediately and dries them up with little scarring. I am already on my second bottle. Highly recommend!
    Pretty good, works well enough
    I do notice it helps a spot go down quicker, and it actually makes sure I don't touch it ( I know, compulsive picker, horrible). It doesn't make them magically disappear but I find it a good aid to support the swift demise of the unwanted guests on my face. For me it's mostly hormonal and stress related breakouts. I can't speak for more aggressive acne and what it will do, but I would absolutely suggest you try it. It can be a valuable addition to your skin care regime and it is the best spot buster I've come across.
    Having tried (and loved) the other EradiKate products, when my old spot-blitzing product ran out I decided to give this little bottle a go. So glad I did! It is brilliant - it helps to clear my hormonal breakouts much faster and it can stop new spots from forming. Fab!
    This is great stuff
    Applied during the day and left on for about 6 hours before washing off.... my spot was almost completely flattened within 24hrs!! Mario Badescu has nothing on this. Would highly recommend!
    Doesn't do much for me
    I was pretty disappointed by this. I got it as a replacement for a discontinued item, but it's doing barely anything for my breakouts.
    I have tried spot treatments before and not found them to be any good. This one seems to work. It stops some of them even forming and helps others to clear quickly. Definitely recommended.
    Do it!
    Easily the best acne/spot treatment I’ve tried- especially during that particular week of the month. It doesn’t stop imperfections and blemishes but as soon as you start to feel one coming or have a particular trouble area it does an amazing job of preventing it becoming a bad skin day or even week. My skin has never looked better/clearer. I’ve even been able to move from a high coverage foundation to a tinted moisturiser.
    Soooo good!
    I’ve tried a few spot treatments before and none of them has worked as well as this one. I put a small dot on any active acne spots after moisturising in the evening and leave them on overnight. Most are gone after a couple days without me having to squeeze them and they don’t come back. A bottle lasts for ages and I’ll definitely repurchase. Couldn’t recommend it more!
    Best spot treatment ever
    I have tried spot treatments by all sorts of top brands like Sunday Riley and Alpha H. This is by far the best I have ever used. Within days huge spots I had are completely dried up and gone. So impressed with this. I would recommend it to anyone who has spot prone skin.
    No thanks
    I had spots from June-December last year, non stop and I purchased this product during to try and clear them up. It didn't do a thing other than dry out my skin further and I think encourage more spots! I've found the only ingredient that works for my skin is benzoyl peroxide, so possible if you're a salicylic lover or even sulfur you'll love this. Just all wrong for me.
    This spot treatment is so good. I just dab it on with a cotton bud before bed on any spots and by morning they are pretty much all gone! It's so strong. I do wish I had read some of the reviews about removing silver jewellery first though as it did turn all of my rings and earrings black! But it came off easily with a polishing cloth if you do have the same issue.
    It works!
    I get cystic breakouts on my chin at my time of the month. This deals with them swiftly. Daub on in the evening, by morning all is calmer. You do need to use as directed - no shaking and use a cotton bud or old make-up brush to dip in and apply (the latter is more eco-friendly, just rinse after use!).
    I have to say that I am most disappointed with this product, having used it for 2 months - it just dried the areas out in which it was placed and it also came off so easily during sleep. In addition, I found that it was decent(ish) at drying up spots that were virtually gone anyway but absolutely hopeless at diminishing the big spots you want going ASAP! Also inconvenient having to dip in cotton buds, which do not even reach the bottom of this formula- already suggesting there's going to be waste. Wouldn't recommend it.
    Amazing Product BUT ... take off jewellery!
    This product is amazing ! I feel with any product that claims to tackle and get rid of spots / acne there is always doubt if it actually works. Honestly though, this product surprised me! It does exactly what it says on the bottle. I suffer from bad skin and with having to wear a mask this year it has got so much worse. After using this product alongside the Kate Somerville Intensive Exfoliating Treatment my skin ( jawline and neck area especially) has dramatically improved within two weeks so far. I have had no painful cystic outbreaks and my skin in general is clearer and looks and feels calm. Of course, this product doesn’t make your face super clear over night, nothing does, and I still have blemishes and breakouts. However, this product has helped control my skin and has started my journey to clearer skin. I think I will be using this product for a very long time and will 100% repurchase. I have tried many different creams and treatments but this works and is worth every penny! My only word of advice is do NOT apply and wear / sleep in this if you wear sterling silver jewellery. (Take all jewellery off) I wore this to bed the first night trying it ( a very small amount on selected areas on my face) and woke up to my ring, bracelet and necklace all black and totally tarnished. Luckily, I’m a jeweller and the next day I was able to polish the tarnish off. I have never seen silver react so fast and so dramatically to anything like this before, however I understand that the high concentrate of sulphur within this product causes a reaction with silver.
    Amazing for acne
    Since I got an IUD I had extreme hormonal acne, after never having any problems with my skin I was clueless because none of my beloved skin care products seemed to work anymore. This one does the trick! It does dry your skin out but the result is amazing!
    Works so fast
    My skin was really breaking out over lockdown and in a bid to save my skin, I bought this and the EradiKate face wash. This product works so well! If you feel a blemish under the skin, it stops it from ever showing or if you have one appear on your face throughout the day, you can pop it on at night and the next day it almost disappears. I would only recommend putting this on active spots/blemishes as it has drying properties and you don't want to over-dry an area of your skin.
    Only thing that works
    Quickest way to combat blemishes. Harsh but effective. If only they didn’t have shipping restrictions.
    I was super excited to try this out having suffered from angry red hormonal spots on my chin for years (and the nice scars they leave afterwards) since going off the pill. Nothing has worked for me. This product definitely speeds the whole spot lifecycle up - if you've got an under the skin spot it will bring it to the surface to be an ugly white head quicker than if you just left it untreated... but that's all i've found the product does to be honest! Been using it for about a month now and I was hoping it'd banish the spots before they came up to the surface, but that isn't what it does. If you are looking to prevent spots as soon as you feel them, this is not for you.
    The best
    I am 36 years old and since I was 17 I am suffering with blemishes and this is my holly grail. It stops my blemishes from getting bigger and speeds process of healing. Highly recommend it.
    Really like this!
    I find this great for drying up already red and pesky spots. I've hormonal acne and find this helps for spots I just can't get rid of quickly enough. Only caveat I will point out (and says clearly on packaging), this is a VERY drying product and to use only once daily on a spot. For someone who has combinational skin, this I found too drying in some cases depending on where I place it on my skin. Little goes a long way. I've only had this 4 weeks but I'd say it will last a long time
    Great Treatment
    This is an effective treatment that can be used up to 3 times a day, but I've never had to use it more than once a day for three days in a row. The treatment is lightweight and dries down quickly. Results are dependent on how aggressive the spot/blemish is. Overnight my breakouts appear less red and over the course of 3 days, they are significantly reduced. If applied to a blemish brewing under the skin, I've noticed that the product acts as a catalyst to bring it to the surface in which case I recommend reapplying the product.
    Amazing product on pesky spots!
    I have been suffering with adult acne over the last couple of years and this is one product that I have found to be amazing. It helps to bring out the spot quickly and dry it up. I have found I have far less scarring as it seems to stop most of the spots from developing into anything much. I would definitely recommend this and I have bought a second bottle!
    Good but not enough for me
    I’ve used this product for a couple of weeks before I go to bed. I’ve noticed some good changes but at some point the situation seemed go worse. I think depends a lot from my bad acne, I am still struggling to understand what’s wrong with my skin and which is the right product for me.
    It’s alright..
    I first saw this on one of my favourite YouTube beauties... she mentioned it a few times so eventually I decided to purchase. Honestly? It stinks! Like, literally smells bad. If you’ve ever used one of those hair dye stripping kits you’ll know the kind of smell. Wouldn’t mind this if it worked wonders, however it’s only ever slightly improved a couple of developing spots and leaves the skin very very dry! I have combination/oily skin. Hate to say it but I wouldn’t buy it again. Hope this helps :) x
    It's ok
    It's ok, it has helped with my spots, but its very drying.
    Good product
    Haven’t been using long but can tell a difference already
    Best acne treatment ever
    Have tried many spot treatments but this one is by far the most effective with little to no scarring. Results can be seen overnight. Amazing product!
    Not all Blemish Treatments Were Created Equal.
    I've had a few experiences of these 'dual layer' blemish treatments and had (mistakenly) bunched them together into a 'not effective' category until I used this one! I had a particularly angry under the skin red visitor swing by, unannounced and one of the girls in the team gave me this to dab onto said angry blemish. I was amazed by the results - this stuff is POTENT, in just 2 hours the treatment had drawn most of the gunk out and reduced the inflammation significantly. This is my new holy grail spot treatment product!
    Waste of money
    Sadly did nothing for my breakouts. Don’t waste your money ladies and gents. However I do love other products from Kate - but this one is a no from me.
    Very good
    100% would recommend! Skin is so much clearer :)
    So disappointing after reading other reviews on this. I find it does absolutely nothing for me other than burn my skin and make it even worse.
    Worse spot treatment ever
    Didn’t did anything for my spots, and left my skin so bad so dehydrated ☹️
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