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    Embryolisse LaboratoriesLait-Creme Concentre 30ml<p>Hailed as every make up artist's secret weapon, Embyolisse's Lait-Creme Concentre does the work of three products in one creamy lotion. Brilliant as a primer, moisturiser and make up remover, this multi-tasker makes a great travel companion and has earned cult status in every beauty hall of fame worldwide. Suitable for sensitive skin this one-size-fits-all lotion will leave your complexion soft, dewy and perfectly prepped for foundation. Nous l'aimons! It's available both in 30ml and 75ml sizes. </p>EBY001_30ML33509000003945 stars, based on74 reviews 13.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Embryolisse Laboratories Lait-Creme Concentre

    Embryolisse Laboratories
    Lait-Creme Concentre
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      The name Embryolisse is synonymous with fabulous French skincare and Lait-Creme Concentre is the jewel in their crown. Enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins, this 3-in-1 lotion helps restore harmony where there's imbalance; nourish areas of dryness and protect your complexion from environmental aggressors. Light in texture and quickly absorbed, skin instantly feels plumped, soothed and hydrated while the velvety finish grips your foundation to help you stay flawless for longer.

    • Description

      Hailed as every make up artist's secret weapon, Embyolisse's Lait-Creme Concentre does the work of three products in one creamy lotion. Brilliant as a primer, moisturiser and make up remover, this multi-tasker makes a great travel companion and has earned cult status in every beauty hall of fame worldwide. Suitable for sensitive skin this one-size-fits-all lotion will leave your complexion soft, dewy and perfectly prepped for foundation. Nous l'aimons! It's available both in 30ml and 75ml sizes.

    • How to use
      Apply morning and/or evening to clean, dry skin. Massage in gently without applying pressure, and leave to penetrate. The Lait-Crème Concentré can also be used to cleanse the skin or remove make-up, as a repairing mask, an after-shave cream or as a baby-care product.
    • Full ingredients list
      Aqua (water), Paraffinum Liquidum, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Triethanolamine, Cera Alba, Cetyl Palmitate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Parfum, Steareth-10, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Tropolone, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7.
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    Embryolisse Laboratories - Lait-Creme Concentre

    Embryolisse Laboratories Lait-Creme Concentre Reviews

    Wonderful multitasking cream
    All Rounder & Brilliant
    I bought this cream to take on holiday as I thought it would be a good all-rounder and as weight was an issue I couldn’t take my usual skincare routine. I wasn’t disappointed it was great, I used it as a cleanser, moisturiser, hand cream and foot cream and I am still using it now that I am home. It is a fantastic moisturiser and mask and gives the skin a beautiful hydrated glow. Great value for money, great product.
    Love this!
    I bought this for my fiance who has extremely dry, sensitive skin and he loves it! I have been pinching some since my fabulous but expensive Charlotte Tilbury magic cream ran out and I have to say - it's amazing! Really pleased with this and also works wonders soothing post-shave legs.
    Queen of Moisturisers
    This moisturiser easily trumps any other moisturiser on the market. It's a nonsense, does what it says on the tin, sort of product that leaves the skin feeling firm and hydrated all day. I have used it in my morning and night time routine now for years and it's never let me down. I even bought my boyfriend a bottle and he now raves about it too! If you're wondering whether this is worth the price... Yes, yes, yes, it is! My dry and sensitive skin is not irritated, and I believe that this product is completely cruelty-free, which is an additional bonus! You'll love it.
    Travel essential
    I love the fact it’s in a tube and so convenient for travelling. The one product covers everything from mask, hydration, moisturiser, what else would you want!! I wouldn’t be without it.
    My very favourite!
    My favourite moisturiser. I use it on myself and on clients as well.
    Favourite Moisturiser
    Hands down, the best face moisturizer! Keeps the skin feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day but without the oiliness look and feel. I use it particularly in the evenings before going to bed.
    I'ts amazing...
    I have to admit I did not expect too much, but I was really surprised how much this lotion is making my skin so soft! I really love it!
    Well worth a try!
    I have tried some of the more expensive creams on the market and I can honestly say this is one of my favourites. It sits nicely under makeup, has a nice fresh scent and doesn’t irritate my skin. I will be repurchasing :o)
    Amazing product
    My mature skin needed something 'extra' so when I read about this one, I decided to give it a try. So glad that I did! I think it's amazing and liked it so much, I've just re-ordered.
    Doesn't break me out
    Usually when I try a new product, it takes my skin a few goes to get used to it (so I may break out or whatever) but with this product, I didn't break out at all. I use it at night time and have combo skin. Super hydrating and lovely to use.
    My go-to
    This is such a great product. I have sensitive skin and it's never irritated by this moisturiser. It's super hydrating but not too thick, works without fail every time. Great for day and night. Such a staple product.
    Pro- Make up artists must haves!
    It's a must have for me in my kit.
    Great product
    Brilliant moisturiser. You only need a tiny amount as it goes a long way. Will buy again.
    The best.
    The perfect moisturiser/ primer for combo/sensitives skin.
    Hard working multitasker
    I’m on my sixth or seventh Embryolisse tube and my daughter's use it too. It’s good for all ages, all skin types (on an adolescent skin I would say a little goes a long way) all occasions. Daily moisturiser, night cream, especially after the AHAs as it’s very soothing, make up remover, after sun balm. The only way I personally don’t see it working is as a make up primer and am surprised to read that make up pros use it this way. Interesting. Finally the smell. Soothing, relaxing and pleasant, almost like a baby’s cream. Perfection.
    Best Moisturiser
    Great as a make up primer and night mask. I will buy it again.
    Great value for money. I am 54 soon with combination skin and it is just perfect. Soft skin all day and very gentle, also use it around my eyes.
    Great product
    I use it as a moisturiser and primer in one and I love it. Great for hydration, I will buy it again.
    Both my sister and I use it. Perfect for make-up removal, amazing french light smell, great for travel since you dont need separate hand cream/make-up remover/face cream.
    It's okay...
    Honestly, it's not bad. It does hydrate, but for my skin (olive tone, oily t-zone and the rest is normal to dry with only hormonal spots) it just sat really heavy and greasy. Also, it has a kind of cinnamon smell to it which is strange for me in a face cream. I think this would be absolutely perfect for someone with ULTRA dry skin, or more mature skin. It's okay for me in the winter when my skin needs a little boost, but never before makeup.
    Mixed feelings
    I have such mixed feelings about this product. The Lait Crème Concentre smells beautiful and hydrates my skin without being greasy BUT definitely breaks me out. So a lot to love and absolutely worth trying, but I think the mineral oil content is just not for me.
    I got this as a sample and OMG I just love it. I have tried so many moisturizers but I feel like they don't really absorb INTO my skin, but for this one, it quickly absorb into my skin. It is light and makes my skin plump and healthy
    Pretty good
    This cream is perfect for dry skin looking for hydration. It leaves a lovely dewy look over the skin. However, I think it wouldn't really suitable for more oily skin. Since my skin is pretty dry in the morning I use only a pea size amount and leave it to set for 15 to 20 minutes before I apply any kind of makeup product because it takes a long time to sink in - if I applied any more then my skin would become too oily throughout the day. This product has made my skin amazingly plump! I'd avoid using this around the eyes if you're going to be putting on makeup as it can cause creasing since the product moved around so much.
    A must-have
    Affordable, long-lasting, gentle and super-moisturising without looking or feeling greasy. This is a really rare product that i'm glad to have found. I have very dry skin but hate looking like a greaseball when trying to get the hydration I need - this cream absorbs like a dream. Perfect for wearing alone or under makeup.
    The best cream I've ever used. I have dry skin that in the winter gets really dry this cream soothes the skin, makes it come alive, moisturises and nourishes my skin..I love it
    Skincare essential essential
    I've been using this cream for 2 years now and can't live without it! Easy application, great as a primer
    Wonderful, easily to apply, works wonders on stressed dry and office-stretched skin. Makes my complexion dewy and even. I've reordered it few times already.
    Creamy, brightening and spreadable! I love it.
    Greasy and doesn't sink in
    I'm going against the tide with my review but I'm being honest. I found the cream greasy and it just sat on top of my skin rather than sinking in. I wanted to rub it off after half an hour. How can anyone put make up on top? Your face would be an oil slick - and I don't have oily skin, my skin is normal to dry!!! However, it didn't irritate my skin which is great as I have sensitive skin and lots of things do irritate. I guess you could use this as a make up remover. CULT BEAUTY: It sounds like you are putting way too much on, save your pennies and try half the amount. One good tip is to spritz your face before you apply this and it locks in moisture without being greasy. You are right, all the pros use this as a make up cleanser too.
    Love it!
    Bought it based on reviews and I love it!! My skin is so soft and moisturised afterwards and my makeup just glides on. Amazing! Will definitely repurchase!
    Amazing wonder cream
    It has taken me 30 years to find the right moisturiser but finally I've found a wonder cream. This cream does everything for your face; moisturisers the dry bits, plumps up the wrinkly bits, balances the oily bits and helps to keep your foundation in place all day long. I can't recommend it highly enough. Do your face a favour and buy it!
    Excellent Product!
    Oh how i have missed you! Ive been waiting for this day to arrive to be able to order this amazing product online! Ive never used it as a make-up remover but will try this as other reviews have recommended do to so. Love this, great for all skin types, will definatly be ordering this again :0 ) Thank you Cult Beauty! x
    New Holy Grail
    I have always troubled over finding a moisturiser that works for my skin. My skin drinks up anything and everything that I put on it - I often found myself having to put on layer upon layer of moisturiser to get it to a comfortable point. I bought Embyolisse due to the rave reviews it got as a moisturiser for models and it has not disappointed. My skin is so soft, and I don't have to layer it to get the moisture I need. One coat in the morning, two at night (I multi-task this as a night cream as well). I am slightly prone to hormonal breakouts and this hasn't affected this in anyway. Will most definitely buy again!
    One of the best moisturisers ever!!!!
    This cream is just amazing. I initially thought it would be too oily for my combination oily skin but it wasn't and it didn't break me out. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and acts as a great primer before makeup. Really great multitasking moisturiser and will definitely repurchase :)
    All rounder
    In 1996, I was introduced to this cream backstage at Aunt Viv (Westwood's) show. To this day, it is still a staple in all make up artists kits. It makes a perfect base for make up, works on most skin types, the smell is clean comforting and it is totally affordable. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I heard they were coming onboard. 'Bout time too!!
    Lovely cream!
    It's the first time I've used this cream. I was intrigued by all the reviews so I bought it. First impression: Lovely! Smooth and hydrating with a nice scent of clean babies. My skin is very difficult, but it reacted well to this cream. And it 's versatile and affordable too. I will definitely repurchase this.
    I can see why it is so loved and adored!
    Purchased this item after seeing nearly every makeup guru on youtube rave about it. I was slightly uncertain at first as it is a very thick cream and I am acne prone. I have tried this a couple of ways and if I put this on clean skin alone, it does break me out :( However, I now use a very thin moisturiser first then this ontop and it is an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING primer! I have tried ever primer under the sun and nothing makes my make up stay and look as good as this! If you are not prone to acne, this will be an amazing moisturiser/primer combo, if you are acne prone give it a go over a thin moisturiser as it hasn't broke me out that way :) It has a faint smell of lemons, which is not over powering. Will purchased again!
    Love this! Perfect to use as a moisturising mask for dry skin! Definitely buying again soon ❤️
    perfect as a quick makeup base, skin is hydrated but not greasy, can be bumped up in the winter with an oil mixed in. Repurchased time and time again
    Favourite multitasking cream
    It is my favourite cream, because this cream multitasking.
    It is one of the best moisturisers to use before makeup. It doesn’t get oily and it doesn't ruin your makeup!
    Gorgeous cream
    This moisturiser feels great to apply and leaves skin feeling really well cared for. The very subtle fragrance is delightful.
    Great All Rounder
    This beautiful cream glides over your skin and skin immediately feels soft and looks dewy. Can't believe the amazing price.
    Great find!
    I am a big fan of no-nonsense products that do what they claim to do. This cream is a recent addition to my night routine and it is a beaut! Delivers moisture without any frills, oiliness, fancy packaging, scents etc. A good quality product that makes my skin feel exceptionally hydrated and smooth the next day. Love the fact you can get two different sizes of the product too. So glad I came across this and can see why it is so popular.
    really love it
    Best moistures ever.
    Holy grail moisturiser
    Does what it says and is wonderful at it's job.
    Very tiny, I ended up buying the big one because I loved it so much.
    Gun for many uses
    It's absolutely fantastic! Very nourishing and makes the skin looks healthy!
    This is a great moistureiser, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated without looking greasy or oily. I use it twice daily and a little goes a long way. Doesn’t really work for me as a primer but maybe it will for you.
    Perfect for winter
    I have oily T zone so this cream is only for winter time when your skin has dry patches. I love it that it makes your skin glow!
    Makes your skin so soft
    My skin is drier than the Saharan desert, yet this instantly smooths out my dry patches
    Basic Brilliance
    Simple, gentle, moisturizer that can be used a number of ways. Worthy of the hype.
    Great Everyday Moisturiser
    Nice dewy moisturiser and works as a great makeup base. Good for sensitive had no tingle or aggression from using this.
    Love this product.
    Great makeup base
    I wouldn't use this cream as an everyday moisturiser. But I've used it as a makeup base a few times when I go out in the evening so don't have my spf as a makeup base. I think it's excellent. Every time I've worn my makeup has been on for 5/6 hours and it's stayed glowy but not greasy. Yes, there is mineral oil which has a bad rep. Not everyone will not get on with it and it's not the devil's ingredient. It's similar to shea butter or coconut oil, in that it's fairly common for skins to not get on with it. I'd try to sample if you can.
    I wouldn't recommend
    I have no idea why, but my sample sized creme just broke my skin out really bad.
    I bought this after I read Camille Rowe uses it. Best purchase ever.
    A lovely moisturiser
    Though I have dry skin, I was still worried about the somewhat oily texture of the product - worried that it would trigger breakouts on my skin. After several tentative uses, I realised this was not the case and it's become a stable to my range of skincare products. A pea-sized amount, massaged gently all over the face until it sinks in, is all that's required to have fresh and dewy looking skin, that feels soft and hydrated. Not necessarily perfect for people looking for a more heavy-duty cream, as this works best when used in small amounts. It's very obvious as to why this is a cult product.
    Nice All Round
    I am over 40, with rosacea and menopausal skin (yip, a train wreck). This reminds me of a richer version of E45 cream. I find it best as a night cream but generally my skin feels moisturised and protected. No special "wow" factor to this cream really, its just "nice". Not sure I'd spend twenty quid on another tube - oh, also the metal tube is a pain because you can accidentally squeeze too much out. Anyway, the management summary for this review would be "meh".
    Fair product
    I wanted to try this product since there were so many good reviews for it. I have eczema, sensitive and dry skin however this feels a bit too rich for me and quite hard to blend out. It feels like it does the same thing as my other hypoallergenic creams for my body. Very moisturizing so if you do not mind the extra-creamy texture then this might work for you! I think I will use this on my arms and legs instead.
    Mineral oil
    I had this a couple of years ago, and repurchased it now since I remembered it as an OK moisturiser. It was a topical cream that never felt special in any way, but the hype had pulled me in so I used it now and again until the tube was empty. It was after ordering a second time that I read the ingredients, with mineral oil among the top ones. This just ruins it for me. I am thinking of giving it away, but my conscience stops me from giving anyone a product filled with this unnecessary ingredient. I thought of using it as a makeup remover, but it just sits on my desk, unopened. If I don't give it away eventually, I will probably use it on my feet and/or elbows in the winter.
    I recently purchased this product and I absolutely love it so much. The cream is very easy to spread and its extremely creamy. I find it that a little will do to apply the whole face so its very long lasting.
    Lovely face lotion
    Highly recommended - it is suitable for all skin types and is just divine!
    Great moisturiser dry skin.
    Love to mix this to sheer out high coverage foundations. Also a great base under makeup for dry skin.
    I've bought this time and again and find it excellent for under foundation. It's also just a lovely moisturiser for no make-up day. I also find it lasts for ages and I use it every morning.
    Love, just love
    I'm so in love with this moisturizer. I have tried Decleor, Matis, Biotherm etc. but nothing compares to this. I have combination skin that is more on the dry side and this works wonders. It smells a bit sitrusy, which I also like.
    For hands too!
    I'd been wanting to try this for a long time as so many people seemed to rave about it for the face. Well, I tried it on my face and found it to be quite nice on my dry skin. Yep, quite nice but not nearly as wowed as I'd expected to be. So I set it aside, but decided to try it in desperation when a stubborn, extremely itchy and annoying patch of eczema appeared on the back of one of my hands. None of my usual heavy-duty, anti-eczema arsenal had worked and it was driving me crazy. I gently massage a blob of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré into the offending bit of skin, popped some white cotton gloves on and left it on overnight whilst I slept. Next morning, the skin looked and felt so much better. So I repeated it the next night and, after a couple more uses, the patch is smooth, non-itchy and looks and feels absolutely fine. I had thought that this would be a one-off buy that I'd only use occasionally, but it has proved to be yet another new favourite that I hope to always have around.
    My new must have! I have been searching for an everyday moisturizer that woulb hydratating enough without being heavy and this is perfect! Great as a primer too. I sometimes use it over a lighter vit-c moisturizer, which makes a great combo. It's also perfect for canadian cold winters before heading outside. Definitely my new must have!
    A cult classic...
    A cult classic. Beauty editors, models and and dermatologists love this multi purpose cleanser, moisturiser and soothing balm.
    Embryolisse Lait Creme
    This is one of the best creams I have ever used. As I have dry, eczema prone skin, it is often hard to find good moisturising creams that don't leave me greasy, dry-skinned, sensitive etc. It sinks in perfectly and leaves me with a lovely base for my make-up. Skin feels plumper and so so soft!
    Perfect everyday moisturiser
    Having used this for about 3 years now, it is my skincare staple. I have sensitive skin which can be irritated easily by fancy products, and this suits my skin perfectly. I love that there is very little scent! It's the perfect everyday moisturiser.
    Must Have!
    I have oily skin, and thought this might be a big too rich for me, especially with bees wax in it. But not at all. Soft, smooth skin and fast to absorb. Not bad in this muggy climate.
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